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Found 157 results

  1. Chose this as my free game for NHS staff. Already happy I went for this. It looks absolutely glorious, and the story is definitely interesting. A space station on the Moon was providing a rapidly deteriorating Earth with power. Until the station went unexpectedly silent, and all contact was lost. 5 years later, you’re assigned to head to the station, and find out what happened. Looking forward to seeing how the story develops.
  2. The reviews aren't lying. This is without a doubt fast becoming my favourite Zelda game of all time. The very first mission you complete for the old man is in itself a sprawling adventure despite never leaving the starting area. I don't want to say much because spoilers but I'll lay down some control impressions. At first I could see why people felt they would need a pro controller. The joy cons feel small and it's jarring after having a dualshock in your hands. However the controls were never problematic and after an hour of learning the buttons I was able to do everything I needed without a second thought. You do not need a pro to play botw any better than you can with the joy cons. The system itself works as has been shown for almost 2 months now. Everything is clean and crisp. It's lacking Nintendo charm to the ui that both charmed and put people off the system but there's still no doubting this is a Nintendo product with the little touches it has. Screen shot works great. Much much faster than ps4 as is going from the home menu to back to your suspended game. It's immediate. Images below are from my gameplay. Finally I was worried Zelda might look a bit jaggie on my large screen much like the WiiU did but I'm happy to report it's actually more gorgeous than any stream I'd seen. Now if you'll excuse me I have a plateau to leave.
  3. I played the first couple of hours of this and I’m glad to be back in this weird world. The game opens at the glacial pace of something like Stein’s Gate, with a very long conversation in the present day, before transitioning to the past (and another long conversation) and then you can finally control York. And that’s as far as I’ve played. The game’s cut scenes have a kind of cel-shaded style which I don’t remember being in the first game, but I could be wrong. Anyway I’m glad to be playing another Deadly Premonition game, eight years after I played the first.
  4. OCH

    Final Fantasy IX

    Not just for @bellow, but in general. With the recent multi-platform re-release, it is as good a time as any for those looking to return or jump in for the first time to one of the least contentious fan favourites in the series. With a little something, to set the mood... (Yes, this was a real thing)
  5. Mine turned up today I immediately turned the sleeve and it's lovely. Only two hours in (obviously barely anything) but I have to say it's better than I was expecting. The world is large but not bare. There is plenty to find and monsters to grind with. The voice acting is.. It's ok.. It's kinda nice to hear different british dialects at least. I imagine americans usually notice differences in most games with american actors too but as a brit you all sound the same There's an overwhelming amount of things to see, do and collect. I can imagine the side missions alone will take me to the Wii U launch. For someone not used to playing or liking this kind of rpg it can be dizzying but the ease of the fighting system keeps me happy to stroll along at my own amateurs pace.
  6. Having played the opening scene of this game I'm going to cautiously give it a "highest recommendation". In fact the opening scene was pretty much perfect so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in. Two of the games planned five acts have been released so far. The official website gives a pretty good description: So far the game has a Cormac McCarthy feel to it which I really like.
  7. Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is an absolutely delightful RPG inspired by Paper Mario. It's an indie title developed by Moonsprout Games (who I have never heard of) and has been on Steam since November last year, and has just come to Switch, PS4, and Xbone. I've put around 5 and a half hours into and am really enjoying myself. I'll write more later, but I'm struggling to type right now.
  8. Rikzilla

