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Found 278 results

  1. AndyKurosaki

    Street Fighter V

    So I got on the beta. For all the fucking good that did,haven't even got it to work yet. I'll give it another try after work tonight. But my initial impressions so far are, if it doesn't work for a beta,the full release is hardly promising.
  2. Started this today, put in about 3 hours. It left a hell of a first impression I must say, absolutely loved what I've played so far. I played 2014's The Stick of Truth and whilst I thought it was very good overall, it lost its way towards the end for me and became incredibly repetitive, leaving a sour taste in my mouth as I limped over the finish line. Being a huge South Park fan and seeing an idea like that executed so well and with all the trademark humour and lore established in the show translated into the game flawlessly was fantastic. Being able to go around South Park and explore every nook and cranny of it, finding chinpokomon and all sorts of mad side quests, it was really cool. But towards the end it became real repetitive and a lot of the reason for that was the combat. It was enjoyable for the most part and quite a bit of fun but towards the end where you're put into challenging fight after challenging fight it felt like a real slog. It just felt too basic for me after x number of hours, it didn't feel as deep or tactical enough as I wanted it to be and just became a chore. Fast forward to 2018 when I finally get round to playing the second South Park game, The Fractured But Whole, and I was somewhat trepidatious as to what to expect. Even though it has been over 3 years since I played the last game the finale left such a sour taste in my mouth that I really didn't know if I was going to enjoy this or not, I thought it would just be more of the same and with Ubi SF taking over development duties I just didn't know whether it would have as much charm and humour as the original game. Thankfully - as mentioned at the introduction, the opening 3 hours of the game I've played today have put all my worries to bed. It has just been an absolute joy to play in every regard, exploring the town again, speaking to all the characters around the town that we know and love. It's just great to be back in South Park again. Probably the best aspect for me though has been the ability to open every door on every house or store and look in a hell of a lot of cupboards for loot, it is just incredibly addicting in a Fallout kind of way, I can't remember an awful lot from the first game apart from the ending, combat and the abortion clinic so I don't remember the first game having this level of loot to find. I remember going to people's housing and exploring the town - looking for chinpokomon especially - but yeah I don't remember there being this level of reward for looking in every draw in a house or store. Another aspect is the little puzzles you come across, some have that metroidvania element to them where you haven't got a certain ability yet so will have to come back later to get to the chest/item just out of reach in a particular locale. That level of exploration, exploring the town and encountering all these little side quests you can pick up like discovering who key'd Randy's car at night or speaking to Morgan Freeman in the Taco stand so he can teach you how to Craft bits and pieces. There's a ton of collectibles too, but the main ones I've found so far are these Japanese-style art pieces called Youi or something like that which are a bit anime looking and quite strange. One of the other new elements is the 'Coonstagram' stuff which encourages you to take a selfie with everyone you can see so you can get more followers - and unlock more missions down the line I presume. So there's another puzzle element of getting someone to have a selfie with you, sometimes it'll be something simple like buying stuff from a vendor but other times you'll have to help Jimmy finish a school project or something like that. There's also this artifact system where you can equip one into a 'hero slot' on your character and it'll give you and your team some kind of boost in combat. Most hilarious one I've found so far is a buttplug I found in Big Gay Al and Mr Slave's house that gave me +35 'might. You can find costumes all over South Park too - of course I got the AC costume with some uPlay units though The aspect that has impressed me the most though and is the biggest improvement from the original is most definitely the combat. I don't remember it especially well from the first game but here it feels SO much deeper and a hell of a lot more tactical with the new tactics grid. The grid enables you and a bunch of enemies to move about turn by turn, using different x, y, x or a abilities but all the abilities require a certain placement in order to attack multiple enemies or knock an enemy back into another for a bonus. A lot of abilities cannot be activated if the targeting square cannot reach the enemies square so placement on the grid itself is key. As well as this there's numerous ailments to consider and AOE damage when certain enemies die, you still have a timed element by pressing A at the right time when taking a hit or doing a move - which fills up your Ultimate meter quicker - but it doesn't seem as full on as the first game and the tactics grid makes everything feel much clearer and less simplistic if that makes sense. A bit more side-scroll XCOM-lite and less Child of Light if that makes sense to anyone So yeah, I really didn't expect to be as impressed as I am with it but it's safe to say it has got me hook line and sinker, cannot wait to dive back in tomorrow. Some pics:
  3. Blakey

