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Found 284 results

  1. Sambob


    This is a bit hard then. Them load times too. Played half an hour, mainly been the same bit over and over.
  2. illdog


    This is a Metroidvania set in the retro robot future by our friends at Double Fine. You play as a floating head in a space helmet that can vacuum the heads of of resident robots and land on their bodies and take control. Certain coloured doors must be opened by certain colour robots, so sometimes you gotta find the right colour then take it back to an area to be able to progress. Apart from the unique hook it's pretty much a Metroidvania by numbers. Lots of back tracking, unlocking of powers, sprawling maps with hidden rooms. It's a good one mind, it's set in the future with a 60's vibe which gives it a cool look. I've finished it 100%, took me about 11 hours. It can be a bit of a pain getting around the map sometimes which is a critisim I find in most of these type of games. Also, when there's a lot going on and you find yourself with out a body it can be fucking hard to see your tiny head amongst the lasers, explosions and colours. Overall though I h(e)ad a great time. Currently part of Xbox Game Pass which was a nice surprise as I've been waiting for it to go on sale since it came out. Here's the Giant Bomb quick look if you fancy it: You can pick your starter head, i was a woman so that guy aint my headlander! Definately worth a go.
  3. Blakey

    Yakuza Kiwami

    Started this earlier, got about 4 hours in. It's pretty much what I expected really, borrows a lot from 0 in terms of the 4 fight styles available in battle (Brawler, Beast, Rush and Dragon), aesthetics and uses the same engine. From what I've played so far the story seems much slower and more convoluted than 0, with 0 I felt that threw you right into the deep-end right at the beginning and had you assaulting the Dojima Family HQ within about 30 minutes of beginning the game, whereas with this for the first 30 minutes or so you're running around a heavily cordoned off Kamurocho (so great to be back) trying to buy a Ring for a Woman Kiryu's trying to impress, with the main thrust of the game taking place after that and featuring tons of time jumps between '95, '96 and 2000 back to Present (2005). It just gets a bit hard to keep up at times, I think if I'd not of played 0 I wouldn't have a clue who most of the main characters are either, definitely helps playing that and having a backstory to people like Nishiki, Kazama-San etc., knowing what they used to be like before this game. So yeah, typical Yakuza really, tons of glorious cinematic cutscenes and beating dudes' skulls in with Motorbikes, Scooters and signage in some lavish locales and office buildings. Only after reaching Chapter 4 did I get full access to Kamurocho as well without any gates, felt so good to be able to run around and go exactly where I wanted to go after quite some time. Of course the first thing I did after seeing the unlocked map was find out where the naughty stuff was and head straight for the 'Gentlemen's Club' also noticed an Adult Video store on the map too which I'll have to explore tomorrow. The first two cutscenes with Majima were the funniest moments in the game so far, particularly when he's in disguise as a Policeman the second time and wants to search you to see if you've got any 'Smut DVDs' on you . Only done two side quests so far and they were cool and kooky but didn't stray too far into zany hilarity of Zero's just yet, but yeah, still very early days. Unsurprisingly then I really dig it so far. It definitely doesn't seem as expansive or grandiose as 0 in almost every way, definitely more of a focused lower-key story with only one area to play around in this time around, less mini-games and none of the cool distractions like Real Estate or Hostess Club Management but yeah seeing as I never played the original game back in the day I'm very happy with the way this is going and can't wait to dive into the open-world distractions more tomorrow.
  4. Put 4 hours into this earlier. First thing you notice in an uncharted game is the graphics, they blew me away and left me flabbergasted once again, this is the first Uncharted game I've seen in 4K HDR and it is absolutely fucking magnificent, I could write paragraphs and paragraphs just about the level of detail in this game and the lighting, it is quite frankly ridiculous and I don't know how they manage it, ND are truly gods among men. The first few chapters are basically the PSX 2016 stage demo, there's more buildup to it and little details like the Chloe not wearing a hijab but yeah you make your way through an Indian city at night whilst a war is raging all around you, everything just looks so amazing I was stopping every few seconds and panning the camera just looking at how incredible everything looked. Anyway, you reach the part where the PSX demo ended and this sequence goes on a bit longer, you steal something, get caught then run away from the chasing Indian rebel army using the rooftops and zip-lines all whilst it's thrashing down with rain, thunder and lightning around you. Once this is over you enter the main area in the Indian savannah, think Madagascar in U4 and you've pretty much got it. It looks almost exactly the same as that, you have a Jeep to get around, there's places to winch the Jeep to get into, enemy encampments dotted around, exotic animals to fawn over and all that good stuff. Where it differs though is you're mainly left to your own devices to explore. There is an overarching objective to find three monuments to Indian gods in some tombs dotted around the environment but you can go where you like, find loads of treasures, pick up collectible tokens to unlock a reward and much more freedom overall than any Uncharted game before it, you can also choose to explore enemy camps and take them out or leave them be, I think this is the first time an Uncharted game has felt truly open-world to me, it's still relatively small, granted but it's still a dense exotic environment that you can have some fun in. The collectible tokens are a really cool idea, instead of just picking them up you have to do a trial in order to get them (actually reminded me of BotW in a way). This can be doing a wheel puzzle on a wall, a physics puzzle like using your weight to see-saw open a hatch or having to ring 8 bells at the same time to get some metal bolts on a door to open, some are a bit more dull like just throwing a grenade at a wall, but some of them have some really nice ideas about them. The rustic feel to the map as Chloe crosses off another token is very satisfying too. It has taken me a while to warm to Chloe and Nadine, I'm used to hating Nadine from U4 so seeing her so buddy-buddy and one of the protagonists is a bit jarring at first. Chloe's great though, their relationship is a bit tense and business-like at the beginning but has already grown in the time I've been playing it and I love the banter between the two of them as I'm riding around in the Jeep, I particularly love Nadine's probing of Chloe's time with Drake. When under questioning Chloe says 'I know Nate well, but his brother literally appeared out of thin air' which I thought was a funny reference to Sam being suddenly introduced into the Uncharted-universe in U4. Took me a while to get used to the combat, but after a few shoot-outs I was zipping around the mini-arena's, stealthing people (the new silent pistol is a god-send) to death and firing some weighty machine-guns when I got found out. Haven't really noticed it to be a lot different than U4 really, if you liked the combat in that you'll like this, there does seem to be more options for stealth this time around though which is always nice. So yeah, I think if you liked Uncharted 4 you'll like this, maybe if you like open-world action games but not necessarily Uncharted you'll like it too, there's more chance anyway than past instalments, particularly if you felt irked or annoyed by the Drakes and their narrative baggage anyway. Photos below:
  5. spatular