    Overcooked 2

    Anyone else picked this up or are planning to give it a go? My girlfriend and I have cleared the first world with three stars on each and haven't broken up yet so I think we're good for marriage. So far it's a massive improvement over the first. Everything feels tighter, there are loads more recipes to make and more interesting level variations, and you can now throw stuff across the kitchen. It has online co-op and vs too this time around!
  9. What a ship load of improvements and a great way to start with far better motivations than just selling fruit to get by. This is wonderful.
  10. Started this tonight. It seems good, cleared the first world. The presentation is excellent, seems to have a good range of exercises and makes very clever use of the various ways the joy cons read data (like the ir sensor to measure pulse for example). The story is fluff, but clever in how it moves you through a full body workout. Basically, starts with a running section moving on to a monster fight where you do sets of exercises to lower the enemy's hp. I did fuck up a level which meant repeating a monster fight so ended up doing 4 sets of squats and by set four I didn't think I was going to finish. It gives you a warm up and cool down and enough stats to see what you've done without being overwhelmed. I don't know if it's cause I'm wearing pyjama trousers, but I kept needing to adjust the leg strap, apart from that everything else seemed smooth.
  11. I remember this being announced for switch then forgot about it and now it’s out! So that was a nice surprise. Cheaper than I was expecting at £16. It’s mr driller, so you drill stuff, collect air, and try not to get crushed. But there’s loads of different modes, well 5/6. one is just standard mr driller, one is pretty similar but in space with pickups that do random mostly useful stuff. The others change quite a bit more: theres Indiana Jones driller which has no time limit and is a bit more thoughtful, trying to avoid rolling boulders which are a pain in the ass, when you’re frantically trying to escape them it can become less thoughtful. vampire bat driller or something, where you have to inject holy water into the boulders with bats in them, then drill them and collect the stuff. Can’t remember if there was a time limit on this one. rpg driller where you drill through different rooms, find a key, fight slimes, kill boss with spells etc. Again no time limit. Each game has a few difficulty modes (4) but you can only do level 1 on all of them, then fight a boss level, which is a bit like a time attack mode. then it opens up level 2 on all of them. I’ve been really enjoying it as I like mr driller but struggled a lot on level 2 on the different modes, but you can buy stuff to help like more lives and stuff so I’ve eventually done a few of them, well did standard driller without help, or even using the robot. Been playing most of the day. theres also an easy mode you can select from the main menu which seems to use a different save and make everything a bit easier. Might try this when I inevitably get stuck on the normal difficulty. I really like mr driller so have been really enjoying it, wasn’t sure about some of the odd modes but they’ve mostly grown on me so far. It’s a shame you can’t select the other difficulty modes without beating everything on the previous level, and it is missing some cool modes from other mr driller games, like the time attack, but the boss is a bit like a time attack I guess. I have played this before on the GameCube but not much as it has a save bug (via freeloader or something?) and is not English so I didn’t understand what to do in some of the modes, so it’s great to get to play it properly oh and the music is flipping brilliant. anyone else getting it?
  12. Picked this up last week after reading lots of glowing impressions and very positive reviews. It definitely hasn’t disappointed that’s for sure, I’ve had an absolute blast with it for sure and it’s definitely one of the best platformers I’ve played in recent years. The game takes on two dimensions. The 2D side-scrolling platforming takes up the majority of your time with it and I think the easiest way to describe how it looks, feels and plays is heavily inspired by Retro’s DKC series and Rare’s original DKC series, seeing the game at a glance in motion you’d be mistaken for thinking it’s one of Retro’s games. From the roll Yooka-Laylee do to the hidden coins dotted around the map, the similar way Laylee takes a hit through a level, the hidden doors into puzzle rooms, even the iconic barrels that rocket you around certain platforms. There is an awful lot of crossover here. Some may worry it’s a poor imitation or an uninspired clone but I assure you, to play, it’s every bit as good as it’s DKC counterparts. Worth noting there’s no rocket or mine-cart levels yet though. The second dimension to it and the biggest difference is the world map. With this the World Map is incredibly interactive and inviting, almost a game unto itself. It features a rather large Zelda-esque map filled with charmingly different locales, Pagie challenges, little puzzles to find tonics and new areas, little caves and mysterious little nooks and crannies. By changing the landscape in some way by doing the Pagie challenges you often reshape the landscape to unlock new areas to explore and alter the makeup of a previously unlocked level. A level variation is then created whereby a level can become frozen, overgrown, invaded by new enemies etc. Essentially creating an almost entirely new level to explore based on the outside environment of the world map and where the level marker is placed. The way it feels to play is incredibly reminiscent of the DKC games during the 2D levels, it just feels so incredibly tight to play and definitely has that same difficulty curve. But I think the Interactive World Map is almost just as compelling, you can completely lose yourself in the map just wandering around trying to figure where things fit together and where certain paths will take you. These two dimensions create an incredibly cohesive whole. If you’re getting bored of doing the levels then you can just wander off and explore to your hearts content, if you’re bored of exploring you can enter a level of platforming bliss in seconds. My only real criticism with it would be the level design really. The actual platforming is sublime but some of the level designs themselves are a little generic and nowhere near as joyful, varied, distinct and charming as the likes of DKC. I highly recommend it though, to anyone that’s into tough 2D platformer’s this is nirvana.
  13. radiofloyd