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Started playing this a few nights ago thanks to a free 30 day code I received from a guy on another forum, always wanted to give it a go but didn't want to pay the money to take the plunge I suppose. Decided on a Female Miqo'te (Seekers of the Sun) Lancer with the Oschon Guardian, I'm situated in Phoenix in the Chaos server, Level 8. No idea really if any of what I picked is any good. The game put me into 'Grimaldia' which is a set of forest cities. As for the game itself...still undecided really, very early days 4 hours into an MMO but I like a few things about it and dislike a few things about it really. The world itself seems cool, the servers are stable and even though the graphics aren't upto 2015 standards really it looks alright, runs incredibly well at 1080/60 and I've been using the GamePad throughout without any major problems except I can't seem to find an option to invert the right analog stick which is annoying, but I've got used to playing in default now, despite it not feeling wholly natural. The way they introduce you to the game is very good, you're definitely eased into it, in one little secluded area of the map (Grimaldia), everything is told to you simply and tutorial boxes pop up for pretty much everything, there is still a lot to take it but it doesn't feel like you're bewildered or bamboozled by information and the world itself like other MMOs I've played in the past. Only really explored Grimaldia and its surrounding but it is pretty cool, the scenery is nice, the buildings have a lot of character to them and its cool seeing people potter about with Chocobo's in tow (how the fuck do I get one of them?!). My main gripe though at the moment is the quests, they're all very fetch-questy and traditional MMO staples as 'kill 6 of this creature', 'deliver a message to this person', 'go round up these naughty people and tell them to come back' etc. the coolest one I've done was some woman that was being accosted by this bloke that was a criminal and asked me to meet with him on the edge of town instead of her to see what his deal is, every other quest has been incredibly forgettable and dull, I've played 4 hours and these quests just keep popping up and up and up, they don't seem to go away, but there's not really anything else to do so I keep on just doing them regardless. I didn't understand why I couldn't complete some of the quests earlier, the little 'complete' box was not able to be clicked so I just left these quests uncompleted and went to do some others, tried again later into my session and realised if I pressed left or right on the d-pad I could select a quest reward, once selected the quest was able to be completed felt so stupid. Another stupid moment I had was when I had to get Level 5 gear to do a quest, went to the shop, dropped a load of cash on a set of Level 5 stuff and then realised after that I could've got all of it from the quest rewards I was missing all that money wasted, oh well :oops: Not sure about the Fate-public event quests either, it's a cool concept and when they work and loads of people come to one spot to batter some cunt its a nice spectacle but most just get in the way and are annoying really, only had people turn up in 1 or 2 out of all the ones I've attempted. The combat is really cool though, I mean you can just sit back and just press 1 button here and there, it's not very involved on the face of it, but you feel involved in it which is the key thing, and it feels satisfying enough that when you defeat a tough-ish enemy you're slightly elated. There's definitely something compelling about it though, it just feels like it could be a standard RPG at the moment, it doesn't feel bewildering at all really and I'm just pottering about doing quests, thinking about upgrading weapons, armour etc. like I would a regular RPG, I do hope the quests get better the further it goes on though as I think I'm out if it's another shit-ton of hours of these quests.
  4. AndyKurosaki

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Couldn’t see a thread on this here,if there is one,my apologies. After ditching Fallout 76,I’ve gone back to this. I binged through both Zero and Kiwami 1 last year,and Yakuza 6 & Fist Of The North Star this year. So it’s fair to say I love this series. Never played Yakuza 2 before (I started with 3 on PS3). But if there’s one series I know can be relied on,it’s Yakuza. It’s based on the Yakuza 6 engine,so it looks so good. I do miss the variety of fighting styles from Zero (probably the best game in the series). But no matter,you can’t beat grabbing a guy and swinging him round into his mates,then using a Heat move to absolutely batter them all. There already feels like there’s more things to do than there was in Y6. Though I’ll never get the hang of the various Shogi/gambling games. And for some reason I now totally suck at the UFO catcher machine. The story up to Chapter 4 has been enjoyable,just unlocked the Cabaret Girl subquest. I sank loads of hours into that on Kiwami 1,so I’ll likely do the same here. Jim Sterling nailed it in a video earlier this year,I much prefer Yakuza to typical Open World games,such as Assassins Creed,which bombard you with a massive map and an obscene amount of stuff to do. In comparison,Kamarucho is a small map,but there’s plenty to keep you going. So yeah. Yakuza for the win.
  5. AndyKurosaki

    Fallout 76

    I got this as a rental yesterday,took about 8 hours to update the damn thing. And there’s more updates on the way already. I’ve only played a couple of hours,so can’t really judge it yet. But the lack of NPCs really is an absolutely stupid decision. Elder Scrolls Online managed it fine,so I don’t get why they went that way with this. I only saw one actual player, who tried to kill me,but as I didn’t shoot back he couldn’t do F all. I was busy getting past the tutorial that I didn’t interact with him,so he got bored and left me to it. Oh,and Bethesda’s reaction to people pissed off about the poor quality bag in the Power Armour Edition is gobsmacking. “We made it out of cheap material,as we couldn’t afford what we advertised. Here,have 500 atoms. That gets you pretty much sod all”. They’re really trying to piss all their goodwill up the wall.
  6. Blakey