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    So it’s a rally game, it’s very much like the first dirt rally, it’s pretty difficult, mainly because of the narrow roads. Was as thinking maybe it’s a bit easier than the first game, then did a stage in a rear wheel drive car, in the rain at night. It’s still really hard. the handling seems really good, bit better than the first one maybe, but I’ve only played with the slow cars and a rear wheel drive car, which I didn’t use much in the first game so hard to tell yet. Initial impressions of the pace notes are pretty good. the force feedback is alright, not great, the fun rumbling effects are missing it seems, but the important grip/handling info is there, if a bit weak. Hopefully this will be improved. Not played either game much with a pad but the first seemed really difficult, this seemed much better. Graphics are are pretty good, even on my old pc, nice foliage, nice weather effects. On one hand I’m not too keen on the 2.0 thing, but on the other hand it’s a nod to one of the best games ever so I’ll let it pass. theres also Rallycross, I sort of don’t care about this so will only try it when I’ve run out of rallying to do. so yeah it’s really good, if you like sort of realistic rally games with narrow tracks that are really difficult, this is the game for you! oh yeah it’s out Tuesday unless you buy the fancy version, I sort of don’t like it when they do that, and wasn’t really bothered about getting it early, but wanted the souped up dirt 1 dlc tracksthat come with it, and the price for the pc version was not so bad.
  6. Hendo

    Dead Cells

    Only played a few minutes before I go to sleep, but yep, pretty sweet so far. One thing I thought was really cool is that one of the menu options is you can change the appearance of the food in game. Could be as simple as you’re veggie or vegan and you would rather not everything be meat, but there’s also some silly options like “Castlevaniaesque” and “monster”. In related and weird news, IGN (or their freelancer) appear to have stolen an indie guy’s video review script. Apparently IGN hav taken down their review while they investigate.

