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  1. Put a few hours into this today and it’s fantastic. It’s the spiritual successor to Wonder Boy and was developed in collaboration with Wonder Boy series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa. You play as a kid called Jin who goes on a quest to collect 5 magic orbs in order to free his homeland from a curse that’s changed everyone into animals. He’s turned into a pig at first, and each orb he collects gives him the ability to turn into a different animal (so far I have snake and frog warrior). It’s a 2D Metroidvania style adventure with beautiful hand drawn graphics similar to the Wonder Boy III remake, with lots of back tracking and exploring to do whenever you get a new animal power. There are RPG elements too such as health containers to give you more hit points, and weapons, armour, and magic spells to find out in the world or buy from various shops. It’s just the right side of challenging, although so far the bosses I’ve come across have been an absolute breeze.
  2. I'm guessing at the tags because I assume it's on everything. It's more 8bit Castlevania style action, and it's very good. It's a lot longer than the original, and they seemed to have listened and altered the characters a little. Zangatsu has returned but he's altered a little, in the first game it amazed me how useless he was considering he was the main character, here he's immediately more useful with that really getting doubled down on later on. Dominique is back too, she has a better jump and attack reach than Zangatsu. She has a bounce move that let's you access certain areas if you're good with it, I'm not. Her spells are probably better kept as support. She can heal people with the right item, and if you can find the rare pick up she can also resurrect your party members. The two new characters are Robert, a sniper with a terrible jump and a weak, but occasionally very useful long distance attack. He can co prone and bounce off walls, again useful for shortcuts. He also has a really powerful special attack but it's restricted in range. If his health was better he'd be really useful. The most useful character is probably Haichi, who I'll describe as a mech. He's got the most health, can hover, destroys spikes when he stands on them and isn't affected by ice. His basic attack is pretty hefty and his only special is that he can go invincible, so you can sit him in front of bosses and beat the fuck out of them for as long as your magic lasts Curse of the Moon 2 seems to me a lot easier than the first game, maybe I'm wrong and I'm just more practiced at this sort of game again but I don't think I lost a life until stage 3. It's a lot longer, which is no bad thing, more inventive. My understanding is that there's a false ending which sounds a bit of a twat, but having not seen it I can't really judge it Really enjoying it though, I was playing it at release but put it down, glad to be back playing it
  3. So I started this, played like a 2 hours or so. It's very anime. It's also way more action RPG than you might expect. Combat is fast but grounded and overall your options seem pretty limited early on anyway. Kind of like Nier Automata. Attack, dodge, attack, dodge etc. So far. I've not fully worked it out yet. It's hard to learn so far cause theres a lot going on the screen at once and the frame rate is pretty bad. It's got a cool style though. It makes me roll my eyes when people say "X is like Bladerunner" , but this is like that. But anime and not as dark. Your "legion" does it's own thing usually, but you can leash it around and have it counters attacks while your cop guy or girl does his own thing too. Like if you see a red beam on the ground then it's a tell for a charge attack. You send your legion over and you can catch them before it hits. Stuff like that seems like it could be cool. But honestly so far it's pretty mashy and hard to follow. The frame rate is a killer. I am getting D ranks tho so my rubbishness is definitely a factor Mission 2 boss is cool though.
  4. I did look for an old thread but it looks like one doesn't exist. I got it the other night on the Switch since it's the version with the free style switching. It's a cool idea that's in later DMC games and I thought it may be fun in this game. In the original you picked a style at the start of a mission. Basically the styles are Sword Master, Gunslinger, Trickster and Royal Guard. They all give you different abilities. The first two are fairly self explanatory while trickster is mostly about dodging and royal guard is a parry system. I do have a bit of a problem with it. It's just the way it levels. In later games you upgrade the styles with red orbs (which give you more moves), the same way as everything else, but here I think it upgrades by how much you use it. So I'm not getting the freedom I'd like without spending a lot of time in the Bloody Palace with the main goal of using a particular style a lot. So that's kinda disappointing since I forgot how it worked. I've forgotten a lot of stuff to be honest. I was having a hoot at first. I sunk in four hours in one session, going along quite well which surprised me as going back to Bayonetta kicked my arse. DMC3 is easier than I remember but then I got to a succubus type lady boss, which I think you get the guitar weapon from but I just can't seem to beat her. I don't seem to be doing any damage but she wrecks you with some of her attacks. I call bullshit, I think she's busted. But I'm sure I did beat her back in the day as I remember messing around with that guitar weapon. How I did it, I have no idea.
  5. This game is set in the early days of the internet (1999, to be exact, although in a slightly made up alternative reality) where you play as a kind of internet policeman, ensuring the rules of “Hypnospace” are being followed. It’s made by Jay Tholen who also made the point and click game Dropsy. I love it. It’s a sensory assault of colours, sounds and random fonts. The music alone is worth the price of entry, it’s fantastic. The writing is excellent too, and completely believable.
  6. illdog


