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Found 19 results

  1. Played this over the last few weeks, its only really the 2nd 2d standard kirby game ive played (robobot being the other). Its a sort of basic platformer where you get all different powers copied from enemies, like theres one that turns you into a sort of streetfighter character doing dragon punches and stuff, a superman type character, electric attacks, fireballs, everything. And you can sometimes get super powered up and go nuts with a massive sword or turn into a giant snowball - the different powers are what i think makes it fun. Overall i enjoyed it, its often a lot of fun. There are some boring bits mind and i just sort of beat the bosses by well i dont know but not with skill anyway. I sort of like that its easy though as im not good at these sort of platformers. I dont think its as good as robobot. the challenge levels are really good though, you unlock them as you get tickets which you find in levels and theyre like shorter score/time attack levels based on a specific power up, you can go for gold/silver/bronze medals, i mostly got silver, a few golds too, some of which took many retries. Theres about 10 of them, shame there arent more. exploration to find hidden stuff was fun sometimes theres loads of other stuff you unlock but seems to be mini games, that you can play on your own but seemed more aimed at multiplayer so i only tried a few of those. overall this was pretty good, recommended if youre after playing some more kirby, but probably not the best one. edit - this was originally a wii game, not sure what changes there are in the deluxe switch version.
  2. so i'm not sure i want to say much (so why am i starting a thread? - well i want to say how awesome it is) (not that i've done much to talk about anyway) as if it was me i'd want to go in fresh, i've pretty much ignored all the media about it. it's zelda so i've been looking forward to it but at the same time not sure i'm ready for a 50+ hour game at the moment. anyway the first hour or so has been smashing, the characters are great, it's been funny and charming, the music sounds familiar and it's lovely, the pointing is all done through motion plus so far which i didn't realise till now. it doesn't use the sensor bar, and it works great. obviously i was destroying pots in peoples houses . was worried about starting it and not finishing but now i'm sure that's not going to be a problem http://www.mfgamers.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wub.gif edit - oh yeah the gold wiimote looks super tacky but it works fine and the bumper/cover hides some of the tackyness so that's good.
  3. Sambob


    Played about an hour of it so far, and its pretty much the PS2s version of Zelda. Its weird because there is something stopping me from getting into it, its taking me a good 20 minutes each play to be used to it and then once ive done a major thing I dont feel inclined to get on to the next one... The graphical style is nice, but just nice, its so blurry that I think thats one of the things that requires you to spend a few minutes getting used to before you are happy with it...I think it could have quite easily be done on the Gamecube. There are one or two standout minutes in the graphical style that make you appreciate the difference, but on the whole I kind of feel like im playing an Xbox game without my glasses on. The story and setting are pretty good, like I said theres a bit of Zelda in there and also it reminds me of Goemon with its quirkyness and ecsentuated characters.
  4. Mine turned up today I immediately turned the sleeve and it's lovely. Only two hours in (obviously barely anything) but I have to say it's better than I was expecting. The world is large but not bare. There is plenty to find and monsters to grind with. The voice acting is.. It's ok.. It's kinda nice to hear different british dialects at least. I imagine americans usually notice differences in most games with american actors too but as a brit you all sound the same There's an overwhelming amount of things to see, do and collect. I can imagine the side missions alone will take me to the Wii U launch. For someone not used to playing or liking this kind of rpg it can be dizzying but the ease of the fighting system keeps me happy to stroll along at my own amateurs pace.
  5. If you didnt like the one before then you wont like this. If you liked the one before then you'll love this, miss the cell shaded graphics but appreciate how much they've tightened the controls. Truly the Prince has never moved so freely. Wall runs are executed at almost any angle as long as your vaguely pushing in the right direction and pole hoping is simply pushing in the direction of the next obstacle and pressing jump - he does the rest himself. The hook of the game is an impressive one - the use of water. Holding the L button freezes time and makes water solid, meaning you can swing from jets of water from the walls and climb springs that burst from the ground. Some of the way Ubi have implemented the water as platforming puzzles is nothing short of genius and in turn makes you feel like one when you flawlessly cross a tricky looking cavern. The R button is your run/climb button so at times your playing with both Triggers held down and it takes a few goes to get used too. I wish it had the graphical style of the previous effort, this one with its 'real' people comes over a little wooden, but to be fair with the platforming so good its not really an issue. Ive just done a really impressive section in The Observatory but i had to stop and come to work, but all i wanna do is play this. Brilliant stuff so far.
  6. I never did get round to playing the first one on the Wii but that can be said for a lot of my Wii collection. A rainy (and jobless) Thursday last week however prompted me to unwrap the second one (part of my 360 backlog). So its Mickey and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey with a paintbrush that can use paint to fill things out or thinner to erase stuff. Oswald has a remote control that shoots electricity so as to open gates via control panels and he can also shock enemies with it. You traverse between hub worlds, each laden with NPC's that give you seemingly no end of stuff to do via sidequests. The hubworlds are connected by projectors that are basically 2.5D A to B platformers full of tickets (the in game currency) and little secret routes hiding more goodies. It's littered with little problems, depth perception being one, inconsistent jumping being another and camera angles to drop on top. I often felt that each jump was too high for Mickey, he can double jump but even then it felt like I was clipping through the top of platforms as opposed to landing on them. Oswald is also a complete cunt, one of the dopiest NPC's i've ever had the misfortune of having no control over. He has knocked me of platforms to my death, gotten stuck about 8 miles away leading me to back track so he can navingate the simplist of obstacles and he sometimes outright refuses to stand where I need him to 50% of the time. Mickey can throw Oswald in the air and jump up and catch his legs so they can glide to far away platforms, problem here is Oswald always goes far too high up in the air to start with therefore you have to wait five or so seconds for him to slowly float down so you can grab him. And that's fucking annoying! Yet... despite these irritants, it's a good game which is not at all what I expected. I really enjoyed it. The platforming was fun and the bosses were fairly inventive. I found loads of secrets and it turns out I didn't find even half of them. I felt like I ploughed through it a bit too quick but I do find myself wanting to go back and explore a bit more. Your actions have consequences as well, depending on how nice you are (by using paint to befriend enemies instead of thinner to destroy enemies) so it does warrent another playthrough if you feel so inclined. There are costumes and badges to collect, photo's to take, gremlins and spirits to find. I just didn't expect the game to be such a package. Reckon i might check out the first one.
  7. illdog