    The Messenger

    I’ve played through the first three levels so I’m still on the linear portion of the game (according to reviews the game transforms into a full-on metroidvania after a few hours). So far it’s been an enjoyable platformer/hack and slash game, with the standout being the visuals and music The first two levels I played through in handheld mode but tonight I played using the pro controller and it’s much more enjoyable. The game has a mechanic where if you attack something mid air, it allows you to jump again, it’s a little bit uncomfortable in handheld mode but as I suspected it works like a charm using a proper controller. Not to mention the game looks beautiful on a big screen.
  14. To celebrate the home release of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Wayforward have made a "demastered" game based on the events of the film. What this actually means is using this license got them money to make whatever they wanted within budget. They just went ahead and made a 2D "Metroidvania". And boy is it loosely based on the film. It harks back to a time, in the 90s, where video game adaptations took a lot of liberties. I remember one from personal experience. I rented the Megadrive Universal Soldier game a few times as a kid, I liked it quite a bit. I actually played it before I saw the film and was kinda disappointed Jean Claude Van Damme never turns into a Morph Ball, dropping bombs, shooting monsters and Dolph Lundgren wasn't 30 feet tall at the end. And is Universal Soldier a good action film? I feel like its never talked about when either actor's work is brought up (the game looks bad from looking it up again to check it wasn't some fever dream). Sorry, going off topic. The Mummy Demastered! It's kinda cool, I guess. It wears its influences clearly on its sleeve. It's laid out like Super Metroid, or maybe more like the more recent GBA games. Something about enemy layouts and patterns are more Castlevania and movement and controls lean towards Contra. It really can be broken down like that in a worryingly accurate way and also that it is based on a property like The Mummy means it does lack an identity of its own. The only sort of unique thing it does is you control a characterless grunt, and if he dies he actually does die and becomes undead, and you have to deal with them to get your stuff back (Like ZombiU I suppose). And they even did something similar in their own Alien game they made for the DS (so not that unique then...) I don't even think the pixel art is up to their usual high standard, but the music is surprisingly great. It's also just not that fun to play. Well, it can be, but I find its a little too much of a chore to get around with back tracking and respawning enemies, which is staple of the genre, but like I said, the conflicts maybe take a little too long so become a chore. I think I'll stick it out. I'm a little lost at the moment, which is surprising as it does hold your hand a bit in terms of telling you where to go but it just hasn't told me I need an ability I don't have yet to progress.
  15. illdog

    Dark Souls

    Its pretty tough. Same sort of progress as Demon Souls, so see that thread for the gist of this game. In case anybody plays this and is really stuck, i'll share what i know so far:
  16. Hendo

