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  1. So this was one of the earlier successes on Kickstarter before (or around) everyone started doing. It's a 2D platformer in the style of classic NES games and it's made by Yacht Club Games who are a few ex-Wayforward people. They left over a year a go and Wayforward games aren't quite what they were; coincidence? I say probably (definitely). Since NES games are the inspiration for Shovel Knight it does play things basic. You play with two buttons and a D-pad; one jumps and one shovels. But you also press down and shovel while jumping to do a downward attack and you use that to bounce off enemies. That's what you mostly do and this game, and it stays damn fun while doing it. They've clearly explored a lot of possibilities with your basic abilities. Enemies are either really defensive knights who can be hard to hit or simpler enemies just placed in awkward places that make things difficult (or fun) for you. It's design we've seen before but maybe in not quite this way. You can also make life a bit easier for you by using items you get through the game. You use them by pressing up and shovel, like Castlevania, and the properties of these items are like the ones you find in that game. That's what Shovel Knight is. It's NES games you know put into one well made game. Specifically it's Konami and Capcom NES games that are the big inspiration: pre-SotN Castlevania and Megaman are clear inspirations, as is smatterings of Ducktails and Zelda 2. But it plays a nicer game than those NES games. It controls well, and does actually look a lot better than those games. It's more TurboGrafx than NES. It also has some more forgiving design choices, like the checkpoints, which can be destroyed for more money to buy upgrades but then you lose them for good (like, they're still not there when you pass them after you've died). That's a cool risk/reward mechanic but I think you can still get a lot of gold without having to destroy them, from what I can tell now I'm at the end, so I suppose it's a case of how fast you want to upgrade your stuff. And when you die you lose a percentage of your gold but it can be picked up again if you don't die on route to where you last died, 'cos Demon's Souls. But overall it's a really fun game in a genre that the indies have explored a lot at this point, but I'd say it's one of the better examples. It's made by people ball achingly passionate about that era of gaming and they've crafted the ultimate love letter with Shovel Knight. That's really cool, but it does mean the game struggles to find it's own identity. I wish they laid off the references as it didn't need them since the game's mechanics were all reference enough. Bottom line though is two thumbs up. It's got some awesome bosses and nice, thick, treacle-y chiptune music. I should go finish it now... Oh, it's pretty fuckin' hard if that needed to be mentioned.
  2. I've played a fair bit of this now, no idea how close to the end I am but it's gone on longer than I expected, I should think it's a longer game/story than Dear Esther. There's more to do than in Dear Esther but only a little, it's still pretty much a Walking Simulator. I'd say it's somewhere between Dear Esther and Gone Home in interactions needed. It looks fantastic, really amazing art and some brilliant effects when things transition. The score is great too, it sounds and looks like an expensive game. The story is pretty intriguing. I don't think it will spoil it to reveal that everyone has vanished and you're going around trying to find out what happened to them in the time before that happened. Largely it's about a number of people and their relationships with each other, more so than whatever caused their disappearance. The only real downside so far is, like Dear Esther, it moves so slowly that I've given up on investigating every nook and cranny and only go where the game indicates I should be, which is a bit of a shame. I'm also gonna go out on a limb and suggest that Nag shouldn't touch this one with a ten foot pole.
  3. So I got this a bit ago when it was on sale. I wanted a fighting game to see me through to SFV, and I've also wanted to get somewhat adequate at Anime Fighters (a sub-genre, not necessarily fighting games based on animes; just ones that are execution heavy and have air dashing and stuff in them (some say even Marvel Vs Capcom is an Anime Fighter)). And it has been working. Thanks to playing this a little my SFV is a lot more confidently aggressive than my SFIV... but this shouldn't be about that. What is BlazBlue like? It's really fucking complicated; more so than I remember. I did play the very first iteration of BlazBlue and had an okay time but I only played it a little and I wasn't as versed in this shit as I am now. Now I just see fucking madness when I try to understand it. This game is made by Arc Systems Works: they're really cool and insane, and they put air dashing in everything, as well as multiple gauges and systems in games you remember being much simpler. I love this stuff, but put in fast action games I just can't keep up. I try, but it oftentimes doesn't work out. I dunno where to start explaining how this shit works. I guess basically you have an 'Overdrive' gauge that fills up quite rapidly where you can either use it to make your special moves more powerful or use it to break combos if you have the rotten luck of playing against someone who knows how to play this game. You also have a multitude of special moves: a general one, the general one while in 'Overdrive' and a special one you can instakill with only under certain conditions. You have to do so much reading while fighting here; scanning all the bars and meters, knowing what it all means and what you can do while you have some anime folk air dashing around. It's very overwhelming. And on top of that the characters are really different. They're not Guilty Gear different (another Arc Systems Works game for those that think BlazBlue is too easy) but they do have their own unique mechanics. This is something SFV does as well and I imagine they've been copying Arc Systems' homework but doing it in a much more manageable way for the layman. Basically you have some characters that use different kinds of traps to play that way, or people who have complex but very effective mobility if you can 'get' it, there is a girl that homes in like a 3D game Sonic... etc... it's full of character unique mechanics. I've not scratched the surface myself. But overall it is just fun to play. There is a lot to discover in this mess and I will be slowly using it to help me 'git good' at fighting games generally. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to most folk. If you want something like this get Persona Arena. It's this kinda fun but for normal people.
  4. Yea, it does look fantastic huh? I worry about how long it will stay fun though. Ive also played up to the second Devastator fight and it's very samey. My only other gripe so far was when I was chasing Megatron as a vehicle, I could really have used a fixed camera point instead of having to do the camera as well as steer, dodge and attack. Took a bit of the fun away. Fuck me there are some stats as well, weapons and equipment and synthesis and investing in tech, it always takes a while for this shit to sink in to my stupid brain. But so far it's pretty god damn fun. Onwards!
  5. So I guess I'm probably the only one that got this, but I'll put some impressions up anyway. Dived in just after release last night for a couple of hours, mixed impressions to say the least I'm afraid to say, although I would lean slightly to the positive side. Purposefully wanted to play all the different modes that weren't in the beta so started out with a few games of Fighter Squadron, overall impression was good but at the end of my first few games with it, it was already getting a bit repetitive and just felt shallow to me, there's not much to it, just fly around and dogfight with people, there are Hero ships and stuff you can play as, but I didn't get to play as one. Quite exhilarating at times though and the Star Wars fan in me got a kick out of piloting these famous ships, but I just don't know how long the fun will last. Next mode I tried was Blast, which is Team Deathmatch. Absolutely awful this was, it was ok on one of the maps I tried which is like a large factory type map, but on all the others they just didn't really seemed to suit it, the shooting is just too imprecise to enjoy a mode like this and I just didn't really get a kick out of it at all, it was like playing an extremely shitty CoD clone really. The last nail in the coffin for this mode was the Endor map, I'm sure it's a great map for Walker Assault and Supremacy, which are the bigger, more traditional BF game modes, but for something as tight-nit as TDM, it was just atrocious, trees everywhere, no real focal point to the map, endlessly getting spawn killed and shot at out of nowhere from Snipers hiding in trees and bushes, just awful, no fun at all to play, and will not be going back. The last mode I tried was Droid Run, this was much better, and is similar to Domination from CoD, first couple of games weren't great as the randoms I was playing with weren't bothering with the objectives so the matches ended pretty quickly (if you capture the 3 droids the game ends in 15 seconds), but the last 2 or 3 were awesome, reminded me of Domination in CoD as I said, fast-paced, lots of struggling to turn the tide of battle on either side, lots of tension as you capture the droid for your team, was pretty great I must say and can see myself spending some time in this. Hopefully get round to playing some more tomorrow night/morning, going to try a few more game modes and see how I get on, saving Supremacy and Walker Assault for last!
  6. illdog

