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  1. There isn't a thread for this, right? http://youtu.be/NpEEknM68KI Well, I suck at this. Found my first enemy ship outside of the tutorial, destroyed it quite happily but in the process they damaged my engine room which I found was on fire. I didn't find out it was on fire until I sent my 3 crew members in to fix it. I watched them burn.


    I thought I'd only heard of Betrayer 2 days ago when it launched on Steam, but when I was getting killed by a conquistador and his entire face was a black shadow except his eyes, I remembered it from some list of indie games (I presume) Radiofloyd posted. It looks great, the default is that it's black & white with splashes of red on important objects, be that items or enemies. It's set in the 1600s, you've sailed over from England to join up with a colony, only every one appears to be dead, or undead. I'm telling you this because the game doesn't, there's information to find but at no point does it spell out who you are and why you're there, you'd have thought there'd be at least something to set the scene. Betrayer is almost more like a detective game, you hunt for clues and that leads you to question people (spirits) who then give you more information. You have to swap between the light world and the dark world, and the first time that happens it's pretty unsettling. Which is the best thing about the game, for a while having no clue what's going on or what's expected of you is really interesting, it makes the game drip with atmosphere. Unfortunately when you're either stick or dying repeatedly, and I guess this is a problem with a lot of horror games, it neuters everything, you get familiar with the world and a bit more comfortable with what's around you. It's also hugely frustrating at points, because the way you locate things is to hit the X key and then centre in on the sound, once you need more than just a general direction it's not hugely helpful, and if it's guiding you through an enemy laden area it actually starts to feel dickish. That's largely because the game gets hard, the conquistadors can and will fuck you up, in the night world the skeletons have laser precision accuracy, and later on there's enemies who are basically invisible in the default colour scheme. Oh, and it has the Dark Souls mechanic of if you die you drop all your loot, if you die again before you recover it, it's gone forever. For a brief bit Betrayer was both fun and really interesting, the point I'm at now there's too many enemies to make exploring viable, so it's not interesting, and I'm so underpowered compared to the enemies, and so at a disadvantage in terms of spotting some of them, that it's not fun either. It also looks way better than this video makes it look, youtube has compressed it loads
  3. I picked Escape Goat 2 up tonight on a whim. The first Escape Goat caught my eye when first voted for it last year in Steam Greenlight, but I never bought it due to it being over priced in my opinion. When I checked out Escape Goat 2 I noticed an improved visual style (A mix of Gothic and Modern Flat) and Double Fine's involvement, so I picked it up and it was well worth the money spent. Turn's out Double Fine is only the publisher and did no work on the game. I find that weird as Magical Time Bean had no issues publishing the fist game by themselves. Why give money to Double Fine? It would be one thing if Double Fine was doing advertising for the game, but I've seen none. Anyways, the gameplay is platform/puzzle most of the puzzle so far were not that tricky to solve. Your goal is to rescue the sheep that are trapped in the tower. You get spirit animals (for a lack of a better word) that you can use to solve puzzles. Right know I have a mouse that can get into spaces that the goat can't. Controlling the goat is tight and on point. The music is soothing and well done. It's to bad the soundtrack is not up for sale on steam or bandcamp. Overall I'm really enjoying my time with Escape Goat 2. Will defo be picking up the first Escape Goat after I finish this now.
  4. Uncle Dokuro


    Magicite is a proper rouge-like in every sense. It's 2D Platform RPG where you loot chest and collect materials to craft new items. Levels are randomized and permadeath is around every corner. This game is hard. It is harder then Dark Souls. You will die. You will die a lot. You craft items by chopping down trees, mining ore and looting chest to gather materials. You start off by creating a character (traits and appearances) with randomly generated stats, but can only play as the peon till the other are unlocked. The first level throws you into the deep end with no armor and only a wooden axe to defend yourself. Things I like to see add in the future as Magicite is still in early access. Full gamepad support. The Kbam set up is not ideal for 2D Platform games. Difficulty setting. Like I said Magicite is super hard. It would be nice if they added Difficulty settings. Easy (keep gold and loot upon death), Normal (lose everything, but gold), Masochist (lose everything. true permadeath) <iframe width="640" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/SWUP4vdcdFY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    The Cat Lady