    Far Cry New Dawn

    This hasn't reviewed amazingly, and while I loved Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon, I couldn't muster to energy to do the same stuff again in far Cry 4 and 5. In fact I booted up Far Cry 4 towards the end of last year because I wanted a nonsense fps to play, and I still couldn't. I ended up doing the pacifist ending, then booted it back up and ran about it bit, then realised I just couldn't be arsed For whatever reason the more I've seen of Far Cry New Dawn the more I've been interested in it. I think knowing that it's shorter is a big part of it, like I said I loved 3 but the amount of time I spent with it, doing the same routine over and over did start to drag by the final island, although at the time I put that down to me doing everything before moving the story on. New Dawn looks amazing, maybe a bit too amazing. I'm playing it on high settings (it can go to ultra) on a GTX 1080 at 1080p, and I still get framerate drops to 50 every now and then. It's less when there's lots of combat, more when I'm in dense woodland with lots of mist and fog. Which I mention because it is ridiculously dense, so dense I've been bitten by snakes I couldn't see, and have to rely on watching when and where my A.I. teammate starts screaming and where she's shooting at. I'm impressed with how it looks though, I had this pegged as a bit half-arsed, and granted it could be I didn't play 5, but the colour and the environments look great Gameplay wise it's kind of just Far Cry. It's not as reliant on taking back encampments as the old games, although there are still some, and there's no radio towers. You're still randomly getting attacked by animals, and there's still a skill tree, you're still playing good guys vs bad guys. Enemies take more damage before they go down than I remember, with some enemies having a 2nd health bar, possibly a 3rd but I've not seen that yet. You're kind of dumped out in to the open world pretty early, you have a story mission but it's far enough across the map that you can't help but do other things along the way. A lot of the side stuff involves you stopping trucks, be it for all important ethanol or less important humans, chasing them down isn't fun, being in the right place to stand in the road and shotgun the driver in the face is fun, that said I've not managed to get an ethanol truck yet. Beyond that, I've just been rescuing people by killing bad guys I'm really enjoying it though, played for hours tonight and I've still not got halfway to the first proper story mission. Before I go there I've got some treasure to find, an ally to recruit, then a bunch of buildings to kill everyone in, then I'll do the thing I've been asked to do
  8. Got my copy early so gave this a go this afternoon after I finished The Inpatient. Starts off similarly to a lot of Monster Hunters, getting you into your camp quite quickly after a few scripted sequences, tutorials and lots of cutscenes. Spent awhile honing my character - went for my traditional ginger lady, had to change her hair as soon as I was able to in camp though as it just looked shite. Went for a tour of the camp and tried to take in where everything is, there’s definitely a lot to take in but I remember quite a bit of the layout already. Chose my weapon - went for the Insect Glaive. Tried it out in the training room afterwards and had an absolute blast with it, felt like Dante or Bayonetta or some shit, I was doing aerial gymnastics like nobodies business. Went on a quest after this to kill some jagras which was incredibly simple, cool to finally get to do my first quest. As soon as I finished all the online stuff opened up, I didn’t even realise the servers were online yet. Messed about a bit with the squads and checking out the new gathering hall which is fantastic. I’ve created a squad for us by the way, it’s called MFGamers - unsurprisingly - if you search for it whenever y’all get the game it should pop up, if not send me a message and I’ll invite you. Hardly got into it really, but it looks and feels phenomenal so far, cannot wait to get truly stuck in to some tough monsters in my next session.
  9. spatular


    I don't know anything about the main game mode, only played the free battle royale rip off mode. Played that mode loads. It's a rip off of that playerunknown battlegrounds (pubg) game, I'm not too up on that game but the main differences I think are that there are no vehicles in this and you can build stuff in this. There's some controversy about ripping off the idea, and maybe some other stuff, I'm not sure really. I guess the first copies of something popular always get more stick. On the plus side this game has sold me pubg and I'll be getting it on Xbox. Anyway back to fortnite, I think it's great, especially in a team, you start in the party bus with about 100 people with only a pick axe, look at the map, pick a spot to drop in, if there's people going to the same place do you try to get there first and get a gun and fight straight away, or divert to somewhere else. the map constantly shrinks in size as the storm covers the island, loot is random. I prefer to start near the outside in usually less populated areas, running in with the storm there's less likely to be people behind you, but you probably won't get as good loot as if you'd gone to a town. When you see someone do you fight or hide, there's constant decisions like this going on, it's always different and often cool stuff happens. when you get to the end do you build a fort or try and hide. I'm not sure I'm really explaining it very well but then apparently loads of people watch pubg on the internet so everyone probably already knows. I think my friend said this, it sums it up well saying it's a bit like playing a zombie/apocalypse survival film. The building works well too, you can get some really impressive structures people have built at the end. Anyway yeah it's really good, especially for free. Anyone else playing it? Oh yeah I think I should give them some money, but currently I don't like any of the outfits and they're about a tenner each or something, which puts me off, if it was maybe a pack of 5 for £15 or something, and I liked a few of them, I think something like that I'd be much more likely to spend.


