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  1. Started playing this today, put in about 3 hours. Not really sure what to make of it at the moment, the game looks bloody gorgeous (You can see where Coldwood spent that EA money!), the soundtrack is great, but at its heart it just feels like an average platformer really. If I had to compare it I'd say it feels most like LittleBigPlanet, that kind of floatiness to the controls (if that makes sense) happens in Unravel too, it definitely isn't a tight platformer like Ori and the Blind Forest or Donkey Kong Country, and I don't think it was ever trying to be like those games in its design, but the controls could've been tighter and snappier in my view, from what I've played anyway. What I didn't realise going in was how incredibly infuriating and frustrating a game it is, it just gets me so fucking riled up it's unreal, I've got stuck twice already and had to look up what I need to do online, was just pottering about for 15 minutes trying to get past a certain section and of course I find what I need to do, feel like an idiot and I'm on my way. Some of the problems can be put down to the timing-based platforming sections I've encountered I guess (where the controls don't help), coupled with the harsh check-pointing employed. You can figure out what you need to do in order to progress, almost complete an entire section, accidently drop into some water and suddenly have to start all the way back at the previous checkpoint, just seems needless really. Despite the issues the game has and its mediocrity (in platforming terms) I am still vaguely enjoying it, it's pleasant enough, the environs are amazing and Yarny is charming enough to keep me playing, but I can already tell its going to be a bit of a slog if it goes on for any longer than the 5-6 hours I'm assuming it lasts.
  2. Yakuza is undoubtedly one of my favourite gaming franchises. It’s been consistently excellent for many years now. Yakuza Zero is one of my favourite games of all time. So,I’m always up for more. This entry has shifted from the usual over the top action, to an RPG style. Quite the difference. The reviews have said that it’s paid off, for the most part. Though there are some massive difficulty spikes near the end, that require some hefty grinding. Anyway, I’m a couple of hours in. There hasn’t been much gameplay yet, it’s almost entirely cutscenes thus far. Yakuza games always start slowly, this entry apparently takes about 10 hours to get properly started. Another new addition is a brand new character, Ichiban. He seems decent enough, though it’s too early to say how he compares to Kiryu. We will see how it plays out.
  3. I started this one today. Beat the first world and onto the second. Early impressions is combat has a nice "swimming" movement to it albeit it is very floaty like the spinoff games. Worlds are massive and some of it almost feels like an anime/Disney take on (old) God of War games. Music is great, as usual. Hoping to hear some old tunes return (hopefully Hollow Bastion). I started it on Proud mode cause I figure if I've played three of these games back to back and can't handle its hard mode at this stage well then I'm really just hopeless. So far it's not very difficult but it is a reasonable challenge. It makes it so it isn't just a mash X fest. It is very heavy on cutscene interruptions in the early hours however and it gets sort of annoying, it's a bit Metal Gear at times. WRT spoilers I'm going to defer to riksp or someone else as to the best approach. I'm thinking anything that was in a trailer is fair game for an open screenshot because this is a very pretty game with lots of shiny stuff that's fun to show off. Or maybe all screenshots could be put in spoiler text it's all the same. No HDR in this game, interestingly.
  4. Played the first 2 hours earlier. Really enjoyed it I must say, the visuals are fantastic, frame-rate very smooth, everything feels incredibly polished, love the humour and the way the story is being told from a slightly abstract angle too. The gameplay isn't anything mind-blowing, but it's just so bloody fun. It's great to be playing a colourful platformer again, and the way Insomniac meld the Platforming in with the TPS elements are great too, it just feels such a natural fit and the guns already feel unique to use, its surprisingly cinematic at times too and there's a set-piece on a Train that reminded me of Uncharted! The combat strangely reminded me of an old-school FPS at times due to all the strafing, crazy guns and the number of enemies that are involved in the action. So, yeah, an impressive start, I couldn't help but smile and giggle at some of the one-liners and in-jokes along the way, Ratchet and Clank is a pleasant place to be.
  5. Seems like this is totally awesome to the max. it plays a bit like samba de amigo without the maracas (which sounds like it might be bad but it's not) - notes come out from the centre to 6 points, 3 left (hit by up, left, down) and 3 right (triangle, O, X), there's standard stuff like 2 at a time, and holding notes. but to keep it interesting - a big circle means flick one of the analogue sticks, this is like the clap in donkey konga and the kick pedal in rock band drums - as in it messes with your head at first - i'm still at this stage - but also this is optional, i guess it gives you more score, but missing them doesn't count towards pass/failing the song (i think i read that somewhere), which is nice. i've worked through all the songs on normal, and they're good fun, occasionally difficult with the added stick flick (which i was sort of getting used to on normal) - but moving onto hard i'm having to ignore it to try and just pass the songs - which seems pretty tricky, you can't miss that much stuff. i've had to replay songs quite a bit on hard to pass a few - still early days. but i don't mind replaying them as the gameplay is really good fun, and the music is great (if you like persona 4 music anyway). and the presentation is out of this world, not that that really matters but it's really slick and looks ace. now the bad - i should have waited for an english version as there's a story mode like the fighting game, but i haven't a clue what's going on (beyond dancing to defeat monsters), hold triangle to skip text at super speed anyway. and i sacked that off for the free play mode. there's about 25 songs i've unlocked so far. so yeah if you like rhythm action games and persona music it's a big thumbs up imo.
  6. Rikzilla