    I started this on Friday with zero expectations but, as easily pleased boy is, i was pleased with it, easily. Its basically GTA at school - steal bikes instead of cars, shoot slingshots instead of guns, kiss young girls instead of raping/murdering prostitutes. As usual in these sorts of games (with me anyway) the plot soon became a distant memory as i chose instead to see how many steps i could olly up on my skateboard and to see how many people would fight me at the carnival. Its got its own version of Paperboy in there too, im lovin that at the moment, as well as the Go Karts and the Bike Races. Oooh, and the Lawnmowing jobs too, awesome!
  8. I think I'm in the first dungeon now, but I could be wrong, as apparently there are huge areas that still aren't classed as dungeons. Without spoiling anything (everyone knows Link is also a wolf right?), I've just had my first encounter with the 'Twilight' and have met my companion. The controls are pretty neat. It was a massive shock, I didn't think it would happen when it did. I was all set for a big adventure, then boom!
  9. Happy to report that it's a thing of beauty It captures the feel of adventuring as a kid and throws in some nifty puzzle elements. It helps that it never really tells you what to do. You start in the boy's tree house and explore at your leisure. The relationship between boy and blob is adorable and yes, there is a hug button. It's not been particularly difficult so far and I don't imagine it ever will be but it's also never so easy that it's a bore either. Each level looks fantastic. So much work has gone into the look and presentation. It's nice not to have to worry about jaggies coming to get me. The soundtrack is wonderful and also adds to the exploration and adventure feeling My order came with some nice art cards that too show the detail and love gone into creating it. I urge you all to put your guns down for a second and buy it. <object classId="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" width="480" height="418" id="VideoPlayerLg41193"><param name="movie" value="http://g4tv.com/lv3/41193" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><embed src="http://g4tv.com/lv3/41193" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" name="VideoPlayer" width="480" height="382" allowScriptAccess="always" allowFullScreen="true" /></object><div style="margin:0;text-align:center;width:480px;font-family:Arial,sans-serif;font-size:12px;color:#FF9B00;"><a href="http://g4tv.com/" style="color:#FF9B00;" target="_blank">Video Game</a> - <a href="http://g4tv.com/e3" style="color:#FF9B00;" target="_blank">E3 2009</a> - <a href="http://g4tv.com/trailers/index.html" style="color:#FF9B00;" target="_blank">Video Game Trailers</a></div>
  10. After finishing the last Lego game I played (whatever it was) I swore i'd never play another Lego game again. Then I bought this one in the sales (ages ago). I'm glad i'm an idiot that just buys anything for cheap because this is bloody good. Definately for fans of LOTR though, not exclusively but you'll get a lot more enjoyment from the game if you love the world it's set in. The puzzles are genuinely enjoyable, not once have I felt like i'm just playing to get through the levels like I have in previous games. It's full of usual Travellers Tales humour, both in the gameplay and the cut scenes. Oh, the cut scenes. Ones I actually dont mind watching (which is lucky as in Story Mode they are unskippable), a lot of though has gone in to them , they use sound bites from the films that brings them to life. The entire musical score is from the films too which adds to the atmosphere immensly - love that music. So yeah, super impressed especially as my expectations were so low. I think i have two more missions before Story Mode is complete. You can then go through in Free Play and mop up all the collectables, that's possibly where the fun may run out for me but I can't complain at what I've got out of a game that I paid less than £4 for.
  11. This is the latest game from Prope, a small studio headed by Yuji Naka, most famous for his work on Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg and Ivy the Kiwi?. I joke, he's the Sonic and NiGHTS guy. I'd say there is an influence of those two games in here, more so NiGHTS I'd say. It's odd. Okay, I'm mostly going to be talking about the Wii version of the game that comes bundled with the Wii U version. Well, I mean, just look at the difference: The ports weren't handled by Prope and whoever did decided to take out the colour and change up the gameplay into something much simpler and not that fun at all. So the Wii version: The whole game is actually controlled with just the Wii remote. You point at any bit of environment within a certain distance and press B to shoot your robot guy, Rodea, in that direction. You can also do little flicks with the Wiimote to cause an arc if you want to avoid something that would be in your flight path taking a straight route. It's also good for setting up combos and positioning yourself better in combat. It's quite a fun little system to play with. But the camera is the problem. You move it with the pointer and it just isn't responsive enough to keep up with the action. I think nunchucka support would have made it a lot more bearable but instead when you overshoot something it can be awkward getting back on track. So it feels pretty good when everything goes to plan but its a ballache when it goes wrong, like a lot of Yuji Naka's games. Its obviously designed to be a speedrunner's game and I think that's where the most enjoyment will come from but I'm not that sort. But I've enjoyed the chapters I've done and the boss was fun so I think I come away mostly positive. It's weird and fine. I'm okay with that right now.
