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Found 4 results

  1. If you didnt like the one before then you wont like this. If you liked the one before then you'll love this, miss the cell shaded graphics but appreciate how much they've tightened the controls. Truly the Prince has never moved so freely. Wall runs are executed at almost any angle as long as your vaguely pushing in the right direction and pole hoping is simply pushing in the direction of the next obstacle and pressing jump - he does the rest himself. The hook of the game is an impressive one - the use of water. Holding the L button freezes time and makes water solid, meaning you can swing from jets of water from the walls and climb springs that burst from the ground. Some of the way Ubi have implemented the water as platforming puzzles is nothing short of genius and in turn makes you feel like one when you flawlessly cross a tricky looking cavern. The R button is your run/climb button so at times your playing with both Triggers held down and it takes a few goes to get used too. I wish it had the graphical style of the previous effort, this one with its 'real' people comes over a little wooden, but to be fair with the platforming so good its not really an issue. Ive just done a really impressive section in The Observatory but i had to stop and come to work, but all i wanna do is play this. Brilliant stuff so far.
  2. Blakey told me to put it here but I feel BBS is too old and small a game for its own thread so I figure I'd just make one for the collection itself BBS is the only one I intend to catch up on for now as well as that prologue thing (it's like three hours long apparently and is a direct sequel to BBS) Cross posting from KHIII thread I'm about 5 hours into Terra's "campaign" in BBS and I'm getting bored. This game feels starved of the charm of the PS2 game. Environments are really bare (even the ones that are returning) and the cutscenes arent always animat ed very well. Voice performances are worse than on PS2. I think I miss Donald and Goofy. So basically it's a PSP adapt ation of a console game with all the downgrades that you'd expect. But the combat is actually quite alright. I find Terra very slow and stiff to control but there's some neat stu ff in there. I think the BBS team is also the KHIII team as well so some of this will carry over maybe. EDIT Well I beat Terra's campaign. The final section was actually pretty cool. Lots of one on one boss fights. The story still doesn't make sense tho cause you have to play the other two characters to see wtf is going on with them. Nier Automata all over again . The game as a whole just feels so bare tho. Rubbish versions of Disney worlds and very few NPCs. If this is the high watermark of the KH spinoffs then Im not too sorry I missed them. Xenahort or however you spell it is a fun guy tho. EDIT2 I was just looking at the voice talent for this game. Leonard Nemoy is Xeonhort!? 🤯 And Mark Hamill plays Master Eraqus, who is based off of Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy. Two cool dudes for the price of one.
  3. Hendo

    Gitaroo Man Lives!

    I got a real taste back for music games (can't think why) so I bought a new shiny pair of headphones and chucked myself off to work. Tried the old favourites of Ouenden, Ouenden 2, EBA and Daigasso but nothing sucked me in, so I fired up this little beauty. I'd only played it once when I first bought it, which was the tail-end of 2006. So I blitzed through this supposedly tough as nails game wondering why everyone's a pussy at it, until I got to the last stage, which is where I'm still stuck now. Christ it's tough!
  4. After and introduction all in German but with English subtitles, whats before you is pretty much an old school Castlevania. Its side on scrolling action that plays alot like Super Castlevania 4 with its moonwalking up randomly placed stair cases and the enemies are all pretty much the same. At first i was thinking the difficulty is alot higher than SC4 but upon reflection the difference is that ive played the ass of SC4 and know it backwards. The graphics are superb, i forget what a sound peice of kit the PSP is, and alongside remixed classic Castlevania tunes its a treat for the senses. I found a few secret areas already, there seems to be dual routes through every level. You'll walk past an ominous looking statue or an oddly placed bell that scream of puzzle and begged to be solved. Im fighting death on top of an old sailing ship but he bested me with his already being dead shit, which means i have to do the whole level again but ce la vie, when it looks and sounds this good i really dont mind.
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