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  1. illdog

    Luigi's Mansion 2

    12 years later... I loved the original, so the best compliment I can give this game is that it can sit along side it. Not literally of course, it's a different shaped box and it's on a different console, this is a civilised country. Story? Big Boo, steals the moon, breaks it in to bits, hides it around the region. A region made of spooky mansions. Enter green plumber, E Gadd and the poltergeist 3000. We have a game! So this one is more level structured. I've done the first mansion and it was made up of 6 or 7 levels and a boss fight. The levels are basically EGadd sending you in to the mansion for various bits of the Poltergust, then using that new bit to gain entry to other rooms in the mansion you previously couldn't enter. The vacuum is controlled by the R button, the Y and A buttons aim it up and down. You can suck up curtains and loose wall paper to find money, roll up carpet, blow shit about with the L button. You trap ghosts by flashing them with a light from the Poltergust with the A button, the you pull in the opposite direction and can press the A button again to boost the suck. You get more money for trapping multiple ghosts, the more money you earn the better your Poltergust becomes. The puzzles are awesome, I won't spoil what I've seen so far but it's good clean Nintendo fun and the boss fight was fucking genius. Luigi still sings along to the music btw, 3D works well, graphics are ace, lighting effects are spot on and a partridge in a pear tree. Got a 3DS? Get this.
  2. I’ve started this because of the 3DS eShop kerfuffle. Nintendo Life just published an article ranking the Fire Emblem games and they had this at number 8. The fact that they had Three Houses at number 2 makes me question their judgement though. We’ll see. I’ve just completed two chapters and it’s been snappy and straightforward so far. I’m aware that later in the game I’ll have a choice between two storylines which gives the game an interesting dimension. I’m playing on Hard difficulty after finding that Normal difficulty in Three Houses just sapped all the challenge out of the game, and Classic mode. So characters who die are lost forever.
  3. Finished this a few weeks ago. It was good. Its like the new last of us kirby, but in 2d. Its the other way round really but this is the first more normal 2D kirby game ive played. Previously just played the more unusual kirby games like mass attack and touch! Kirby! i think i prefer the 3D one for the bosses, im a bit rubbish at bosses in 2D, and in 3D but less so. Lucky it was pretty easy, id often just stand next to a boss smacking it with a sword - next level tactics. but yeah overall it was good fun, you inhale enemies and can either fire them as projectiles or use their powers, like get a sword, fire/poison attacks, turn into a statue, etc. You also have the robot that can absorb powers too, and punch stuff. theres some mild puzzling in there. Hidden stuff to collect. The 3D effect is cool (its great when kirby gets smacked into the screen). It looks and sounds good. im not very good at platformers, so like the quite relaxed difficulty here, will give kirby a rest for now but want to go back and play some other kirby games at some point. then when youve finished it you can play another mode where you play remixed levels as metaknight in a time attack - this was good fun. theres a boss attack mode too iirc, dont think i tried this. Oh and some mini games that have more full releases on the eshop? Had a quick go of the 3d one, it was alright. anyone else played it?