    Overcooked 2

    Anyone else picked this up or are planning to give it a go? My girlfriend and I have cleared the first world with three stars on each and haven't broken up yet so I think we're good for marriage. So far it's a massive improvement over the first. Everything feels tighter, there are loads more recipes to make and more interesting level variations, and you can now throw stuff across the kitchen. It has online co-op and vs too this time around!
  7. OCH

    MediEvil Remake

    I wasn't going to do this. Largely because (a) I've nearly finished the game, without really trying. (b) aside from a fresh coat of paint, it is exactly the same game, warts and all. The original, much like this one, oozes charm with a Tim Burton-ish aesthetic and dialogue peppered with humour. As much as I loved the original, it was a 7/10 game at best. There is a lot of.. jank, that remains in the remake. Hitboxes that needed a little more testing and early 3D platforming issues are still present. Enemy AI is also a strange thing. Bosses have clearly defined set phases and attacks. The rank and file enemies tend to be ..unpredictable and a lot faster than expected. The monks in the Asylum Grounds for example, will hit you regardless of how well you think you're doing. So there we are. I'm currently on 11/20 Chalices. Roughly halfway through the game. In spite of the negatives, still really enjoying it.
  8. regemond

    Sea of Solitude

    Just to let you know what you're in for, Sea of Solitude starts with this screen: It's a beautiful game in places, similar in visual style to Rime. The introduction sees you in a boat in the titular Sea of Solitude. Playing as a young girl who's quite literally overtaken by darkness (seriously, she just has facial features, the rest of her form is just black and a little undefined), you're given a guiding light in this sea of darkness, and that provides the only source of light around you. It's a platformer in nature, so from time to time you have to leave the safety of your boat and walk around the flooded city its set in. When you do climb out of the boat the world around you becomes dark and stormy, and there's a creature that stalks you in the depths of the water. Basically, everything feels like a very heavy-handed discussion on depression. As you work through your problems and face your difficulties, you eventually bring light to the world around you. This is where the visual beauty kicks in, because it becomes bold, vibrant and just stunning to look at in a very stylised way. One touch I adore - you have to remove corruption from the world (this is what makes the world brighter again), but your character's backpack gets more and more full as the game progresses. Again, a very obvious metaphor, but one that's done in a subtle way. It was only near the end of my session last night I actually noticed it. This isn't a game that's ever going to set the world on fire - the controls sometimes feel a little loose, the story has less than zero subtlety, and the graphic design is an acquired taste (but exactly the kind of thing I love). But given that it's a very stark look at the different aspects of depression, it also feels quite brave in a way. I also don't want to give spoilers away, which is why I haven't discussed any of the main story beats, just given a little overview. It feels relatively short, I reckon I'm about half way through it - but I'm really enjoying it at the moment. As much as you can 'enjoy' a story about a young girl's crippling depression.
  9. Don't think this ever migrated into the Games thread, but I started playing it today. It's pretty clunky, but already has a few interesting ideas in terms of making you work things out whilst investigating/researching and linking events together when using the psychic flashbacks. The Lovecraft vibe is quite obvious, and combat best avoided at times rather than head on. Promising few hours, so I'll be seeing this through.
  10. spatular