    Battlefield V

    Put 16 hours into this over the weekend. I will preface these impressions with the fact that I'm nowhere near a Battlefield expert and won't be able to go into the nitty gritty detail about what has been improved, balanced, implemented differently etc. over BF1 and other past titles (I've only properly played a tiny bit of BF3, BF4 and quite a decent amount of time into BF1). So let's dive in shall we? To play, it very much feels like a sequel to BF1 rather than anything else, with some Battlefront 2 elements sprinkled in there. The maps are all pretty good but personally I haven't been as impressed with them as the BF1 launch maps, I guess part of it is when you get a WWII game you expect to have all the infamous locales like Berlin under siege from the Red Army, the D-Day landings and so on but none of that is in here. They've focused on the 'untold' battlefields of WWII like Norway, Northern Africa along with including some Western European locales like Rotterdam, Appas and Twisted Steel in France but everything just kind of feels incredibly familiar if you've played BF1, I actually think the variety isn't as good too, there's one that I jokingly refer to as 'Hoth' as it feels so much like a Battlefront map as well. The only real things I've noticed that's different from BF1 is the customisation options and the ability to repair fortifications at command points around the map and build/destroy bridges. The customisation is roughly what you'd expect of most multiplayer shooters nowadays really but there seems to be less variety of weaponry (for the Medic class anyway - the only one I've played as) than BF1. In the previous game I had the choice of rifles or SMGs etc. but here if you're a Medic you've only got one choice which is the SMG, if you want other weapons you need to be another one of the classes, so as you progress with your particular class you unlock more weapons, outfits for your character and skins for your guns. There are also specialisations (which work a bit like perks) for your gun but I haven't really figured out how to get this to work without resetting the points already assigned to it so I've left it for now. Being able to repair fortifications at the command posts is a bit more of a bigger deal though. As the scenery gets more and more deformed as a match goes on having a decent set of sand bags and other fortifications around a command post when you're defending it can be make or break for some matches, you seem to be able to peform these repairs as any class as well which is cool. Similarly with the destruction of bridges or building makeshift bridges, they can make a huge difference in not allowing vehicles to easily access a certain area of a map and be a huge help to a defence or thorn in your side to an attack of a certain area or command point. I've only played the Grand Operations and Conquest game modes, both are fun enough but incredibly familiar to BF1 players. Not got round to any of the single player 'War Stories' aside from the astoundingly good - but brief - introduction. I want to briefly touch on the technical side of things. I believe this is a pre-launch build of the game that doesn't have the Day 1 patch but I have had a number of bugs, all of them are of the silly variety that break the immersion a little at times but nothing else. There's currently a bug when you're reviving someone that you lean through scenery when reviving them, I've had a few issues where a hand is seen at all times when operating a turret of an APV/Tank, I also struggle on occasion to activate the supply/vehicle drops using LB + RB and the left analog stick and also once it wouldn't let me deploy into the game from the map screen and I had to quit the match. Networking issues and graphical/framerate issues seem to be nonexistant as far as I can tell, I've had a very solid 60fps at all times and the networking has been fast and smooth, there's no micro-transactions in here at all either as far as I can tell. So yeah I quite like it, it is addicting and compelling as ever and I've not really been able to stop playing it all weekend. It does feel like a direct sequel to BF1 with more of that games personality than any from WWII or the previous BF games but yeah it does everything it sets out to do really and at this point if you're a BF fan you know what to expect and this will deliver in spades. Some pics:
  7. Blakey

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Played 2 hours of this so far and have got through the Prologue/tutorial section pretty much - the section which Journo's played through during the tutorial. So far I'm incredibly impressed with it I have to say, way more than I was with RotTR and probably around the same as TR 2013 - although admittedly my memory of that is a little hazy by now. The first thing I noticed was how goddamn gorgeous this game looks, this is the first game in the series that I've not played in 720p/900p at 30 on consoles and goddamn what a different experience playing on PC - granted it will still look pretty great in almost 4K 30 on Xbox X but at 1440p/60 with everything set to Ultra boy does it shine 😮. I thought RotTR had a distinctly last-gen look to it and here whilst there's still a few rough looking textures here and there the whole engine and graphics as a whole looks much improved. I think the lighting is the most impressive though, going through caves, water and a small Mexican town, the way everything was lit was just astonishingly beautiful. It's a shame that so much of the early story has already been revealed by previews and trailers, but the beginning is pretty spectacular. You start out after the shit has hit the fan then go back before it hit the fan to find out what the hell went on (although I knew this already thanks to previews). And it's pretty damn fantastic, lots of slow exposition through a beautiful Mexican town where you can just take in the scenery, music and vibe of the place as you slowly make your way through and investigate followed by some light tutorial stuff and a tomb (yes an actual tomb this early!) which was great fun followed by a nice light puzzle room. After this things go bananas in a typically TR kind of way and lots of mad shit happens which involves you gunning down lots of dudes and running away from collapsing buildings/mountains. I just like the somewhat slow build up this time around, it feels a bit more organic in some ways than having you thrown in at the deep end for the 3rd time in 3 games and let's you appreciate the bombast when it does come all the more. The things they do with the characters already has me way more intrigued than I was for the entirety of RotTR which helps an awful lot too I just hope it continues to bring home the drama. I guess in terms of mechanics, controls and gunplay you know what to expect if you played the previous two games, although I will say I think the new rappel manoeuvre and the way you can now stalk enemies from shrubbery-covered walls is really cool and feels such a good fit for the Jungle environs. I have had some technical issues though. The photo mode is borked for me, everytime I access it the camera does a weird juddery motion and then as soon as I quit the mode everything is ok again, I have also had some huge framerate dips when hanging from ledges which is odd as its been a solid 60 everywhere else so I've had to turn off a few of the superfluous graphical effects and that seems to of remedied it. But yeah, so far I'm way more impressed than I expected to be with it and I can't wait to dig into it again tomorrow night. Some pics:
  8. Sly Reflex