    I heard Abby talking about this on the Beastcast a while back and it was finally in the sale so I picked it up. Minit then. So called cos the game is played in 60 second bursts in which you explore as much as you can before the time runs out. When the time runs out you die, respawn at your house but all significant progress is saved Before I say anymore I have to mention this is a Gameboy game. Monocrome look, 8 bit graphics, sound chip tunes but it's cool as fuck. It's kinda like Zelda: Links Awakening with it's one screen at a time exploration gameplay. You find a sword first so you're combat ready. Next thing I found? A fucking watering can. Then some coffee (this gives you more energy so you can push boxes). It's an odd game. However, it's one of good design. It can be tricky to figure out what to do next, sometimes frustrating when the map expands and you have a couple of different ways you could go but due to the time limit you know the answer is never too far away. It has a handy built in kill button so you can end your run at anytime, allowing you to respawn at your current house. There are about 4 places you can respawn at spread across your map, each one becoming your homebase the instant you enter it. It's very satisfying gameplay wise, it always feels rewarded when you figure out what to do next and I was chuffed as a bollock when i finished it. It's not thaty it's that hard, I was just stuck a few times and refused to resort to a guide. It's not a big game, couple of hours I guess but I recommend it. Once you beat the main game...
  7. Jimbo Xiii


    Ive played this beyond its terrible tutorials now and so I'm willing to give impressions ok? Its good fun. It isn't like ssx no, or any game of that kilt. It isn't trying to be and those games dump you at a start line and grab you back once you're done. Here we have a big emphasis on exploration, online competition and risk taking. It looks beautiful and you can snap around the map quickly with zero load times to areas you've scoped out using your binoculars during a walk about. Please enjoy my video Paragliding is boring as fuck. I don't understand it really. I hate the music selection. When you die it plays the piano melody from To Build A Home which was funny at first but you can't turn it off and if you're doing something in which you die a lot you'll hear it a lot as it doesn't stop playing on resetting the challenge/race. I'm not super far into it, it's probably massive, but it's quite relaxing and to be minding your own business for then a fellow player come over beside you and do tricks together is quite charming. It's akin to Journey in that aspect.
  8. Been plugging away at this in fits and starts since Xmas but have finally managed to make some headway on it this week since finishing DQXI. I had been excited to play through these as I missed out on 1 and 2 when I was a kid but absolutely loved Year of the Dragon. I knew these games couldn’t match the levels of nostalgia I had for the Crash Remaster Trilogy but I nevertheless wanted to play through them and see if they stand up in 2019. I’ve been playing the first game in the series, about 8 hours in. My impression so far has been a mixed one really, it definitely hasn’t matched up to Crash in terms of difficulty or challenge which has been a disappointment and the whole ethos of the game overall is way more chilled than Crash. It’s more along the lines of a DK64/Banjo-Kazooie type collectathon platformer where you have to get x amount of items, gems etc. To 100% a level. These kinds of games are as rare as hens teeth these days and playing through it after lots of massively long games is a breath of fresh air. Every now and then it’s good to just play a game that is charming and fun and this has got both those elements in abundance. The graphics are excellent too with some really beautiful areas, I’ve obviously no idea how these compare to the original but I know there was initially some controversy over the sky-boxes or something but that all went over my head. But yeah, each zone is of a fantasy-type motif but featuring the usual snow, desert, earth type areas but the heavenly one in the clouds I’m in now and the last swampy area have been a real delight. I have found myself growing tired of it after awhile as the same collectathon-type levels (only broken up by the odd flying challenge level - which are excellent and provide the only real challenge in the game) get very repetitive after awhile. Sometimes I can’t really be arsed to play it but then I’ll dip back in, get in a level and just get utterly lost in it. It really sets the ol’ endorphins off in the brain every time you do something, you get gems and a cool little melody plays, you kill an enemy and the same happens, you free a Dragon, you make a tricky gliding jump and it’s satisfying, it just feels good. It just ends up being a real dopamine rush with positive reinforcement after positive reinforcement handed out to you, like constantly getting patted on the back. It’s a nice feeling. But yeah, it’s not amazing or anything but I recommend it for the £20-odd I paid for it. I have a feeling 3 will resonate with me the most since that’s the only one I’d actually played previously. Pics:
  9. radiofloyd