    I haven't played a huge amount of this but someone should start a thread It's the easy comparison but Wargroove is basically Advance Wars meets Fire Emblem, but bigger. It's got the commander concept, stronger units that mean victory/failure if defeated, and who also have special abilities that can affect surrounding units (health recovery, defence boost, an extra turn), this is the titular Wargroove. Aside from that it's the familar Advance Wars tile based gameplay, with units being strong or weak against other types or units. This could be clearer, you click on them and have little icons that show the types they're strong to or weak to, but it might be better to have it spelt out a little more, maybe even showing that they're boosted as you line up an attack. There's also critical traits, things like having two pikemen next to each other means that the one that's attacking will have boosted attack. It's a key part of the gameplay but some are much easier to act out than others. For whatever reason, as much as Wargroove is Advance Wars and it is Fire Emblem, it doesn't quite feel like either of them, it's not as immediate or as compulsive. It might just be that it's be that it's not as good, the first Advance Wars rates as right up amongst the most I've enjoyed a game on first encountering it. I think part of it is the maps, they're larger than the early stages of the Nintendo games its aping, and they quite quickly start trying to trip you up in a way that those games don't in their early stages. The fog of war it introduces for example, Advance Wars would leave enemies very deliberately in place so you could breeze through learning the mechanic, Wargroove turns it in to a proper level. It also feels like some units are just not very good, it's less rock/paper/scissors and more that swordsmen are just worse than pikemen. The longer length of missions is probably not helping it either, but then, that's just in comparison to Advance Wars and the like, it's a good game, it just suffers because it wears its influences so obviously I will say though, I'm enjoying it, and the way the audio pans as you attack from one side of the screen to the other is a great touch
  11. I managed to play a few hours last night, managing to get off the starter planet and visit five or six more. My first thoughts are that it's not a game for everybody - but i'm enjoying just pottering around the planets, hunting down points of interest and making a killing by trading on the galactic exchange. The starting ship looks a bit like a bath tub with rockets strapped to it so i'm prioritising a new one that looks better and has more space to haul my loot. Out of the five or so planets i've visited, i've found an ice planet, a planet of toxic rain covered in phallic looking bright green tree's, and a planet covered in mostly water, where I lucked out and found a bunch of monuments clustered together that taught me some new alien lingo, which by understanding the word 'rare' made me give a load of rare minerals to what looked like a third member of Daft Punk and make him happy. My favourite animal so far is what I can only describe as a meat based slinky with an elephant face, although seen plenty of variety - followed a weird bouncing sea anemone type thing around for a while as it was so bizarre. My only disappointment so far is that they seem to have made it impossible to crash your ship. Theres an invisible barrier above all planets that means you can only get as close to 50 or so feet above the ground. Landing is simply holding down square for a few seconds. But so far so good - as said, not a game for everyone - it's a really slow/gentile game to play - in fact probably one of the most relaxing games i've ever played. And i can't stop thinking about it either.
  12. Blakey told me to put it here but I feel BBS is too old and small a game for its own thread so I figure I'd just make one for the collection itself BBS is the only one I intend to catch up on for now as well as that prologue thing (it's like three hours long apparently and is a direct sequel to BBS) Cross posting from KHIII thread I'm about 5 hours into Terra's "campaign" in BBS and I'm getting bored. This game feels starved of the charm of the PS2 game. Environments are really bare (even the ones that are returning) and the cutscenes arent always animat ed very well. Voice performances are worse than on PS2. I think I miss Donald and Goofy. So basically it's a PSP adapt ation of a console game with all the downgrades that you'd expect. But the combat is actually quite alright. I find Terra very slow and stiff to control but there's some neat stu ff in there. I think the BBS team is also the KHIII team as well so some of this will carry over maybe. EDIT Well I beat Terra's campaign. The final section was actually pretty cool. Lots of one on one boss fights. The story still doesn't make sense tho cause you have to play the other two characters to see wtf is going on with them. Nier Automata all over again . The game as a whole just feels so bare tho. Rubbish versions of Disney worlds and very few NPCs. If this is the high watermark of the KH spinoffs then Im not too sorry I missed them. Xenahort or however you spell it is a fun guy tho. EDIT2 I was just looking at the voice talent for this game. Leonard Nemoy is Xeonhort!? 🤯 And Mark Hamill plays Master Eraqus, who is based off of Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy. Two cool dudes for the price of one.
  13. I'm surprised there is no thread for any of these. I got this a little while ago and just started getting around to it. I've not really played any of these games before except looking at the Vita one for a few minutes when it was on PS+ so I'm more than a little late to this party. So its a relatively simple block puzzle game with ties to music. You make up squares and they disappear... then you get points and you have to last a long time. Sorry, I'm not very good at the game yet and I don't think I understand it that well. I've played a few of the missions were it sets up certain situations and you have one move to eliminate all the blocks but I've not been strategically setting anything up yet in the main game; I just whack stuff down vaguely together hoping it will all combo together further down the line. I do try to time my dropped blocks to get the most down before the music's BPM(?) bar does a scan so I can get the most down and get combos... I think, that's how it works. I'm having fun with it, anyway. I'm a bit hot or cold with the music so far to be honest but I'm enjoying the game. I have no idea how I'm gonna get anywhere near @spatular's score.
  14. Well,this is a very welcome return for the Onimusha series. It’s been laying dormant for far too long (So has Dino Crisis,Capcom. Hint hint). So when it was announced that the first game was getting a Remaster,I was all for it. I absolutely loved these games back in the day,which was basically “Resident Evil but in Samurai times”. And the game has held up really well. The combat is simple enough to learn, one button for sword attacks,another for magic,one for blocking. Killing enemies earns souls,which are used to level up your gear. The graphics have been given a nice lick of paint, it looks good. Though as it’s a straight up port,there’s things to be aware of. Cutscenes are totally unskippable. Which wouldn’t be a problem,except for the infamous Water Puzzle section. Which puts you through 3 traps in a row,the final being a sliding tile puzzle,which are always a massive ball ache. Made worse here as you’re up against a time limit,and failing means doing the entire section again, after going through a lengthy cutscene preceding it. YouTube guides to the rescue for that bloody bit. It would have been nice to have some extra content thrown in,such as a history of the series,promotional material,stuff like that. Something like the effort Capcom put in to the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection last year. And it’s a shame it’s only the first game,rather than all 3 in one collection. But I’m just glad to have the series back. And hopefully we will see more of it in the future.
  15. AndyKurosaki

