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Found 6 results

  1. Maraca based rhythm action game. The original on dreamcast was great, with maraca controllers, not played it in years mind. Was a bit sceptical about this, didnt think the joycons would work that well for the motion controls, but it works a lot better than i expected, probably partially because it seems pretty lenient in recognising hits. But at the same time it doesnt work quite as well as as it could, id expect the vr version to be better, think its quest exclusive? the music selection is sort of similar in that its better than i expected, but it could also have been better still. Didnt recognise most of the songs by name but playing through them theres certainly enough songs that ive been enjoying playing through, even though i maybe wouldnt listen to them outside the game. To register normal hits It doesnt work based on the height of the controller, it uses the angle of the controller, so if you hold your hands up the controller will angel up automatically, for middle hits your supposed to hold them straight, and for down you point them down. Its probably easier to explain how it works with a video (ill try and add one later) but theres 6 locations you can shake a maraca/controller at (top middle bottom, and each have left/right) thats how the original worked, with iirc some posing where you hold a pose. The new version has maybe too much posing and other stuff like movements/dancing stuff going on. The ones where you slide the controllers around to match movements on screen are a bit odd too in that they start far too quickly for you to follow them entirely (unless you memorise them i guess), the game doesnt care too much though and will give you a perfect hit as long as you follow the last bit ok, its sometimes a bit vague what youre supposed to be doing though which isnt great for a rhythm action game. Usually the game just gives you the benefit of the doubt and registers a hit even if im not sure i hit the note, sometimes it goes the other way though, although maybe i need to get better at it. Because of the above, if you want to play it seriously for high scores and stuff its maybe not great, although again maybe i need to get better. But i would say it is pretty fun and im enjoying it, no regrets on getting it. not tried playing with a pad yet, which worked well in the original, suspect with all the dancing/sliding going on in this it might not work as well here? the graphics i quite like (after thinking the graphics looked a bit crap in the trailer) its mainly just a load of mad stuff going on in the background, and ive got a cool hat. Its very colourful. for sonic fans the blue guy is in this dancing and stuff. oh yeah theres a roulette thing which seems odd, you can toggle it off, which i have. theres also an ios version, not sure if its quite the same game though. ive mostly been playing the songs in the quickplay mode, but there is a sort of single player thing which seems to be just challenges, most of which are quite easy so far but the one to not miss notes is really annoying but looks like it can be skipped. anyone else giving it a go? The trailer shows how the gameplay works, although in very short bits
  2. Yeah so i guess like the PC bucket thread there isn't much point making a thread for different virtual reality games, so here we are. until dawn - rush of blood - I don't really like horror stuff, but this is really good, light gun/on rails games seem to be really well suited to VR. it's a standard sort of light gun game really, i was a bit worried in the demo there is maybe a bit too much down time for scares which might be a bit boring going back to improve scores and stuff, but in the full game that didn't stand out as much, so maybe it's just that level. i'm probably about half way through. one boss i had to watch youtube to learn how to beat it, i was shooting the wrong stuff and it wasn't that clear. most of the time it is clear what you're supposed to shoot. you have to dodge stuff and whatnot and it's a bit freaky how you're sort of in the game. the move controllers seem to work pretty well, maybe a little judery occasionally but mostly good. i'm no good at the dual wielding and struggle to aim at two different things at once, also having guns which reload at different speeds confuses my brain a bit, i always reload both at the same time. as i'm not too keen on horror stuff I've been joining a psn party while playing to make it less scary, because it's like people are with me and i can't hear the screams as much, maybe i'll play it on my own on a second play through when i know what's going to happen.