    Guitar Hero Live

    For those that dont know... Guitar Hero is back... and its Live! Most pressing, the fucking buttons have changed, they've changed the fucking buttons. Gone are the five colours in a row. Now they're all the same colour, theres six of them - 3 at the top and three directly underneath. In theory this is easier but my brain doesnt work that way yet. They symbols are obviously different as there are no colours to match them with so you have plectrum shaped icons that are either black or white. Black are the top three, white are the bottom. You can also power chord by hitting top and bottom together. Ive gone from half decent to being a bit shit again but I spent an hour and a half practicing last night and i was getting better, i was able to do two quick notes on the top and a note on the bottom then switch back up to the top (then power chord) relitively pain free. Still, when it gets fast I was fucking up here and there. So it's a long road ahead to re-learn shit to a point where your brain just does it for you but I am enjoying the experience thus far. The two main modes of gameplay are Live and TV. Live is career mode, you play as part of a 'real' band to a 'live' crowd and jolly on through becoming more awesome and visiting bigger venues getting all famous and shit, same old story. TV is a bit different. TV is a constantly broadcasting network of channels that you can hop on to at any time and play track. It's like an interactive MTV channel, but here there are about 10 channels showcasing different types of music that you can flick between. There are always people to play against wether they are online or offline, I guess it just selects people around your skill level and you have to try and beat their score. The higher you finish the more exp and coins you get, the exp is for leveling up and unlocking skills you can upgrade (i've no idea what these are yet, im level 6 and you unlock your first skill at level 9) and coins are for buying 'plays'. The game did explain what this entails but i didnt read it or listen to be honest and it hasen't really affected me so far so fuck it, I'll find out what it is later. Look, amongst all this shit is Guitar Hero. I just wanted to play Guitar Hero again. And I am. And it's good fun.