    Rocket League

    Tonight I'm going to try this now that the server kerfuffle has seemingly passed. Can we get enough to fill a 3v3 game? Nothing serious, rotate teams after every game unless it becomes one sided. It'd be nice to get a bunch of us on and talking to one another, it seems to be ages since that happened last. I'm looking at around 7 or 8 for kick off until whenever people get fed up and leave. Who's interested?
  9. Blakey

    The Evil Within 2

    Played the first 80 minutes or so. Incredibly impressed so far, it has actually managed to exceed my expectations. Got quite a jarring start to it, Kidman randomly shows up and puts you back into Stem, telling you about your daughter (who knew?) being stuck in there. It's just all incredibly convenient and I'm sure Mobius is upto some Shenanigans, they're definitely using Sebastian for something...don't trust them at all. Things go wrong pretty much as soon as you enter Stem, You then find yourself in Union proper, and are funnelled into an extended tutorial, meeting some of the zombie-like enemies similar to the first game. And that's pretty much where I left it. But yeah, I'm incredibly impressed so far, the atmosphere is just absolutely horrific and the whole small foggy town vibe really reminds me of Silent Hill, I just love the way they mess with you as well through the Stem-delusions, so great to just have no idea what the fuck is going on some of the time. Oh and the graphics are a HUGE step-up from the first game, I never subscribed to the idea that the first game looked bad necessarily, but looking back on it now it was incredibly dated, just looking at the character models and lighting in the new Steam engine (modified IDTech 5), it's such a huge step up. The frame-rate has been a pretty solid 60hz but I have had a few dips to 57 or so at times, seems solid enough though to not notice for me. Some pics too:
  10. Pikman

    Stardew Valley

    Is there really no thread for this?! I started it last week. Still milling around and exploring and I am a few in-game days in. Usually running out of energy by 9am and left with little to do for the day. So far I found a couple of ways to avoid this and so spend a lot of time fishing and wondering if I should really just turn it off and do something else with my life It seems like a cute enough game, not like what I remember of Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, man I loved that game. I can't decide if I like it and am also looking back to playing more. Time will tell.
  11. Blakey

    FIFA 18

    Managed to put a little bit of time into this this morning. I am absolutely staggered at how good it is for now. Bearing in mind I've not played a mainline FIFA since '14 or '15 this just feels exactly like a mainline FIFA game, doesn't seem to be any compromises at all, feels like the real full-fat FIFA experience to me. I was playing in Docked mode in 1080p and it just felt exactly like I remember FIFA feeling like when I played the last on XBOne/PS4 in the past. I only thing I really noticed as 'missing' is the PL-partnered presentation over the matches, instead they use that older more blocky style that was in place before 2016 or so, I only knew this having watched some FIFA 16/17/18 preview videos but as I haven't played one for a while, again, it felt just the same as I remembered and lets be honest, it matters very little. Only had time to mess around in the menu's, do a bit of team management and controller setup and do one online game. Looked through all the menus and everything looked like it was in there to me apart from the single-player story thing that they came up with last year, didn't touch FUT yet so don't know how many packs you get to start with or anything but yeah that's definitely a huge inclusion right there, will have to have a word with myself to make sure I don't buy too many packs The game itself felt just like FIFA really, more fluid than I remembered maybe? Some of the technical little touches you could do, being able to lean in and shoulder-charge players off the ball and things like that felt new and the ball/player physics felt way easier to zip the ball around in, less glued to the feet than when I last played for sure. It will definitely take me a while to get used to the controls again, I'm so used to playing FIFA on xbox/PS controllers that learning to play on Cradled JoyCons will take a bit of time to get used to, it feels great to play though, just got to retrain my brain to the new face buttons. I'm quite pleased I didn't lose my first game online though despite a hell of a lot of wrong button presses! I'm sure it'll come back to me.
  12. Hendo