    Pool Panic

    I liked the look of this when Nintendo showed it in their indie showcase, so I took a chance on when it was discounted a little recently. But I’m not sure whether or how much I like it. I’ve just been playing the single player mode. As you can see in the trailer, it’s a kind of wacky, fun pool game, you play as the cue ball who you can freely move around and the aim is to knock all the other balls in the level/stage/pool “table” into various pockets. Of course this involves playing a shot like you normally would in pool or snooker, but it also usually involves various interactions with the environment and many of the balls don’t just stand still either. You move your character, the cue ball, with the left analogue stick, and when you’re taking a shot, you move the direction the cue stick is aiming with the right analogue stick. This part is a bit fiddly and it’s the main reason why I have mixed feelings about the game. But it works a little bit better with a pro controller than with the switch’s analogue stick. Aside from clearing the table and potting the black ball, each level has other challenges you can aim for - completing the level within a certain time, completing the level within a certain number of shots, potting all the balls in the level (many of them are hidden) and also making sure you don’t accidentally pot the white ball. I usually fail most if not all of these, but I don’t really care. The game has a vibrant, fun, colourful art style in the spirit of games like Cuphead and Hidden Folks, and the levels have lovely music too, so on the artistic front it’s no slouch. For now I’m just going to keep playing in 15-20 minute bursts.
  10. Ok then. So first play session done and this definitely feels like a sequel to Super Paper Mario. With the interactive battle system of TTYD or Mario & Luigi. I thought the battle system was a bit easy... Until one new enemy left me scratching my head long enough to discover there is a timer to your actions. Early impressions and all that, but the music so far isn't doing anything for me. Usually Mario OST are quite catchy and memorable. But the music original to this game... Meh. I'll go for a slightly longer play session tomorrow. But overall, I like it.
  11. radiofloyd

    Telling Lies

    I’m about three hours into this. It’s the second game by Sam Barlow who made Her Story, and it’s the same style as Her Story but with more characters/actors. I’m enjoying it. The story isn’t super fascinating but it’s engaging enough. The music is atmospheric and very well done (I don’t remember music at all in Her Story) and there are some other nice touches that add to the atmosphere of the game. And unlike The Red Strings Club, Telling Lies isn’t stingy with achievements. One achievement in particular made me smile. Achievement spoiler not a story spoiler:
  12. mfnick

    Trials Rising

    No one else playing this? I got it on release and I’m fucking loving it. The track design is really inventive and a step above what they’ve done before. I’ve not played enough to say how they stand to multiple plays and bettering times but they’re very promising so far. Feels as good as ever and there seems to be loads of content, I’ve been playing a few hours and unlocked loads of tracks and only just got to the medium tier, this is where it really picks up for me personally. The medium and hard tracks are where the best ones are in the previous instalments IMO. The tracks have some good challenges to encourage repeat plays apart from times as well. Like fusion where they ask to not brake or no leaning, this has similar objectives that pop up but they seem more manageable and more logically set out. Couple of small complaints. The progress for unlocking bikes seems incredibly glacial after the first one. Convenient that’s theres now a way to buy them with real money now... loot boxes, while easily ignored, still annoy. The map layout can ruin the flow sometimes, just adding a bit too much time and too many button presses between plays compared to previous instalments. By far my biggest complaint though, Ubisoft Club! It forces you to link to it to be able to access the leaderboards and have the classic ghost times show (real people not the medal ones). I think that’s really really fucking shitty hiding one of the best features - which was always front and centre and a highly regarded part of the game - behind making you sign up to their shitty club thing. Arseholes. Overall though, the game is brill. If you like Trials get it immediately. Preferably on Xbox and give me some more times to race against!
  13. I think a few people on here have already played this. It’s a cyberpunk bartending conversation ‘em up similar to Valhalla. Looks like this. You serve drinks, talk to people, fish for information. You have an android assistant who quizzes you after every conversation. I’ve played nearly three hours and I like it. It starts off slow but gets its hooks into you. And it has good music, a requirement for a cyberpunk game I guess. If you like games like Valhalla or Subsurface Circular then this is in a similar vein.
  14. So this doesn't even try not to be Castlevania. It's got the same intro screen and everything. Even the C in "Curse" is the C from Castlevania. This is proper old school retroness - 8 bit music, 8 bit graphics and 8 bit gameplay. If you've played any old Castlevania game you'll know exactly what you're in for and if you haven't you're a cunt and you should fuck off. You only get to pick Normal difficulty from the off but you get to pick between two gameplay variants. Casual in which lives are unlimited and enemy hits don't knock you back and Veteran which plays like the old Castlevania games and offers more of a challenge. You set off on your side scrolling adventure from left to right in control of (i forget his name). He has a sword and that sword has limited range and can only be poked in front of you. You destroy lamps (instead of candles) which drops mostly ammo for sub weapons but also yields hearts for health regen and cash for good old fashioned points! Although they are worth bagging as got an extra life at 20,000. I've only played the first two levels so far but each level has predictably ended in a boss fight. Upon defeat of said boss you unlock a new ally of whom you can control. You can switch between allies with the shoulder buttons and each has their own health bar for tactical switching. The first ally I got was a chick with a whip, a higher jump and a ground slide. This new ground slide technique is handy to go under things that the main guy couldn't (cos for some reason he cant slide). I noticed plenty of opportunities to use this slide on the first level so I guess at some point you can go through it with her, maybe after completion, i dont fucking know. She also has a different set of sub weapons also. I've just beat the second level boss and unlocked a third character so i'm gonna go try him out. The game hasn't been too tough so far, i'm yet to lose a life but I'm expecting that to change. I've enjoyed the music so far as well. Do with that info what you will.
  15. AndyKurosaki

