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  1. Uncle Dokuro


    I have been playing this for the last few days and it excellent. The levels are semi-open with different paths you can take and hidden areas with collectables. Strider also has multiple difficulty settings that adds replay value to the game. The visuals are great and Double Heilx also included scanlines which was a nice touch. The gameplay is flawless and just makes you feel like a badass. You can unlock new moves by defeating bosses. Double Helix did not stray too far for the original source material and the bosses from the original game are back and tweaked for the modern era of gaming. Out of all the games I own on Xbox One Strider will most likely be a permanent fixture on my HDD. This is how remakes should be done in my opinion. Too bad Double Heilx is now apart of Amazon, they would have been a great fit as an internal Capcom or Microsoft studio.
  2. Anyone else been playing this? I was a massive fan of the first game, had an absolute ton of fun with it, incredibly addictive, visceral and with a bloody incredible soundtrack. The 2nd game I'm not having quite as much fun with...it seems a bit more stop-start than the first game where you could just get in the groove and be at it for hours, they've also tried to do a lot more story stuff in the 2nd one so there's a load of dialogue this time around, and loads of skippable cutscenes. The music is just as good as the first game, but the level design doesn't feel anywhere near as good to me, the first games levels just felt so tight and well designed around the games controls, but it feels in the HM2 that the levels have been chopped and changed to fit the narrative rather than the other way round, it is still decent though and after the initial hour and a half of frustration and bewilderment I am having a lot of fun with it now. I'm about 5 hours in, so probably not got too much longer to go, definitely feel the difficulty ramping up at the moment.
  3. Hendo

    Bioshock Infinite

    Looks amazing! I started off with my laptop plugged into the TV but it looks noticeably better on the laptop so am playing with that on a chair in front of me, using the pad. I did a benchmark test beforehand and medium is the best option for me. Still looks great although there have been a bit of screen-tearing and stuff. Anyway! I've arrived at Columbia and am really taking my time basking in everything around me. The main benefit of playing on a PC is that I'm taking screenshots like a motherfucker. Anyone who has me on Facebook, I've made an album with some of my favourite shots there. It's early days, but it has set up the reason for you being there and the mindset of the people of Columbia. Very reminiscent of the original Bioshock with your arrival, picking up cash, etc. Glorious.


    Yep, that big new release everyone is talking about It's a motorbike game, which will probably be news to some of you, and it's by the people that do the MotoGP games. I can't tell a huge amount of difference between the 2 but then I'm not really an expert. It's kind of focused on buying bikes. You earn credits for winning, and you can upgrade your bike, but you'll be locked out of certain classes until you buy more. Other than that it's fairly open, if you can afford a superbike then there's nothing stopping you buying one and playing those events. The one bit of structure is the world ranking, a ladder to climb by finishing races. The ultimate aim is to get to rank 1, but along the way you'll hit certain milestones that will open up Elite races. These will reward you with a new bike, although usually you have to buy a bike to enter them, which you then spend money improving, meaning you never touch the new bike you won Here's a video I done. The mic is a bit blown out because it was recorded by the capture kit directly when it shouldn't have been
  5. HandsomeDead