  4. I bought this intending to keep it for my holiday in a couple of weeks, to give me something a bit lighter and more action-y than the various jrpgs I've got to grind in to finish. I booted it up to give it a look the other night, and it turns out Metroid Samus Returns is actually really good, and I've not played anything else since I know it's stating the obvious given that it's based on the original and developed by people with experience of the other original, but it's very much a metroidvania. I'm not sure why this and the various Castlevanias have clicked with my where a million other very similar games haven't but I'm loving it. I feel like I'm halfway through the game, but the clear % when I last loaded a save had me at about 27%. Anyway, there's a big disc at the start of each area, it lights up with how many metroid DNA you need to get. How the ancients knew that metroids would be on the planet, and that whoever needed the water draining would have the technology to harvest it I don't know, probably best not to think about it. The metroids, so far, have only really taken a couple of forms, and I'm still seeing the first every now and again. You exponentially need more of them to open up each new area, although there are lifts to take you to new sub areas. They've added a counter system and it's pretty vital quite quickly. For one it gives you more yellow orbs that refill your "special" meter, this lets you use a few moves activated by the d-pad, including a scan that reveals some of the map and breakable blocks, and increased armour. Countering enemies staggers them, making them easier to kill, including the metroids Aside from that it's a fairly known quantity. As criticism I'd say trudging around can be a bit of a pain, when isn't it in these kind of games I guess, but it's certainly slower than I'd like, but then, compared to something like Castlevania, you're fighting the environment as much as the enemies. The controls can also be a bit finicky. It's not often that it's the kind of game requires twitch reflexes, but every now and then you'll fumble around trying to get out of a ball or pick the right weapon as an enemy charges you. There's a dexterity required that feels very retro, fitting I guess, but I wouldn't say it was a barrier for the vast majority of people Kind of nice that the 3DS is still getting games good enough to be amongst the games of the year
  5. Played nearly three hours of this (Pokemon Sun) this morning, the last half hour or so was spent goofing around in the "Festival Plaza" which kind of the online hub of the game. I'm not sure if I'll bother much with online. This is the first Pokemon game I've played since Diamond and Pearl. One new addition is that you can care for your pokemon after battle - i.e. use a brush to brush off dirt, use a hairdryer to dry wet pokemon. You can also feed your pokemon berries. As ridiculous as these sound, they're not major negative on the game. The game world (Alola) is obviously modeled on Hawaii. The music is kind of Hawaiian/tropical island vibe. In general I would say the music is listenable but poor when compared with the soundtracks of the earlier generations. Of course I've only heard a small fraction of it, and only for a few hours. The graphics...well they're functional and pleasant. The 3DS is obviously a bit of an awkward middle ground capability wise. But 3D (in the old sense, I don't think the game contains any actual "3D" elements) offers things that the old top down 2D view doesn't, so it's still a nice world to explore. The Pokemon look nice, although battle animations are still pretty limited. I always felt that Pokemon games had great writing, especially the NPCs, in the style of games like Dragon Quest or Earthbound. It's too early to tell whether Sun and Moon have retained that charm. But it's nice to see they still use the same old trainer descriptions like "lass". But overall, it's Pokemon. You run in the tall grass, a random battle starts and you have no idea what pokemon is going to appear. Your pokemon levels up, and you have no idea if it is going to learn a new move or evolve. You come to a new area and you wonder what pokemon you can catch there. It's as addictive as ever. Also, there are multiple language options so I could theoretically replay the game in Japanese, which is cool.
  6. So, yeah, a new Monster Hunter game came out on Friday. Since it came out I've played it for 12 hours over the weekend (with DC, Troma and Sly) so it is just as big a time sink as MH4U was. The Weapon Arts, Hunting Arts and Hunting Styles are the three main things the game has over MH4U and they make a huge difference to the combat (playing the Agility style), in the previous game I felt the combat was very grounded, weighty and slow but MHG feels a lot different (especially if you equip the agility weapon art), it's MUCH easier to Mount monsters as you double tap B and can fly up to them with your sword/axe/lance etc. landing in their back. This makes the combat feel much more Bayonetta-esque than the more Dark Souls/Zelda-esque combat of MH4U, it feels so much quicker, you can even do somersaults through the air to avoid enemies and combined with the new power gauge on weapons it makes the combat feel more arcadey, aerial and agile as a result, a welcome change of pace, and it's a ton of fun. It seems to throw you in at the deep-end more in the MP quests, I remember HR1 in the previous game being an absolute breeze, filled with gathering quests, trap quests etc. that would teach you different mechanics (MHG may do this in the SP I'm not sure) but there's none of that here, just monster after monster, some of which you didn't fight until HR2/3 in MH4U, so yeah, definitely tougher, and it throws more difficult monsters at you quicker than the previous installment. My only gripes thus far is that it feels a bit like an MH4U.5 at times really, it doesn't feel as well rounded or that its had as much money, time and attention thrown at it as the previous game, it feels a bit like a greatest hits package in terms of Monsters and the shorter story, but combined with the new weapon arts, power gauge and greater agility you won't mind. There's still a lot of grinding which can be frustrating, but the combat feels significantly different from the previous games and it's still an absolute hoot to play with friends online, never bothered with the SP much in MH4U and probably won't bother with it too much in this, the main attraction to me is the multiplayer side of the game.