  3. The virtual boy's latest and greatest hit from 2005. I played the opening, unfamiliarity with the mechanics is the closest to giving me the same feeling as doing the village opening section in original RE4 for the first time. I used a thing called sidequest here to lower the texture quality on purpose and set the framerate to 90fps, but I wonder if the framerate would work just fine with normal textures. Not that I notice the visuals much when playing There's multi tasking mechanics at play here, what do they amount to yet I dunno. But you can dual wield shotgun and pistol, but it is balanced by the fact that you can't shoot more than one shell without doing the thing where you sort of reload it, whatever that shotgun thing is. But if you do it while a shell is loaded you get rid of the ammo, in case you do a stupid and think it's unloaded. This is a mechanic I like, gamifying player absence of mind and making of mistakes, something which VR is extremely rich at exploiting. People always ask why active reload from Gears of War didn't catch on, I think it's because it is difficult to impalement mechanics like that smoothly in traditional games (dmc kindaa does it with exceed, but it's sorta different still). VR is a rich field for making a mistake and making that be part of the point of the game. The ammo in general works like in other VR games, you can't just spam reload. If you reload your clip you get rid of the one that's in it. So as a counter balance to it supposedly being 'easier', there's a bit more awareness required in managing ammo. You can dual wield knife and gun like Big Boss, but I bet that is only really a desperation tactic. Speaking of the up close and grabby sequences do that stupid cut away to a theatre mode. I wish they would just take a chunk of health off you instead, it's very jarring. You can do the melee stuff but I kinda dont want to do that for the same reason. I don't like the fact that when you use a grenade you have to open the menu to equip a new one on yourself. I do like that you can just pick a grenade up in the environment and chuck it at ppl. I don't like that I tried to throw a fire grenade and set myself on fire when the chainsaw lad tried to get me. One other thing that annoy me is when you pull a magazine out of your holster it unloads your gun, in Alyx you can pull out a magazine and hold it in one hand while shooting with the other, then load it in ready to go. Some QoL stuff like that is a way the game is behind Half Life a bit. Reloading gameplay is a big part of the pace of that game tho, while it was automatic in RE4 edit this video is shocking quality but look at this cool interaction, fending off zombos on one side with the knife and shooting them with the gun in the other hand I'm hopeful that this ends up being a big hit for Oculus and other games from this generation get this treatment. MGS2 could benefit a lot from VR, the intricate details in that game and novel VR interactions would make a lot of sense. Make old games feel next gen
  4. So um, this is a game I've sort of being trying to get into for a good while. It's meatier than most VR games, so I figured I'd try a thread. This is on PCVR and Quest 2 native so lots of ways to play it. It's also on PSVR, but I don't know how good that version is. I'm playing the PC version but I also have the Q2 version and it seems close enough (less lag, but not as good graphics) Premise is 🧟‍♂️, there's a story but who really cares. You're in New Orleans and people call you 'the tourist'. It's supposed to be an immersive sim, you go into these locations and spend a 'day' looting supplies, doing quests and continuing the story while getting materials for crafting. It sounds pretty rote, like Days Gone or State of Decay. Or Dead Rising. Actually it is quite a lot like those games, but it's a very novel thing in VR as there's not a lot of VR games doing the looting survival horror on a timer type of thing. So in this fledgling space it's kinda uncharted territory. I took this video cause I think it's a pretty diverse bit of gameplay that showcases a lot of the stuff you do. There's lots of fumbling around in the dark looking for supplies which doesn't come across well at all as its just blackness. But halfway in there's also some pretty intense survival stealth stuff, and 'let them fight' mechanics in the form of zombies fighting the human NPCs you are trying to avoid (I've not really found a way to leverage this, it just happens). When the 'day' is over someone rings a bell which calls in even more zombos and it gets quite fraught. This is easily the hardest VR game I've played and I don't quite have a lot of patience for its loop but it asks more than most VR games. Most VR games seem a bit scared of challenging gameplay cause of how challenging VR is on a basic level to most players. Not this one though, it's pretty fucked up. Anyway I died at the end trying to stab my way back to my boat with a screwdriver, so all my progress was lost. There is a Dark Souls style mechanic of looting your corpse but I dunno if it's even worth doing all that. I didn't gather that much on this run anyway. So wipe the sweat off and try again, this is why it's taken me a long time to figure this game out. It is fucking exhausting. At one point I almost tried to lamp someone with a can of diet bud, VR things. I wonder if it would have worked though? Everything I've tried in this game 'just works', it's pretty pliable. Oh also the zombies can hear you through your headset microphone, so you have to shut up while playing this game. Or play it like a Sony Exclusives protagonist and narrate everything that happens to you while it happens and draw zombos to you with your inane natterings. That's an option I might not stick with it, but I wanted to talk about it a bit in case this really sounds like somebody else's thing and also to show that VR has games like this. Also just to say again, this is not a PC exclusive game, it's also on quest 2 and Playstation 4 (again, can't speak to the quality of the PS version but quest seems fine). I think most people on here would be better at this game than I am. For one I'm thrown off by the arms, the arms are too long and make aiming unintuitive as it feels wrong all the time. Tried to find a floaty hands mod but no dice, hand noodles it is.