    Just Cause 4

    I spent the end of last year finally getting around to Just Cause 3. It had been languishing in my backlog for ages,so one day I thought “I really need to play this”. Leading to me happily playing through to the end,taking over the entire region of Medici,and doing the DLC,which increased the carnage with a missle+machine gun wingsuit,and mech. Having had so much fun with it,I bumped JC4 to the top of my Boomerang rental list. It just arrived today,so spent an hour or so playing it. I noticed a number of reviews say it looked graphically worse than JC3. Having that game fresh in my mind,I have to say I agree. It doesn’t look awful,but something is definitely off. I’m not entirely sure why,but at the moment I prefer the way JC3 looked. At the moment my weapon inventory is limited to two guns,as opposed to the previous system of two guns and a pistol. Maybe that changes as you progress in the game. I don’t like that the button to swap weapons is the same as reloading. You press Square (on PS4) to reload,hold it to swap weapons. It feels weird. As for taking over regions? Gone is the whole “go to an area,blow up everything and take it over” setup. Instead, you get rebels to take over places by assigning them to a region. You have to unlock more people for your army by causing Chaos. I haven’t played enough yet to judge how that properly works. But it feels like an unnecessary change. I liked liberating everything myself,so I’m not entirely sure how this will play out. I intend to play plenty more of it, as the series has always been fun. But I can see why this got a mixed reaction in reviews.
  16. radiofloyd