  7. So this doesn't even try not to be Castlevania. It's got the same intro screen and everything. Even the C in "Curse" is the C from Castlevania. This is proper old school retroness - 8 bit music, 8 bit graphics and 8 bit gameplay. If you've played any old Castlevania game you'll know exactly what you're in for and if you haven't you're a cunt and you should fuck off. You only get to pick Normal difficulty from the off but you get to pick between two gameplay variants. Casual in which lives are unlimited and enemy hits don't knock you back and Veteran which plays like the old Castlevania games and offers more of a challenge. You set off on your side scrolling adventure from left to right in control of (i forget his name). He has a sword and that sword has limited range and can only be poked in front of you. You destroy lamps (instead of candles) which drops mostly ammo for sub weapons but also yields hearts for health regen and cash for good old fashioned points! Although they are worth bagging as got an extra life at 20,000. I've only played the first two levels so far but each level has predictably ended in a boss fight. Upon defeat of said boss you unlock a new ally of whom you can control. You can switch between allies with the shoulder buttons and each has their own health bar for tactical switching. The first ally I got was a chick with a whip, a higher jump and a ground slide. This new ground slide technique is handy to go under things that the main guy couldn't (cos for some reason he cant slide). I noticed plenty of opportunities to use this slide on the first level so I guess at some point you can go through it with her, maybe after completion, i dont fucking know. She also has a different set of sub weapons also. I've just beat the second level boss and unlocked a third character so i'm gonna go try him out. The game hasn't been too tough so far, i'm yet to lose a life but I'm expecting that to change. I've enjoyed the music so far as well. Do with that info what you will.
  8. Mine turned up today I immediately turned the sleeve and it's lovely. Only two hours in (obviously barely anything) but I have to say it's better than I was expecting. The world is large but not bare. There is plenty to find and monsters to grind with. The voice acting is.. It's ok.. It's kinda nice to hear different british dialects at least. I imagine americans usually notice differences in most games with american actors too but as a brit you all sound the same There's an overwhelming amount of things to see, do and collect. I can imagine the side missions alone will take me to the Wii U launch. For someone not used to playing or liking this kind of rpg it can be dizzying but the ease of the fighting system keeps me happy to stroll along at my own amateurs pace.
  9. So despite best intentions I ended up playing another hour and a half of this today and have just cleared Azaela Town and got my second badge. Fucking Zubat took out Scyther ? Boss Zubat Also I had the 2nd rival fight and his Crocanaw almost really fucked me up. Obviously it has the type advantage over my Quilava and Zubat is...Look it’s a boss Zubat but even it has its limits Anyway, I’m absolutely loving this. I’ve never played Crystal before and apart from the fact the sprites move there really hasn’t been any difference to Gold or Silver as far as I can tell. I had forgotten just how slow levelling up is in this game, though. Pokemon take more XP, wild Pokemon don’t give out very much XP, trainer battles are limited so far. But Johto, the look of the towns and the music are so good. Azaela is really Earthbound-y https://youtu.be/fbcjFvXGXYQ Current Pokemon team
  10. I would ordinarily put this in the demo thread but stuff from the demo carries over in to the main game, and I'll be picking up the main game in a few weeks too anyway (hopefully) Bravely Default is a bit like an old Final Fantasy game, you have a team of 4 and you get to set jobs for each of them, each with their own styles and skills. I've never really clicked with job systems, I'd rather the game just give me a mage, sage, all rounder and tank, with job systems I always feel like I'm using them wrong. The Bravely Default aspect comes from the battle system, every turn you take spends a BP (battle point), you start at 0 so your first turn takes you to -1, but when you're turn ends you're back to 0. If you 'default' then you skip a turn and stock up a BP, which would mean you can take multiple turns next time. If you select 'Brave' you get to take multiple turns, if you don't have the BP stocked up you wont be able to act for your next turn, or how ever many it takes for that character to get back to 0 seriously, it's not as complicated as it reads, hopefully it makes sense if you watch the video, it certainly started to make more sense to me once I got past the tutorial text and got in to a fight. In terms of use, if you needed to heal and cure someone of poison, then you might use 'brave' to give your healer 2 turns to do both. there's some 'build a town' stuff in there too. It's not the hub town, it's more a way to add items to vendors, and it takes real time. I hadn't done it in the video, but I've now opened up more weapons, which means I can take on a boss for a mission, which will hopefully mean more items to take in to the full game. It looks fucking great too, really good use of 3D
  11. Steamworld Heist is a game that’s out on everything. It was initially released on 3DS in 2015, and I’ve played it for a couple of hours on Switch. It’s a fun turn-based space faring rpg with an eye-catching visual style. Battles take place inside ships and the ship layouts are randomised. Missions are selected from a node-based map. I’ve been playing on the default “Experienced” difficulty and it seems like a reasonable challenge. I’ve had a couple of characters die during missions. When a character dies they don’t receive experience for that mission but they are resurrected when the mission is over. The game has all the features that you would expect from the genre - special abilities, equipment, loot, new characters to recruit - but it’s the visual style and the ricocheting of bullets (as you can see in the picture) that makes it unique and fun.
