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  1. I picked this up on the pc the other day for a fiver, supposedly the story is great, clever even, but the game itself is a bit so so. Which so far is about where I am with it, it's a less fun MW. I'm also struggling to sit and play it for an extended duration, as soon as a checkpoint ends I feel the urge to turn it off for a while. The story is fairly interesting so far, it's not hit the twist yet, but knowing that something terrible and fucked has happened is enough to keep you interested in what's going on It looks fairly good, the AA isn't really doing enough considering how many hanging wires there are. It's pretty well acted too, it's been Northified so you'd expect that, but he seems to be the worst of the 3 main ones so far
  2. retroed

    Max Payne 3

    I'm playing it. Early days, on chapter four, but it's bloody brilliant.
  3. Mixed emotions! I play for hours having relaxing fallout adventure fun and then it'll freeze, I'll get stuck behind something or worst of all its bugged and I can't get a character to do something they're supposed to. So I'm stuck.
  4. Is this an indie? I think it could be so it gets an 'indie' sticker. But the game! It's pretty good! I say pretty good but what I mean is it's text book good. It doesn't do anything wrong and it uses the 'Metroidvania' template pretty well and has some interesting uses of its mechanics (I'm getting sick of using that word but I don't want to get specific as they get kinda surprising). What I will say is that there is a flip dimensions ability that mixes things up, but only in the same way as Outland does. Remember that game? Guacamelee! is a lot like Outland in some ways so if you liked that you'll like this. But I suppose the combat is better in this. You're a Mexican Wrestler so flinging folks about is important and you do have a big repertoire of combos and moves to do that are fun to pull off and hurt things a lot. You also have a bunch of fun internet jokes to laugh at about cats and stuff in the game, you know, all that referential stuff we enjoy. Like you climb a big mountain and near the top you find the the dead body of the thing from Journey and you go 'hahaha! I know that reference! Choozo Staues! hahaha!' It's so funny, it's like those guys who make the Scary Movie films and stuff made it. In summery: a pretty well made game that is fun but with with shite, incestuous nerd comedy. Play Outland instead.
  5. a few of us have been chatting on twitter about this, and it's a bit late at night to write too much (and I'm 15 hours in so there's too much to write about). I never got around to playing the pc version prior to the Enhanced Edition patch so I've no idea what's changed, but fuck me this is a good looking, and really enjoyable game. You get a tutorial at the start that teaches you the mechanics, a few of them are beyond what you'll get at the start of the game (countering for example isn't open to you until you hit at least level 5). It's tough and shows you that combat needs you to be fully concentrating all the time, dodging behind, laying traps, picking the right magic type for the right situation (it generally plays like a normal adventure rpg game). I didn't do very well on the tutorial so was told to play on easy, which I have and it's a much breezier. You can still plan ahead, taking potions before big fights (done because potions take their toll on Geralt and so he needs to be concentrating on recovery), using your shield and trap magics, but really it's about comboing between light and heavy attacks and keeping an eye on your health. I'm getting to the end of the first proper chapter (there's a prologue that sets up the games plot), I don't want to spoil much but I guess I can say that I've fought the kingslayer. I've met a troll, who looks great. Fantasy always seems really one note to me, trolls generally look like trolls, orcs look like orcs, elfs look like elfs, so it's nice that the troll in Witcher 2 looks unique. It's good too that they've captured the tone of the books, the first two of which were short stories, kind of like fairy tales, the side missions really feel like part of that world, so for example the troll is an alcoholic and as such isn't doing his duty in keeping the bridge he lives under maintained. One of my favourite stories was stumbling across two 'scientists' who'd got themselves in a bit of trouble. It turns out they were actually soldiers stationed at a mental hospital who tortured and murdered a spy in front of the patients. This huge trauma created a curse, and they've been brought back to the hospital to face their death. It's quite creepy, really well done, and gives you a choice at the end, one that I went against my better judgement on because I've read the bloody book http://www.mfgamers.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wave_smiley.gif
  6. yeah so, i like this, it's a bit different to previous mgs games, in that the map is massive and you do missions in smaller parts - and you get a horse to ride around on - bit like the witcher 3. controls are confusing like normal, but pretty well explained. there seems to be a lot of scope for sneaking and doing things differently which is cool, but i am a bit rubbish at it and often get spotted while trying to be sneaky and end up killing loads of people - which is what i usually do in mgs games. doesn't seem to be an easy mode but it's not been too difficult so far. there is a chicken hat you can equip that stops you getting spotted a few times after you fail once or something - that might be the easy mode - unclear. you can hide while riding your horse by sort of hanging off one side of the horse, i thought that sounded ace so... the into/prologue part is a sort of long interactive cutscene, which has some funny/cool bits, and some rubbish/boring bits imo. after the first bit there hasn't been that much dialogue/cutscenes which is odd. but i'm not too far in so there's still time. extracting stuff is awesome.
  7. OCH