    I'm still not sure of my overall thoughts on this game so I apologise in advance if I ramble. I suppose I've not played it a whole lot still as The Hunters. You have four people, each with a role: you have Assault, he's your gun guy who's only job is to shoot the monster and does the most damage and he can lay mines. Most of my time playing as Hunters has been with this class (I did play once as a Trapper but didn't have a clue what I was doing). You also have Support and Medic classes (I've not even tried them yet). You don't really pick your role, it's assigned to you and then you have to be that role. At this point a lot of people don't know what they're doing (I count myself in that group) so sometimes being on the Hunters team can be a really frustrating thing. Until the game has been out for a while and the community figure out how to play all the roles well then it will be more fun to fumble around with people you can communicate with. At least then you won't feel as bad when you do something dopey. But playing as The Monster is the solo experience, and because of that is more fun moment to moment. Like I feel like tracking the Monster as Hunters isn't that fun, especially when you're still not 100% sure what you're looking for, which I think a lot of people are like now. But as The Monster it's simpler: you keep a low profile for a bit and eat wildlife so you can the evolve into a stronger version and that is more engaging during the downtime, rather than wandering around looking for signs to where The Monster is. But I've been enjoying that side of it a lot. There was one game where a trapper must have got a glimpse of me and set down the barrier. The barrier is a large, well, barrier, that comes down and imprisons you with The Hunters which makes escape very hard, but I did manage it once, and it was tense stuff. I was still at the earliest stage of evolution so didn't want to take them on but I realised they didn't know exactly where I was. The barrier is quite big so when it came down the edges were right in front of me so I knew I maybe had a few seconds to hide and by keeping an eye on them (or a nose, the smell mechanic basically puts a yellow or red outline around people so you can see them through walls) I managed to stay out of sight the whole time, just moving a little out of view, and snuck out when the barrier timed out. Sometimes the combat as a Monster isn't always that satisfying. It's a bit unwieldy and I'm sometimes not sure if I'm hitting someone but the range attacks mostly work well unless you get caught on something. You do have to be aware of whats around you and being a big, ugly shit that can be hard to do sometimes. So, bottom line is it's sometimes really fun but relies too much on certain situations for fun to happen, like it's a game that has to be played to certain rules. I'd say the rules are a bit too specific, though. That could change as the classes expand but they made the, frankly, stupid decision to lock other characters and monsters behind a progress system, because that's what all multiplayer games have to have now. Why they didn't just let you experiment with everything from the get go like they did with Left 4 Dead, God only knows.
  6. Grizzly


    So picked this up yesterday and have played about 10 hours so far and it is somewhat enjoyable so far. To give people a quick overview, this is an mmo which is available for Xbox, ps3 and PC. It plays like a third person shooter and the best part is you don't have to pay a subscription! So my initial thoughts are; it a bit rough around the edges, being less than a week old it has a lot of the faults most new mmo's have. Slow frame rates during highly populated moments (such as the ark falls) and graphics quality is generally dictated by Internet speed (at least it appears to be, it's generally ok but gears of war it ain't) The parts I am really enjoying so far is the loose nature of it all, there are lots of missions to do and the fact that they link up with the coming tv show adds that little extra to the whole thing. As events occur in the tv show they also take place in the game as episodic quests. I can foresee a compulsive need to keep up with the content changes as they happen. So I am wondering, does anyone else have this? Or is anyone considering picking it up? Because this is the type of game that really needs a party up to enjoy to the fullest. Would be cool to get a clan going.
  7. So, I genuinely wasn't expecting much from this game, what with it's troubled history. 17 hours later, and it's one of the best games of 2012. A lot of reviews claim "it's nearly as good as GTA!", which to be honest isn't far off the mark. The combat's a bit like Batman AA (one button to punch, another to counter), you can hit people with a fish or shove them face first into a fan blade. There's Collectables to find, though for once (a) they improve your stats instead of doing nothing, and ( once you complete specific side missions, they all appear on your map so you can collect them at your lesuire. Every open world game could do with "borrowing" that idea. So yeah, it's a brilliant game. And it's high sales are a big middle finger to Activision. Which is always a good thing.
  8. Just got this in the steam sale it's a pc racing sim - it's in early access - it's got a decent selection of cars and tracks already though so i don't think i've been ripped off at £15 anyway. not played a huge amount - did some timetrials in a exige at first and wasnt getting on with it, then did some more timetrials in the ye olde f1 car (like in GPL!) and a formula abarth (like a slow f1 car) and it was great fun, although i couldn't find any online leaderboards which would be a shame if that's missing. there is AI and online so you can have a race. the chase cam is not great - probably because sim people use in-car view but whatever. the graphics are alright, not amazing or anything. force feedback and handling seems really good. so there you are. there's probably more info in this thread: http://www.mfgamers.com/index.php?showtopic=40239&hl=assetto


    Anyone who follows me on twitter wont have missed that I've been playing Deathtrap (probably badly). It's Diablo meets tower defence, not entirely unlike Iron Brigade, or as Hendo said, Orcs Must Die. You have a certain amount of currency to spend before a round starts on traps, littering the enemies route to the hub you're protecting, then you run around lending a hand. Your moveset is where the Diablo comparisons come in, moves are on hotkeys and have a cool down, you have the equivalent of a magic meter that limits your use of some skills. Once a Wave is finished you get to lay traps for the next enemy route that's revealed itself, although you can spend the points you're earning mid-fight, it's maybe not the best idea until all the routes are open as you don't want to leave yourself short Once a level finishes you get to spend experience points, trap points (which are used to level up your traps), and equip/buy gear. I've been focussing my improvements on reducing the cost of trap building and earning more essence so that I can drop and improve more traps per battle, depending on how long the game is that might not be that useful, although there's multiple scenarios for each level I really like it so far, it is kind of the same thing over and over with just the level layout changing, but it's good fun
  10. spatular