    Never Alone

    I'd put the subtitle in but I'm on my phone and I don't know how to spell it. Never Alone is an action puzzle platformer, not entirely dissimilar from something like Limbo or Brothers. You control 2 characters, switching between the two, with one opening the way for the other (you can also play co-op). You play as a young girl who can pull objects and use her sling type weapon to smash things, and an Arctic fox, who can scamper up walls and communicate with spirits What makes Never Alone stand out is that it's made in conjunction with native Alaskans. The story is a traditional folk story and they pull in some art, which I wish they did more of. There's also unlockable videos that are pretty interesting. There's a few knocks against the game though. I really liked it, but there is the sense, especially early on, that this is 'this year's indie game', like it's another Limbo or something. It's a harsh criticism, but it's a shame it didn't find its identity earlier The platforming controls let me down right at the end of the game. Nothing too major but it was a shame to end the game on a down note Probably a bigger issue, although I'm not that arsed, is my game not saving. To their credit the devs have been emailing me trying to find the cause, so it's hard to be too annoyed with them (I got sent the game to review but I'm contacting them from a different email, so I'm just a normal customer to them). It's a bit worrying that they can't work out what's causing it. But I've finished the game now anyway Edited to include a video <iframe width="853" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/NXC9t9Hmr5g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. I think some others have been playing this. Any thoughts. I think I quite like it so far but it doesn't feel as sturdy as Ridiculous Fishing or Luftrausers (other Vlambeer games) but I put that down to this being made in Game Maker. It feels like some production values are missing. But that's my only gripe, really. It's some good shooty fun with solid action and loads of Vlambeer screen shake. It's one of those games that has Rogue elements in it except this is a top down dual stick shooter. There are randomly generated levels though the themes are always the same and the same bosses always turn up. You have a bunch of characters to unlock that have different properties. It's a simple enough game. It is hard, though. I've got to the point where I can pretty confidently go through section 3 but I can't get past 4-1. I just get destroyed by the sentient crystals that fire lasers pretty rapidly. I tend to use the purple crystal dude who has more health and can throw up a brief reflective shield. I reckon he is a newb character but this game is pretty hard so I have no shame using him. I've been mostly playing it on the Vita, usually before work for 20 mins as it is pretty pick up and play. It's like Galak-Z in some ways except that is more complicated and does require longer sessions but I think they compliment each other well.
  9. Hendo

    Grow Home

    The PS4 version has just been updated and fixed. So if you were like me and stopped playing due to the horrendous screen tearing and gameplay freezing, it's ok to go back. I'm really enjoying it and it's a perfect relaxing game for just before going to sleep.
  10. Played 3 hours earlier today and I'm incredibly impressed with it, it's a shame it's only limited to two maps (Hoth and Sollust) and 2 game modes, but what is there is enough to give you a sense of the game for sure. On PC the game runs phenomenally well, a buttery smooth 60fps/native 1080p on Ultra for me, looks just like all the pre-release footage and gameplay suggested, maybe even better than I was expecting, servers have held up extremely well to me so far as well, only got kicked out of a game twice, once through fault of my own (router restarted to update firmware) and once due to the servers themselves, but apart from this, everything was buttery smooth I must say, phenomenal presentation from DICE, the menu's look incredibly chic and smooth (a small thing I know) and coupled with the server performance it couldn't really be better for a beta really, DICE have done a fantastic job. Mostly played Drop Zone and a couple of games of Walker Assault, enjoyed both, but out of the two game modes, I preferred Drop Zone to Walker Assault, DZ seemed much more CoD (which I prefer) and Walker Assault seemed much more Battlefield to me, which meant everything was incredibly chaotic, I didn't really have a clue what I was meant to be doing and I got killed every 3 seconds Was shit at DZ as well, but did manage to get a little better towards the end, and I was scoring points capturing pods anyway, will play some more Walker Assault tomorrow, but I wasn't a huge fan of it, pretty much everything I hate about Battlefield really, the experience was amazing though, seeing those AT-ATs and AT-STs walking around, pwning people, the Rebel base in Hoth, it was a Star Wars fans wet dream come true pretty much, I just have to try to get to grips with the Battlefield-esque gameplay in that mode otherwise I won't be playing it much in the full game.
  11. Hendo


