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  1. This is on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC. Ive been plugging through it, I like the game and the atmosphere it creates but it’s heavy going, I can only play a chapter at a time before I turn it off cos I just can’t fave another hour of it. It’s just so dark and oppressive, not that I expect a game about plague to be anything else. It’s fucking long too.
  2. I know that personally but it doesn’t hurt to draw attention to it. i just dropped the codes for the sake of it. Maybe Nintendo read this forum and need someone to make average to bad levels for them.
  3. I dropped a couple of levels: 4XL-9DP-DYF Thats one’s a proper asshole, particularly the start. 419-FK6-PVG That ones just some crazy bullshit.
  4. Did the shell ever just beat you to the line?
  5. @Blakey I see you got the world record on Beat the Shell so i returned the compliment on Cats in Trees. I liked it, once i figured out what the fuck to do. I can do it faster too, i know it...
  6. I made a speed run level called Beat the Shell, have a go: GWW-MJF-L1G I look forward to playing everybody’s levels, I shall report back.
  7. These were both absolute bastards:
  8. She’s the one opposite Dick Van Dyke (the seed grower). You have to give her equipment.
  9. You got Solomons Ring? It increases Shard drops.
  10. I beat New Game + today and have now found and killed every enemy and absorbed every shard. Next up: items! That's going to be a bitch but i might just do it here and there. I do love this game though, second play through was a lot tighter and more focused as to be expected when you know what you're doing. I've got the map at 99% again so i may as well 100% it.
  11. Xbox version got the 1.02 patch finally. Started a NG+ and i'm absolutely pissing through it , got the double jump already. All your weapons, gold, shards and equipment transfer over. Only the key pick ups don't, like Craftwork and Double Jump etc so i'm slicing through like hot knives. 1.02 marks chests on the map, that makes what @DANGERMAN was talking to me about make sense, I thought it was an option in the menu's I wasn't understanding. That would have made my original playthough alot easier.
  12. @Maf sure have, loved it. Ready to watch that again.
  13. For some reason I had convinced myself I wasn’t keen on Homecoming despite remembering liking it at the cinema. Anyways, watched it again and really enjoyed it (again), I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking. Holland’s Spiderman is great, young bumbling awesome idiot. Hype for Far from Home.
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