    Trials Fusion

    Not sure what to say about this, it's trials so it's awesome, it looks nice on next gen. don't really like the tricks so far but you don't have to do trick events much so it's no big thing (and maybe they'll grow on me), and the skill events are incorporated into the career which is cool as it forces me to play them, and some are pretty good, whereas previously i never really played them. looks like the community track editor is back so that's cool, but currently afaik multiplayer is local only and they're patching in online later hopefully. i just rushed through the single player, loads of medals still to get, and each track has 3 optional challenges, which i haven't really looked at yet but it seems like a cool idea. the credits show after the last hard track, then there's some extreme tracks as you'd expect - i did the first but then got really frustrated and failed miserably on the next 2 - *1* i should really go back for some more medals to get back into it before trying these again. there's also some quad bike levels which are alright - it just handles slightly differently. i was slightly worried about using a ps4 controller with trials just because being in control is so important in trials and i'm used to playing it with the 360 pad, and as it's really frustrating at times anyway you really need to feel like it's your fault rather than the equipment - at this point i'm partially blaming the equipment - but hopefully it's just a case of getting used to it and i'll be doing *1* before any more final judgement. i was worried about the triggers but they've been alright, it's the left stick position that's causing me problems, to do a quick hop before some jumps with a quick flick back and forth on the stick, i'm just not able to do it very accurately or often enough when i need to at the moment - it's only really needed on some of the hard/expert tracks. i don't know if this sounds petty but i hate going backwards at something, even if it's better in the long run - see me refusing to use kb+m for most pc games. and who knows if i'd find the x1 version any better because of the looser sticks. i should have probably got the 360 version. edit - i should state again that i really like the ps4 pad, i'm just not used to playing trials with it so currently finding it annoying, if the first 2 games were only on ps3 it'd probably be a different story, don't want to start any pad wars or anything. still, trials is awesome. anyone else get it?

    The Swapper

    I played through this at the weekend and really enjoyed it. It's quite hands off with the story for most of the game, you're kind of filling it in yourself, but once it gets to it it's done really well. It's mainly just a puzzle game though, ever so slightly with a Castlevania/Metroid map. You make your way through the level, there'll be obstructions that require orbs to move, so you'll have to go to a room where there's a puzzle to find some. The mechanics are pretty simple, you get a gun called the swapper that lets you make clones and eventually fire your 'soul' in to them. You can only have so many clones out and they all move when you do. It's really simple but the environment gets more complicated. Rather than just working out angles and platforms, you end up having lights that block the clone ability or the soul swapping ability It's mostly a perfect challenge, but I had to look up 2 of the last 3 puzzles on youtube, they're a bit more fiddly than I'd been used to, dumping clones so you can edge a bit closer to where you need to be. Really good game though, and I haven't done a very good job of explaining it