    400 quid on a new system and my favourite thing on it is a ten quid game I could've bought on the PS3 and did buy on my iPad. This video - http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/quick-look-counterspy/2300-9358/ - sold me on it. I didn't realise it was on PS3 so I got it on iPad and, well, it doesn't control great on a touch screen. It's all swipes and gestures and too easy to do things you don't intend. So I got the PS4 version knowing that the game has a rather cool feature in that you can sync your progress across from mobile to console and back again. So the couple of hours I put in on iPad weren't in vain. The art style is pretty cool, it's like Team Fortress 2 but side-on. It takes the piss out of both Russia and America and the ridiculousness of the Cold War - both sides are in a race to blow up the Moon with nukes. Why? Because. Before each level you pick which side you want to go against for that mission (CounterSpy is a third party organisation, trying to stop both super powers), taking into account which bonuses you can pick up. Then you go through taking out soldiers, finding money, articles, mission plans, weapon plans and perk plans. You can use up to 3 perks in a level and the most useful ones I used all the time was one to bring the a Defcon level down one each time and one to make your shots take out armoured guards and cameras. The weapons are pretty smart too - silenced pistol is a must, plus a dart gun that makes enemies turn against his mates and take them out. Ultra useful when surrounded by a massive pack of cunts. The snag for these great weapons and perks though is you have to unlock them eventually by picking up pieces in the levels so you'll start off with nothing interesting at first. Grinding isn't a chore though because the levels are all randomly generated and they're still all pretty short. Longest level I've played is maybe 15 minutes long, depending on your style of play. Though I wouldn't really advise all guns blazing. It's an option, but the game is really geared towards stealthy play. I don't like writing too much so I'll leave it there but well worth a tenner. Though I'm sure it'll come to PS+ down the line.
  12. Hendo