    Shining Force 2

    The Good old days when (western) box art was largely unconnected to the game itself. But Japan was more on the money... Anyway, at time of writing I'm an hour at most away from the ending. So I should probably give some indication I've been playing anything at all for the past few weeks. Fun fact: I played this upon it's original release (1994) but never played the original game until the 2004 GBA remake. As you can imagine, I have a natural bias to the sequel. I still adore this game. Mostly I find the "jank" is associated to the control scheme. You have to pull up a menu to do just about everything. Every character can only hold four items (one of those is typically a weapon) and it just generally slows the whole process down. Funnily enough I've found the game wide secret largely on my own. Mithril. You find pieces of Mithril on the world map and in hidden treasure chests. There are fifteen in all. But there is an early point of no return in the game that means you can miss three of them. Those ones I always miss. Jump through a few hoops later and you reach the Mithril Blacksmith. Get ready to save scum if you want the best aka Ultimate weapons, though. The RNG is abysmal. The cast is quite expansive in this game. Which is quite standard for an SRPG. By the same token, a fair few aren't worth even using in your team at any point (points to Skreech, Birdman number two). You'll note from above some have alternate portraits. Due to the class promotion system in this game. There are also secret added items that grant some characters a new class promotion. For example, Kazim (sixth portrait on the top row). He can be promoted from Mage to Wizard at level 20. However, if you hold off on that for a town or two. You find a Secret Book which can make him a Sorcerer instead (this games Summoner). This applies to several classes of character. But you don't need to fret over it if you miss these items. The ultimate class promotion of the Centaurs is Pegasus. If you miss the item in the Centaur town. The Pegasus Jaro (the blond, seventh from the end on the bottom row) joins you by default later. Naturally, these characters won't be as strong as your initial characters would be in these classes. As an aside, much like the first game. I really don't get the fixation these games have with the Centaur class. There are five of them in this. Six or seven in the first game. There is very little between any of them. So yeah, on to my last two bosses of the game - Odd Eye and, King of the Devils, Zeon. I remember the latter being a chore. I've set the game to Hard mode. The 'Super' and 'Ouch' Modes beyond that seem really unnecessary to me. Since it isn't like you get anything extra for the added struggle.
  8. Sambob