    Shenmue 1 & 2

    Couldn’t find a thread for these so I made a new one. I played a little over an hour of the first game, just as far as exploring Dobuita a little. Of course this is Japan in the 80s, so thirty years before the Japan I’ve experienced, but still so little has changed. Visually from the streets, the houses, the parks...this is what Japan is like. And the young children in the game that meet Ryo speak exactly like Japanese children do now. The scene with the girl and the kitten next to the shrine was very touching. So far so good! Playing the game on PC by the way, connected to my tv and using a wired controller. Resolution is 1920x1080 or something along those lines.
  17. So this doesn't even try not to be Castlevania. It's got the same intro screen and everything. Even the C in "Curse" is the C from Castlevania. This is proper old school retroness - 8 bit music, 8 bit graphics and 8 bit gameplay. If you've played any old Castlevania game you'll know exactly what you're in for and if you haven't you're a cunt and you should fuck off. You only get to pick Normal difficulty from the off but you get to pick between two gameplay variants. Casual in which lives are unlimited and enemy hits don't knock you back and Veteran which plays like the old Castlevania games and offers more of a challenge. You set off on your side scrolling adventure from left to right in control of (i forget his name). He has a sword and that sword has limited range and can only be poked in front of you. You destroy lamps (instead of candles) which drops mostly ammo for sub weapons but also yields hearts for health regen and cash for good old fashioned points! Although they are worth bagging as got an extra life at 20,000. I've only played the first two levels so far but each level has predictably ended in a boss fight. Upon defeat of said boss you unlock a new ally of whom you can control. You can switch between allies with the shoulder buttons and each has their own health bar for tactical switching. The first ally I got was a chick with a whip, a higher jump and a ground slide. This new ground slide technique is handy to go under things that the main guy couldn't (cos for some reason he cant slide). I noticed plenty of opportunities to use this slide on the first level so I guess at some point you can go through it with her, maybe after completion, i dont fucking know. She also has a different set of sub weapons also. I've just beat the second level boss and unlocked a third character so i'm gonna go try him out. The game hasn't been too tough so far, i'm yet to lose a life but I'm expecting that to change. I've enjoyed the music so far as well. Do with that info what you will.
  18. Been plugging away at this in fits and starts since Xmas but have finally managed to make some headway on it this week since finishing DQXI. I had been excited to play through these as I missed out on 1 and 2 when I was a kid but absolutely loved Year of the Dragon. I knew these games couldn’t match the levels of nostalgia I had for the Crash Remaster Trilogy but I nevertheless wanted to play through them and see if they stand up in 2019. I’ve been playing the first game in the series, about 8 hours in. My impression so far has been a mixed one really, it definitely hasn’t matched up to Crash in terms of difficulty or challenge which has been a disappointment and the whole ethos of the game overall is way more chilled than Crash. It’s more along the lines of a DK64/Banjo-Kazooie type collectathon platformer where you have to get x amount of items, gems etc. To 100% a level. These kinds of games are as rare as hens teeth these days and playing through it after lots of massively long games is a breath of fresh air. Every now and then it’s good to just play a game that is charming and fun and this has got both those elements in abundance. The graphics are excellent too with some really beautiful areas, I’ve obviously no idea how these compare to the original but I know there was initially some controversy over the sky-boxes or something but that all went over my head. But yeah, each zone is of a fantasy-type motif but featuring the usual snow, desert, earth type areas but the heavenly one in the clouds I’m in now and the last swampy area have been a real delight. I have found myself growing tired of it after awhile as the same collectathon-type levels (only broken up by the odd flying challenge level - which are excellent and provide the only real challenge in the game) get very repetitive after awhile. Sometimes I can’t really be arsed to play it but then I’ll dip back in, get in a level and just get utterly lost in it. It really sets the ol’ endorphins off in the brain every time you do something, you get gems and a cool little melody plays, you kill an enemy and the same happens, you free a Dragon, you make a tricky gliding jump and it’s satisfying, it just feels good. It just ends up being a real dopamine rush with positive reinforcement after positive reinforcement handed out to you, like constantly getting patted on the back. It’s a nice feeling. But yeah, it’s not amazing or anything but I recommend it for the £20-odd I paid for it. I have a feeling 3 will resonate with me the most since that’s the only one I’d actually played previously. Pics:
  19. So, this has been out a while on PC and is soon coming to consoles and now i've finally got around to giving it a go. Like the first game, It's an insanely open CRPG where you can pretty much tackle most situations anyway you like and has an excellent elemental based combat system (cast a rain spell and electrocute it to shock everyone, poison clouds are combustible - that sort of thing). The customisation is nuts - you can spec out your starting character any way you like, even specifying the main instrument used for dramatic musical moments (I went for the cello). You can even choose which specialty you want any other characters who join to have. Once your past the first 'tutorial' area your left to your own devices exploring an area around a fort. There's very little hand holding here and every NPC is worth talking to - the writing is fantastic. The detail level in the areas is bonkers. I'm only a few hours in, and the fights have kicked my arse a few times (still working out a solid character load out) but it's awesome. Oh - and it has full co-op as well which i'm hoping to start up this weekend with three others.
  20. Sambob