    The Swindle

    This is out on pretty much everything right now, bar the 360 I think. It's a bit of a Rogue-like (or lite) 2D platformer so a bit like Spelunky. But also stealthy so a bit like Mark of the Ninja. You have 100 days to build up your abilities to pull off the final heist. Each heist makes a day tick down, each time you die another burglar takes their place and also takes a day off. When that burglar does, the abilities and money banked remains but money collected in the run gone wrong will get lost. It's good fun so far (I've got about 20 or 30 days in) but I've had some horrendous runs where I've fucked up badly about 10 times in a row so will probably start from scratch a few times before I see the 100th day. I was struggling at first until I watched this video with the developer: What I learned is that the basic hacking is the first thing you can afford, and you should buy that rather than try and save up for other things first. The money needed for most upgrades is obscene at first but you start off only able to rob from poor people and so the money you get out will be low to begin with. But on the other hand, security in the poor areas is quite basic so it's easier to rinse them out. Until the game recognises you're doing well and starts throwing more stuff your way, like mines, tougher enemies, etc. The best thing I learnt for myself when I was playing yesterday was to shut the doors rather than leave them open, so you can control where the enemies will go better. The art style is pretty great and the procedurally generated Victorian style names are superb.
  13. So I've been playing the closed Beta now since yesterday, put about 5 hours into it and am going to give some brief impressions of my experience so far. This is probably the most impressed I've been in a Multiplayer game in a very long time, it feels very original compared to the likes of CoD and Battlefield and other militaristic shooters on the market today. Obviously some of the weapons you use have similarities with those series, but that's where the similarities end pretty much, everything has a realistic feel to it, like R6's of old, you can feel the weight of your gun/shield, how agile you are and feel the recoil of your weapon, also, once you get killed you're out of that round and that's that, unless somehow you manage to just get downed, then a team mate can revive you and you can continue on, it is extremely unforgiving compared with other shooters with instant respawn, and there's a definite challenge and learning curve there. You can see the Rainbow Six heritage has been kept intact, but what the Devs have done is create a fresher, authentic, modern PvP shooter that's fun, not too difficult to master, but still retains that challenge and depth that the original R6 shooters had, it may sound strange to say, but it feels a lot like the original Gears of War MP (before they ruined it) with the tight maps, one-shot permanent kills and prevalence of shotguns. There's 3 maps in the Beta: Concierge (set in a French embassy), Hereford (set in a disused SAS base in the UK) and House (set in a typical suburban American house) and two modes TDM (5 v 5 Diffuse/defend the Bomb, 5 v 5 capture/defend area) and Terrorist Hunt (5 v a 20 or so skilled AI opponents). What I've played most of is the TDM stuff, the 5 v 5 MP, which is what I think the 'meat' of the game is really, essentially attacking and defending a certain objective on the map, Orange v Blue team, the first to get to 3 wins, the defenders have to barricade the area by putting up reinforcements against plasterboard walls, planting booby traps, planting chicken wire to slow enemies down and to put up an endless supply of barricades. The attacking team have 20 seconds before they enter the match where they can scope out the level, try to find their opponents positions and try to find the bomb which they then have to diffuse. It can be incredibly tense, encounters have a lot of weight to them as neither person wants to die (as you have to sit out the rest of that round) and neither team wants to lose, it is incredibly tense at times. The game employs an almost one-shot kill policy, if you get shot 9 times out of 10 you'll die, it's incredibly brutal and unforgiving, the only ways to avoid this are by having a guy on your team that can supply with you with additional body armour so you can take more shots. You obviously still have certain rounds where you get overwhelmed and you all die in quick succession and the enemy gets the bomb easily, and those aren't as good, but you still feel that weightiness to the combat and weapons and the depth of the encounters, it's all about tactics and planning whether you succeed or fail and you feel that in the game. Next comes Terrorist Hunt, I've only played 2 games of this (more on that later...) but it was fun enough, essentially you enter one of the maps and have to hunt down and kill 20 AI opponents, the only games I managed to find were on the Normal difficulty, and it didn't seem particularly challenging, but it was fun, a kind of inverse Horde mode where you invade the AI I suppose, but I definitely didn't find it anywhere near as fun as the TDM Multiplayer modes mentioned above, that tension and depth just wasn't there, the stakes weren't as high as I felt as if you could just mess about a bit more killing enemies willy nilly. Another mention goes to the operators, there's no classes in R6S as such, instead you get a variety of 'characters' with different skills based on a range of real-life counter-terrorism units around the world, you've got GIGN from France, LA SWAT from the US, SAS from the UK, Spetznaz from Russia etc. and all these different CTU outfits have a range of attacking and defending characters for you to unlock. I've only tried Smoke and Sledge (SAS), Fuze (Spetznaz) and Rook (GIGN) but all of them feel different, have different abilities and different strengths and weaknesses, you unlock them by amassing R6S' equivalent of XP whilst playing through matches, 500 unlocks an Operator in my circumstances, although 1000 unlocks better ones I believe. So far my favourites are Smoke (Defender) and Sledge (attacker) as I love Smokes gas that incapacitates enemies and Sledge's sledgehammer for battering through walls, although Fuze's Riot Shield is incredibly handy. I've only played on 2 out of the 3 available maps (Concierge and Hereford) but they've both impressed me, the design is very strong and due to the random nature of where the objective is going to spawn it always manages to feel fresh (so far anyway). So that's all the positivity out the way, now time for the negatives. Ubisoft employs some kind of Matchmaking in the game, and it's a bit iffy to say the least, sometimes you'll be sat waiting to find a game for ages, and will need to go back to the main menu and search again, and again, and again, until you eventually find a game, this isn't exactly 'game-breaking' for me anyway, but is nevertheless annoying. My second gripe with the game is the over-powered nature of the Shields, they're just ridiculous, if you've got a shield you pretty much can't be hit at all, but can have your gun out at all times to shoot at your opponent, it's just crazy really, feels way to overpowered and I hope they balance this a bit better in the full retail release, because only managing to take out a shield guy by using charges or a grenade sucks. My third gripe is somewhat more serious, every time the game loaded me into a game which was set on the 'House' map, the symbols for the operators and guns wouldn't show for me to choose, the game would count down but still say 'loading...' under my name, whereas everyone else had 'loading complete' this wouldn't of been a big issue if I could've gone back using the start button and then gone back to the main menu to look for another game, but I couldn't do this, I had to Tab+Alt+Del or Alt+Tab my way out of the game, close it, then open it again to start looking for a game, every time I got put into a game on the House map it did this, incredibly odd and I seriously hope they fix this for the final game because this is definitely the most serious bug that's facing the Dev's. So, overall, I'm incredibly impressed by R6:Siege, I think it has the potential to be one of the best multiplayer shooters ever, but I just hope that the Devs are given enough time to iron out the bugs, because problems on launch could ruin its chances to shine.
  14. Hendo