  12. Been playing this alot recently. Made me a custom character then set off to becomes the world numero uno, training hard to get my stats to a respectable level and winning tournaments here and there to boost my world ranking. The higher your ranking, the more lucrative the tournaments become. You know your getting somewhere when the Grand Slams start to open up, place well in these and you are invited to the King of Players tournament where you get a shot at the top seed, filthy Federer with his cheating tennis style. Training comes in the form of The Academy where your asked to do ridiculous things to boost your stats. You can also take part in a series of mini games that appear dotted around the world map, like knocking down skittles a la bowling to improve your serve, hitting down walls of oil drums to strengthen your groundstrokes. Its addictive stuff, a feint interest in tennis helps. Not one for the angry gamer tho, im currently nursing a nasty gash on one of my knuckles after punching my pad following an super fucking irritating loss to Fed-arse-rer, the cunt. He can return anything from anywhere whenever he wants and he does it perfectly. I nearly shit myself when i finally beat the bastard. Decent online aswell, played some random chimp and kicked his ass, looking forward to playing someone on here? Hendo?
  13. So, the wait (for one of us at least ) is over. There may well be spoilers contained but I'm not gonna name bosses or key plot(!) points or anything stupid like that.. So, first up is undoubtedly the burning question I had before playing the game: the controls. I may have a slight advantage here, 'cos Metroid Prime was the first FPS/A I ever really REALLY played a lot of, and all other FP games since then have to my mind had inferior controls. Anyway, they work better than I could have imagined (in saying that, the only other Wii games I've played are Wii Sports and Twilight Princess..) I immediately went for "Advanced" controls which took all of thirty seconds to feel completely natural. No problems at all with them, and I sit about five feet or so from my tele. I play it in quite a relaxed fashion, just using very slight wrist movements, and there's not been a moment when the game has let me down with precision of targeting or speed of turning. And the second thing - the level design. My God, Retro have some serious talent. Even the initially homogeneous spaceship opening level reveals remarkable solidity and craft in it's design. Once you're planetside, things really get lovely though. The second planetside area is so reminiscent of a high(er) res Tallon IV it's breathtaking, but with a completely different set of alien design and architecture. I'm just playing through NTSC composite on my LCD tele atm, so I'm not quite getting the full impact, but the game runs like a dream, as far as I can tell at a solid 60fps too. The best-looking Wii game I've seen without a doubt. Load time's are minimal, as we've come to expect from Retro, and the devious level design (nice and large by the way) is definitely back in force. The initial couple of levels involve other Hunters, who do seem very cheesy and a little out of place in Samus' traditionally lonely adventures, but they don't stick around for too long. I breathed a massive sigh of relief when I eventually got to be on my own though. Not met any particularly interesting enemies thus far, bar the absolute pant-wetting excitement of seeing who the first boss is. I'm sure this will improve though, I'm only a few hours in so far. So, it looks and plays like a dream, the gameplay experience is slightly more involving due to the Wii-specific controls, I couldn't ask for much more. I'm just happy to be able to lose hours in Samus' world again.
  14. It's the DKC we know and love but in 2010. The presentation is beautiful and DK's movement is fluid. It all looks super nice. It plays brilliantly too. Some sections can be damn tricky and collecting hidden items requires sixth sense. Should you OCD it'll take you weeks to 100%. The controls work well but you do have to waggle for certain movements. This is its only downfall which when ill can be a pain. I'm laying on the sofa dying. I can't do with moving randomly. I just stopped playing because my arms ache. You can play with nunchuck but I *think* you still have to waggle. Anyway. Essential to any 2D platforming fan.
  15. rented this (i can't find a thread?) and played the first 4 worlds and so far it's lovely. maybe a bit easy as i'm rubbish at platformers and still finding it quite easy, although the difficulty has ramped up a bit from the start. and there are collectables to find and higher ratings to aim for. it's pretty varied with kirby transforming into robot tank/fire truck/snowboarder and loads of other stuff for sections mid-level. everything looks great with some nice tunes too. so anyone else played it?
  16. Hendo