    Lords of the Fallen

    Anyone else given this a go? It's been free on both Xbox and PS4 now so I'be finally given it a quick go, and yeah, it very much is a Souls game. One of the main differences so far is the lack of customising your character. You can obviously level up which way you want and choose equipment but rather than the silent hero from the Souls games, they're definitely telling a story and want him to match the CG. There'a only 3 classes to choose from and I just went for the hitting things option. A couple of other differences from the Souls games: When you die you have a limited time to get your xp back and the percentage of what you regain will be lower depending on how quick you are. Also you bank xp to either spell points or attribute points. Once banked, those points are locked, but xp you haven't locked in can be lost via death. Doesn't run great. It's not terrible but it definitely seems a bit framey on console and there's a slight delay with hitting buttons and seeing animations whir into place. It's alright, might play some more. Certainly won't be deleting it just yet.
  13. AndyKurosaki

    Strange Brigade

    Soon going to be playing through the 3rd (and probably final) DLC for this. So seems a good time to throw down an opinion. This is definitely one of the most fun games i’ve played this year. I’ve a lot of respect for Rebellion,their Sniper Elite series is consistently brilliant (shooting Nazis in the nads? Who doesn’t love that.). So I was definitely interested in this. It doesn’t carry across the gory X-Ray cam feature of Sniper Elite. But that’s understandable,as it’s going for a different vibe. It plays out like an Olden days Adventure movie, with a Narrator providing a running commentary,often genuinely being hilarious (though for some reason has an absolute hatred of cats,and isn’t afraid to show it). The combat is simple to grasp,with a small selection of weapons (sniper rifles,SMGs,shotguns), with additional extra powerful weapons that you can buy from crates,using gold you get from treasure chests and killing enemies. You also get special moves that you can activate with enough charge,ranging from damage reduction,to smart bombs. One complaint though has to come with boss fights. Many of them require an accurate shot on a particular weak spot, often a quite small one. Doesn’t sound bad in theory. But when that boss is constantly moving,accuracy proves difficult. Add that to a swarm of enemies ganking you,and the difficulty in getting a decent shot gets even worse. Co-op definitely helps in that regard. Bosses that took me a good 20 minutes to kill on my own,became a breeze when I was with a mate. Its been a really enjoyable game,and the DLC missions have been quite decent. Charging £6 for each additional new character can go bollocks though. It hit the PSN sales at Halloween,and probably will do so again before long. I’d certainly recommend it.
  14. Sambob


    This is a bit hard then. Them load times too. Played half an hour, mainly been the same bit over and over.
  15. spatular

    Prey (2017)

    It's a bit like deus ex/dishonoured but less stealth and more scary. i really like those games so i really like this game. it's also less level based as you can explore the whole space station. you can get powers to turn into a cup, although i didn't really use them. and i say it's scary but its maybe more that the music is scary, it put the fear of god into me and i had to keep taking short breaks to calm down, had some less intense music been playing i think i could have halved my completion time of around 33 hours. oh and you can do stealth but i didn't so not sure how viable it is, but it didn't seem as viable as in deus ex/dishonoured. you get upgrade points that you can spend on special powers/more health and stuff. some of the powers seem cool but i didn't really use them, i went for hacking/repair/heavy lifting stuff to open up more areas. some of the enemies can turn into in-game objects, like a book or projector, which can be quite freaky. the crafting/materials system is nicely implemented, didn't spend much time messing about in the inventory. the gloo gun is pretty cool, freezes enemies and can be used to aid platforming, although the platforming controls are a bit hit and miss. my basic tactic was to gloo gun stuff then shotgun it in the face - i was playing on easy mind so that might not be as effective on higher difficulties. the story is really good and intriguing, although the end was a little disapointing. lots of interesting side missions too. and the game makes you think about your choices, some side missions i didn't do because i was concerned about the consequenses. i played it on pc, my pc is old (2500k) but with a modern-ish graphics card (970) and the performance was great, looks really nice and ran really smooth, except for 1 room, where even on medium it was a little choppy. so yeah i liked it
  16. Put a few hours into this today and it’s fantastic. It’s the spiritual successor to Wonder Boy and was developed in collaboration with Wonder Boy series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa. You play as a kid called Jin who goes on a quest to collect 5 magic orbs in order to free his homeland from a curse that’s changed everyone into animals. He’s turned into a pig at first, and each orb he collects gives him the ability to turn into a different animal (so far I have snake and frog warrior). It’s a 2D Metroidvania style adventure with beautiful hand drawn graphics similar to the Wonder Boy III remake, with lots of back tracking and exploring to do whenever you get a new animal power. There are RPG elements too such as health containers to give you more hit points, and weapons, armour, and magic spells to find out in the world or buy from various shops. It’s just the right side of challenging, although so far the bosses I’ve come across have been an absolute breeze.