    This is the next game Mike Bithell made after Thomas Was Alone and if you've played that.....well, it's nothing like that. Although it does have Danny Wallace doing one of the voices. It's a more-or-less top-down stealth game that reminds me most of the Metal Gear Solid VR Missions. In fact, Kojima gets a thanks in the credits, along with a personal note to anyone who bought the game as it will help fund the next one, which is a nice touch to put on there. There's some pretty cool gadgets you can use to distract enemies or silently run on floors that will normally make noise but no guns. It's strictly all about the stealth and working out the puzzle of each room. There's a lot of levels but there's also a level editor, which is of no use to me, but the way levels are shared seems pretty intuitive and recommended ones should rise to the top easily so enough to keep me going.
  15. This only came to my attention a month ago at the most and I don't know how I missed it. I think I would have remembered it if I'd seen it before. So its another rogue-like, or rogue-light, or rogue-lite... rogue-zero? I dunno. Its one of those games with sort of permadeath and upgrades and randomly generated levels tied to a game that isn't an RPG. In this case its tied to an arcade style shooter, say Asteroids. But its not as simple as that, in fact it has tons of stuff in it to play with. There are different kinds of lasers; like spread shot, ones that bounce of walls, and typical stuff like that but they can be combo'd together for some different results. I'm just on my first run so I've not seen how deep that goes. There is a lot of movement options. You've got that skate-y movement which I always really like in games like this, and you also have this strafe that is quite hard for me to get my head around now. I tend to just strafe into rocks. There is also a 'duke' button. It basically functions as a dodge and gives you some invincibility frames, and that I find very useful. It's a good job that there are these evasive options as you don't get a whole lot of health, health pickups aren't common or cheap. Thankfully it does have a very Halo-like shield system. halo was apparently an inspiration for the game, generally, and it does come through. I can't put my finger on it but there is something in the flow of combat that is similar, at least in the moments when you decide to be brave. It's structured like a TV show in that you have five episodes in a series. A series acts like save point which you can carry on from. I've not died yet so I don't know first hand what happens when you die but from what I hear you do have to start from the beginning of a series if that happens, though there might be some kind of safety net. The structure is fitting since it's going for an anime thing, though it looks more Saturday Morning Cartoon Inspired By Anime. I can't help but think Ben 10 when I see it. I don't think it actually looks that great or has a nice style, but the game is fun to play. It does make me wonder who they're aiming for as it does feel like its shooting for a younger audience at times though it does play a pretty hard game of shoot'n'dodge like those 30-something console gamers like. Anyway, I've got a bit more to see. I've not even got to the bit where your spaceship turns onto a mech, yet. Yes, it has a mech in it.
  16. It shows how much this zoomed past people, I tried looking for a thread on it and none found. Now it's free on PS+, anyone fancy trying to get the co-op working?
  17. So, I know this probably won't be a popular thread, but I started playing this on Saturday and thought I'd create this to jot my thoughts down. As a general rule with the LEGO games I try not to play too many too quickly, as I feel the repetitious copy n' paste nature of the games and the way they're designed would condemn me to tedium if I played some back to back, its been quite a while since I last played one actually, the last I played was the excellent LEGO Marvel Superheroes on my PS4 back in the Winter of 2013 when it had just come out, really enjoyed that, and the only previous LEGO game I'd played before that was the equally excellent LEGO City Undercover on the Wii U. I dabbled in LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Star Wars back in the day but never really enjoyed them until I played City Undercover on the Wii U, the humour, the city and the gameplay really clicked with me in that game and I ended up enjoying it FAR more than I ever imagined I would. Anyway, I've gone off on a tangent here, needless to say, LEGO Jurassic World is the first LEGO game I've played in quite a while, as a massive fan of the Jurassic Park franchise it always seemed like a no brainer to pick it up, I think the LEGO games resonate the most with you if you're a fan of the subject matter in the game so I thought it would probably be a reasonable assumption that I'd like this if I bought it, and....4 hours in, that assumption seems to be correct. In LJW you get the chance to play through all 4 films in the series, however, only JP and JW are unlocked from the start. Being the JP fan that I am, I wanted to start back with the original JW, after I was done with this I moved onto the slightly maligned 'The Lost World:Jurassic Park' which struggles to live upto the heights of its predecessor, but is still a pretty good film in its own right. I think for anyone that's a fan of the films, you'll love this game. From John Williams' spellbinding score to some of the original actors' voices being included in the game, everything feels like an authentic JP experience, just in LEGO. Whilst I've a relatively short history with the LEGO games I've noticed in the 4 hours I've spent with this that there doesn't seem to be too many puzzles anymore, in Indiana Jones, SW, LCU and LMS I would find myself getting stuck on the odd occasion, not knowing which gadget/ability I needed to use a specific point in a level, and where to use it, but everything seems really straightforward in this, they seem to have taken out any difficulty the puzzle-elements of the game had, the other new addition is playable Dinosaurs, and yes they're as cool as they sound! The playable characters definitely aren't as memorable as the ones in LMS though, that's for sure, I was struggling to remember who some of the peripheral characters you can play as in the game were, obviously the main characters through all 4 films are recognisable, but beyond this I had no recollection who some of them were, a far cry from the spades of recognisable characters in LMS. So, yeah, just wanted to give a few thoughts on my opening 4 hours with the game, don't expect anyone else picked this up, but its been pretty cool so far, a nice relaxed easy going game that should keep me occupied for a few days, but nothing more.
  18. Over the past week or so, I've been playing some planetside 2 on the PS4. It's a free to play shooter, and I have to say, it's been fun playing. When you start out, you limited to playing in a single starter area to give you a chance to learn the ropes. Having said that, the tutorial aspect of the game is somewhat limited, so you're best off going to watch a basic tutorial primer http://www.lifestreamgaming.com/planetside-2-ps4-basic-beginner-guide/ like that one. The game is certainly scratching at my battlefield itch, and while there is a paid subscription you can opt into, I've not really felt any pressure from the game to do this. For the paid membership, you get a xp boost and you get credits to spend on either you equipment upgrades (you can upgrade everything with the free in game currency too), or buy decals and armour colour schemes (you cannot buy these with the free currency). I've been told that the game is a lot more like MAG, although I've never played that, so I can't comment. Either way, for free, it's a really solid shooter and good fun once you've made yourself familiar with the game and controls. check it out
  19. I picked this up at the weekend. It's good fun, especially if you have OCD for making things in video games. It's really great in co-op too, 2 player local, and 4 player drop-in drop-out online. here's a link to a video that explains the game. http://www.polygon.com/2014/3/17/5518468/nom-nom-galaxy-overview-video
  20. Uncle Dokuro