    Final Fantasy 15

    This arrived yesterday and I've played 11 hours so far...it's really good, it's a bold statement but I think it's the happiest I've been with a game in terms of expectations and how it's been to play it. It's very skyrim in the exploration. It really isn't linear at all, I'm on chapter three now and it's unbelievably open world. This might be the one in the series that brings people in, it's hardly a final fantasy at all.
  21. Hendo


    Super hard indie platformer? Count me in and watch as I never complete it. This is made by the people who made Towerfall and although it is 2D and retro styled, it’s a completely different thing as it’s a single player game, more like Super Meat Boy. There’s optional collectibles (strawberries) but the thing I find concerning is part of it is gated by other collectibles. Featured in this video by Dunkey: I’m on the third chapter and it hasn’t been too difficult so far but I can see where it’s headed.
  22. Blakey


    Played around 2 hours of this earlier. I pre-ordered this on PS4 ages ago but never got around to playing it for whatever reason, with a small gap between finishing SotTR and AC:OD on Tuesday I have time to go back to a few small games and play through them so this is one of the first that came to mind. It's a PSVR title so unfortunately no one without the headset will be able to experience it but I thought I'd write about my experiences nonetheless. I should mention that I have - briefly - played it already as it was included in the PSVR Demo Disc #2 at the beginning of the year, I was so impressed with it then which is why I picked it up. The game is told in a fantasy storybook kind of way with you as the 'reader' looking in on the events of Quill's story. You play as Quill, a small charming Mouse from a leafy mouse kingdom. Everything is jolly at first and the vibrant opening area is a real treat for the eyes but this being a game things predictably take a turn for the worse and Quill must set out on an adventure that will leave the comforts of her home world and take her to some of the other dark, dangerous regions dotted about in her world. You look in on Quill's world as the 'reader' seeing her scamper about in various diorama-like stages with a page turning sound playing when you get to the next diorama in a chapter. You play with a controller - as opposed to the wands or other input devices - and directly control Quill, but you can also interact with various movable objects in a stage using the light bar at the front of the DS4 controller. The way the game plays early on is a relatively simple puzzle platformer where you have to move blocks, staircases and other objects onto buttons so Quill can proceed into the next room. They do quickly become more difficult though with multi-room solutions, turning switches on and off and manipulating enemies into a position using your 'reader' power. All stuff we've seen before really but the feel to Quill, her animations as she scampers about and how lifelike she is draw you in and the feel of controlling her, manipulating enemies and obstacles blocking her way feels really tactile and nice to pull off. The combat is the only thing I'm not sure about yet. It's relatively simple featuring a sword hit on Square and a dodge on X but it is quite a bit more challenging than I was expecting and am worried that it may become a crutch later on. but it does make it way more satisfying to clear a room of enemies than I was expecting from a game like this. The enemy variety has surprised me with one marksman type, one melee type and one that will follow you everywhere and blow you up with Goo if you're not careful. There's scrolls to pick up whilst you're exploring too, placed in some reasonably difficult locations that really makes you think for a few minutes how you get up to it, which keeps you on your toes and looking at every angle of the diorama possible so you don't miss anything. So, so far I'm very impressed with it, it hasn't blown me away or anything but it's a great charming little platformer on an unusual platform
  23. Sambob