    Project Cars 3

    This is a bit of an odd one, it really should have been called something else - it gets a lot of hate from project cars 1/2 fans (understandable really) as it's a departure - it's not a sim any more, and drops stuff like pitstops. this isn't really a problem for me, while there was some good stuff in 1/2 i was never a big fan, and i think there's a gap in the market for what 3 is trying to be. the handling is more inbetween sim and arcade now - like pgr/driveclub. so it's a similar game to grid and shift now i guess - but while both of those were decent imo there was something not quite right about the handling, this seems better in that regard, although probably not as good as pgr/driveclub. it's much better on a pad too than pcars1/2, i didn't play those with a pad but apparently there were problems - this one i've only played with a pad so far, and it's been good. one thing it still has from previous games is a great selection of tracks - saying great maybe understating how good the selection of tracks is, it's pretty amazing really i think there's ~40 real tracks (lots of these have multiple layouts too), and 10 made up ones. it has some from old toca games that aren't in games often like knockhill and oulton park, etc. so it's sort of close to a pgr style handling game with lots of real life tracks - which to me sounds like it could be the best thing ever - it's not the best thing ever. although i am enjoying it. then we have the problems - there are many problems with the games structure imo - the timetrials - just let me keep going - don't like having to restart every lap. - the 3 lap average time events need to be more lenient on voiding laps imo. - generally it's really harsh on voiding lap times - which i think is fine for online leaderboards but should be relaxed for the career mode stuff. - getting money to buy new cars is really slow going - which compounds into other problems - can't buy cars needed to do events to get more stars to unlock more events. games like forza and GT throw loads of cars at you - this should be the same. - lots of xp points wasted (you need these to get money) restarting instead of finishing events - although i now think i've solved this one - always finish an event and see your xp go up then restart at the last opportunity to avoid more loading but still get the xp. - oddly long loading times from an ssd - although ~30 to 40 seconds is still faster than some games from hdd. - the difficulty is all over the place, and unlocking stuff is tied into the difficulty - for me there should be difficult events with gold/silver/bronze medals etc, but getting bronze should be easy and fine for unlocking everything - here you need the 3 stars/gold etc as much as possible to help unlock stuff. i might have been making things harder for myself by buying the deal of the day cars sometimes from the store thinking they will come in handy, but they are for much later in the game. i've played ~12 hours and think i have 5 cars. also oddly you can pay money (in game money) to unlock events instead of properly unlocking them with stars - this is odd but a very good feature because of how hard it is to unlock stuff normally - but seems like they realised the unlocking system was crap and this was a quick fix for it or something. the graphics are not supposed to be any good, but i think it looks alright, and it runs really smooth, at 4k, with like 32 cars on track sometimes, this is on pc anyway. oh except when it rains, that's less smooth - i should mess with the settings to sort that out. despite the problems though i keep coming back to it, i am enjoying it. the handling is good, the selection of cars seems good if i could buy them, and the selection of tracks is really impressive. i hope they get chance to make a new one of these, with a different name, and with the career/structure stuff improved, i think it could be brilliant, and i'd like to say i think it could be a big hit but i'm not sure this kind of thing sells very well these days so who knows.
  11. DisturbedSwan


