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Found 5 results

  1. This ain't Banjo... It's been a long, long time since I played an N64 game. There are certain things you forget, that are distinct to that console. "Jank" I believe is the modern term. I don't remember the platforming being as weird as it is here? Perhaps because I was used to how the platform worked regarding 3D jump mechanics at the time. Fast forward to now and it is jarring to say the least. Jumping is precise and quite unforgiving. Ironically, you cast no shadow to judge if you will land on the platform you are aiming for. There was an infuriating little jump early on, along the way to acquiring the Asson that brought out a little frustration. Later exemplified in areas involving death traps and (early game) one-hit KO lava. You have a dodge mechanic. But it doesn't work as smoothly as you might expect, coming into this from the perspective of modern From Soft titles etc The remaster gives us camera control with the second stick. It is both an improvement and not. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the swimming mechanics. The first time I swam in this game. I tapped the action button, as standard and promptly drowned when I couldn't right myself. Later, I discovered the problem and it's solution. You don't use the action button to swim... You use both sticks. Forward on the left stick to move and steer with the right stick. If it sounds like tank controls, it basically is. But being in the water, it does become intuitive quicker. Ultimately my first session went on for about an hour and a half. Collecting four Dark Souls. The second weapon in the Asson and 66 Cadeaux. Quite intrigued to continue at this point.
  2. The title is going to look like spam, but it's actually a new NES and Dreamcast game (and I think Switch and PC, but the former have physical versions) The story behind it is that there was a game listed by retailers back in the day for the NES called Yeah Yeah Beebis I. There's a few theories about what it was, because that game never existed. It could have been one retailer putting in a fake game to catch other retailers who copied their catalogue and prices, it could have been a joke, or it could have been a mistranslation of a real game. Youtuber retro gamer John Riggs has made a sequel to that game based on what he imagined it would be like, and this is that sequel In terms of how it plays, it's a single screen platformer, where you need to eradicate a set number of 'evil' within the time limit. do that and you progress on to the next level, eventually the boss, then you start on the same 10 levels again with a colour palette swap. That sounds like a massive slight, but you know what, it's actually alright. There's a few powerups to collect, including more time, invulnerability, extra points, and an item that freezes everything on the screen. It's simple stuff, climbing up ladders, jumping to platforms, avoiding spikes, but aside from some slidey controls and a lack of different levels, it's actually a solid game, just one that, and I guess this is a compliment, could have come out on the NES back in the day

    Intrepid Izzy

    I've been playing a game called Intrepid Izzy on the Dreamcast this past week. It's pretty good, certainly of a better level than some of the stuff that gets charged for on the Dreamcast nowadays, even if it's not got the production values of an Under Defeat or something It's a platform adventure game. So for the most part a fairly standard platform game, with some combat via the attack button (no jumping on heads), where you work your way through the level to get to the boss, beat the boss and get the item or power-up you need for the next part. However, it's got the Castlevania 2, or probably more accurately Quackshot adventure element, where you might hit a dead end in one level that requires you to go to another level to find the solution On a technical level, it can be a little too easy to slide in to an enemy, not enough inertia to the movement, and you can be kit by things you dont see coming until it's too late. There's also a weird stretching and shrinking on the edges of the screen, almost as though it's making more of the texture so it doesn't have to bring the next one in, but I'm honestly not sure why it's in there. It's odd though The adventure part is the bit I was most reticent about when I realised what Intrepid Izzy was, I don't like backtracking, it makes me roll my eyes when I fight my way to an area only to find I can't progress. This turned out to be a problem, particularly as the game has outfits, outfits you can't change in the game world, you have to head to a teleporter, head to town, your house, back to the teleporter, then back to the bit you need the outfit for. The section I'm doing now, where I need to revisit areas to find 4 stones is a case in point, one needed the squirrel suit, the next one doesn't, but I only discover that once I've reached it The game can be a little vague in its design too. I can see people getting stuck, and even in the video below I miss a route I'm supposed to take because it's not indicated. Maybe that would make the game too easy, but you can definitely be left with little idea where to go, perhaps just making the map more detailed (with closed doors a la Metroid) would go a long way to solving it Anyway, I think I'm approaching the end sections once I've found these stones, and I've been enjoying it, it's been a nice change of pace from the likes of Pokemon and Shin Megami
  4. radiofloyd

    Shenmue 1 & 2

    Couldn’t find a thread for these so I made a new one. I played a little over an hour of the first game, just as far as exploring Dobuita a little. Of course this is Japan in the 80s, so thirty years before the Japan I’ve experienced, but still so little has changed. Visually from the streets, the houses, the parks...this is what Japan is like. And the young children in the game that meet Ryo speak exactly like Japanese children do now. The scene with the girl and the kitten next to the shrine was very touching. So far so good! Playing the game on PC by the way, connected to my tv and using a wired controller. Resolution is 1920x1080 or something along those lines.
  5. illdog

    Under Defeat

    Old/New Dreamcast game anyone? Its a helicoptor shooter. Its not bullet hell. It only has five stages, then repeats the stages by mirroring. Its oddly addictive. Unlike most shooters these days it doesnt start out with infinite credits, these are earned by playtime. Every hour another continue is rewarded untill you go past 9 credits, then it unlocks free play. Umm... score wise it seems best to use your 'option', of which there are 3 types, Vulcan (machine gun), Cannon (slow but powerful) and Rocket (not always accurate but pretty much fucks up everything it touches). Enemies killed by the option are worth alot more points. The option can be released by pressing the fire button after a small period of bullet inactivity (measured by a gauge on screen). Obviously whilst charging your option you are left pretty exposed, having to dodge enemy bullets and risking letting the screen fill up with more bad guys. Ive finished it now but i cant say i ever fell in love with it. The bullets can be a little hard to see and the chopper can be a little clunky but i think it boils down to the fact that ive been spoiled by Futari, ESP and Deathsmiles with their vivid colour schemes and screen after screen of bullets. This is bland in comparison. Not unenjoayable, just ditincly average. Decent soundtrack though.
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