    Destiny 2

    Thought I'd make an impressions thread before illdog gets upset and pops his hip out. I've played about 3 hours, and have opened up zavalla's patrol area after having done a few patrol kind of areas on earth. I think the way that the missions have been set out so far has been really good, its nicely integrated with the traditional patrol stuff so it isn't just select story or patrol. And the patrol type 'adventures' have been good so far, slightly more there than go and kill this random guy or scan this random thing its like a mini mission as it should be. Gun play is, in my opinion, fucking great. I found a scout rifle called thistle and whistle or some nonsense and it was just fun to kill things with, felt great to use and I was genuinely sad to see it get out levelled by an assault rifle that was twice as powerful. Also got a hand cannon called headstrong I think and it looked and felt great, like the gunslinger uses in Dark Tower if anyone has seen that, looks proper clunky and felt like it packed a real punch too. The way that power and light and all that bollocks is done has changed too. Haven't quite grasped the nuances yet but its generally the same principle, better stuff drops from baddies and mission rewards and vendors and so on and you equip it to increase your 'power'. The early game sees you pretty constantly changing gear as more and more formidable stuff drops, and I'm guessing this will cap out to the point where you find a nice set you are happy with and then try and tweak that until its perfect. Not done any multi or anything yet, going to finish main missions first. Oh theres a story too this time, like a proper one with a more coherent plot. Jury is still out on that one though, seems okay so far?

    Dragon Quest XI

    My god this game is adorable It's a bit sickly to begin with. I really liked the english voices in DQ8, while it was hardly the Witcher it had the slightest of rough edges to the characters, so far everyone has been far too nice. It's the wrong side of cliched too, you the born-again saviour, abandoned in a small village and have just discovered your origins and this is so far the worst thing about the game. Dragon Quest 5 has one of the great JRPG stories imo, 4 is unique, 7 is fairly decent, but the last couple have a really plain protagonist and a nothing story It's too easy to begin with too. I'm still very early, and I've been running around the area outside the first town, getting in to fights against things I'd actually quite like plushies of, and for the most part I'm one-hitting, or only taking 2hp damage. It will get more interesting later on though, especially once there's a few more party members It's very familiar, which is nice, I like the Dragon Quest games, and it's simple. They've brought back a couple of developments from past games. There's the 'pep' system I'm sure I used in something, I can't remember what though, but essentially, if you get hit a few times you become 'pepped up' (not enraged because, like I said, this game has no edge), and become more powerful. There's also skill points when you level up (once you're a bit in to the game). You'll still unlock spells naturally, as you gain levels, but there's other attributes and skills you can spend points to buy, opening up a hexagonal skilltree with each skill you pick. This might mean picking a special sword attack, a boost to your attack, or extra spells I'm not sure you'd otherwise learn The pc version is very much a console port. I was playing it in 4k before and it looks ridiculously nice, but the graphics options are all on a scale of 1-3 (or 1-5), with stuff like shadows and AA being as far as you can drill down. There's also a console quirk where by, you can shut the game down from the menu in the game, but if you go to a church to save (there's sporadic autosaving, it really could do with something better on pc given you can't suspend), save, then when asked if you want to continue select no, you'll go back to the title screen, but there's no option to shut the game down from there. Not the end of the world, you can just alt F4, and the port itself runs perfectly well so far, just an odd thing I noticed anyway, the main thing is it's adorable
  25. “Legend”? Well,that’s debatable. The original was god-awful,yet for some reason gained a cult following. Which led to this game,a side-scrolling beat-em-up,which remains one of my favourite genres in gaming. Will this reach the standards of Streets Of Rage et al? (Spoiler: Not bloody likely). The load times are atrocious. Which feels deliberate,just so you can “enjoy” Shaq’s rap. Because if Kazaam showed us anything,it’s that he is quite skilled on the mic. The “jokes” are so dated,it’s baffling. One boss riffs on Vanilla Ice. Another on Kim Kardashian’s arse. And one on Paris Hilton,with Shaq directly referencing her sex tape. Which immediately makes you think two things: Shaq knows what her sex tape is,and why make a reference to something so ancient? Then there’s the combat. Which is ok,except for one major problem: it’s piss easy. Weapons and throwable barrels respawn in an area in a matter of seconds,meaning hordes of enemies are absolutely no challenge. This gets worse when you find and active a special power up,either a mech suit,or cactus. At this point,the game doesn’t even try to be difficult. As in either get-up,you have infinite ammo,and the only way you’ll even take any damage is if you put the control pad on the floor and do nothing. And these sections last a good 3/4 minutes,throwing a ton of enemies at you that pose as much threat as a packet of Bourbon biscuits. But then you reach a boss,and hit a massive difficulty spike. Which throws you off guard, as you go from no challenge whatsoever,to dying in no time at all. And with only one life,this leads to a lot of repeats. And the finishing touch,is it’s buggy as fuck. I got to one boss,and halfway through each attempt, it completely crashed on me. 5 of that in a row and I went “Yeah,fuck it,I’m out”. So,yeah. It’s a bit bollocks.
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