    Started this last night, have probably put around 6-7 hours into it so far. I'm not going to go into too much detail as folks have already put up detailed impressions of their time with the demos. But, yeah, seeing as my expectations for this were pretty much 0 and I'd not played any of the pre-release demos, alphas etc. I have been pleasantly surprised. The graphics are what I noticed first really, it looks absolutely phenomenal. The voice acting and motion capture for all the characters just feels so incredibly lavish as well, all the performances are amazing and the motion capture just looks and sounds like one of the most realistic I've ever experienced. The hub world is reminiscent of Destiny's Tower but it feels much more Biowarey than I expected it too, it feels like much more of a real, living, breathing place than the lobby-esque workmanlike aesthetic of the Tower. Throughout the first few missions more and more areas of the Fort are introduced to you and you discover new people and places to see like a lovely plaza and bar. What has surprised me the most about the base is probably the NPC conversations though, you have multiple people to speak to after pretty much every mission you finish and talking to these different people to get to know them is a real joy, it doesn't feel like some throwaway exposition dump like in Destiny and other GaaS shooters, you do feel these folks have personalities. The 'action' part of the game I just felt like I was playing an Iron Man game really, there's not really any other way I can describe it. It felt fucking amazing to jump of of the cliff face outside the fort and just engage the thrusters for the first time. Combat itself feels way better than I expected too, although it has been very easy so far with me dying once and my shield being depleted on only 1 other occasion, all the other missions I've played have been a breeze. I have had quite a few bugs. Textures popping in some places - one time I was flying around and a whole environment was pretty much white and then spawned in around me making me crash -the helmet of your character not appearing on the cutscene that plays just before you go on a mission, a weird one where the subtitle box from previous dialogue stays on the screen and won't go away. I've also had quite a struggle getting it to run smoothly on my PC - which is surprising - I had to lookup a guide to get the settings right earlier and have actually managed to get a mostly stable 60fps with few dropped frames - before I was getting as low as 30fps in firefights. I actually haven't had the game kick me out at all though which is surprising, the servers and matchmaking side of things has seemed uber stable so far apart from the long loading times to get into a mission. So yeah. I like it and I want to play more. Apparently after 10 missions there's some kind of Wall that you have to grind to get up, but I'm not there yet so just enjoying the journey so far. It definitely feels way more Bioware than I was expecting and way more distinct thanks to the flight aspect. Lots of pics:

