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  1. Hendo

    Slay The Spire

    They're not saying as yet. They have said on Twitter that it's still coming but won't budge on a date.
  2. Hendo

    The Most Played

    I’ve a strong feeling that will be Football Manager on the Switch.
  3. Hendo

    The MFGamers Podcast

    It’s a shame no-one will hear how much I was laughing during that. You can hear the effect of my laughing after the line, “I could fuck him.....”
  4. The Quiet Man 2. This time it has audio from the start but you have to unlock the graphics later.
  5. $10, so a tenner? Out 7th of May on all formats.
  6. Hendo


    To take the title literally, I’ve got the only dream I can vividly remember that I’d like to turn into something, not sure how it would work, though.
  7. This just came on the radio and floored me a bit.
  8. Hendo

    TV Shows

    I reckon you might have stumbled upon the fate of those characters.
  9. Hendo

    TV Shows

    Just finished watching it. Found it funny how....
  10. Hendo

    The MFGamers Podcast

    On that note, bit late now but anyone easily offended might want to skip this one.
  11. Hendo

    YouTube “stars”

    Some good comments on that episode, my favourite being, "Troy: Gamer. Nolan: Man who knows that games exist." They're giving some interesting background on how it was made, for example Amy Hennig more or less writing scenes on the fly, reacting to how the actors would portray the roles.
  12. Hendo

    YouTube “stars”

    If anyone has seen Troy Baker and Nolan North do their stuff together, you know they're a good team. Now, Nolan North is playing through the Uncharted games for the first time. This should be a cracker of a series.
  13. Hendo

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I'm sure the situation is not a popular one at Netherealm - I'd be surprised if this was their idea, given WB's history with this kind of thing recently. I was gonna buy it on digital the other day, but I think I'll wait now to see what the reviews and early adopting guinea pigs make of it. I might just boot up MK XL again.
  14. The difference between the first video and the second is a much bigger one than I expected it to be!
  15. Hendo

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I've said all I need to say on the subject - the mod team have all discussed this prior to today and if we can't fix this massive misunderstanding or get everyone on the same level, then stuff happens. I've personally had complaints of people (long term members) being put off posting here because of this stuff, so either way it ends now.
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