    Ion Fury

    Well. This isn’t very good at all. I’m old enough to have played the original Doom back in the day, and loved Duke Nukem 3D. Both of which are still really fun today. This? Not so much. It’s a prequel to 3D Realms’ Bombshell, which as it was PC only, I never played that. It’s based on the Build engine, and I’ve seen one review that claimed this is “one of the best Build games ever” and “one of the best first person shooters in recent memory”. I would present a counter argument: “It’s neither of those, and is boring as fuck”. The plot? Pretty much non existent. Apparently someone spilled the main characters drink, which pissed her off to the extent that she seeks revenge. Is there a cutscene that explains that? No. I only found out later that there’s a single screen of expositional text, buried in the options screen. The weapons? Your typical bog-standard pistol/shotgun/SMG. Maybe you unlock more creative weapons later on. I wouldn’t know, as I couldn’t be arsed to play past Level 3. The enemies? Generic trench coat dudes, mixed with annoying spiders that rip through your health bar like it’s not even there. I’ve seen some claims that “it’s funny”. Three levels in, and I’ve seen no attempts at humour whatsoever. Sure, there’s plenty of secrets. But actual humour, such as the type seen in Duke 3D, and Shadow Warrior? Non existent. I reached level 3, repeatedly died to some cheap sections, and found myself thinking the immortal question, “Why am I bothering with this?”. So I fucked it off. Modern audiences will find it dated and boring. People with experience in the genre will find it boring in comparison to much better titles. It’s just not very good.
  16. spatular