    Concrete Genie

    I've not posted about this because I've not had a lot to say about it. It's a decent enough game, and this is going to sound like more of a slight than I mean it to be, but that's it. It's not bad, it's not boring, but nor is it anything special. It's a good palette cleanser, enjoyable without staying with you The gameplay loop is very set. You play as Ash, your town is seeped in darkness, and it's affecting people, the whole town is angry and depressed, with local kids bullying you and chasing you if they see you. You need to use your magic paintbrush to graffiti the walls, lighting up string lights, when you light all the lights in an area it clears some of the darkness, opening up the next area. The titular concrete genies are figures you'll be prompted to paint on to a wall, you'll need them to solve some simple puzzles. They'll in turn prompt you to use certain items from your paint box, stencils in a way, so they'll want a sun painting, or grass, a tree, these are things you select and place using the motion of the controller. This will get you super paint which can be used to clear areas that can't be cleansed with normal paint Clear enough of the area and you'll get to make a masterwork, it's the same mechanic as the previous paragraph, your genies will tell you what to paint, do that and it will clear the area. Beyond that there's pages from your drawing book to find, you'll need these to make the requested designs, and there's a few walls where you can make bonus murals. I'm not sure if these are needed beyond just being another thing to do and ostensibly a collectible. There's light platforming, Uncharted style where you're grabbing ledges, it becomes more important as the game goes on, but it's never especially taxing And that's the game, that's Concrete Genie... until the end. I've not seen this happen for a while, it feels like something game's have got past, they've become more confident in their own ideas and not felt the need to add combat. Concrete Genie all of a sudden throws in a combat mechanic, I'm glad it's not running through the whole game, and it's not unplayable, but it is a bit of a shame, I'd rather have just had to draw one last big picture. Anyway, I've got, presumably, 2 more parts of this combat section, then maybe a final boss, so nearly done. It's been decent, if I was going to write more I'd maybe focus on how all the bad kids have had awful shitty lives rather than just being dicks, sometimes people are just bellends
  13. Can you spoiler tag your latest post above please @Nag? Only glimpsed the first line, but saw things I didn't want to. Anyhoo...played the first 100 minutes or so earlier. I'm very impressed with it, I really wish I hadn't of played the Beginning Hour demo though as that pretty much ruined the surprise of the first hour of the game for me after you reach the house (guess the clue was in the name but I stupidly listened to some Journo's say it's not related at all to the game...), few different bits and pieces though and I liked the continuation of certain elements like finding the bolt cutters and fuse I wasn't able to find in the demo made things feel a bit different. Absolutely adore the atmosphere already, it's just dripping with dread, what I wasn't expecting though is just how Resi it would feel, you walk along a corridor, see the flashing of lightning streaming in and rain pouring down the windows and you can't help but think of the Spencer Mansion from the original, even the animations when you pick up and examine an object remind me of that so much, I like the little touches like the wrist watch and the items too, all very Resi. The gameplay itself is cool, I'm getting a definite Outlast/Alien:Isolation kind of vibe with it, but it still manages to feel distinct enough and Resi enough for me personally to differentiate from those titles, it definitely isn't scary though, I just don't feel threatened at all by the Bakers really, you get a brief 'Ahh, gotta run' when they get in close but if they catch me I just jankily leg it away from them, no idea if I'm meant to be shooting or running most of the time either. The graphics and lighting effects are incredible too (although the character models are a tad ropey at times), it can be a gorgeous game when you're walking through a dimly lit corridor or something, evokes the Train from RE0 a bit and of course the Spencer Mansion in the original (I know I've mentioned this a lot). Someone from the development team definitely saw the first season of True Detective as well, there's even a shot in the beginning cutscene which is pretty much ripped straight from that, love the whole deep South swamp vibe to it. So yeah, I'm impressed, probably more impressed than I thought I'd be and can't wait to play more, hopefully put some more time in at the weekend. A few pics:
  14. mfnick