    Yakuza 6

    Bit of a weird pace to Yakuza 6. There's a lot of story up front, a lot of back story and video to get you up to speed, but once the game starts it's a very small story. For hours and hours the politics of the yakuza and the criminal underworld take a back seat, there's a few threads introduced, but it's almost all about Kiryu and Haruka. even the daftness of past Yakuza games is kept to a minimum. There's not a ton of side quests to start with, and what there is isn't the sort of memorable stuff you got in Yakuza 0. But then it starts to creep in. I've done a few missions as a mascot, I've fought some ghosts, I've punched a shark in the face, it's started to feel more like a Yakuza game. Once it starts it just steamrolls, you hints of a tangled political plot are now fully realised and I'm seeing multiple groups, multiple betrayals, Kauzuma somehow being key to it all. The new engine has meant the combat is a bit more free flowing, that's a bit of a mixed blessing as I liked the structured move set more, but at least it feels fresher. Levelling up has changed again, this is fine except for when you're short of one of the 5 different types of points and can't level certain stats up. The experience is also used for the gangs mini game, although it's not as expensive, but while there's lots of ways to get xp, certain types are less common. Money is also initially more scarce. Enemies don't drop it the way they did in 0, nor Kiwami, and there's no job as such. I'd recommend the perk that increases what you get from fights as an early purchase, but even then it's still very sporadic. There's also a gym that's an easy source of xp, and only costs you a meal. I'd mainly recommend it for the results page. Same with the fishing mini game, it's the closest thing you get to a job that I've seen, but it's funny and it's a decent game
  18. radiofloyd

    Hyper Light Drifter

    Hyper Light Drifter was one of those games funded way back in the hey day of Kickstarter in 2013 (and eventually released this year). They had a goal of $27,000 and raised $645,000. It's not hard to see why when the game looks like this: I've played 90 minutes so far. The game is clearly inspired by games like Zelda, Metroid and Dark Souls. Characters don't speak and there is no text in the game so basically you learn about the world from your interactions with it. The difficulty of the game is certainly pitched at challenging. It's not one hit kill like Titan Souls (a game HLD resembles a lot) but at the same time I've already died a few times. Especially in the dungeon like areas you warp down to in elevators. Exploration is very Zelda like and there are lots of places to find off the main path. The audio is quite minimal in the game.

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this as I think a few people here have played it. I'm not too far in, a couple of levels in to World 2. I get the feeling I'm going to undersell this when I describe it Astro Bot is a pretty standard 3D platformer, only in VR and the VR is kind of key to it. You exist within the world, it's never really explained but I guess you're a head (I think you might be another Playroom robot, which is what gets destroyed at the start), anyway, you have a physical presence in the world and are dragged along behind Astro Bot, who you control with the controller. He has attacks, he can jump, fairly standard stuff. The levels are built in such a way that you're generally heading away from the screen, however the route to get there isn't that simple. Astro Bot will have to go around blind corners, you as a floating head, can lean and turn your real head so that you can look around the corner. This is important for finding the collectable robots, they'll quite often need you to turn and look behind you. It doesn't sound like much but it's a good use of the VR, particularly as it gets you to use the controller as an item within the game, to fire hookshots or a water cannon. My only gripe so far is that I don't really want the levels locked behind finding the little robots, it's not been an issue so far, but the ones I've missed I haven't seen, it's not like I need to just take another stab at working out how to get to them. The only other thing, the first time I played it I felt ill because the world moves, I've been fine since but it's meant I've only been doing a couple of levels at a time
  20. spatular

    Beat Saber

    yeah so this is insanely good. i mean it's always looked ace from the videos of the pc version which i was well jelly of. but now it's out on psvr so i've been playing it the last few nights, only stopping because my arms/legs need a break. so imagine you're darth vader or some other dude with light sabers, and you're listening to some banging tunes, and there are blocks flying towards you. obviously you smash the blocks with your light sabers - and that's the game. it's a rhythm action game so the blocks come at you in time with the music. you slice the blocks up in the direction indicated by the arrow, and with the hand indicated by the colour of the block/light saber. the scoring is based mainly on how big/exaggerated your swing is, and a little bit on how well you hit the block in the centre. doing big swings goes out of the window pretty quick as the difficulty ramps up. the music is mostly, i don't know how to describe it (techno?/industrial?/dubstep? i'm rubish at categorising music), it's a bit like the music in aaero, and works really well with the game but it's not the sort of thing i'd listen to outside of a game. there's a campaign mode (exclusive to psvr for now iirc) with loads of different challenges/modifiers on the songs, beat a score, the song is faster, move your arms over a certain distance - which is really hard work. i was a bit worried about the moves not being as good as the pc equivalent but it's no problem, they work great. i'm still jellous of the pc version though as that can have custom/imported songs. it's VR only, but if you have a way of playing it i'd recommend giving it a go.
  21. DifferentClass