    Played til 3am last night, found a dragon. Hardly done ANY story stuff but it's structured in a way where you can't really tell if it's story or not, I did one thing which I thought was pretty out of the way and then it ended up kind of tying in with the story. Managed to kill me some giants and some mammoths, the enemy scaling seems to be pretty nicely sorted, nothing has been particularly easy but it's obvious that there are different levels of challenge available to you. The example pre release was fallout, and taking on one of the giants reminded me of one of the super mutants from that game, they just roam around waiting to be found and if you keep plugging away and are smart then you can take one down, I used a combination of sneak and range, taking a few shots then running off where it couldn't get and then using sneak to hide and then wear them down. Then rushing in when the giant is low on health with my two swords. Levelling up feels better, like a mix of how it was before by doing stuff and it gets better, but also by you choosing skills along those branches you increase, effectively unlocking the ability to choose something on your skill trees. It's never felt like a grind in the way it did before, it's like it was sold to us, you play how you want and you level around that. I'm sort of aiming to be a snooty sneaky character but I also want to be good with two sorts and I think I might start putting more time into crafting stuff, items or weapons I'm not sure yet. As far as critique goes, there are small flaws to be found, examining a texture very very close up shows that it isn't perfect, I don't particularly like the controls( I'm playing on PC don't you know) but the things wrong with it are so minor that you either won't notice that much or won't care, there's so much that it does right. More impressions later on, but can't disagree with the review scores. Edit: for the records it does actually look amazing.
  9. I have very mixed feelings about this. I love the feeling of adventure, of not knowing what's down the road and if you'll be able survive. It's brilliant when you do overcome the odds and press on after a tough battle. The combat system is great with loads of customisation on offer, you're even encouraged to change class altogether. The Pawn system works really well, being able to hire and fire helpers and changing the composition of your group entirely as the situation demands. Despite all the good bits, the game so far has felt as though i'm playing the middle portion of an RPG where i'm clearing up fluff quests just to pad out the leveling process. There's been no gravitas or urgency to the quests so it's difficult to differentiate between the story and side quests. Things like not having fast travel I can understand why they left out even though it's annoying to have to walk to the same places over and over. I'm surprised more games don't use the MMO style flight paths to get around. You still get to where you're going quicker but you have to travel to a specific place, rather than just magically teleporting everywhere. It's a happy medium between the two. There's other things which are pretty minor and affect my enjoyment more than they probably should. For instance, why did they overlook mini-map markers for people who have something to say? It's incredibly frustrating having to run around looking for colored speech bubbles above NPCs heads. Likewise with the Pawns. As good as the system is it grates when in combat and you're unable to issue commands for something as simple as a weapon buff - the option just doesn't exist. Most of the time you just have to wait for them to apply the correct buff which is very frustrating against the larger enemies. For all it's issues, there are times when this incredible game shines through, and that's what makes it worth playing. I just wish it was more consistent.
  10. Been playing a lot of this the past week, the openmw version (which is an open source re-implementation of the game engine to run better on modern systems, with more modern visual tweaks while still being the same old ass game). It's a game I've a ton of half hearted attempts at getting into but this is more of a proper attempt, primarily cause I figured out how to install openmw on steam deck and get save syncing working between it and pc using something called syncthing. If people are interested there's guides out there to get openmw working on deck, you want that, you don't want vanilla cause it won't run as good or play as well. I did try to see if there was a thread to bump but seems there isn't, so I mean the effort was made there. Maybe it exists but I can't find it 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, it's cool. It's very interactive in the way Bethesda games usually are but moreso in some ways and less so in others if you compare it to their modern output. Everything is dice-rolley as fuck. Even casting a spell can fail if you aren't properly learned in its school of thought, even if you have the spell 'learned'. Getting around doing quests means following actual directions relative to