  12. My understanding is that Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia is a remake of an old Fire Emblem game, and while there's no reason you'd know off hand, it does seem to show in that some of the more dubious gameplay additions of the last few years don't seem to be here. There's still some sort of friendship system in play, having people attack the same enemies, talk on the battlefield if the opportunity arises, but it's not the waifu fest the last couple of games seemed to be There's still quite a bit going on though. I'm sure the rock/paper/scissors mechanic of who is strong/weak to which type of attack is still in play, it's Fire Emblem's main mechanic after all but it's not really been presented to me front and centre. Terrain still plays a part, as does recruiting people, getting more XP for a kill, and if you turn it on perma-death (I turned that off). You don't equip weapons as such, instead when you find them, or take them from an enemy, you can give them someone to hold. So far everyone has been able to hold 1 item, so they can't heal if they're holding a bow for example. Said bow, if given to an archer, might increase their attack a bit or the range of their attack. I've given my mage a shield to hold, she''s not directly getting in to fights, but it means her defence if she does get attacked has gone from 1 to 4. Once people have held an item for a while they can learn 'Arts', these Arts are special moves where you trade a little bit of HP to launch an attack (which is also how your magic users attack as there's no SP in the game). Gameplay wise it's fairly usual Fire Emblem top down grid strategy, except there's now dungeons you can explore. When you hit these you get to roam around a 3d environment, it's basically the dungeon set up from Persona or the mainline Shin Megami games, but fights are still the usual stuff. It's this bit that's shown up a bit of an issue though. I know the 3DS didn't have the best battery life but for the most part there's nothing going on that should be stressing the machine. For the most part it looks like a SNES game, there's 3D but I have that turned off, still though my battery seems to go from full to empty red light showing in a few hours. The only thing I can think is that Nintendo, to get the 3d environments running smoothly as they do (they're better looking and performing that SMT4) have upped the clock on the 3DS, something they do with the Switch for their own game (Mario puts the Switch in a more powerful mode than other developers can access). The 3DS was warm at the back, and it would explain why the battery is draining so quickly
  13. Hendo

    Puyo Puyo Tetris

    I just realised we don't have a thread for this. It came out in Japan in 2014 but only came out over here last year. As you can see by the tags, it's out on pretty much everything bar PC. For anyone that doesn't know, Puyo Puyo is Mean Bean Machine and it mixes that with Tetris. The game modes are insane. You can play against people playing one style while you play the other one (or the same if you like), you can play a weird hybrid mode where the two styles are combined and you will get Puyos and Tetris pieces in the same zone, you can play an alternating mode where you play one style for say 30 seconds and then it switches to the other style, or you can play a puzzle mode where you have to fill in certain puzzle shapes. I played quite a bit in multiplayer over the Christmas break and it gets really fierce and fun. I wouldn't recommend playing online against randoms because fucking hell. You can view replays of other people playing and they are like machines.