    So this is the third game in the Bit. Trip Runner series, the sequel Bit. Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. First impression is I'm disappointed with the title of this game. Runner3 does not do the legacy of the series any justice in terms of title. It sticks pretty well to the formula made in the earlier games so if you've played one you'll know what to expect. It's an auto runner game where the obstacles and collectables create a little tune along with the game's music, and as you progress through the levels the obstacles get trickier. Simple, really. But Runner3 adds a few things to make things trickier. One of them I'm not the biggest fan of and that's vehicle sections. They just turn a very tight and nuanced game into something that feels like it comes from a much worse game. There isn't very many of them but I can't help but have an inner little groan when one comes up. The second addition doesn't seem much but it is applied in some genius and evil ways: a double jump. When I first started playing I thought the double jump was just their to make things easier, like you can correct some badly timed jump. But as you go through the game you start to see that creative use of the double jump is the only way to traverse the obstacles and get all the collectables. And sometimes double jumping is dangerous so you can't do it at all so it's not something you just do all the time; far from it. And combining it with the slight glide (hold the jump button) and the hard drop (dress down to fall quickly which was introduced in Runner2) you get some evil level design to make use of it all. These moves also make it so the levels can have multiple ways of doing them and that is explored in Gold Runs and Gem Runs where the latter is a harder route to collect everything. Sometimes the paths just fork off into a different place but there are also situations where you're required to traverse the same bit of level but in a different and harder way. And it is very hard. I think I remember Runner2 being a little easier than the original but this is much harder, at least to get everything. Maybe just going through the game not doing the gem runs would be easy enough but there is evil, evil stuff in this game and I kind love it.
  22. DifferentClass

    Space Dave!

    Space Dave! is a follow up to Woah Dave! that came out a few years ago. It is a retro style arcade game with clever little twists that make it an interesting little game. Woah Dave! is an underrated score attack game and it seems Space Dave! is gonna have the same fate, though I don't think it's as good as Woah Dave!. So I guess that's why I'm starting a thread for it. So what Space Dave is is like a combination of Space Invaders, Galaga and Missile Command. You get waves of alien ships in formation, scrolling along the screen in different ways and you have to shoot them down and protect six trees. You're attacked by simply being shot at but they also dive bomb the ground, destroying the tree and turning the section of screen into a pool of lava, which you then have to avoid while you're protecting the others. You can fix the ground and eventually grow back the tree by killing certain enemies that drop skulls but you have to throw them at the pool of lava yourself. It's taking known, classic arcade gameplay and mixing in these new mechanics that keep the gaming loop really interesting. Oh! and you only get points for picking up pennies so having to pick up items to score adds another element of risk/reward. I think the problem with the game is the visuals. I know they're going for an a look reminiscent of pre-NES games but I just don't think it's striking enough to pull it off. But they're functional so fine. I also think they could have added more types of enemy patterns because there isn't that many and they do loop a bit too often. The bosses are pretty good, though. The fucker I'm on now can fuck off, mind. It's currently under £2 on Switch at the moment and I do think its at least worth that as a score attack game to play for 15 minutes. Or get something that plays Woah Dave! instead.
  23. DifferentClass

    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    About time for some impressions, I think. So its a 2D fighting game made by ArcSystem Works, a studio famous for its 'Anime' fighting games. They usually have a lot of systems and movement options as well as combo systems that can be extended to let players do some crazy stuff as long as they have the execution to do them, which is usually quite hard to do. They have made it simpler here. The first thing is its very easy to 'get in' in DBF since you have a button that activates the 'Dragon Dash' which has you fly across the screen and home into your opponent, and it also goes through most projectiles so for beginners fighting each other having that is useful for swiftly getting in. But it is very punishable, so learning when to use it properly is an early lesson. It has a few mechanics to aid beginners because I'm sure they recognise that this is a Dragon Ball game and a number of people playing it won't necessarily be into fighting games, they'll just be fans of the show so letting them have a good time is a priority here. One of the other ways they do this is by having auto-combos (performed by repeatedly pressing the light attack (LA) or medium attack (MA) for a more powerful variant that ends in a metre costing super). They're not a thing I'm fond of as they won't teach you the game that well but they do make for some cool looking action. The auto-combos, in fact, are totally unique combos. In a lot of other games, they are the same visually as manual combos but do less damage. And since they are unique here its a shame to see them locked into the auto-combos and not be able to do them manually. For example, Frieza, a character I use has a really cool looking move in the first part of his auto-combo which launched them into the air. So what I sometimes do to mix things up is perform the first half of the A-C then go into a manual one when in the air. But I wish I had the option to do this move anytime. But while there is a very flashy and basic fighter there is a high skill ceiling here as well, which you will discover at the time of writing when you go online. It isn't as high as ArcSystem's other games but there is still quirky stuff. Since this is a 3v3 fighter you can call in a member of your team to do a one-off move and jump out again. Using these can give you the ability to get hits in and continue combos where you couldn't without. Or they can be used to cover approaches, help defend etc. There is also the little mechanic also found in ArcSytem's other games; the jump cancel. Its something I've always known about but I've not really put serious time into learning but if you want to get beyond hammering out basic stuff you gotta get used to it. Essentially any medium attack can be jump cancelled. A common thing to do would be crouching MA (which puts them in the air a little), standing MA (pops them up a little more) then hit up while the animation is still happening to quickly meet them in the air. Since you can only use your proper launchers and Dragon Dash once per combo link it frees you up to use them later in the combo and its the mastery of this that really frees up the fighting system as a whole. It's here where it really gets fun. I've not really played the story yet but I hope to get round to it soon (it's kinda bonkers it's about the Dragon Ball gang being controlled by an entity and they turn to the camera when referencing this entity) and it also has this weird turn-based map system between fights. There's other stuff. Sparking Blast and how the online seems to be kinda borked at the moment in that the games run fine until it kicks you out of the lobby for no reason, but this will do for now.
  24. Blakey