    So this looks like a top down rpg with snes style graphics, bit like a 2D zelda game but with twin stick shooter combat, and also with punching and blocking. and it's also a fake mmo game. it's sort of great, i really like the puzzles in the dungeons, and environmental puzzles in the towns and other areas, although they can be a bit convoluted sometimes. the puzzles are a lot of firing stuff that bounces off walls, moving blocks, switches, elemental powers, jumping, lots of jumping, stuff like that, they're very well done, although the dungeons go on a bit too long. the puzzles sometimes require really tight timings too which can be frustrating but there's a slider to make it easier and give yourself more time. it looks and sounds good too. there are problems though, the layout of some of the areas/towns are super complicated, which makes for interesting puzzles for how to get some pickups etc, but for example last night i just wanted to get to somewhere to start the next part of the main quest and i'd been there before and was told where to go but it still took maybe 20 mins of randomly wandering around to find, and handing in quests in certain towns, even though you usually get a description of the area, can take ages to find whoever gave you the quest. the map is not great. you can fast travel mind but only to certain places. and the combat is a bit of a mixed bag for me, it can be fun sometimes but can be pretty hard and annoying too, there are assists to make it easier - which i maxed out and still found the second level boss really hard. so not sure i'll be able to finish it if it keeps getting much harder. also you don't have to grind much to level up enough if you fight pretty much every enemy you see (although maybe i should to make the combat easier) - i didn't do this at the start and kept being asked are you sure you want to do this, you need to prepare more. i think it's been out for a few years on pc, and been on pc gamepass for a while, but it's recent console release, and that it's supposed to be good, got me to give it a go - i'm playing on pc gamepass. thought it would be reasonably short and i'd be able to finish it before origami mario but i was wrong, apparently it's 40 to 80 hours if you do optional stuff. i'm about 18 hours in. still enjoying it so i'll try and stick at it and finish it if it doesn't get too difficult. there's a news thread with some videos here: https://www.mfgamers.net/index.php?/topic/42274-crosscode/ edit - forgot another problem - the graphics make working out what level you're on and if you can jump to somewhere or not quite difficult which can lead to a lot of trial and error.
  17. I played the first couple of hours of this and I’m glad to be back in this weird world. The game opens at the glacial pace of something like Stein’s Gate, with a very long conversation in the present day, before transitioning to the past (and another long conversation) and then you can finally control York. And that’s as far as I’ve played. The game’s cut scenes have a kind of cel-shaded style which I don’t remember being in the first game, but I could be wrong. Anyway I’m glad to be playing another Deadly Premonition game, eight years after I played the first.
  18. Chose this as my free game for NHS staff. Already happy I went for this. It looks absolutely glorious, and the story is definitely interesting. A space station on the Moon was providing a rapidly deteriorating Earth with power. Until the station went unexpectedly silent, and all contact was lost. 5 years later, you’re assigned to head to the station, and find out what happened. Looking forward to seeing how the story develops.
  19. Mine turned up today I immediately turned the sleeve and it's lovely. Only two hours in (obviously barely anything) but I have to say it's better than I was expecting. The world is large but not bare. There is plenty to find and monsters to grind with. The voice acting is.. It's ok.. It's kinda nice to hear different british dialects at least. I imagine americans usually notice differences in most games with american actors too but as a brit you all sound the same There's an overwhelming amount of things to see, do and collect. I can imagine the side missions alone will take me to the Wii U launch. For someone not used to playing or liking this kind of rpg it can be dizzying but the ease of the fighting system keeps me happy to stroll along at my own amateurs pace.
  20. Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is an absolutely delightful RPG inspired by Paper Mario. It's an indie title developed by Moonsprout Games (who I have never heard of) and has been on Steam since November last year, and has just come to Switch, PS4, and Xbone. I've put around 5 and a half hours into and am really enjoying myself. I'll write more later, but I'm struggling to type right now.
  21. What a ship load of improvements and a great way to start with far better motivations than just selling fruit to get by. This is wonderful.
  22. I remember this being announced for switch then forgot about it and now it’s out! So that was a nice surprise. Cheaper than I was expecting at £16. It’s mr driller, so you drill stuff, collect air, and try not to get crushed. But there’s loads of different modes, well 5/6. one is just standard mr driller, one is pretty similar but in space with pickups that do random mostly useful stuff. The others change quite a bit more: theres Indiana Jones driller which has no time limit and is a bit more thoughtful, trying to avoid rolling boulders which are a pain in the ass, when you’re frantically trying to escape them it can become less thoughtful. vampire bat driller or something, where you have to inject holy water into the boulders with bats in them, then drill them and collect the stuff. Can’t remember if there was a time limit on this one. rpg driller where you drill through different rooms, find a key, fight slimes, kill boss with spells etc. Again no time limit. Each game has a few difficulty modes (4) but you can only do level 1 on all of them, then fight a boss level, which is a bit like a time attack mode. then it opens up level 2 on all of them. I’ve been really enjoying it as I like mr driller but struggled a lot on level 2 on the different modes, but you can buy stuff to help like more lives and stuff so I’ve eventually done a few of them, well did standard driller without help, or even using the robot. Been playing most of the day. theres also an easy mode you can select from the main menu which seems to use a different save and make everything a bit easier. Might try this when I inevitably get stuck on the normal difficulty. I really like mr driller so have been really enjoying it, wasn’t sure about some of the odd modes but they’ve mostly grown on me so far. It’s a shame you can’t select the other difficulty modes without beating everything on the previous level, and it is missing some cool modes from other mr driller games, like the time attack, but the boss is a bit like a time attack I guess. I have played this before on the GameCube but not much as it has a save bug (via freeloader or something?) and is not English so I didn’t understand what to do in some of the modes, so it’s great to get to play it properly oh and the music is flipping brilliant. anyone else getting it?
  23. Picked this up last week after reading lots of glowing impressions and very positive reviews. It definitely hasn’t disappointed that’s for sure, I’ve had an absolute blast with it for sure and it’s definitely one of the best platformers I’ve played in recent years. The game takes on two dimensions. The 2D side-scrolling platforming takes up the majority of your time with it and I think the easiest way to describe how it looks, feels and plays is heavily inspired by Retro’s DKC series and Rare’s original DKC series, seeing the game at a glance in motion you’d be mistaken for thinking it’s one of Retro’s games. From the roll Yooka-Laylee do to the hidden coins dotted around the map, the similar way Laylee takes a hit through a level, the hidden doors into puzzle rooms, even the iconic barrels that rocket you around certain platforms. There is an awful lot of crossover here. Some may worry it’s a poor imitation or an uninspired clone but I assure you, to play, it’s every bit as good as it’s DKC counterparts. Worth noting there’s no rocket or mine-cart levels yet though. The second dimension to it and the biggest difference is the world map. With this the World Map is incredibly interactive and inviting, almost a game unto itself. It features a rather large Zelda-esque map filled with charmingly different locales, Pagie challenges, little puzzles to find tonics and new areas, little caves and mysterious little nooks and crannies. By changing the landscape in some way by doing the Pagie challenges you often reshape the landscape to unlock new areas to explore and alter the makeup of a previously unlocked level. A level variation is then created whereby a level can become frozen, overgrown, invaded by new enemies etc. Essentially creating an almost entirely new level to explore based on the outside environment of the world map and where the level marker is placed. The way it feels to play is incredibly reminiscent of the DKC games during the 2D levels, it just feels so incredibly tight to play and definitely has that same difficulty curve. But I think the Interactive World Map is almost just as compelling, you can completely lose yourself in the map just wandering around trying to figure where things fit together and where certain paths will take you. These two dimensions create an incredibly cohesive whole. If you’re getting bored of doing the levels then you can just wander off and explore to your hearts content, if you’re bored of exploring you can enter a level of platforming bliss in seconds. My only real criticism with it would be the level design really. The actual platforming is sublime but some of the level designs themselves are a little generic and nowhere near as joyful, varied, distinct and charming as the likes of DKC. I highly recommend it though, to anyone that’s into tough 2D platformer’s this is nirvana.
  24. radiofloyd