  14. I played through book 1 the other night and enjoyed it. I'm not sure it clicked for me the way it has for others but it is a lovely looking game, hard to dislike
  15. I've seen this game around quite a bit but not paid too much attention to it, but the creator started a thread on Gaf the other day detailing how it had sold. If I remember right the pc/mac version hadn't sold much at all, the ios a bit, Android a decent amount because it had been featured in the Staff Picks section, but the platform it had sold best on was the 3DS. Again it had been featured, still is under Winter Picks (or something like that), but the key thing for me is that it's only £1.99 It plays a bit like a not as hard Megaman, not that it's easy, just that it's not as hard as Megaman. You can jump and you can shoot, you can't shoot up, you can't shoot diagonally, but you can duck. The stages are pretty short, you're scored based on how quick you do them, and at the end of a set of stages there's a boss fight. The boos fights might be my favourite thing about the game, they aren't massively hard, it just takes a bit of old fashioned skill and patience to beat them. It does suffer the way Megaman did in that it's ever so slightly unfair. There's plenty of times where you'll jump, which will make the screen scroll forward, spawning an enemy to fire or fly at you and knock you to your death. You have unlimited lives though, it's just a case of starting from a checkpoint (more often than not the start of the stage). It's not very long, but apparently the 3DS version has extra stuff. It does look pretty nice, the 3D isn't too intrusive, and it is pretty cheap compared to most stuff on the 3DS
  16. I put 7 hours into this yesterday and I'm absolutely loving it. It's the first Etrian Odyssey game I've ever played so I didn't really know what to expect going in apart from tough as nails dungeon crawling, and to be fair that's exactly what I got. The story sees you exploring a new, previously unexplored land that holds many secrets. You land in the newly established town of Maginia which acts as your main hub and contains an Inn to rest and save your game, a shop to sell items and by equipment, a bar to undertake quests for the residents of Maginia, the Explorers Guild where you register party members and organise your party, and Expedition HQ where you receive main story missions. So far I've been tasked with doing a couple small practise quests for the towns folk, and the big boss of the expedition has tasked me with mapping unexplored labyrinths. I'm keeping the story vague because of spoilers. Your guild can hold 60 members, with 5 members making up your party, and there are 19 classes to choose from. Each class specialises in frontline or backline offense/defense/support/healing/etc so there's a lot of freedom to create a party that fits your play style, with enough room to change things around if your current party doesn't quite cut it. My current party is made up of a Hero (frontline oddense/defense), Medic (backline healer), Ronin (frontline offense+), Zodiac (backline elemental offense), and Harbinger (flex ailment specialist) so it's a pretty well rounded party and I'm not finding myself struggling yet which is really nice. I've only ever played two first person dungeon crawlers like this before (Demon Gaze II and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux) so I'm still pretty new to the genre, but it turns out I quite like it. I love drawing my map on the bottom screen as I explore, it reminds me of old console RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun on the Mega Drive. I have vivid memories of playing it with my my Dad as we were surrounded by sheets of graph paper covered in hand drawn maps. There is an option to switch on automatic mapping if you want to, but that kinda defeats the point in my opinion. Combat is tough, but fair, and levelling up is slow. Every time a character levels up they receive a skill point which can be used to unlock and upgrade a variety of skills. There are three different tiers of skills - novice, veteran, and master - and certain skills will only be unlocked when other skills have been levelled up a few times. Again, this adds a level of customisation to the characters as you can focus on making your most used or most useful skills stronger and more deadly. Fights are your standard turn based RPG affair - attack with a weapon or a skill, skills cost points to use which have to be replenished with items, sleep, or recovery points found in the labyrinths, hit enemies with everything you have until you find weaknesses and then hit them with status ailments and everything they're weak against until they're dead. The first time you fight a new enemy is tense as you need to figure out what puts them down quickly before they kill you, and they hit you real hard in this - at the start of the game my Ronin kept being killed in one hit. Levelling up and new equipment makes a lot of difference in this, so I've found myself exploring a labyrinth until I'm out of TP (this games name for magic points), returning to town, selling any items and materials I found, sleeping, then returning to the labyrinth to do it again until I have enough money to buy the best available gear and fight the boss. It's very grindy, but in a slow and methodical way that's actually really addictive. I've found that the difficulty of the enemies, the slow, methodical exploration, and having never played an Etrian Odyssey game before so having no idea what to expect really accentuates the feeling of the unknown that the story focussing on, which is making for a genuinely brilliant experience so far.