specific cities and locations on the map, one quest in particular is given to you as a series of sermons from a church which follows the teachings of 'Vivec', who is like Morrowind's JC figure, telling you to go to specific locations like caves beneath vivec city or a big wall made out of the remains of deceased dark elves and give offerings. You have to figure that shit out yourself, it's up to you, and it's a cool approach which demands you actually spend time reading books of lore and listening to what people say to even know what the hell a 'ghostgate' even is or why you probably shouldn't press beyond it cause it's a bit shit on the other side. Anyway, this will be the time I beat Morrowind. The really wordy bits where you spend ages reading actual novella length backstories of a Dark Elf queen and demigods tearing things apart and putting them back together are pretty well suited to deck gaming, tho in general the whole game is tbh. It's got an immersive sim quality to the way you can figure out some stuff, like it doesn't have a fast travel system, not really, so getting from Pelegiad to Balmora is a bit of a pain but there are some workarounds like this involving alteration and special potions There's others which require you to invest a bit of time into the game's systems, like being able to use telekinesis to open booby-trapped doors from across the room, or use the same skill to pickpocket someone really far away without having to take risks out in the open. Right now my khajit is a neophyte in a lot of this stuff and all his potions have the fun secondary effect of causing temporary status decreases, so a little bit of poison to go along with the buff, but my more recent potions have less of that in it. It's clunky and difficult but a lot of the quests and skills force you to invest the time to interrogate the RPG clockwork which allows you to do lots of interesting stuff, while at the same time improving your understanding of the world itself and its history. It's not quite botw cause you don't have a physics engine but finding different interactions is still a lot more interesting here than in Oblivion imo which while it had tons of physics interactions they did not improve the gameplay which was mostly just action based. I never played enough Skyrim to really have an informed take on it but I didn't get into it in any of my attempts (X360, PC and PCVR). Besides Morrowind it is probably my biggest gaming blindspot, but unlike Morrowind I'm not as likely to address it I think cause I kinda know what it is but MW still has lots of fun unknown stuff for me cause even now it feels pretty unique and worth playing, even 20 years on Quest wise it's being mostly ascending to apprentice-hood in the thieves guild and mages guild, at the same time as trying to decide which of the three houses suits me best (decided Hlallu cause they about money) and deciding if I want to do a fighter's guild quest where someone is asking me to kill fellow guild mates, if there's any consequences to it or whatever. All my stats are heavily speech and money focused, which is a probably weird way to play the game. But the way you are supposed to do things anyway is cram points in your misc skills to get the most level ups rather than just focus on your base 10 stats. So figuring out the mysteries of conjuration, illusion, alteration and mysticism is what I'm into, too magicka starved to go into the deep end of some higher level magicks or destruction tho
  11. This arrived super early from Shopto very impressed with that. Started the single player first just to get used to the controls again, it starts with a quick recap of the first two games and then its back on you, exactly where Ezio was at the end of the last game. Its more of the same really, same controls, same things to do, just this time each individual goal can only be 100% synchronised by a specific action. For example, I had to kill a particular guard but 100% sync would only be achieved if I killed him by throwing him into a nearby scaffold. Not sure I feel about these goals yet, the OCD in me wont let me not 100% any of them and so far theyve been easy enough but I can see them getting harder therefore more frustrating. Had a quick go on Multiplayer, after a training simulator you can choose 1 out of two gametypes (more are unlocked as you level up). I chose Wanted, which is like a free for all in the city but its quite open plan. You pick your character, enter the game and you are given a target to assassinate. The play area is filled with characters and they all look exactly like the selection of characters you get to choose from. You have to use your radar to identify the human player and assassinate them, whilst at the same time avoid the player whos trying to assassinate you. I didnt always use my radar, I just looked for the idiot that was running and jumping around whilst I tried to walk at a slow pace to blend in to the NPCs. Really addictive, hope that sort of makes sense. Ive yet to try the other playlist, thats for tonight and the next one unlocks at Level 5. Thumbs up so far,.
  12. Jimboxy