    Apex Legends

    Had a few matches on this, I think I just need to accept the fact I don’t like Battle Royale Games. Feels loads better to play than Fortnite and PUBG (only 2 others I’ve played). But the gameplay loop in these games just doesn’t nothing for me, run around the same environment searching around for loot for a while, shoot a few bullets, miss, die, wait a while to load a new match and repeat. I just find it tedious and boring constantly looking for loot at the beginning of every match. Especially when I’m bad so don’t last long when a gunfight starts, it usually just feels like a waste of time. Ill give it a few more matches just to see if it clicks, maybe as I start getting a bit better. Hope it’s does. I’d like to be involved with something like this for a change. It’s definitely got the best chance just because it actually feels good to play unlike the others I’ve tried. Otherwise I’ll just go back to TF2.
  15. I bought the All in one pack for this way back in 2017, played it once, and assumed my free trial would be long expired but no, it’s still active, for however long. I played it for two hours today, basically to the end of the introduction to the game, which felt like it was more or less completely offline. Impressions so far - well the graphics show the game’s age, it was originally released in 2012 on the Wii. But the cut-scenes and close-ups are quite nice. There is no voice acting in the game but the music is nice, and already I think I’ve heard more variety than in the entirety of XI. Battles are initiated by running into enemies in the field, you can move around in battle which seems to be the biggest change, although I’ve no idea if it serves any practical purpose. Four years ago (!) I struggled with the Japanese but I can read it more smoothly now. I have a week off with absolutely nothing to do, so I’m gonna sink some time into this. It will be my first mmorpg experience.
  16. Played the demo of this on Friday and thought I’d give my thoughts on it. Played around 40 minutes to an hour and I definitely would’ve liked longer with it which is a good sign. Graphically it’s very colourful, it reminded me quite a bit of the game Rime mixed with a more cartoony AC Odyssey with a sprinkling of Zelda. To play it’s immediately reminiscent of AC Odyssey. The way the combat system works with all the special abilities is very familiar, but it is definitely more flamboyant and less grounded, it feels like the system has been jazzed up and some of the moves you can pull off are a little closer to DMC than the weight of AC:OD. The way all the landmarks and points of interest are pinned to the top is very similar to AC:OD as well but then a lot of games use that system nowadays. The most interesting aspect to me was the puzzle aspect. I only came across one in my short time with the game but it was a nice surprise, reminded me a bit of some of the puzzles you’d come across in BOTW and was satisfying to complete. The way Fenyx moves is very familiar to BOTW too, there’s a stamina bar that depletes as you run and climb. She sprouts wings when you Glide which looks and feels very similar to Link’s glider in BOTW. It has a playful sense of humour to it as well. The way the demo plays out is that Zeus and Prometheus are narrating a story but keep getting it wrong, so things change on the fly for Fenyx as they adapt their stories in an attempt to get things right. The two have a lot of character and are nowhere near as stoic or uptight as some of their other interpretations in games over the years. Overall I was impressed with it but needed more time real to nail down a recommendation. It’s a lot of fun though and I think it will be a great world to get lost in but I can’t shake the feeling that it might be a little bit unoriginal and not doing a lot of new things per se. Saying that, I’ll definitely keep my pre-order after playing the demo, I love new IP and want to play some more after this brief taste.
  17. Got this through yesterday. It’s brilliant. Looks and feels great, always preferred this to Mario Kart and even from my short go last night I stand by this thought even more now. Loads better than Team Sonic Racing too. Transformed is a different matter though.. Anyone who enjoyed it back in the day get on it. Just as good as I remember it being. Negatives? It hitches every now and again surprisingly (playing on a X1X). & the load times are excruciating! I’m not one to normally complain too much about long loads as long as they’re infrequent but here they are frequent and seriously bad. To the point I could see it ruining the “quick go” and “just one more race” elements causing me to play it less. We’ll see.
  18. Having played the opening scene of this game I'm going to cautiously give it a "highest recommendation". In fact the opening scene was pretty much perfect so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in. Two of the games planned five acts have been released so far. The official website gives a pretty good description: So far the game has a Cormac McCarthy feel to it which I really like.


    I'm not sure how much people know about what this is, but I've been playing it during the week and I'm a few hours in. It feels like the gameplay loop has been set in stone at this point, for better or worse, I don't think the game is going to change too much Gameplay wise things are fairly simple. You'll be tasked with catching specific Bugsnax, some are really easy to catch, just set a trap and wait for their patrol route to take them in to it then activate it. Others you'll need to coax over with various flavour of sauces. And some you'll have to be a bit more creative about, maybe they're too hot or cold to touch, maybe they're protected in some way, so you'll have to do a bit more than fling a trap down The point of all this is to meet the demands of the islanders (grumpus) to convince them to move back to their village. Once you've done that they'll give you some side quests and you'll be able to interview them, which moves on the larger story of where their leader is. It's here where things get a bit more interesting. It's not, so far, anything especially dark, but there's definitely more going on with these characters than just being wacky muppets It's... alright. I'm finding it hard to play for long periods, having to move back and forth between areas to find specific bugsnax, particularly if there's a time of day requirement to them or your backpack is full, it can be a bit of a grind. One of those games that's not in any way bad, just not necessarily all that much fun
  20. Way back in January 2013 this game raised £1.5 million on kickstarter, was released in 2015, followed by a Horizons "season pass" which looks like it is receiving its final major update this year. I bought the base game at some stage during the last two years and have finally gotten around to playing it. I've played it for over four hours so far. The game has a number of tutorial missions (and videos) which explain some of the fundamentals of the game, piloting and landing your ship, combat, travelling between planets. There's certainly a learning curve but I think I have the basic piloting, landing and navigation parts down now. I can't really speak for combat, I completed the basic combat tutorial but I haven't yet encountered any combat in the main "open" game, which I've played around 90 minutes of. You start off with a ship, 1000 credits and a mission to deliver data to another port. I completed that mission and you are then told which places to visit if you wish to learn about various aspects of the game. Each port has a mission board where you can take on a variety of missions, but you can't take on missions of a higher rank than your current rank. I'm still at the starting rank "Penniless". So far I've completed one extra mission, to supply copper. I haven't even scratched the surface of the surface of the game but just playing this most basic part of the game has been fun so far. I've been playing on PC, with a controller. Aesthetically, the game looks and sounds beautiful. The hyper space jumps or whatever they are called are amazingly eerie.
  21. radiofloyd