    Persona Q

    I seem to remember a few people playing this, apologies if I've missed a thread, I can't see one Persona Q came out a few years ago, back when people other than me played the 3ds. It's the teams from either Persona 3 or 4 set in Etrian Odyssey gameplay. It's a dungeon crawler with turn based combat based around formations. You have 5 people in your party and they have to be lined up along the front and back rows, so 3 at the front 2 at the back. The people at the back should have range, the people at the front more hardy. I expected it to have more concessions to Persona than it has but apart from the ability to call in a 2nd Persona its almost identical to an Etrian Odyssey game. So far, and I've only just started the 2nd floor, its a bit less forgiving in terms of health recovery than I expected, but also easier than a real Etrian Odyssey, so a bit of an odd mix. I'm not sure how much I like it. It's certainly worse than the 2 Etrian Odyssey Untold games I've played, they're outstanding though, and the mainline Persona games I've played. Teddy and his quips can fuck off, that much I'm sure of
  18. From what I've played so far Revelations is actually very good, it's a bit of a mix of old RE style and the new RE style. You can strafe, even without the circle pad, and provided you make good use of the scanner ammo is less than sparse. The flip side though is that you're very much dealing with monsters rather than villagers, it's rare they attack in groups, and the tone is creepy rather than high tension. Revelations is paced for the 3DS, you've had chapters in Resident Evil games for a while but here they feel a bit shorter, early on at least, and give you a nice little recap when you boot the game up again. The one thing I will say about this structure is that 3 hours in I'm still unsure if the game has really started properly. I began playing as Jill in the tutorial mission, then as Chris for a while, then I think Jill again with some more new features rolled out (it's a bit jumbled), then I played as Jill's partner in a flashback. In fact half of what I've played has been a flashback of something or other, each time to a different time. Hopefully now with a boss beaten, and a Chris level seemingly on the horizon the game will start to settle down. In terms of resident Evil tropes Revelations handles the limited inventory slightly differently. Now you aren't just dumping stuff in one big bag, instead you can carry a certain amount of health, a certain number of grenades, and annoyingly a limited amount of ammunition. This might be a design decision, you revisit areas so had you completely picked it clean on your first run through there's a chance you'll have left yourself short on a return visit, but the capacity (which can be upgraded) is pathetically small. On that note weapons can be upgraded at certain points, with the scanner being fairly useful at finding the bonuses you'll need. I'll admit that once I realised I was going to have to back track and revisit areas my enthusiasm for Revelations took a bit of a knock, but all in all I've really enjoyed it, certainly more than what I played of 5
  19. HandsomeDead

    Space Dave!

    Space Dave! is a follow up to Woah Dave! that came out a few years ago. It is a retro style arcade game with clever little twists that make it an interesting little game. Woah Dave! is an underrated score attack game and it seems Space Dave! is gonna have the same fate, though I don't think it's as good as Woah Dave!. So I guess that's why I'm starting a thread for it. So what Space Dave is is like a combination of Space Invaders, Galaga and Missile Command. You get waves of alien ships in formation, scrolling along the screen in different ways and you have to shoot them down and protect six trees. You're attacked by simply being shot at but they also dive bomb the ground, destroying the tree and turning the section of screen into a pool of lava, which you then have to avoid while you're protecting the others. You can fix the ground and eventually grow back the tree by killing certain enemies that drop skulls but you have to throw them at the pool of lava yourself. It's taking known, classic arcade gameplay and mixing in these new mechanics that keep the gaming loop really interesting. Oh! and you only get points for picking up pennies so having to pick up items to score adds another element of risk/reward. I think the problem with the game is the visuals. I know they're going for an a look reminiscent of pre-NES games but I just don't think it's striking enough to pull it off. But they're functional so fine. I also think they could have added more types of enemy patterns because there isn't that many and they do loop a bit too often. The bosses are pretty good, though. The fucker I'm on now can fuck off, mind. It's currently under £2 on Switch at the moment and I do think its at least worth that as a score attack game to play for 15 minutes. Or get something that plays Woah Dave! instead.