    If there's another thread for this I'll find it in the morning, but I know it was supposed to be played in the indie thread. I know this is the sort of thing that everyone says, but generally I'm pretty hardy, I've watched some fairly harrowing stuff, but The Cat Lady is so oppressive that I took a break from it for an hour or so. The game opens with your character, Susan, committing suicide, and that's the happiest thing that happens to her from what I've played. Everything is off-key, distorted in some way and her world is shitty. It's an adventure game, not quite point and click because it doesn't use a mouse but it's 2d and has an inventory. This is where I have problems with the game, there's a puzzle where you have to run the hot water, but it takes ages, there's a few too many examples where the puzzles are a chore. Susan is well acted as are a few other people, but some of them are awful. Typically one of the worst ones was a character I got stuck on. It's a strange game though, and it does depression pretty well. It is relentlessly grim, but because of that it's unique, definitely something you should play if you want something different
  6. Door Kickers was not a game that I liked when I first bought the early access game last year during one of the many Steam sales. On paper I should have loved it at first boot up, but I didn't. A few weeks ago I was chatting on Steam with Mr. Reflex. The subject was his steam tub-o-shame and that he did not like one of the games he drew from it. Frozen Synapse if my memory serves me right. I chimed in with the fact that I had a game like that called Door Kickers and I despised the game. Tonight after taking a break from a session of Halfbirck's Colossatron: Massive World Threat on my tablet I decide to boot up a game on my Linux machine. I saw Door Kickers and thought to myself “what the hell” and re-installed it onto my computer. The game is still in early access and some features are missing. Also missing is the campaign mode. As to what campaign mode is I could not tell you. The game has a playable mode called single player missions, so maybe Campaign is a co-op or vs mode? But a co-op or vs mode would seem out of place in this type of game so who knows really. There is also a random level generator mode and a level editor mode. So once the game was installed I booted it up and selected single player mission mode. The missions are all done in a fog of war, so you don't know where the targets are hiding. I planned out what I thought was the best route to clear the mission. After the smoke settled one of my two squad mates was dead. I'm sure his digital family will miss him. I will send them flowers or a ham with a condolence card. In the end I only got one star from the mission. I sat there staring at my stats for the mission. I mumbled to myself “stars …. like fucken Angry Birds?” I then clicked retry. This time one of my squad members was shot, but it was not fatal. He will be assigned to a nice desk job were he can eat all the doughnuts he wants. This time my stats have improved I got two stars. Then it happened like a caffeine withdraw I needed three stars. I backed out to the menu and click the how to play section. Now I will admit I did not know how to play Door Kickers properly. I thought it was like every other tactics game I've played and I should just “get it”. After all I have been playing these type of games for well over twenty years. After reading the how to play section it dawned on me that I hated this game because I did not know how to play it properly. The game has some deep tactics and I sunk five hours into the game before even knowing I could modify my loadout – primary and secondary weapons, body armor and utility pouch(x2). I could even select who to take on a mission. In fact the men I sent off to die have names like Bing Zhao. So I will admit here in this thread I misjudged this game and I will correct that error by saying Door Kickers is an excellent game. In fact I'm really enjoying myself now that I'm playing it properly. I went back to the first mission. Planned out my attack and executed it. This time no one died but the targets (I think they were debt collectors/telemarketers, so really they deserved it) and I clear the mission in under the time limit set. Also I got my three stars. I fucken hate stars, but I do like this game now. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/bM_Ev7Ks8_o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. So this released yesterday on Steam for $3 and change. It's a doujin fighting game. The game does not support aspect ratio 16:9. There is no online play, it all local, which should be expected as it a doujin game. Vanguard Princess is a fan service fighter with a roster of ten female fighters (One is clearly not wearing underwear). People who are into pantsu and moe will be at home here. You go into battle with an assist fighter (five to pick from). There is no practice mode or a proper way to exit out of the game. Just a story mode and offline vs mode. The game was released in it home country in 2009, so I would not expect an update or a patch from the developer. Vanguard Princess was made using Fighter Maker 2nd. The game has Steam Workshop and Trading Cards. The developers are asking people to improve the game with Steam Workshop. There is also a free DLC pack called "Director's Cut" allowing gamers to play an uncensored version (Read: pantsu) of the game. This game is clearly niche and has a target audience. It will sell to that target audience and no one else. I've only done a few rounds and will come back with my final thoughts later. <iframe width="853" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ZI_B4lDvJrk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Tomahawk Rob