    I have been playing this for the last few days and it excellent. The levels are semi-open with different paths you can take and hidden areas with collectables. Strider also has multiple difficulty settings that adds replay value to the game. The visuals are great and Double Heilx also included scanlines which was a nice touch. The gameplay is flawless and just makes you feel like a badass. You can unlock new moves by defeating bosses. Double Helix did not stray too far for the original source material and the bosses from the original game are back and tweaked for the modern era of gaming. Out of all the games I own on Xbox One Strider will most likely be a permanent fixture on my HDD. This is how remakes should be done in my opinion. Too bad Double Heilx is now apart of Amazon, they would have been a great fit as an internal Capcom or Microsoft studio.
  21. Anyone else been playing this? I was a massive fan of the first game, had an absolute ton of fun with it, incredibly addictive, visceral and with a bloody incredible soundtrack. The 2nd game I'm not having quite as much fun with...it seems a bit more stop-start than the first game where you could just get in the groove and be at it for hours, they've also tried to do a lot more story stuff in the 2nd one so there's a load of dialogue this time around, and loads of skippable cutscenes. The music is just as good as the first game, but the level design doesn't feel anywhere near as good to me, the first games levels just felt so tight and well designed around the games controls, but it feels in the HM2 that the levels have been chopped and changed to fit the narrative rather than the other way round, it is still decent though and after the initial hour and a half of frustration and bewilderment I am having a lot of fun with it now. I'm about 5 hours in, so probably not got too much longer to go, definitely feel the difficulty ramping up at the moment.


    Yep, that big new release everyone is talking about It's a motorbike game, which will probably be news to some of you, and it's by the people that do the MotoGP games. I can't tell a huge amount of difference between the 2 but then I'm not really an expert. It's kind of focused on buying bikes. You earn credits for winning, and you can upgrade your bike, but you'll be locked out of certain classes until you buy more. Other than that it's fairly open, if you can afford a superbike then there's nothing stopping you buying one and playing those events. The one bit of structure is the world ranking, a ladder to climb by finishing races. The ultimate aim is to get to rank 1, but along the way you'll hit certain milestones that will open up Elite races. These will reward you with a new bike, although usually you have to buy a bike to enter them, which you then spend money improving, meaning you never touch the new bike you won Here's a video I done. The mic is a bit blown out because it was recorded by the capture kit directly when it shouldn't have been
  23. HandsomeDead


