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Found 2 results

  1. so yeah, it's an old zelda (gb/gbc) game given new graphics, and some other changes i guess, not sure what they've changed, there's a make your own dungeon thing, and i guess any changes in the colour version (which i haven't really played) will be in there. this is one of my early gaming memories and one of my favorite zelda games, but haven't played it in a long time so not sure what i'll think of this new version. there's some stuff/puzzles that were pretty annoying in the original version which seem to have some more hints on what to do in there now (keep the sound on - the music is ace anyway) but it still seems like it could be pretty easy to get stuck, and it's hard for me to say as i do remember some stuff from playing it before. i've done the first 2 dungeons and they're pretty short and easy other than a few bits, and think i'm on one of the best bits of the game where you get iirc the difficulty picks up. the graphics are completely different, i think the new look is pretty cool, there's some framerate problems, as in it's not completely smooth but it's not really affected me. and yeah i'm enjoying it. anyone else get it, hows it going?
  2. I felt the urge to dig out my Game Boy Pocket earlier, not quite sure why. Once I had, I decided to start 6 Golden Coins. This is without doubt one of my favourite Game Boy games. The stages are laid out well in their themed areas, presentation is great, and the music. Oh, the music! The memories came flooding back. I'm going to play this through to the end, it shouldn't take long. My Game Boy Pocket still looks like new, too!
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