    Fable II

    Arrived today Getting home will be magic! Work is gonna drag now, but I am off tomorrow
  13. Whut no Rocksteady? Burn it. Its ok, its good, honest. And it doesnt feel like there's been much change. Infact, so far it feels exactly like Arkham City, just earlier in time. Its been a while since I played that so forgive me if I havent picked up on some mind bending change but it seems the WB Montreal have done their homework. It feels the same, looks the same (Batman seems beefier though) and you have the same stuff to do. He fights the same, walks the same, has the same move set (so far). Voice sound the same even though its a different voice actor (same guy that did Ezio from Ass Creed and does Sonic's voice). Ive only played an hour but I can pretty much say that if you enjoyed Arkham City I can see no reason why you wont enjoy this. Its the same. So far.
  14. Sly Reflex

    Mass Effect 3

    I had a quick go of the multiplayer. I was expecting it to be shitter that ITV2. SURPRISE! It's actually pretty damn good. Tacked on multi that I actually wouldn't mind playing. How about that. I'm not going to go into the single part of the game, mainly because spoilers and stuff. This is based on my impressions of the MP only. Multiplayer starts with you picking a class. From memory there are 6 classes. From what I can tell each class has 3 Biotic powers (could be more) which are mapped to Y, LB and RB. As you play you level up and are able to put points into the usual perks, similar to how it worked levelling up companions in ME1 & 2. Levelling up also allows you to start other characters, initially it looks like you are locked down to either human males and females in each class available. I'm not sure if biotic powers vary between sexes, but from what it looks like other races have to be unlocked by levelling up your character. The actual games that I played where the usual horde mode fare, except this time each class plays a designated part in the 4 man squad. Obviously at the start everyone has bare bones weapons and Biotics, so it basically turns into a case of fight for a few waves before the enemies get the better of you, and then level up some. When you do get some Biotic powers under your belt, you'll get further into the waves. However, it's not as simple as eliminating enemies, there are waves where you are times to eliminate certain VIP's, and it looks like there are set ups where you have to protect certain objectives and the usual fare of gametypes that happen in vs type games. You'll go from holding up against all odds in one wave to chasing down VIP's another. It mixes things up a bit similar to how the bonus objectives do in Gears 3 Horde, but in this case they are the key to passing the round, not just the objective. It sort of feels a bit like Section 8's mid-match missions that can really effect who wins, although this time instead of playing against other people you are playing against AI with some buddies in tow. I went engineer class, and Mika went soldier. If anyone wants to join in with us on this tomorrow night when we are on get the bloody thing downloaded, create a class and join us. I could imagine it being really good with a full lobby.
  15. Yessir! I like what I've played alot, probably done the first hour. Its extremely similar to the first one but that's no bad thing. Poor fucking bitch, she's already taken a hell of a beating. Agree with Nag on the looks, its stunning. That snow... Controls are lovely: fluid and intuitive. Lots of stuff to do and already had tons of action. Looking forward to spending all Saturday with it.
  16. It's good. Not surprisingly. I didn't like IV at all so it's a bit of an upgrade for me because the last GTA I played through was Vice City on a borrowed PS2 10 years ago. I'd liken it to that more than IV. It's all nice and pretty, relaxed and a great sense of fun in both missions and going off radar. It's GTA through and through and it'll never do anything to persuade none fans to pick it up and it's not deserving of hype such as game of this generation, but I can see that it will fit nicely with the rest to become one of the greatest open world games of any gen, and best GTA evaz.
  17. Surprised there isn't a thread for this, maybe it got purged. This was the one that came out in 2010 and was the very Bourne inspired where Sam was working outside the usual system and dealing with a missing daughter. So maybe Taken like too. It's that sort of thing and that was a more interesting premise for a game to me but I never got a chance to play it for some reason. I think my 360 was playing up at the time. So 11 years later I'm finally playing it. I've only finished the original and didn't get into any after that so I'm far from knowledgeable about the games. But I've been having a decent time with it so far. I especially do like the AI because it's very readable with how enemies react so it doesn't feel like such a crap shot when trying to get out of an alert state which I feel lots of stealth games are, and especially in these relatively small areas this game has. And the system where you get two free kills after a stealth takedown is satisfying and keeps the game's pace moving. It gets a point knocked off though because as far as I can tell there is no splits smh
  18. wholehole

    Tomb Raider

    Played a few hours and it's been very, very good. It's very much another game that's taken more than a few pages from Uncharted's playbook, except it switches a wise-cracking protagonist for someone much more vulnerable and insecure. Well, at least to start with anyway. I've always loved the Tomb Raider series, the original TR was the first ever game I bought for the PS1 and I played it to death, but the series was massively in need of a complete reboot. They've done a fantastic job with this game and the character. Lara is almost unrecognisable from her hotpants wearing, confident predecessor. I say almost as they decided to stick with her two most distinguishing features for some reason. Cans . The sections where you squeeze through a gap or are only able to progress forwards are probably the most elegant way of disguising a load screen I can think of. It's totally seamless and in some case even adds to the experience by allowing Lara time to express how she's feeling.The same goes for the logs she records at some of the base camps, only a few lines of dialogue, but it adds so much. Each area seems to have a discreet sub-objective like smash 10 lanterns or burn 5 banners, and they only activate once you hit the first thing, you're not notified about it otherwise. I can see myself spending a chunk of time completing these as well as picking up all the collectables dotted around. I tried turning on the new TressFX hair technology but it looks a bit weird tbh. It also hits the framerate pretty hard in certain situations. It's a cool idea as game hair usually looks pretty rubbish, but it definitely needs tweaking a bit before making it standard.
  19. spatular