    The Messenger

    I’ve played through the first three levels so I’m still on the linear portion of the game (according to reviews the game transforms into a full-on metroidvania after a few hours). So far it’s been an enjoyable platformer/hack and slash game, with the standout being the visuals and music The first two levels I played through in handheld mode but tonight I played using the pro controller and it’s much more enjoyable. The game has a mechanic where if you attack something mid air, it allows you to jump again, it’s a little bit uncomfortable in handheld mode but as I suspected it works like a charm using a proper controller. Not to mention the game looks beautiful on a big screen.
  25. To celebrate the home release of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Wayforward have made a "demastered" game based on the events of the film. What this actually means is using this license got them money to make whatever they wanted within budget. They just went ahead and made a 2D "Metroidvania". And boy is it loosely based on the film. It harks back to a time, in the 90s, where video game adaptations took a lot of liberties. I remember one from personal experience. I rented the Megadrive Universal Soldier game a few times as a kid, I liked it quite a bit. I actually played it before I saw the film and was kinda disappointed Jean Claude Van Damme never turns into a Morph Ball, dropping bombs, shooting monsters and Dolph Lundgren wasn't 30 feet tall at the end. And is Universal Soldier a good action film? I feel like its never talked about when either actor's work is brought up (the game looks bad from looking it up again to check it wasn't some fever dream). Sorry, going off topic. The Mummy Demastered! It's kinda cool, I guess. It wears its influences clearly on its sleeve. It's laid out like Super Metroid, or maybe more like the more recent GBA games. Something about enemy layouts and patterns are more Castlevania and movement and controls lean towards Contra. It really can be broken down like that in a worryingly accurate way and also that it is based on a property like The Mummy means it does lack an identity of its own. The only sort of unique thing it does is you control a characterless grunt, and if he dies he actually does die and becomes undead, and you have to deal with them to get your stuff back (Like ZombiU I suppose). And they even did something similar in their own Alien game they made for the DS (so not that unique then...) I don't even think the pixel art is up to their usual high standard, but the music is surprisingly great. It's also just not that fun to play. Well, it can be, but I find its a little too much of a chore to get around with back tracking and respawning enemies, which is staple of the genre, but like I said, the conflicts maybe take a little too long so become a chore. I think I'll stick it out. I'm a little lost at the moment, which is surprising as it does hold your hand a bit in terms of telling you where to go but it just hasn't told me I need an ability I don't have yet to progress.
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