    I tried capturing some footage but it came out all framey. It's not bad, not something I'd stick with because I don't play multi, but it is fun. The verticality is slightly less than you'd expect, one of the maps is a dense city, you can use it a lot there, but the other map is flatter, more open, so there it's more about using the interiors than the tops of buildings. I've only played Attrition so far (team deathmatch) and what it's taught me is I am shite with the Titan. I have problems picking people out, especially as you need to focus on people a little to see if they're enemy or friendly, so I don't score enough kills. Titan v Titan is tough too, I think I need to start picking a different weapon, I'm leaving myself defenceless as I reload too often (you have a secondary weapon but it needs time to charge) I'm getting caught on scenery a little too, largely my own fault, and probably something that disappears with practice
  13. Couldnt find a retro thread, so thought id post its own. Im going to be playing through this and then might go back through Dark Forces 1 if I enjoy it, but the plan will be to then go to Mysteries of the Sith and then the more recent Jedi Knight games the likes of which turned up on the GameCube. This was a game I played as a nipper, and at the time we had a nice little Acer machine with windows 98 I think, and it was in our cellar in Germany, in the furthest away, coldest and spidery-est room. I used to sit there with a portable heater and play this absolute gem of a game, and its still a gem now, and playing it has brought back all the memories of playing it at the time. So, Dark Forces 2 : Jedi Knight. Its an FPS, like the first one, but with a bit of a twist in that when you draw your lightsaber (slight spoiler) it switches to 3rd person mode, although this can be disabled, and you play it like this with all your force powers and ting. The first four levels are standard FPS, you have an objective and a gun and you have to make your way through the level with some slight platformy elements thrown in. On level 4 you revisit your pa's old house and make your way through the ruins to his old droid that, once you insert a special key, produces your pappa's old lightsaber and then the fun begins with a slight increase in the puzzle aspect. The thing ive always loved about Star Wars games is that they have this magical quality to them, with the music and setting unique to that universe and its the same here. The music is exactly as youd want, with John Williams' original score being used, the lightsaber sounds are spot on etc, and the dialogue is proper Star Wars nonsense. Which brings me to the story, Jerec is a dark jedi, which apparently is different to a Sith, although its not explained why, and he is after The Valley of the Jedi so he can become all powerful and stuff. Its set after Return of the Jedi, but has pretty much no bearing on anything and doesnt reference anything so no worries there. The way earning the force powers stuff works is odd , and you can see that it was way before a lot of the typical RPG levelling made its way into the genre as its fairly basic. At the end of each level based on something or other you get awarded force points, I think its based on how many 'secret areas' you found throughout the level but it could be completely arbitrary and the game just says 'here you go, have some force points'. You basically spend these points on different powers that seem to unlock themselves based on the levels you have completed. If you choose a lot of Dark Side powers and go about killing innocent randoms then you become more and more of a dark jedi and that effects the way the latter stages of the game play out, as I think that around about 5 levels from the end of the game something happens and you are forced to choose whether you will be a goodie or a baddie. At the time this sort of branching blew my mind, as I wasnt expecting it, and there wasnt an indication that it was about to happen, at least it didnt seem that way to my 12 year old brain and it tied in really well with what was happening with the story, which is actually not terrible regardless of what I said earlier, and is full-motion cutscene which has its drawbacks (the acting) as well as its benefits (looks cool). Im 5 levels in so far and its pretty cool, how much of that is the nostalgic feel of playing a game I loved first time round im not sure, but theres that nice feel that old school games have with regards to how over thought out some games nowadays are as well as how im just left at times to figure out whats going on in each level. My hand isnt being held at all, sometimes you just get to an impasse and you have to figure out what to do, and im fine with that actually. Looking forward to revisiting the entire series over time, will probably just keep posting in this thread. All this enjoyment for about 10 quid or so as well. EDIT: here is a quite funny speed run of the game:

    Steamworld Dig

    I played through this in the past couple of days, it's pretty good but I didn't enjoy it as much as some people. It's kind of Mr Driller except without a time limit. You go in to a mine, dig, get some precious stones, go back up to the surface and sell them. This lets you buy better tools which makes digging a bit easier and improve your health. There's extra moves unlocked in sub caves that add a drill, sprinting, double jumps etc. The problem with it is that you can end up a long way down before you have to head back up (because your health or light is running low), if you don't have enough orbs (rare currency rather than the gold from selling stones), which you probably wont, then you wont be able to buy a teleport and will have to climb all the way back up and all the way back down. It's compulsive though, you might as well just head back down and get some more stones to sell, it wont take all that long. The problem is that it's really not the type of game that you should play for a long time, there's just too much fannying about heading back to the surface because your light has ran out, or your bags full. It is good though, just don't play it all at once
  15. Jimboxy