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

    Won't be giving any lengthy impressions here as I pretty much covered the game in my R6:Siege Beta thread a few months back (can be found here: http://www.mfgamers.com/index.php?showtopic=40972&hl=%2Brainbow+%2Bsiege) and doesn't differ too much from the beta, largely I'm just going to address the improvement Ubi have made since the beta and comment on the other maps and modes that weren't in that. So yeah, everything is largely the same as the beta, the graphics are much better, the maps are more detailed (for the most part), they've changed the operator logo's (for some reason) to slightly more colourful ones and added a couple of Russian ones I don't remember from the Beta. In addition to this there's of course a lot more game modes in Terrorist Hunt and Multiplayer sections to play, and the addition of 'Situations'. Situations is basically a slightly lengthy, non-mandatory single-player tutorial, it's 10 missions that put you in various different situations, can be played on Medium, Hard or Realistic, you get a star each for getting 4 headshots, completing the mission with more than 50% health and killing 2 enemies whilst aiming, for each star you get 200 renown (R6:Siege XP) which you can use to buy new operators to use or upgrade/customise weapons. Terrorist Hunt, which was in the Beta, but only had the 'classic' game-type where you go in and have to clear a map of enemies on whichever difficulty you choose, there's quite a few more game modes in this such as attacking or defending a bomb or area, rescuing a hostage from a group of Terrorists etc. Incredibly similar to what was in the Beta, but the different game modes add a bit more variation this time around, it's good fun, and a decent distraction every now and again, but not as good as the PvP, the difficulties seem a bit strange as well, Realistic is almost impossible and I've failed every time I've tried, but Hard is too easy and I've succeeded every-time I've tried, so there needs to be a better balance there in my opinion. Multiplayer, now categorised as 'Casual' and 'Ranked' play-types, with Casual being the only option open until you reach Level 20, it also seems to me that the only game mode you can play is variations on TDM (defending/attacking a bomb, defending/securing an area) as in the Beta, there's not been any hostage rescue or anything for me so far, and you have to reach Level 20 to unlock these additional game modes it seems, which is slightly annoying, but the game is so good you probably won't care. A huge amount of maps now in MP, 11 in total and I've probably encountered 8 or 9, 3 of which were in the Beta (House, Embassy and Hereford), all of the maps I've played are absolutely phenomenal, a lot tell a story without actually telling a story (if you get what I mean), some of which make me think there was meant to be a story-mode at one point or another but it got pulled, because of the stories the maps tell by themselves alone. Thankfully, Ubi have managed to address the server issues that dogged my time in the Beta a few months back, haven't had any disconnections, and haven't had to wait a long time for the matchmaking to get me into a game thankfully, have had a bit of lag and a few glitches though but only in a couple of games. Just as tense, just as tactical, thoughtful and filled with suspense as the Beta, and probably the best Multiplayer game of the last 5 years, the moments in it when you outsmart an opponent through quick-thinking and planning are incredible and fill you with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that barely any other MP game can give, it's a shame that no one will play it. Highly recommended, if you are even in the slightest bit interested in squad-based tactical shooters, then get it.
  25. radiofloyd


    http://www.abzugame.com/ Anyway ABZÛ is an underwater adventure from the art director of Journey. I don't normally create threads for games after I've finished them, but ABZÛ is only two hours so it's kind of unavoidable. I haven't played Journey so I have no idea how similar it is to that, but in terms of "how much of a walking/swimming simulator" is it, I would say the game is pretty similar to Firewatch (and similar in terms of value for money, as impressive as both games are I'm still glad I bought them on sale and not full price). Essentially in the game you swim through a series of rooms and corridors. There are collectibles to find and light gameplay elements to the game but really they are a negligible part of the experience. Occasionally the game has on rails sections where you are swept along with the current (or the game simply takes control away from you) and these are very impressive. In general, the entire game is impressive, and enjoyable to play. The music is beautiful, one of the best game soundtracks I've ever heard. Like I said in my Steam review, of the four indie games I've completed this year (ABZÛ, Firewatch, Hyper Light Drifter and Oxenfree), ABZÛ would be my favourite. One of the reasons I like it is that it reminded me of the underwater levels in Spyro (and the ambient music reminded me of Spyro). Another reason is that it is an uplifting game, which is pretty rare. I think this would be a good game for parents to play with their children. I give it 8/10.