  5. So it's star wars, and you fly around in various star was vehicles such as xwings and tie fighters, and you shoot bad guys (or good guys i guess). I'm a big fan of the old school tie fighter game (and xwing etc.) and this takes a lot of things from that - like the engine/lasers/shield power balancing thing, which i like, it adds a sort of mini management thing, you can divert power to any of these 3, choose engines to help evade missiles and charge a boost meter. lasers charges your lasers, and overcharges them added benefits which i'm not totally sure about (either you get to fire for longer or the laser is more powerful, not sure?). switching to shields charges your shields and can overcharge them. it sounds quite simple but i think it really adds to the game as you have to constantly switch between them depending on what's going on - i'm still getting used to it and the controls. there's more settings you can adjust shield power forwards/backwards and other stuff - that's too advanced for me at the moment. i've done 5 missions so far, 2 prologue ones and 3 missions, i'm still getting bits of tutorial, and still getting used to the controls and what all the lights and stuff on the dashboard mean. Ienjoying it so far but I'm not sure if i'm enjoying it because it's good, or because flying around in a xwing/tie fighter in VR is really cool, or maybe it's a bit of both. have only played in VR so far, there are some problems with it, maybe due to my old vr headset, but the graphics aren't great, except for the cockpit which looks great, but stuff like the other ships look pretty blocky and a bit blury. but it is super cool being there, being able to look around for other ships and flying through explosions (which also don't look great) and stuff. The targeting seems to work well too, and there are a lot of options i haven't got the hang of yet like targeting ships that are attacking you. but the default of cycling through current objectives works well - i played a bit of ace combat and had problems with the targeting, it seems to work much better here. you can also issue simple commands to team mates and stuff. multiplayer seems to be a big part of it but i'm not sure i'll play that mode or not. So yeah seems like it's pretty good so far, and even more recommended for VR.
  6. spatular

    Beat Saber

    yeah so this is insanely good. i mean it's always looked ace from the videos of the pc version which i was well jelly of. but now it's out on psvr so i've been playing it the last few nights, only stopping because my arms/legs need a break. so imagine you're darth vader or some other dude with light sabers, and you're listening to some banging tunes, and there are blocks flying towards you. obviously you smash the blocks with your light sabers - and that's the game. it's a rhythm action game so the blocks come at you in time with the music. you slice the blocks up in the direction indicated by the arrow, and with the hand indicated by the colour of the block/light saber. the scoring is based mainly on how big/exaggerated your swing is, and a little bit on how well you hit the block in the centre. doing big swings goes out of the window pretty quick as the difficulty ramps up. the music is mostly, i don't know how to describe it (techno?/industrial?/dubstep? i'm rubish at categorising music), it's a bit like the music in aaero, and works really well with the game but it's not the sort of thing i'd listen to outside of a game. there's a campaign mode (exclusive to psvr for now iirc) with loads of different challenges/modifiers on the songs, beat a score, the song is faster, move your arms over a certain distance - which is really hard work. i was a bit worried about the moves not being as good as the pc equivalent but it's no problem, they work great. i'm still jellous of the pc version though as that can have custom/imported songs. it's VR only, but if you have a way of playing it i'd recommend giving it a go.
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