    51 Worldwide Games

    Also known as the follow up to one of the best games on the DS, 42 All-Time Classics, or Clubhouse Games if you had the American version. 47 out of the 51 are playable online. Not sure yet which, if any, require touch controls, but I’ve played a bunch so far docked and using the Pro controller and had no problem. Plenty of card games like a couple versions of Solitaire, Texas Hold ‘em and Speed which I used to love playing with my nan when I was a wee lad. Some good sports games like a decent version of golf, a stripped down version of Baseball, fishing, etc. Some quality board games like Ludo, UNO (without the UNO name), Checkers, chess and all that. The presentation is great, really polished. Same kind of feel as the Wii Sports and Wii Fit games. Very helpful in teaching you the rules of each game, and seems to be some good stuff to unlock, like different skins for the cards. I’m looking forward to taking it online. As I understand it, you can select which games you want to play and then play solo games while you wait in the lobby, which is good. Sadly, no pictochat which made the DS game king of online games, but it does use the phone app for voice chat. Though I guess most will just use Discord.
  17. I couldn't find a thread for this so decided to make one, a mod can merge or delete if it's an issue I'm in hospital recovering from spine surgery and my parents picked this up for me, it's the perfect game for post-op convalescence I think as the games take ages and it's all careful menu based stuff. Also I can't play that goddamn Pikachu game cause of the motion throwing ?? Had a go last night but found myself quickly getting myself into a housing crisis and a frustrated populace annoyed at lack of amenities. Then the fucking Aussies came and invaded my stagnant civilization and that was that. Started again now as Japan, trying to invest a bit more in culture and keep growth within bounds that can be supported. But now barbarians are taking advantage of my lack of military investment So it's still Civ and it's still very compulsive and addictive. The switch interface is very confusing at first but I think I've got it now. It seems to take a while to calculate turns so it will be interesting to see how it holds up in larger games with loads of civs It doesn't have online multiplayer it seems like.
  18. Abe's Oddysee and Exodus were two of my favourite games on the PSOne. Then they announced the next game in the series of five (technically the second game canonically, but I digress). Excitement 😃... Which they [Oddworld Inhabitants] would be releasing on the then fledgling Xbox, not the upcoming PS 2😨 Being 16/17 in 2001. I wasn't going to buy a new console, one I didn't even like the look of, for a single game I like. So Munch's Oddysee and later Strangers Wrath, passed me by. Ironically, they and Rare later realised, the grass isn't always greener... So now I randomly found it in on Switch in 2020. With my recent Dark Souls run now complete, I got stuck in. The first thing that hits you is that in the leap to 3D, a few fundamentals have been changed. There is a collect-a-thon element to it now. Whereas before that element was your fellow slaves, through completing various puzzles and death traps. That is still in this, but now we have green sponge things too. The fact they shrink down to little circles upon being collected, brings Pac-Man's pills to mind. The other thing of note is the mechanics and level design are very early 2000's 3D. The camera is horrid. Although you can manually adjust it via the right stick, it is slow as molasses and cumbersome. The levels themselves are also mostly barren. The opening area with Abe, for example, has a few places you can reach. Little out of the way nooks, you wouldn't necessarily see. These contain... nothing. No secrets, just empty terrain. Only about 3-5 levels in, and the game is very linear. The original two games were bursting with secrets. Mostly hidden away areas containing more Mudokins to free. These puzzles also often being a significant hike in the difficulty. So far there is none of that. The other fundamental that has changed is the controls. There are a lot of controls within the Oddworld series. Some for standard platforming, others are the command options, unique to this series. Now on the PSOne, they were attributed to the four face buttons and changed by holding down a shoulder button. Here and I'm not sure if this has been altered for the re-release, the shoulder buttons serve very little use. There are instead multiple commands given to the same button. By pressing or holding the button. It has taken a bit of getting used to. It doesn't help when the jumping is a bit floaty and that is the same for both characters. There is also a life bar now. Previous games had the trial and error approach of one hit, one kill. So in that respect I suppose it makes the game more forgiving? The only problem is that bar is both invisible and very hard to even gauge. At the moment, I'm glad I didn't go out of my way to get this back in the day and apprehensive about the rest of it. On the plus side, the aesthetic is still classic Oddworld and the heavily letterboxed cutscenes are still full of the original charm. I'm just surprised to get such a middle of the road impression right out of the gate. Haven't had that since Ultimate Alliance 3. I really hope this picks up though. I can forgive a lot of the shortcomings from the era it was made if the end product is still solid.🤞
  19. Well, this is officially out now, I got my code from CD Keys around 7:30pm yesterday. Pre-loaded straight away after that on GOG Galaxy (28gb install), and after I'd watched this week's Game of Thrones I fired her up, played the first hour or so (headphones ran out of juice otherwise I would've played more) can't really give any thorough impressions just yet but the combat still seems a bit shithouse to me (never liked it in The Witcher 2) and the graphics look pretty incredible (despite the downgrade) in almost fully-Ultra settings on PC. Just within that opening hour I've found myself wandering away from the main quest, exploring little villages and cubby holes so it bodes well for the rest of the game, shall give it a proper run-through later today.
  20. seemingly the gaming press' favourite game ever, and it's actually not bad so far. As a highlight from the first 3 levels I've done, I jumped out of a plane and caught a girl, then as we were parachuting the plane tried to ram us, so I told her I was going to shoot the window, kill the pilot, kick the bad dude in the face, grab another parachute then jump back out of the plane and catch her again. Sure enough that's what happened and it was fucking awesome Beyond the set up things I'm less convinced. The gun play is fine, though it could do with more aim assist I think, and a melee attack button would be nice rather than having to switch out (which is admittedly just a button press). I've yet to do any real GTA stuff, a few minutes driving but that's about it, but I should be at that point now. One problem I have encountered, and I think this is down to A. Playing via OnLive and B. playing via OnLive wirelessly. The driving wasn't great. You aren't punished for killing people, or at least I haven't been, nor for accidents, but I found myself correcting a lot and having crashes caused by the AI drivers. But yeah, compared to the rest of the game it was very jerky (though it might also explain the feel of the shooting) I can see why people love it and I'll definitely be putting in a bit more time over the weekend
  21. Its good. I don’t have a problem with the controls and the shooting works out ok if you have something in the circle. I had my mech knocked out and now I’m running around on foot not knowing how to revive it though. ??‍♂️ 481A11B8-81F0-488C-801D-F8AB5548DAB8.mp4
  22. Firstly, I cannot believe that there isn't a thread for this game. I know people bang on an on about this game, so I thought there would be one already. I think it is kind of weird that one of the FF haters is starting this topics as well, but there you go. Right, lets get some things laid out on the table. I hate JRPG's unless they are Pokémon, as that's the only one I have been able to understand the mechanics of how everything works because it is nice and simple to learn, and hard to master. I really hate how everyone goes on about how awesome this series is, all I see is turn based fantasy shite populated by people who have hair the size of a fridge freezer. I had very low expectations of this game, I was expecting to play ten minutes worth and call it a day. However, I was wrong. After persevering with the frankly crippled controls outside of battle, I find myself enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would. The backgrounds still look nice after all this time, and the music is really good so far. The FMV has also held up well for such an old game. the "in the field" graphics and animations are bloody horrible though, it is hard to tell what is happening sometimes as the polygons creating the characters wildly move around the screen. I'm also hating on the save locations, I really hate games like this that make you use save locations instead of letting you go into the menu and save. For all it's short comings, I am liking this game. It has impressed me more than I though was possible and I look forward to spending more time with it, if only to find out first hand what happens with the story. What are your thoughts on this game? Another thing as well please, can we keep this spoiler free? I know certain people die and that, but I don't know when or why, and I would like to find out for myself. Thanks.
  23. Hendo