    Couldn't see an existing first impressions thread for this, so thought I may as well copy across my post from NowLoading... I got the 360 version of this from LoveFilm yesterday, despite knowing pretty much zero about it, other than it's an id software FPS set in a post apocalyptic world and (going by the odd comment I'd picked up here & there) it supposedly looks fucking amazing... So after installing all three discs to the harddrive, I spent 2 or 3 hours with it, just to see what it is actually like. Yep, it does indeed look nice! Well the scenery / landscapey stuff does anyway (I'm not sure the same can be said about the NPC models. So far they haven't exactly been the most varied or imaginative NPCs.)... In glorious 1080p I swear you can pick out the individual grains of sand in some areas! However, despite installing the game there is still a bit of obvious delay with the textures, and really, there are only so many shades of post-apocalyptical brown that you can call pleasing to look at. The first hour or so of gameplay was not what I'd call "fun". Gifted with just a pistol and a bunch of "wingsticks" (bladed boomerangs), I was tasked with completing more than just a couple of annoying "fetch" quests before the game decided I was worthy of playing and spread its metaphorical legs wider. Since then, it's got a bit more interesting, but I'm still having trouble shaking that nagging feeling that this has all been done better elsewhere... I'm planning on giving it some more time before the weekend, so we'll see if things improve...
  9. Any one else been playing this? I know a lot of people know all about it here because I heard about it from them. It looks like a NES game, it sounds like a NES game (super turtles like theme tune) but it doesnt really play like any NES game i ever played. Its like a spoof version of GTA in 8 bit. Its all about missions, going from A to B, then back to A. The humour is a million miles a minute, every time you do something its a piss take of something else and most of the time its pretty funny. You have your main story mission as well as lots of little side missions which are mostly about killing sprees. I have two problems with it, put simply: its hard to see sometimes just what the fucks going on due to the graphical style and colour and it can get a little samey. BUT, its only 800 points and its well worth the money for the amount of game on offer.
  10. so it's like the last one, arcade racer with loads of sega characters. it's good - nice handling, varied and mostly fun single player events - time trials, boost events, drift events, dodging traffic and flying through loops are my favorites. the tracks are mostly ace, really bright and exciting, there's a few boring bits mind, they've got ones based on samba de amigo, jet set radio, golden axe, skies of arcadia. did some time trialling on the billy hatcher track, didn't beat the expert ghost but it was really good fun, i'm still crap at the last corner, and i managed to fall through the floor a few times. didn't like all the event types, the elimination ones are a bit boring because of lack of weapons, but that's good for the races so i won't complain too much. don't like the online but that's probably just me, i don't like most racing games with weapons, and prefer the non-racing events in single player. each race has 3 difficulty levels (giving you 1/2/3 stars) that also determine the speed like 50/100/150cc in mario kart. playing on normal it's pretty hard starting out, but as i've played more i'm finding it easier, maybe something to do with leveling your car up - although i'm not sure that has a big effect - just lets you tune it to your preferred style a bit (better speed/boost/handling etc). in campaign mode you need the stars to unlock new events and characters - seems you can unlock a good amount just playing on easy, but you'll need to play on medium or above to unlock have it on rental and was going to pick it up when it gets cheaper but it's only ~£25 from asda so i might just buy it... see from the chart thread other people have been playing - what think you?