    Rock Band 3

    Writing this while downloading the free Doors pack, so have only made my band so far. Most notable thing is it's the first time the intro isn't CG but is real people playing real instruments, the song being Break On Through by The Doors, looks good, sounds good, gets you pumped to play it. The keyboard seems really good quality and that midi-out may come in very handy in the future. The main thing for me is using this to learn how to play keys properly which I'm sure will make me progress better than I have before, randomly stabbing at keys, only playing one note at a time and hoping for the best. I will be sticking to keys and pro mode only for quite a while. I'll be taking this to a mate's later on, might as well take the 360 as well due to all the tracks in my collection. Quick question, how do you import RB and RB2 tracks? I see a "redeem code" option but no "import" option.
  17. I've been playing this over the last week or so - I had a game that I started over a year ago but like Mr Lakitu said, if you stop playing for a while you forget everything. The story behind the game is basically that a huge Lagiacrus is terrorising a fishing village and you have to get strong enough to kill it by slaughtering every other type of monster on the island! Its kind of like Phantasy Star Online in that you get assigned quests from a Guild which get progressively harder. Typically they start of with 'collect some mushrooms', 'kill some defenseless animals' etc, but they have just started getting trickier for me and I am killing monsters left right and centre. You can also just head out to the island and hunt and scavenge if you want to. There are 6 or 7 different types of weapons and they all handle differently and the combat is nice and fast paced. You dont level up in the typical way - the monsters you kill drop items and you can carve up their corpses for bones and pelt which can all be used to make better weapons and armour. This is the only way to get stronger. There is a HR level online but that only restricts the level of quest you can attempt. There are also a few side quests to complete like improving your village farm to provide supplies and completing requests for the village. I am really enjoying the offline mode - not so much the online. The community isnt that large and people tend to do the higher level missions which means I cant join in although one or two people have helped me out a bit. The online missions are basically the offline missions but a bit harder to allow for multiple players which makes it really difficult to solo. One player helped me out quite a bit, and was quite chatty until he told me he was eight years old. Not only did I feel like a dirty old molesterer but he was awesome compared to me. Little shit. Blocked. Its a really gorgeous game as well - albeit in a lo-res Wii stylee. The monsters are brilliantly animated.
  18. HandsomeDead


    I'm surprised there I had to start this thread, I thought one of the more old school Nintendo fans would be all over this. I'm new to the series, never played the NES or SNES games. I'm one the second batch of fighters, the Tiger fellow to be exact and I'm struggling with him, the others up to him I breezed through but I'm starting to understand the timing based nature of the game and I'm finding it much more of a challenge now and can see scope for it becoming more troublesome. I know classic controls are available but I've been rocking it casual style with flaling and shit and I have no issues as the work perfectly well. This soon on I'm enjoying it more than I thought. Proper good stuff.
  19. Hendo


    Amazing game. I really wasn't expecting much to be honest, and I just bought it out of boredom having just finished Excite Truck, but it's bloody impressive! If you like Monkey Ball, the Mercury games and Marble Madness, this is essential. It's far more responsive and controllable than the Wii version of Monkey Ball and there's no stupid mini-games that don't work. There's loads of stuff to unlock too, from tunes to balls to secret levels..... The multi has a cool twist where your mate can play using the nunchuck to tilt their course, or a seperate wiimote, which is a nice option. Also, there's no lives so if you fall out you just keep going until you finish it, unlike Monkey Ball, which to be honest I've fallen out of love with after the 2nd one on the Cube - this fills that void nicely. Here's some gameplay vids for those that are interested. One, two, three and the 'how you play it' video.
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