  20. So i started this for at least the 3rd time recently - this time on the new 3DS version. previously i have played it on the N64 many years ago but did a massive sidequest that i couldn't finish because i didn't have the right masks, then gave up - sure i did the same thing both times i've tried to play it in the past. this time i'm not going to do the big sidequest and try and get at least one dungeon done. first night playing i wanted to save - looked on the internet how to save and it sounded like it would take a while so i just turned it off - next night i get back to the same part and find a save point round the corner...so maybe that's a new 3DS feature, or i was reading a load of crap on the internet. I've got to the start of the first dungeon now but not going to start it yet - unlocked the quick travel thing near it so i can go back at the start of a day and play the song that which i didn't know about when i've tried to play it in the past and is probably why i never got very far before. for now i'm going to do some smaller side quests to get some more useful stuff before starting the dungeon - i've been looking at a guide a bit and doing some bits myself. maybe not the proper way to play the game but without a guide i think i'd give up pretty quick if i keep doing loads of stuff that was lost due to running out of time. it's pretty good so far, the music is ace, 3d looks nice most of the time - some small bits have terrible ghosting mind. anyone else playing it? first time or done it before?

    WarioWare Gold

    No idea if WarioWare is 2 words or 1, someone feel free to correct me WarioWare Gold is pretty much what you'd expect, a best of WarioWare. It's got the classic mini games, plus ones that use the gyro from Twisted (which we didn't get over here), and games that use the touch screen. The story mode kind of picks themes, loosely anyway, so you might get a few sci-fi games for certain characters, then some will all be tilt, until later on when starts to throw a mix at you. I kept waiting for it to be really cruel or difficult, but it doesn't ever quite get there, it's never quite the cunt you feel like it would be if Nintendo we're strolling the 3DS over the finish line When you're playing through the story mode you earn coins. The currency is spent on 2 things, one is a gacha machine in the post game, this gets you toys and stuff to dick about with. The other thing is the ability to continue from the game you failed at, i.e. if you failed on the boss stage of a section. I resisted doing this until the final boss and I'm glad I did. The game is short, fun, and it was never going to be Witcher 3, but it maybe took me 4 hours to finish Post game there's a few themed level collections. I think you just play these to beat your score, certainly I never finished them, but some of them have hindrances added to them (if I'm remembering correctly anyway), things like Wario trying to distract you. The toys you unlock can be pretty cool. They're small, pointless things, but they're fun to at least try, things like voice recorders and alarms where you have to beat a game to turn off the alarm. so yeah, it's cool, but it probably should have been a budget title given it's reused games tarted up a bit and only a few hours long
  22. If you played the PS2 Shin Megami games, or even the Persona games, then you're going to know what this is about. For the record the difference between the Persona games and the Shin Megami Tensei games is that Persona tends to be a bit more upbeat and has you working with other humans, where as SMT is all end of the world and sees you pretty much exclusively having demons as your partners. There's no friendship building in SMT, it's more or less a straight up rpg. You fight alone initially, with a choice between a sword attack and a gun attack (which are distinct types such as fire, ice, electric, wind etc are) then quickly have a demon offer to help. You get into fights, both level up, but you need to recruit more help. This means starting conversation with demons before you fight, answering in a way they want to hear, then bargaining with them for items or recruitment. Simple enough, a bit like Pokemon or Dragon Quest 5. But the SMT games, like Persona require you to fuse demons together to make new, more powerful demons. Persona has always done a better job or giving you a chance to get the mix of skills you want in my opinion, here when you fuse there seems less randomisation, you get what the game decides to give you. In Persona there was also a random chance of bonuses, things going wrong, or even a whole new demon being created, here it seems much more 'A+B=C and you get these skills' I think the trial by fire in the previous games has stood me in good stead, because even though I'm bloody fucking loving it, I'm inching my way through. It's not too hard initially, but it's a game that requires you to build your team up, which makes grinding a by-product. I'm 6 hours in and already if I hadn't been cautious I'd be fucked.
