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  1. There's some great reading there for fans and non-fans alike, it really made me want to play the old NES games again and die within seconds of starting a level :laugh: The only MM games I didn't get into were the Battle Network series. I tried them out, honest, but they felt over complicated and confused the hell out of me. I'm a simpleton really, I just want to run around and shoot things but Battle Network threw a load of stats at you too early on and made everything look like so much of a chore, something a run and gun character shouldn't be.
  2. James

    28 Weeks later...

    I did have a bit of a rant about it on GamesTM but watch out for spoliers!
  3. James

    28 Weeks later...

    I fucking loved it Hendo, you can pick the first one up on DVD for around £5 now, well worth it with a nice few extra features too.
  4. Ben wrote: Ah but is it a series or just one game with multiple updates? :ohmy: To be honest I can’t think of a full on game series that I’ve loved. It’s the same with favourite music groups or film directors, sometimes I like their work, sometimes I don’t, I don’t love the new releases just because I loved the older ones because even the ones I liked best a few weeks back could be total shit to me now. That said, and needing to keep this on topic, if I really had to pick then I'd go for Resident Evil for its near epic list of characters, history and locations or Call of Duty for making WWII FPS games feel like fun again.
  5. USA: October 24, 2005 Australia: December 1, 2005 Japan: January 19, 2006 Europe: June 22, 2007 Fuck Off
  6. James

    Dinner Dash

    Have a fiddle HERE
  7. Gay as fuck! I love it :laugh:
  8. James

    Spiderman 3 Wii

    Fucking Hell hinn...what did you just write?!? :S
  9. James

    DS Homebrew thread

    My current skin....ahem... Not my own work of course but I'm going to have a shot at making a city skyline skin sometime this week, will give Centy's a try out too
  10. I reckon he's just seen the European release schedule :dry:
  11. James

    To ROM or Not

    That's an interesting reaction Hendo but one that I think I can understand. My R4 arrived this morning so I'm about to test it out now but getting Pokemon on the weekend reminded me of how much I love boxes and manuels, perhaps I'm having slight second thoughts too.
  12. Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney (DS) - 26/12/06 F.E.A.R. (360) - 02/01/07 MegaMan ZX (DS) - 08/01/07 Lost Planet (360) - 13/01/07 Rainbow Six: Vegas (360) - 02/02/07 Call of Duty 3 (360) - 10/02/07 Dead Rising (360) - 16/02/07 Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! (DS) - 20/02/07 Yoshi Island DS (DS) - 22/02/07 Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) - 28/02/07 Condemned: Criminal Origins (360) - 12/03/07 Saints Row (360) - 15/03/07 Superman Returns (360) - 07/04/2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (360) - 10/04/2007 NBA 2k6 (360) - 10/04/2007 Final Fantasy III (DS) - 22/04/07 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (360) - 23/04/07 Pokemon Diamond (DS) - 30/04/07 - suck it up bitches! Though the main story is done I still have a load more things to do before the game is complete. To be honest, I really hope Nintendo do something different with the next game, this one kinda drags on and is starting to feel stale.
  13. Yep! Just hatched now...gonna boast to the nine year olds in the park later on And what is all this I hear about HAPPY Pokemon? I know they all have natures but how do you tell if a mon is happy or not?
  14. Odd question here but how do I hatch eggs? I've been walking around with one for ages now
  15. Mine is 4553 - 6486 - 4302 Diamond
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