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  1. Phooey

    Art Style: PiCOPiCT

    For some reason I know nothing about this game, but the fact that it's a puzzler means it's an instant purchase. Good to hear that you're enjoying it Ed.
  2. Phooey


    Ooh, thanks for the heads up. *follows*
  3. Phooey

    Gaming Podcasts

    There's a new podcast now out called Mobcast. Mobcast Episode 001 This is it, the debut episode of the Mobcast, a podcast that is destined to be described by iTunes commentators as "Five guys in a room? Really?" and "No 97.5 the Brodeo." Our first show was recorded a bit over a month ago, during the Game Developers Conference, so pardon a few out-of-date references to the revolutionary telegraph machine. Aside from Dan 'Shoe' Hsu, who you'll hear on most episodes of Mobcast, special guests on Mobcast 001 include former EGM and 1UPers Mark MacDonald, Che Chou, Chris Johnston, Bryan Intihar, and Shane Bettenhausen. We also have Robert Ashley of A Life Well Wasted adding some additional commentary as the disembodied voice of God. Special thanks to Robert for handling production duties as well. We could go into detail about the many topics this show actually covers, but we'd rather you stop reading and start listening! http://bitmob.com/~bit/index.php/podcast/9...bcast-episode-1
  4. Phooey

    Gaming Podcasts

    New episode from the excellent Robert Ashley. http://media.libsyn.com/media/alifewellwas...p3_why-game.mp3
  5. Phooey

    Little King's Story

    First impressions are very good & I really do love the art style/graphics. When you direct your people to attack turnips or whatever, I'm sure the noise is exactly like Pikmin which is a good thing of course. It is strange though how there aren't any pointer controls.
  6. Phooey

    Gaming Podcasts

    Good to see Retronauts back again. I was a bit concerned that they'd disappeared down a deep hole or something.
  7. Phooey

    Gaming Podcasts

    Has anyone listened to the Gamespy podcasts at all? I've a feeling Anthony is now on that show as well.
  8. Phooey

    NGamer #36 June

    The gifts do appear to be getting crappier...if that's possible.
  9. Only spent an hour with it, but I could possibly be in love.
  10. Phooey

    Gaming Podcasts

    I've yet to listen to an episode of Joypod. I've stopped listening to Rebel FM now that Nick & Phil are no longer there. Shame really...
  11. Phooey

    NGamer #36 June

    Look's like a good issue. Have you still got a sub for it Ed?
  12. Nice post Ed. I'm just trying to find the time to start this gem as I picked it up in Game's deal that's been going for a while.
  13. Phooey

    EDGE #201

    oooo, what did it say? I haven't got it to hand, but they liked it. A lot.
  14. Phooey

    Gaming Podcasts

    DSR Episode 04-08-2009 ( 02:10:50 ) Reviewed: Nintendo DSi A special edition episode of DSR - featuring a complete top to bottom review on the new Nintendo DSi! Alex J. Lopez joins Shane R. Monroe for this in-depth review! http://media.libsyn.com/media/dualscreenra...r2009-04-08.mp3
  15. Phooey

    EDGE #201

    Me too, especially after reading the NGamer review.
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