    Pure Pool

    Whats to say? It's pool. I have this on PS4, it costs about £5.50 with a PS+ discount and its pretty kewl. You can play local or online and theres a career mode with unlockables and levelling up as you go along. It's very pretty too.
  16. This is the new one from Vlambeer, the Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing folks. You're lucky I'm here telling you about it because I have been pounding this game the last 24 hours. It's an arcade shooter in the style of Asteroids but there is so much more going on. The enemies are cunts, there are bullets everywhere and you have loads of types of plane that can massively change how you play. The playing field is leveled by you having regen health when you're not firing, but it's really easy to get caught out when trying to get one guy on your tail; it's one of those risk/reward mechanics done really well which I think Vlambeer have a really good hold on, what with this and Ridiculous Fishing. And then there is the plane building thing. Planes atre made up of three bits and there are about six of each which can be combo'd together in any way: there are laser guns, homing rockets, high impact armour, a body that automatically drops bombs, an engine that lets you go under water with taking damage and stuff like that. I feel like some combos are just plain useless (lol) but there are missions attached to (like kill so many fighters, or sink a ship while maintaining max combo) so it's worth seeing what you can do with the dumb combos even if you're not ever likely to get your high score. And it's probably more about doing these missions than getting the best score, it's the thing that keeps you coming back more (though I have a pretty sweet score ) But that's just all guff. It just feels real nice to play. The speed, the responsiveness, just how it's all balanced in how much punishment you can take, all the acrobatics you can do that aren't hard to pull off; it's just a real nice feeling game and polished to a shine. Get it, it's ace.
  17. Anyone else playing this? It's bloody brilliant, i've been playing it for 15-20 minutes a day since i got it, it's very intense. I've just started Level 3, Pillars of Light, which introduces my favourite videogame enemy type...spiders. The game itself is a first person dungeon crawling rpg, with a really good balance between exploration, puzzles and combat. If you like Dark Souls you'll love it.
  18. Hendo

    Little Inferno

    Made by the team that did World of Goo and the guy who was behind Henry Hatsworth. You can tell the World of Goo thing by the art style and sense of humour, a mile off. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04GSCt2Wiqo It's a little bizarre. It's a sandbox game with no fail state but there is a running narrative and story. You order objects which you place in your fireplace and then set them on fire. Build combos by combing certain objects together and you'll start unlocking more lists of stuff to buy. All in-game money, no IAP's as far as I'm aware. It's oddly compelling but there isn't much point to it. From Wired:
  19. Just dove into to the start of the game tonight. It’s really good if you like hardcore stealth games like the old Hitman or Thief games. The download is around 6 or 8GB if I remember correctly and the game was developed using Unreal tech and it shows for the most part. The characters are nicely designed, but are slightly on the plastic action figures side of things. Styx animations are very well done. He moves with weight throughout the world and walks like a goblin should. The Humans and elves on the other hand are very stiff and robotic-like when walking. The environments are very well design. I’m not far in the game, but it seems that the humans and the elves have some sort of alliance and Styx has lost most of his memories. The only thing he can remember is that he needs to get to the center of the world tree where amber is made. Styx is pretty puny compare to all the other character’s in the game, so it’s not advised to go into hand to hand combat because you’ll die pretty quickly. In most cases they will kill you in one or two hits. Stealth is mandatory and there are multiple paths to get to your objectives. There is a very well done quick save system in place in case you die. So far it’s a solid old school stealth game.

    Freedom Planet

    I got sent a code for this but I'd have bought it myself eventually. It's a retro inspired game, only in a novel twist it's inspired by the Sega side of the fence rather than Nintendo. Thematically it's Sonic 3, the way the scenery smashes apart, the huge sprawling levels, the way everything looks. It's deceptive though as while it really does play like a reimagined 16 bit game, particularly one post Sonic 3, it doesn't play that much like a Sonic game. You dont bounce on people's heads, instead there's uppercuts, low kicks, and special whirlwind jump attacks. It's a hyper action game. Sonic crossed with Knuckles I guess. There's a few problems but I'll do a longer post some other time. It's fucking great though, one of the best 'retro' games I've played, but it is a little rough in parts
  21. Uncle Dokuro