    I've done a video for this because it's a nightmare to explain It's a strategy rpg, a German one (which for some reason seems to be important), and it's quite complicated. It's based on dice rolls, for just about everything, so your fire spell might do 7 damage or it might do 11, it might miss completely too. Your heal spell can miss, which is a massive pisser, as can your attempts to repair a wound. If you fall down a hole it's because the dice roll on the skill that avoids falling down holes didn't land in your favour. All of this is done in the backend, it's not something you see, so it can be a bit of a mystery why these things are or aren't happening for a while. My biggest problem with Blackguards, although it's something I'm getting to grips with, is the levelling up system. There's XP at the end of a battle, no idea what it does, I've never been my characters level up, I presume they must but it just isn't shown. Instead you are rewarded AP at the end of a battle. You use this AP to level up everything. Everything on the stats page, everything on the weapon page, everything on the traits page, magic if you have that, and to buy skills. It all comes from the same pool and it's never especially clear what you need at any one time. So if I'm taking too much damage do I need to improve my vitality, buy the dodge skill, improve my dexterity, or improve my weapon ability in the hope I'll block more attacks That's something I've grown to quite like though, I think anyway, that when you level up your ability with a weapon type you choose whether to make yourself better at attacking with it or defending. Oh yeah, and there's no grinding, there's just a limited amount of fights so if you're struggling it's just something you're going to have to deal with watch the video, it explains it better. I need to play more of it (got sent it to review), but when things are going well I quite like it, there's been a couple of fights where I've wanted to just walk away, but I suspect it's just a good, obtuse, difficult game
  12. i rented this to play some coop, not really an aliens fan, it's not great. anyway, had some bugs - first of all i had no main gun, the guy has his hands out like hes holding a gun but there's nothing there, so i had to use the shotgun and pistol only, rebooting the xbox didn't even fix that. another point my friend fell through the scenery in the game. we had trouble on a few sections with the difficulty despite being on the easiest mode, but it does look like the coop is supposed to be for 4 people.
  13. Been itching to get into a military/paramilitary FPS lately and after talking to Sly I decided to pick up CS:GO. Played it for an hour tonight and I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I died about seven times due to running and gunning. Still get use to everything and playing a FPS with M/K is quite a weird feeling. I could have used a gamepad, but I would have mapped all the buttons myself and that way too much work for my lazy self. I love to get a bunch of people from MFG and have a match or two.
  14. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/alP48Tx7R2w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I’ve been keeping an eye on this early access title for since it got listed on Steam and finally bought it today. Full Mojo Rampage is a twin stick shooter with a lite dash of Zelda and the MOBA genre for good measure - It’s also a rouge-lite. The game is based in a voodoo world and you play as a voodoo keeper. The game features a procedural level creation algorithm which give the game its rouge-lite flavor. Throughout each level you can loot coins, medals, voodoo dolls and mojos. Also you will make a pact with a Loa before going into an arena. You start off with Baron Samedi, but others can be unlocked with medals earned in battle. You can also use medals to unlock new voodoo mask – each with their own unique power. Game modes include Single Player, Multiplayer and Co-Op. Over all I’m having fun with this game. The animations and visuals are fluid and crisp. Movement could use some tightening up – it feels like you’re ice skating. Definitely looking forward to seeing where the early access goes. It lite on content at the moment, but it looks as if the developer is rolling out updates on a regular basis Right now its Windows only, but the developer has said on their website if it makes sense they will bring it to Wii U, PS3 and PS4 when the game is done.


    felt sure there'd be a thread for this, Radio Floyd is slipping It's a badger simulator. I know what you're thinking, "why aren't there any badger simulators?", well now there are, this one. You play a mother badger and have to look after your cubs. Initially this is hunting down food, so digging up carrots, ramming trees to make apples fall, but later you're hunting animals, small things like frogs and rodents, before stalking foxes which are more of a meal (and I struggled with). It's very simplistic stuff, so maybe it's more that Badger arcade game you were after. Eventually there ends up being threats in the environment to your cubs. There's eagles that will carry them off, unseen creatures in the dark, and strong currents that can wash them away while you're crossing streams. Shelter isn't very long, and I probably didn't form the connection with the cubs I was supposed to, but I was pissed off when I lost a couple of them, but more because I'd fucked up as a gamer than a mother. Anyway, it's cool, I like it, and it's worth picking up in the Steam sale
  16. HandsomeDead