    Espgaluda 2

    i wasn't sure if i should start a thread for this as i know illdog is waiting on it (anyone else?) and i don't want to put a downer on it before he tries it so i'll start off by saying i got the arcade version of this over a year ago, and absolutely loved it, thought it was the best thing ever it's great how you collect gems from enemies and can use these to go into a slowdown/bullet time mode to get out of tight spots - just like the first espgaluda. this is playing by mostly ignoring scoring. then i tried to get a hang of the scoring and it just hurts my brain and makes me not like it, i understand the basics behind it, but regarding knowing what mode to use at what time there's so many options it's hard to know what to do - but i really want to give it another go now the port is out - i'm going to be downloading a lot of replays and just try and pick up some good ideas. here are the basics of the system for the arcade and 360 modes i tried to explain on another site: "in normal mode shooting enemies gives you green gems, you need these to go into the first slowdown mode (i don't know what they're called - the one where you tap the button), in the first slowdown mode killing enemies gives you gold from their bullets (like in espgaluda 1), to go into the second slowdown mode (hold the button) you need both gold and green gems, in the second slowdown mode when you kill an enemy, it's bullets dissapear briefly then double and head towards you and give you a big score multiplier (or something like that) - this is where you get all the points, or not in my case. in both slowdown modes i think you automatically use some of your bomb/barrier instead of dying, and there's the over mode where the bullets go faster, which happens when you run out of gold/green gems in the slowdown modes." if you're going for survival you can just ignore the second slowdown mode, although it's a good idea to use it on some bosses for points to get the extends - like the last pattern of the level 2 boss - it doesn't make the bullets follow you on the bosses either. The port also has a load of other modes - black label, arrange, omake, and some novice modes. i tried most of them: Arrange has different colour bullets (blue and red) you can cancel by using shot/laser (little bit like ikaruga), i didn't fully understand what was going on but i really liked what i played of this mode Omake needs to be unlocked by finishing one of the other modes (by credit feeding in my case), this also has some bullet canceling but it's based on proximity, the bullets close to you turn red and when you swap between the normal and slowdown mode these disapear, they also disapear when you're in some sort of powered up mode - i think when you get full jems and gold and you shoot something? unclear. anyway i liked this mode too although again didn't fully understand it. black label i didn't really like but maybe that's because i understood it even less, in the normal mode - enemy bullets turn into gold when you kill the enemy they came from, and the slowdown modes seemed to make it harder rather than easier, and there was some sort of forcefield around your ship so you can push bullets that are really close to hitting you out of the way but this seems to run out - i really hadn't a clue what was going on in this mode i hope i've not got any modes mixed up as i just gave them all a full run through last night.
  20. I cant believe none of you guys are playing this!!! in fact, out of the people in my friends list, only one guy is playing it :'(. this series really doesnt deserve to have another instalment undersell! whinging aside http://www.mfgamers.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.gif, its awesome. It looks fantastic, and the sound is mind boggling, all the ambient noises and rolling orchestral flourishes are even better this time roun, and freaking scary. the whole thing is freaking scary!! been playing it with the lights out and headphones on, notifications turned off, and i actually feel wired and shaken after a couple hour session. so the technical stuff is just an improvement on the first games amazing effort, which is no mean feat in itself. but theyve really improved the gameplay and the story is shaping up to be better too. the new weapons are great, and using kinesis to pick up makeshift projectiles on the fly is a great addition. the more linear direction which sent shivers down my spine when i first heard about it actually does the game a service, makes you reaise how they couldve designed the first game in a similar way and it wouldve been better. no backtracking, just new enviroment after new enviroment as the game tries to show you all the different areas of the sprawl - its gruesome to see how different aspects of civilian life there have been buttraped by the necromorphs. they even hit the kiddy wing. --------------> its fecking awesome!!!!!