    Picked this up as something bright and colourful to counteract how dark and oppressive Outer Wilds is. You play as Stella, accompanied by her pet dog Daffodil, who has taken over from Charon as the “spiritfarer” - in other words, it’s a death management sim, but it’s not gloomy at all. The game looks and sounds absolutely stunning. I’ve literally only played 30 minutes but I loved it. Seems like the game will be a mix of exploration with gentle management elements.
  22. Played through it earlier. Really enjoyed it I have to say, watched all the first games cut scenes on YT so I knew what it was about before heading in. It's rather short as you say, chose the 'experienced' course and was pleased with how deep the combat is with the styles to switch in between, will take me a while to get used to the controls completely though, was still getting quite disorientated at times at the end and getting stuck in a ledge or something, but when it all comesa together it's great. There's nothing else like it really, very unique, graphically astounding and some great characters I've warmed to already, few worries over the combat and camera but it's still on track to be a day 1 buy for me.
  23. Bought this back in the Summer sale but only just got round to playing it. Been wanting to play it for ages because I love L4D and this seemed like almost a carbon copy of that game swapping Zombies for Rats. It's pretty much as I expected really, the template is so incredibly close to L4D its unbelievable really, if it weren't for the medieval looking maps it could honestly be a rat-people mod for L4D/L4D2, even the outlines for allies when they're slightly off-screen are the same green and red as Valve's masterpieces. Despite being rats some of the enemies behave in incredibly similar ways too, there's one that pilots a gatling gun (a ratling gun...), one that throws poisonous gas at the group, one that sneaks up on you and pins you to the ground and one that whips you away, even saw one that looked like an L4D tank, there's a few armoured rats too. The maps themselves don't feature safe-houses, but constant rolling objectives to fulfil, choke points with hordes of enemies and bosses/mini-bosses to slay, all the maps seem to have a medieval aesthetic so far but I've only played 2 missions so I can't be sure, can't say they're as interesting as L4D's maps though. Where it differs from L4D is in the protagonists and Loot system, there's 2 melee characters and 2 ranged/magic characters to choose from which offers more variation to L4D's line-up, and there's a loot system where the game will virtually roll a dice after you successfully complete a mission and give you a rare or common bit of loot on a sliding scale determined by the RND. So yeah, it's quite a lot of fun and for anyone that likes L4D I think they'll like this, enemies aren't quite as satisfying to beat up and the weapons aren't quite as nice to shoot/swing but still worth a go if you're looking to scratch that L4D itch that Valve has left unfulfilled. Only on PC at the moment but believe it's coming to console in the very near future.
  24. Well, this was surprising. Coming from the people that brought us the god-awful Rambo game, and having pretty much zero hype, I wasn’t expecting much. But this was actually alright. Certainly the best Terminator game in years, though that’s not saying much. Combat wise it’s pretty decent, though it’s a bit annoying that Terminators more or less insta-kill you, and your weapons do absolutely no damage to them. Thankfully the next level gives you a plasma rifle, so it’s payback time. There are Telltale style conversation choices, that affect the ending. Though not dramatically so. Still, the writing is decent, and the voice acting is good. It’s not massively long, I played most of it last night, and finished it this afternoon. But I had fun while doing so. It was certainly worth a rental.
  25. OCH

    Final Fantasy IX

    Not just for @bellow, but in general. With the recent multi-platform re-release, it is as good a time as any for those looking to return or jump in for the first time to one of the least contentious fan favourites in the series. With a little something, to set the mood... (Yes, this was a real thing)
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