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    Desert Island Discs

    If it had multiplayer bots...Halo 3 take a 360 probs, and would really like to take zelda tp for sheere beauty but its not long enough : rj
  2. Games!!! wrote: 300 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how the hell do you have so much time, i'm litteraly always busy with school and music commitments jealousy/pitty lol:P
  3. Hinn mate, HOW THE HELL DID YOU COMPLETE GUILD WARS!!! Its like the longest game ever Im well impressed nice one. Oh and i did koroninpa with the rugby ball !
  4. How do you guys find all the time to do this stuff :| i barely have time for school work. anyways i just won a match on madden, HELL YEAH! ;P
  5. RayJay

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    craziest game EVER Gannondorf is awesome and i have an iceclimber fetish so its all good Brawl? any more news anyones heard of?
  6. i'd love to say madden 07 on wii but the superstar mode takes YEARS litteraly YEARS, and is pretty much unbeatable unless you retire with all the achievements. insanity here we come I did COD 3
  7. RayJay

    The Virtual Console

    Lylat WARS!!!! *minor orgasm* Hmmm next on my list would be DK 64 but only if rare get their act together! DAMN THEM
  8. edit sz for confusion i'm an idiot
  9. Howdy, question time: Umm yeh i didnt mean my sensor bar i meant the tray thing sorry! What a fool i am I-THINK-MY-DISC TRAY-IS-MESSED-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The blue light.... It's never ever on, is this normal? :| im lost!
  10. RayJay

    SSX Blur

    Havent actually got it yet, no games til after the exams are over, but i was a king at ssx tricky and 3 so trust me i'll be putting my records up and kicking all your asses
  11. I'm not of the wish to purchase an SD card but if you are now is the time to buy 1 GB (gigabyte for those over the age of 30) for £14.99 If thats not a good deal call me a weirdo. Plus ssx blur is out, if you don't get it i'll call you a weirdo
  12. Well TP back in jan, CoD3 on easy and normal done, now doing on hard. Wii tennis! PRO back in jan, Nearly done far cry on pc and now on my way thru madden NFL 2007
  13. RayJay


    don quioxé - Cervantés conte de monté cristo - Dumas how to have a beautiful mind -edward de bono Learning Japanese - BBC Number Crunching- Some maths dude Thats about it atm Oh and get-backers volume 1 (manga)
  14. I only really have 5 hot faves! 1) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 2)"""""""""""""""": Twilight Princess 3)Jet Force Gemini 4)Goldeneye 5)Perfect Dark
  15. That has to be the most fucking amazing collection EVER illdog! IT RULES!
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