    I'm still not sure of my overall thoughts on this game so I apologise in advance if I ramble. I suppose I've not played it a whole lot still as The Hunters. You have four people, each with a role: you have Assault, he's your gun guy who's only job is to shoot the monster and does the most damage and he can lay mines. Most of my time playing as Hunters has been with this class (I did play once as a Trapper but didn't have a clue what I was doing). You also have Support and Medic classes (I've not even tried them yet). You don't really pick your role, it's assigned to you and then you have to be that role. At this point a lot of people don't know what they're doing (I count myself in that group) so sometimes being on the Hunters team can be a really frustrating thing. Until the game has been out for a while and the community figure out how to play all the roles well then it will be more fun to fumble around with people you can communicate with. At least then you won't feel as bad when you do something dopey. But playing as The Monster is the solo experience, and because of that is more fun moment to moment. Like I feel like tracking the Monster as Hunters isn't that fun, especially when you're still not 100% sure what you're looking for, which I think a lot of people are like now. But as The Monster it's simpler: you keep a low profile for a bit and eat wildlife so you can the evolve into a stronger version and that is more engaging during the downtime, rather than wandering around looking for signs to where The Monster is. But I've been enjoying that side of it a lot. There was one game where a trapper must have got a glimpse of me and set down the barrier. The barrier is a large, well, barrier, that comes down and imprisons you with The Hunters which makes escape very hard, but I did manage it once, and it was tense stuff. I was still at the earliest stage of evolution so didn't want to take them on but I realised they didn't know exactly where I was. The barrier is quite big so when it came down the edges were right in front of me so I knew I maybe had a few seconds to hide and by keeping an eye on them (or a nose, the smell mechanic basically puts a yellow or red outline around people so you can see them through walls) I managed to stay out of sight the whole time, just moving a little out of view, and snuck out when the barrier timed out. Sometimes the combat as a Monster isn't always that satisfying. It's a bit unwieldy and I'm sometimes not sure if I'm hitting someone but the range attacks mostly work well unless you get caught on something. You do have to be aware of whats around you and being a big, ugly shit that can be hard to do sometimes. So, bottom line is it's sometimes really fun but relies too much on certain situations for fun to happen, like it's a game that has to be played to certain rules. I'd say the rules are a bit too specific, though. That could change as the classes expand but they made the, frankly, stupid decision to lock other characters and monsters behind a progress system, because that's what all multiplayer games have to have now. Why they didn't just let you experiment with everything from the get go like they did with Left 4 Dead, God only knows.
  24. spatular

    Trials Fusion

    Not sure what to say about this, it's trials so it's awesome, it looks nice on next gen. don't really like the tricks so far but you don't have to do trick events much so it's no big thing (and maybe they'll grow on me), and the skill events are incorporated into the career which is cool as it forces me to play them, and some are pretty good, whereas previously i never really played them. looks like the community track editor is back so that's cool, but currently afaik multiplayer is local only and they're patching in online later hopefully. i just rushed through the single player, loads of medals still to get, and each track has 3 optional challenges, which i haven't really looked at yet but it seems like a cool idea. the credits show after the last hard track, then there's some extreme tracks as you'd expect - i did the first but then got really frustrated and failed miserably on the next 2 - *1* i should really go back for some more medals to get back into it before trying these again. there's also some quad bike levels which are alright - it just handles slightly differently. i was slightly worried about using a ps4 controller with trials just because being in control is so important in trials and i'm used to playing it with the 360 pad, and as it's really frustrating at times anyway you really need to feel like it's your fault rather than the equipment - at this point i'm partially blaming the equipment - but hopefully it's just a case of getting used to it and i'll be doing *1* before any more final judgement. i was worried about the triggers but they've been alright, it's the left stick position that's causing me problems, to do a quick hop before some jumps with a quick flick back and forth on the stick, i'm just not able to do it very accurately or often enough when i need to at the moment - it's only really needed on some of the hard/expert tracks. i don't know if this sounds petty but i hate going backwards at something, even if it's better in the long run - see me refusing to use kb+m for most pc games. and who knows if i'd find the x1 version any better because of the looser sticks. i should have probably got the 360 version. edit - i should state again that i really like the ps4 pad, i'm just not used to playing trials with it so currently finding it annoying, if the first 2 games were only on ps3 it'd probably be a different story, don't want to start any pad wars or anything. still, trials is awesome. anyone else get it?
  25. spatular


    Hello. so this is a on ps4, it's sort of a cross between defender and superstardust and a more normal 2d shooter, if that makes any sense. you fly around a sphere, shooting stuff, the controls are like a twin stick shooter but you can only shoot left/right. you kill specific enemies called keepers (that glow green), it releases a human - you collect the human and deliver them to this pod thing - you don't have to do that it just gets you extra lives and bombs and stuff. sometimes you have to have a certain multiplier to unlock the human, and sometimes you have to kill the keepers in the correct order. i'm not fully sure how the scoring system works but there's a score multiplier that works on chaining enemies to keep/increase the multiplier. there's also bombs, boosting, overdrive (like a special weapon you collect cubes to power), and throwing humans. it's good fun, and it gets really hectic at times. visibility is not great at times. i'm probably going to stick at it, as i don't really have any other single player ps4 games i'm that bothered about playing. it looks nice, especially at the end of each level when everything explodes.
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