    Boson X

    I've been playing this a lot the last couple of days so I'm talking about it. It's another endless runner for your phone (or PC, if you want) but this one is actually pretty interesting and a lot of fun. You are a scientist who decided to fire himself down the Hadron Collider and use himself to find the Boson Particle. It's a really cool and dumb premise but it makes for a high speed runner with an abstract style which mostly looks pretty good. I think the only thing I don't like is the running animation which continues the dorky running tradition also used by Temple Run, which I believe was started by that guy in Syphon Filter. But he (or she, you can pick a she in the options) is a scientist so a dorky run is more understandable. But a part from the premise which appealed to me, there is another thing: Boson X must of been paying attention to Super Hexagon because there are some similarities in the design which make it more fun that your average 3D runner. Like Super Hexagon it is random but there is also a pattern to the parts of the run so it's a case of learning and knowing how to react to these random 'phases', for lack of a better word. It's also similar in how it sets out its goals. In Boson X you have to try and run on blue paths that increase a percentage, and also your speed, and getting to 100% makes the level change colour and your speed dramatically increases; then it's just a case of surviving... it's essentially the same as what happens in SH after you cross 60 seconds. When you hit 100% you unlock the next level but there is that leaderboard making you want to keep going on earlier levels. It's a cool game... not as cool as Super Hexagon, but it's a fine effort. It's not quite as tight as that or as inventive with its challenge but not many games of that ilk are. It's free on PC so it's certainly worth a look for a few minutes to see what you think. I also think it's easily worth the £1.50 on iOS/Android. And it has none of that grinding, coin collecting, perk management and microtransaction bollocks of most runners. It's a nice game.
  17. I've been playing this little game that someone might care about. It's from the people who are making that Owlboy game. They made this during a break as a kind of holiday. The Savant guy is some dub-step dude (well, apparently he goes under a few aliases, but when he makes dub-step it's Savant, from what I've stumbled across). It's a simple game but with some fun things in it. It's sort of shooter but you're stuck to the ground, you can move but only between two points, and you can switch between them or jump between them giving some variety in the way you dodge enemies, you know, sometimes a bit of air might help you dodge an attack or visa versa. It does mean you really have to keep an eye on the screen for things coming at you as well as what you're firing at. Shooting is done with the mouse in a way you'd expect, but your magic does need a sec to wind up, though your first shot is a burst that does more damage before turning into a rapid fire shot. That's the game, basically and you can tell from the video, I guess. I think it's a pretty cool game. The little subtleties in the movement and firing do make for some exciting moments as you somersault around and the game looks and sounds great. It's got some real nice pixelart, though judging from what they've shown of Owlboy that's no surprise, and the dub-step fits the fast pace of the game and the sort of mechanical Gothic look. It definitely suits being a phone/tablet game. You do get access to an Android version, too, when you buy it but it won't run on my phone so I don't know how it handles on a touch device. It slipped under the radar a bit but I thought I'd show yous as I think it's worth knowing about. You buy it here.
  18. I had to google the title, I've been playing this quite a bit, honest. Not single player mind. Bought for spies vs mercs mode. On some of the previous games this mode has been brilliant, really different take on multiplayer. This version I'm not convinced by, not that it's bad. The setup is a bit different to previous games, there's 5v5 teams for a start, well it's definitely more than in the past. And when you start a hack you have to stay within a zone till the hack ends, the zones are quite big, the other spies have to then help protect the hacker for the duration, if the person who started the hack dies you have to hack it again quick or all progress is lost. And only one point out of 3 can be hacked at the same time. There's a lot less places to hide as a spy, but spies now have guns and are capable of cloaking and punching/killing mercs from the front, which seems to turn it into a more of a deathmach than previous games. But really I haven't played it enough to fully comment, you really need to know the maps inside out to play this mode and I haven't learnt any of them yet. There is also a classic 2v2 mode too, so maybe that's better. Also played some coop which is good fun. And amazingly buggy for me, a missing clif face that I was climbing along, people walking in mid air, staying stood up when dead, objectives/actions not registering etc. and the person I was playing with could see none of this.
  19. I don't think there's ever been a game that doesn't need explaining beyond its title as much as typing of the Dead Overkill. It's House of the Dead Overkill, the PS3 HD port of the Wii game, except rather than shoot zombies you type words. Each letter damages them a bit, so you could stagger them complete the word, phrase, or sentence and they die. Simple. Stupid And it is stupid, it was stupider in the original when the characters actually had keyboards and Dreamcasts strapped to them, but good god damn it was fun. Overkill was never the game House of the Dead 2 was but it was pretty good, probably better than House of the Dead 3. The typing gameplay skill works really well though, so well in fact I wonder if pretty much every game would work as a typing game. I'm not sure I like the humour of Overkill so much, maybe I never did, but there's very few jokes in it, it's mainly just swearing, which you know, we've put up with Sly for this long so that's not all bad, but I thought I remembered it being funny. What is nice is that the PS3 version had a couple of extra levels and they're in this, as is the ps4 version of the game, which might be a bit easy with a mouse. I've played through the first couple of levels and it's fun so far, in fact I've gone done a video innit
  20. http://www.mfgamers.com/index.php?showtopic=28972&st=0&p=28972&hl=+burnout%20+paradise&fromsearch=1entry28972
  21. I’ve been spending some time with the early access version of Tribute’s Mercenary Kings. The game is a lot different from what I thought it would be – Which is not a bad thing. I thought it would be a straight-up Metal Slug clone, but while it shares a similar visual style the rest of the game is a little different. You start off by picking your sex (male/female) and clothing color (ethnicity). Once that is done you’re dropped into your home base. From here you can craft guns, knives and bionics, set-up co-op, pick missions, talk to people and other things. Items are crafted via materials looted on missions or on the hunting grounds. You can carry unlimited materials, but your backpack has only four slots for items (Guns, Grenades, Health pack, Riot Shield). The hunting grounds are like a 2D Cabala’s hunting game, but where dead animals drop loot. The wildlife are spooked easily, so it hard to get the drop on them. Over all I’m really impressed with Mercenary Kings so far. PlayStation 4 gamers will have a blast with the finished products once it is finished and comes out of early access on Steam. IMO I feel Xbox One gamers should not feel left out. Mercenary Kings on Steam is designed with Microsoft’s pad in mind. It’s even displayed in loading screen showing button layout before being dropped into your home base for the first time. So while it’s not announced yet, I have a feeling it will find its way to that console too. Maybe after the PC and PS4 release. I made a let’s play video tonight of Merc Kings with PlayClaw 5. I’m hoping to get up somewhere for you all to see.
  22. So we know about this yah? .So its basically a hardcore old school platformer that fucks you the better you get at it. I'm currently on level 121. This is a video of level 329 (penultimate level). You can spend the cyrstals you pick up in game on stuff, one such stuff is a video of the AI doing the level. On the websites I look at, only one person has beaten that. That dude bought the video for the last level: Fucksticks.
  23. retroed