    Hero Siege

    This has been out on smartphones and PC for a while now, but I just got around to picking it up and playing it. The Finnish developer Panic Art calls it a “rouge-lite hack n’ slash”, which is a somewhat fitting description. People reviewing it on Steam call it a stripped down Diablo, but at its core it’s a twin stick arena arcade game like Nuclear Throne. The difference being Hero Siege has very lite RPG trappings like leveling and skills. Playing with kbam is so fucken annoying, so I would recommend playing with the 360 or XO gamepad for this. There are eight classes (if you buy the DLC) and the only two that really interest me are the redneck class and pirate class. Still on my first play through of the game with a level nine redneck I affectingly named Bubba Fett. The Redneck class is a melee class and his main weapon is a chainsaw. The skills that I’ve unlocked for that class are flaming NASCAR wheels that can be thrown, Molotov cocktails that can be thrown and a bear trap that you can lure enemies into. There are a few more for that class, but I have not unlocked them yet. Each area has six waves of enemies that you fight and the sixth wave is a boss fight. Pretty typical stuff for a twin stick game. Each area is randomly generated and has secrets like dungeons. There is also some DLC for called The Carp of Doom. It adds a fifth act, a new class Samurai, exclusive hats and exclusive dungeons. If you buy the C.E. version of the DLC you get a Cyber Punk skin for the Samurai Class and a Karp Hat. The game is quite difficult till you level your character up, then it becomes quite an enjoyable experience. According to the developer Hero Siege is coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at some point in time. They are also trying to become id@Xbox developers too. I would recommend this if you enjoy twin stick arena games and grinding. 4 beer cans and a dixie cup/5 beer cans
  22. Hendo

    Hack 'n' Slash

    I know Mike has been playing this, I've only put 20 minutes in. It would be more as I like the concept of it but I'm constantly stuck, it seems so open that I have no idea where I'm going. I got as far as being asked to clean up a spill in the water (like an oil spill) which I found but have no idea how to clean it. I also found a magic gate that I don't know how to open and a few other paths that there's no way of telling which way I'm meant to go. I might need a guide to get me going as I love the concept and art style (it is Double Fine, after all) but I'm perpetually lost. It's a puzzle action game, kind of like Link to the Past viewpoint but your sword can hack into objects and enemies and you can change their values to make them non-aggressive or let bushes you burn give out tons of hearts. You can pretty much break the game by changing the values in your favour. Like there's a queen sprite in this cave that gives out extra hearts but only once. You use this item in your inventory to change the history of whether she gave you hearts or not and you can just churn out tons of energy for yourself.
  23. spatular


    What's yours is mine. this is a top down coop (can be played single player too) heist game - a modern comparison would be a stealthy hotline miami. you collect coins that are lying around, or in vaults, or being carried by people. get to an objective, via multiple floors, then escape. you can only see stuff line of sight - but there is a period where a guard sees you his question mark above his head fills in, you're only spotted when its full, so the line of sight thing doesn't make it too easy to get spotted - also one of the guys ability lets you see guards positions. you can pick between a number of guys to play as - each has a special ability, like the really useful one mentioned above. one can knock out guards, one can break walls, one can hack plug sockets to take out security, etc. playing in coop its interesting to see what abilities work well. i always go the guy that lets you see guard positions, but some of the others look really good too. there's a variety of weapons you can pickup - shotgun, crossbow, emp, smoke grenade, health - these are refilled by picking up coins - 1 gunshot/item per 10 coins, so its hard to go on a killing spree. i like the crossbow for silently taking out annoyingly positioned guards. at first it starts off pretty easy and you can play it a bit like pacman, collecting the coins as the guards chase you around - early guards can only punch - soon there are guards with guns, security cameras, lasers, etc to avoid so you have to play more propper like i've played quite a bit in coop and on my own, i like it. the coop definitely needs some good coordination (which i don't really have) to do well, but its also good fun when it all goes wrong and all hell breaks loose as you're trying to hide/escape but blundering into more baddies and stuff in the process. and in single player, if you die you can respawn as another guy, so you get a few lives. in coop if everyone dies its game over, but you can revive allies. so anyone else try it? tbh i probably would have waited for a sale if i didn't have loads of xbox points already, and P4A didn't arrive at the weekend.
  24. I gots to tell you, I really don't like this game. It's really humourless and annoying. The controls are all nice and I've had no issues with the platforming but the script is boring and flat. I just want to smack his stupid face.
  25. Uncle Dokuro

    NHL 15

    The demo is out now. My thoughts are Vancouver did a good job. Not an excellent job, but just good job. Granted this is the first NHL on new-gen consoles. The pre-game show is scare photo realistic. I thought I was watching a game on NBC Sports. But during the game while the visuals are all glossy the character models look last-gen. At start-up you can select Easy (face buttons with Arcade style gameplay), Standard (Skill stick instead of face buttons and simulation gameplay), or custom. Enjoyed the demo, disappointed the EASHL mode will not be in the new-gen version. It would have been nice if EA knocked $10 off the price, but whatever. Will pick this up when I find it on cheaper sale.
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