  23. Hendo

    Hyrule Warriors

    Only put 3 hours in so far, clearly there's far more to do, probably a ton of grinding. I've never played a Dynasty Warriors game before but from the videos I've seen it looks pretty much the same. What I didn't expect was having to manage the map constantly as different sections fall to the enemy and you have to decide whether to go to that section and help bring it back to friendly control or sack it off and do your main missions. It is what I expected though from the mashing thing. You pretty much just mash the Y button with the occasional A to do your special move once it's charged up. Not sure how dull that will get over time but you are constantly upgrading your stats and getting stuff to upgrade weapons and items for in-between missions. I've gone all in though and pre-purchased the DLC packs which release every month or so from next month. So far a cautious thumbs up.
  24. I'm not a million miles from the end of this and I still don't know what I think of it. It's certainly not bad but it feels very underdeveloped, not buggy, more that it hasn't quite got going yet Detective Pikachu is fairly cut scene heavy, but in between you'll be talking to people to set up the case and eventually get clues. You'll also be poking around the environment for evidence and possibly items you can use. So it's kind of more Touch Detective and Hotel Dusk than Phoenix Wright. Eventually you'll get to a point where you'll need to piece something together to advance, be that literally or metaphorically, so Pikachu will interrupt and you'll have to solve something on the bottom screen. I can't say any of these have been especially hard but there have been a couple of times where its either not clear what you're being asked or the steps involved are a bit convoluted. There's no punishment for repeated attempts though so it's not anything game breaking. There's the occasional QTE, again nothing too taxing and the one I failed didn't seem to cost me anything. Which is kind of the issue, there's not a lot too it. It's not difficult enough to get your brain going, it's got a bit of humour but it's not funny like Touch Detective, nor is the solid enough story gripping or gritty enough to be interesting. It's fine though, chapters don't last overly long, there's always something new, and the characters, particularly Pikachu, are likable enough
  25. I'm only about three and a half hours in to this (although oddly it feels a lot longer) so I feel I can post some impressions. I'm sort of past the tutorial stage, well you can say in some respect this whole game is a turorial compared to other moster hunter games. And although it feeds you the game in small chunks there's still quite a lot to take in. So this is a very bold and vibrant looking game, based on the anime (so I read) so the lovely cartoony look makes sense. There's a story that I cant be bothered to go in to, just know you are a young wannabe hunter (that you can customise in gender, looks and voice) and you have to look out for the motherfuckers in your village. The big change here from other Monster Hunter games is that there is a Pokemon/collect em all hook. You start off with your first monster very early and later you can hunt for more. So far I've gained extra non story related eggs from battling wild monsters, them retreating to their nest (which is a cave), you following them in, killing them, then stealing their unborn children which is nice. You hatch the egg by tapping on it and your "monstie" as the game calls them can gain different starting stats dependng on where abouts you tap the egg. When you battle, you and your monstie take turns. Your attacks are a rock/paper/scissors mechanic represented by speed, technical and power. Speed beats Power Power beats Tech Tech beats Speed There is a red line that appears between the attacking monster and either you or your monstie, depending on who is being attacked. If that red line connects you to your attacker you enter a head to head, the winner of this is based on the attack types picked from the three choices. Some monsters you get to know as they attack the same every time, others seem to have a changing pattern. Winning head to heads builds kinship, when this small meter fills you can then mount your monstie (not like the way I wanted to mount him sadly). Winning head to heads whilst mounted builds a powerful kinship attack which is handily located in the middle of the touch screen, reaching this climax seems to be the key to victory. So you have the main story quests to follow which i've done a few of and enjoyed. Villagers give you side quests which reward you with currency and items and one chick even gave me a new battle move with my sword which I'm yet to try out. I'm currently spending a bit of time outside the village in the field, getting side quest items and mining minerals, the latter so I can upgrade my sword and armour as I feel a little underpowered. I think I like this game. It's never my go to choice but I've played it on four separate occasion and not wanted to turn it off. It's just not got me with both of it's monstie claws yet but I am still getting to grips with what the game actually is. It's the most I've enjoyed a Monster Hunter game so far. That's about all I have to say right now. EDIT: A special "fuck you" to the idiot who decided to make everything the village chief says rhyme. It's truly awful.
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