    Max Payne 3

    I'm playing it. Early days, on chapter four, but it's bloody brilliant.
  24. HandsomeDead


    Another indie game that is a bit old now, if nearly a year is a bit old. I don't know what to think of this game, really. Those clever kids in cool jeans seem to like it so of course I felt I had to buy it (after I saw it on sale for just over £3). I think I was initially put off by it because looking at it shows it to be ones of those psychedelic tube games like Tempest and Space Giraffe or whatever else Jeff Minter makes, and I don't really like those games, especially Space Giraffe. I tried and tried with that game and it just remained a foreign entity the entire time. It's a game that made me feel dumb and was a complete jerk about it, too. But thankfully, Dyad isn't like that. It does teach... in a way. No, it does, but don't be surprised to still be staring blankly at the screen after you've been taught. So, you're an abstract thing like in Rez and you fly down a Minter Tube. You have to 'hook' onto 'glowy things' that makes you 'boost' when you hook a pair and you have to dodge stuff or 'lance' them after building up power from 'grazing' the 'glowy things'. I think that's the game, basically. But it's a lot harder than that paragraph makes it sound. The kind of dexterity it requires from you is beyond what a lot of people will be willing to offer (mainly me), and since the game is so abstract it's not always easy to see how you're meant to improve. You think it's going well then colour swirl, bbbvvvff vvffbbb, you lose. But it is an interesting game if you want to remember what it's like when you first played video games again it's good for that. If you really want to go through that confusion again before you knew how to play all the video games then buy it. Go on.
  25. I'm not saying a great deal at the moment 'cos I did a review that was over 2000 words and I'm sick of thinking about it. It's here anyway. Shameful plug over. Since it's a bit TL;DR basically the campaign = 4/10, co-op (kind of interesting but tacked on and not enough of it) = 6/10, and multiplayer (great, just maybe not as well crafted as Bad Company 2) = 9/10. It had a really rocky first week. Servers where an absolute mess but the last two days they've certainly stabilised. No more getting kicked out randomly and the lag that crippled particular maps looks to have completely disappeared. Still some trouble with the HUD not displaying flag captures correctly but other than that it seems okay. What you's think?
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