    Minecraft Dungeons

    I'm only a couple of missions in so far. Very much what it said it was - a Diablo clone in a Minecraft skin. Very simple, at least so far. The reviews have been all over the place, from slagging it off, meh, to highly recommended. Early on, seems fine to me. It's on GamePass so worth a download regardless.
  24. DisturbedSwan

    Sonic Forces

    Started this earlier. Put in about 2 hours and I think I'm 2/3 of the way through it It is definitely not the longest of games that's for sure. But you know what, it's actually quite fun. The story is hilariously po-faced. It's deadly serious, you have all Sonic friends in there (no Big the Cat though...) and they're all talking to one another like a bunch of cool animal pals, but also forming a deadly serious resistance against Eggman's forces who've taken over the World. It's nonsense and I can't take it seriously at all, at least they tried, I guess? But yeah, the levels themselves are pretty cool. You have the avatar levels, classic sonic levels, modern sonic levels, modern sonic + avatar duet levels and bonus stages. Avatar levels you can use a weapon - by pressing ZR - which allows you to plough through hordes of enemies, you also have a grappling hook which allows you to swing from hanging sphere to hanging sphere to get through a level. Classic Sonic levels is basically old school Sonic stuff like from Generations etc. no lock on, no boost and a bit more platforming. Modern Sonic has all that boosting, lock on, grind rails and more of an emphasis on speed. Lastly the Sonic + Avatar duet levels are like a mix of the Modern Sonic and Avatar elements mentioned above, you both work in tandem boosting through enemies, using the grappling hook and weapon, there's even this cool double boost thing which sends you into a batshit crazy-fast run but that's been pretty rare. The environs are classic sonic fayre, there's a chemical hill zone, a green hill zone, a casino zone and a zone that looks like that one from Sonic: Lost World - Mystic Jungle or some shit? They get repeated way too often, there's been some stages where I've had a double take - wait, I've been here before? - but you just kind of go with it and it'll always have some new spin to it or slightly different course. This may sound like sacrilege, but I always liked Sonic for the speed and not really for the platforming. This succeeds at that in spades, whenever you're boosting down a level, grinding on rails or generally going incredibly fast then it's an absolute ton of fun, it can't help but put a smile on my face. So yeah, very much in the Sonic Adventure mould, but less ambitious than that I'd say and at least you don't have to do fishing with Big the fucking Cat, so there's that. But yeah, it's not fantastic by any means, but if you can get it cheaply enough it'll give you an afternoon of fun at least.
  25. Craymen Edge


    I've only played the first couple of bounties, but so far I'm really liking this. As per the trailer, it captures that 80's violent action film vibe really well. The 16-bit style graphics look really good, and the the synth soundtrack is great too. It has tons of character. Gameplay wise, it's a run and gun platformer. You fire forwards in the direction you're facing, you have a jump, a dash and a thrown weapon, and can duck or take cover from enemy fire in doorways. You have a pistol weapon with infinite ammo, and can pick up more powerful sub weapons with limited ammo, or a melee weapon. Each bounty (level) is a short action platforming section that leads up to your target, which is a mini boss fight. It's fairly straightforward, but is smooth and plays very well. I've only tried one player character so far, so don't know if they have gameplay differences. It's Epic exclusive on PC at the moment. With the £10 coupon thing in their sale going on right now it only cost me £7.99.
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