    Played about an hour and haven't got any of the Bioshock style powers yet, but it's done a pretty good job of teaching you some of the basics. The tutorials are hidden as gameplay elements (follow someone, play hide and seek etc), but a little on the nose for a while, once things start to kick off though it does a better job of setting things up so that if you want to do a stealth kill then you'll get an easy chance, if you want to do a drop attack then there's a convenient pipe above a guard. Or you could just walk up and stab people, whatever annoyingly on the pc it's got the same quirk Witcher 2 did, that it's 2 handed attacks mapped to the opposite mouse button, so the sword in your right hand is mapped to the left mouse button, while the gun in your left... Not a big deal but I did alert a few guards by dropping down and shooting a guard in the head instead of a nice quiet throat slit
  22. So I've spent a bit of time with this now, enough to give some impressions on it. Bear in mind this is a beta some some stuff wont be like this in the final game. Graphically it's very nice. Light sources are independent, and because of that so are the shadows. It all looks great and if the full game has similar attention to detail. Character models look well weathered and by the looks of things have all new animations for everything. Soundbites from each COG are mostly new, but a lot of sound assets have been reused from the previous 2 games. It sounds like all of Cole's quotes have just been copied and pasted into this beta. However, all the others have had context sensitive shout outs that fit the style of the game. Crass and funny, each set of will endear you to at least one of the characters when you finally get your hands on either the beta or the full game. Controls have been revamped, this time around your player feels a bit faster than back in the previous games. There's been a bit of tinkering which will throw you off when you first start player, but so far I can see the improvement. I dunno whether you guys have seen it before in other games, but some of them make you hold the button down while a ring fills up around the button to perform whatever action. This is used in GoW3 for very specific actions, like picking up weapons, ammo and performing executions. This means that you are no longer picking stuff up by accident when trying to revive people. It's a small alteration, but it really helps in those situations, and it adds to the game by making you think whether you really want to pick one of those power weapons up. I have no idea if bigger weapons have bigger times for picking up, it's not something I could really test because the game moves so fast. The maps seem decent enough, the stand out being the Shopping Mall and the Thrashball stadium. For some reason they decided that that the Market and Trenches were locked out for today and the maps that were available were locked into Team deathmatch. You probably don't need me to explain what TDM is. You have a set amount of lives, and when they have expired people no longer spawn. It's been done before and no doubt it will be seen again in future games. If it aint broke, don't fix it etc. I did notice that during my time playing that out of the two maps in rotation today, the fighting always took place in the same few places on the map. Anyone who has played Gears competitively will know that both teams will rush towards specific power weapons and fight for them until a victor is found. It's the same here, and I'm sure that it would be much more interesting if that in select games the central weapons move on a space so that teams are either fighting over a different weapon each round or fighting in a different area for the weapon the team wants. From what I've seen map wise, Horde mode is going to be really difficult, because even the areas that you could back yourself into are going to get hard to defend against eventually. The game itself moves really fast. It isn't the breakneck speed of Gears 1, but it's still really quick. In other game modes where lives are not a factor, it basically turns into CoD. You die fast, but you are back in the action almost instantly. The limited spawn games are a more considered fair, you'll notice that when you play one team will run to either a power weapon place or a bit on the map that's easily defended which can be frustrating if you are on the outside, but when you flip the coin and end up defending a space you soon realise that it isn't as easy as you would think, more akin to plugging leaks in a sinking ship with limited amounts of plugs. The main frustrating part of the online is that some people are ridiculously good at the game, and it isn't like Battlefield where an opposition team can use tactics to snuff out superior skill. I've seen 1 person take out 4 people alone, and even I myself have taken 3 people out one after the other like it was nothing. It seems that skill will get you everywhere, and if you are not skilled you're in for an arse fucking all night. It was the same for previous Gears games and nothing has changed here. Similar to Halo: Reach and BC2 (and I think CoD), each event in game gives you ribbons which equate to getting a set amount of XP. Get killed 1st in the game? Have some XP. Get shot in the head the most? Have some XP. Spend the most time in cover? Have some XP. There are so many ribbons that practically everything you do in game doles out XP. Some of them are decent bundles of XP, some are more consolation XP for being shit. Whatever though, if you play online chances are you're gonna get fucking loads of these ribbons. Weapons wise there has been a bit of a shake up. The Lancer is the longest ranged auto rifle and it's seen a bit of a nerf. If you move while firing the cross hairs open right up, and anything more than bursts of fire do the same. The chainsaw animation has been changed slightly so you can no longer bring the saw up right away. While it leads to more considered chainsawing, it's a bit of a nerf too far and I expect Gears signature weapons to receive a serious buff when the game finally hits the shelves. It's just not very good. The Gnasher shotgun is overpowered as usual. Its effective range is a bit long, and in Lancer Vs Gnasher fights where the Lancer should come of triumphant, the Gnasher takes the win. It shouldn't be like that, and I doubt that any tweaks will be done to rectify this. The Hammerburst is where most players will lay their loyalties if this makes it to retail. In previous games it was a bit wank. In this one it is a beast. It has stupid stopping power and is fucking frightening at all distances, from zoomed in, iron sighted and sprayed from the hip. If it wasn't for people trying to unlock the gold retro lancer, the beta would be full of these. The Retro Lancer is a decent weapon if you like to get in close and just spray and hope. I had some reasonable games with it and if you are facing off against someone trying to shotgun you chances are if they fuck up a few shots you'll down them with this. It's fucking garbage at anything more than 10 meters away though. The recoil is horrible. The recoil is horrible on all the fully automatic assault rifles. It has an awesomely easy execution which will no doubt be classed as noobish as chainsawing people in the 1st two games. The Sawed off is a bit of a redundant luxury if I'm being honest. You get 1 shot, you need to be pretty much touching to get the kill, and it takes fucking forever to reload. If you fuck up, you are basically dead. If there is someone near when you get the kill, you are dead. I don't think we'll see many of these when the game comes out for the simple reason that the normally shotty is so fucking powerful there is no need to pack this unless you you plan on taking the piss. They should boost the power of this gun and narrow its sweep, and nerf the Gnasher to balance them so that both guns are a valid choice when it comes to brass tacks. The grenades all have a purpose now. Smokes now make players caught in the blast flinch and lower their weapon, inks incapacitate and poison (and look graphically awesome), frags are the same, and the new firebomb works similar to the ink, although damage over time happens if you get hit by it or walk through the fire. The way you throw has been changed slightly as well, but I can't put my finger on what they have done. There is a grenade gun which burrows under the ground to get people behind cover. It's just a bit annoying if I'm being honest. I guess it has it's place but I'm hoping it isn't place on many maps. It detracts the point of being in cover, which for a cover shooter is a bit fucking stupid. It feels a bit cheesy to use as well, like you don't really deserve the kills you get from using it because it's a bit cheap. The Torque, Longshot, Mortar, Mulcher, Flamethrower, Boomshot and pistols remain relatively untouched. Other new things I've notioced is the ability to revife yourself if you manage to not get executed while on the floor. When two enemies are on the same bit of cover either side, you can jump the cover and jump on their heads, which can result in them being knocked down or even downed. It's perfect for getting shotgun kills even if you are a bit shit with them, as they are literally helpless while you fill them full of lead. The executions are pretty sweet. I wont spoil them as you really need to just discover them yourself, but yeah, some of them are ridiculously OTT. Every weapon has one too, even the shit you wouldn't expect to have an elaborate execution kill will have one. Crazy. I think I covered everything there. If you have any questions, just ask and I'll try to answer them. Also, sorry for the long post. I wasn't really expecting it to be so bloody big.
  23. Jimboxy

    Portal 2

    It's everything I'd hoped. More of the same but in co-op it's just so cool. Quite a few hours into co-op, not started single yet. The comedy is still present and the levels start lovely and begin to look run down and something is not quite right with GLaDOS again
  24. AndyKurosaki


    Got this from boomerang, only played the first mission so far. Will see how it goes from here. Escaping the police when I fucked up was a right bastard. Can't even be arsed with Uplay anymore. Didn't load once on ACIV for me.
  25. I did look for an old thread but it looks like one doesn't exist. I got it the other night on the Switch since it's the version with the free style switching. It's a cool idea that's in later DMC games and I thought it may be fun in this game. In the original you picked a style at the start of a mission. Basically the styles are Sword Master, Gunslinger, Trickster and Royal Guard. They all give you different abilities. The first two are fairly self explanatory while trickster is mostly about dodging and royal guard is a parry system. I do have a bit of a problem with it. It's just the way it levels. In later games you upgrade the styles with red orbs (which give you more moves), the same way as everything else, but here I think it upgrades by how much you use it. So I'm not getting the freedom I'd like without spending a lot of time in the Bloody Palace with the main goal of using a particular style a lot. So that's kinda disappointing since I forgot how it worked. I've forgotten a lot of stuff to be honest. I was having a hoot at first. I sunk in four hours in one session, going along quite well which surprised me as going back to Bayonetta kicked my arse. DMC3 is easier than I remember but then I got to a succubus type lady boss, which I think you get the guitar weapon from but I just can't seem to beat her. I don't seem to be doing any damage but she wrecks you with some of her attacks. I call bullshit, I think she's busted. But I'm sure I did beat her back in the day as I remember messing around with that guitar weapon. How I did it, I have no idea.
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