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  1. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    It may start off a bit slow but once you unlock weapons and abilities its action game toy town, especially since this new patch.
  2. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    Have you ever thought about getting this @one-armed dwarf? Seems like it might be something you could get into.
  3. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    Reducing ability cool down on parry + teleport 🤩
  4. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    Oof. I posted that when I saw the update available and trying it now I think I like the performance less. It was at least consistent before but now it goes from buttery smooth to a chugging mess in larger areas. The balences are good, though. Finally got my first finish and now trying hard mode 😊
  5. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    The balance patch from a while is now available on Switch. Plus a performance update that keeps it at a silky 60fps.
  6. DifferentClass

    Tetris 99

    I got 5th today. Can't see me doing any better. Those tips are good. Very helpful knowing how I'm getting 10+ rows of garbage dumped on me at times. Though there was a time I got a 10 row combo when I had a badge so I pity that fool.
  7. DifferentClass

    Tetris 99

    Two great Battle Royales within a week of each other. 2019 is wild. I'm actually awesome at this but it gives me the wrong bricks. The best I've done is 11th. But the time I came 14th I fought my way back from the top and it was the best I think I've ever done at Tetris. Anyone else feel like it's pretty generous with the Long Ones? It's probably the nature of the game. I'm so used to building for big combos but I don't think it's always a good strat for this since its so fast paced. Oh, and this made me sing a Morrisey song to myself so thanks Tetris 99. Weird this was the BR to make me make that connection.
  8. DifferentClass

    Daemon X Machina

    I played a bit of it. Died on the third mission out of four. I think movement controls really well. Aiming is very sensitive and it does have a generous soft lock-on so as long as you're facing the general direction of a foe you'll hit it. But I'll say it again and again: any third or first person shooter using a controller should have gyro assist. I'm so surprised a Switch exclusive shooter doesn't have them, they are so good I can't recommend them enough. Guns could definitely feel punchier because they lack some feedback, as does when you're blocking shots with your shield. But I like the possible customisation options and there could be a satisfying character building part to the game. It has a lot of potential but a bit of me worries it's not gonna hit the mark. E-mail me, Marvellous, I know how to make it better.
  9. DifferentClass

    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    I'll fix your head
  10. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    Here it is: Nintendo Switch.
  11. DifferentClass

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    All I know is that floating, giant Yorkshire Terrier head is immense.
  12. DifferentClass

    Tetris 99

    Nah, I saw the Quick Look and it gets really fast at the end. More so than I can manage.
  13. DifferentClass

    Tetris 99

    OK, this done it. I'm getting Nintendo Online next week.
  14. DifferentClass

    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    Wow, I really wasn't expecting a sequel so soon.
  15. DifferentClass

    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

    I have the original on my 3DS I've not touched. So do I play it or wait to play this as 100% new?
  16. DifferentClass

    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

  17. DifferentClass

    Cross-Console Play News

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I thought maybe a thread is worth starting? Especially since it may be a thing for the next few years before its standard. Anyway, we know Fortnite currently has all platform holders on board and there are a number of games that cross in some way with certain platforms but I'm sure more will come. First up: Blizzard Wants Diablo 3 to be Cross-Play With Blizzard getting the ball rolling I hope this will set a big precedent. Could Overwatch be next? A standard for Activision as a whole?
  18. DifferentClass

    Deadly Premonition

    This must be the hardest game to give impressions to. It's a sort of open world, crime investigation, almost survival horror that was made on the same budget as my woodwork project at school. It's kind of good. This game is ugly, I'll get that out of the way, but the game knows it and often plays that to its strength, the puppet-like animation makes the comedy moments genuinely funny. The weird, uncanny smile Agent York (the lead character) gives when he's trying to be sincere is proper lol worthy, especially when it's combined with that whistling tune which I'm sure will end up being very iconic in videogame music. But it's not all laughing at the technical incompetence of the game, because somehow, it does manage to be successfully creepy, and the mystery itself isn't massively tacky, the characters perhaps, but plot itself is compelling. For some reason there are zombies (I'm sure there is a reason) and that's all I've been shooting so far, it plays a lot like Resident Evil 4 but not as good. And the open world driving stuff? That's the only thing I have a problem with, it's slow, handles both sluggishly and erratically at the same time and you have this 16bit drone as an engine noise. Only the banter York has with Zach makes the trips worthwhile. What's Yorks favourite Tremors film? Play it and find out.
  19. DifferentClass

    Dangerous Driving (made by Three Fields, ex Criterion)

    Burnout was never the weightiest feeling game so it looks a lot like those games. It could play really well but it's full of stock fonts and HUD. I guess no-one from the art team came with them. It looks really flat, too.
  20. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    I want Star Fox Racer to be real.
  21. DifferentClass

    Cross-Console Play News

    Fortnite dev so unaware why they're getting thier own way. EDIT: misread that. I have a hard time believing that all the other devs wanting to do cross-play (Including Bethesda) just never thought of contacting their partners at Sony.
  22. DifferentClass


    I also watched Overlord last night. I think I enjoyed it more than Ben as I thought it was a hoot. It is small scale but it's just a really well polished and performed B-movie. I also saw Velvet Buzzsaw recently. I think I enjoyed it. It's basically one of those films that plays with your expectations a lot. It looks like it's gonna be a horror film but it is more of a dark comedy, though I wish it went sillier with the deaths. I think I like it more after thinking about it but I spent the run time a little unsure.
  23. DifferentClass

    Gaming Shout Thread

    I forgot about that game. Sad because it's ace.
  24. DifferentClass

    Play/Want/Bin Feb 19

    Play Warframe - The Fortuna update just landed on Switch so I'm still playing a lot of this this month. Lumines Remastered - I've been trying to unlock all the songs on this but no luck yet. But I did just a brake 100,000 score so I'm closing in on Spatular. Apex Legends - Not played it a lot as of writing but it's an impressive addition to the free-to-play scene so it would be rude not to play some more of it. Want Xenon Racer - I want some of the things everyone else has said but I'll put this here as something different. It's a racing game that looks like it's taking a lot of cues from Ridge Racer so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Bin My TV. The sound has gone and I have to use the headphone jack for everything.
  25. DifferentClass


    Fortuna is pretty good. Anyone who has done a load of stuff on Cetus will kinda know what to expect. It's a big open area, around the same size as Cetus with a bunch of unique stuff. While Cetus is swarming with Grineer Fortuna is the Corpus equivalent; they're are a bunch of new enemies from that faction. The area itself is more varied than Cetus with more alien looking caves and fauna with also some large Corpus instillations to be explored. You also get a K-Drive which is a hoverboard you can use to quickly get around. It's fun to use because you can do tricks and grind rails, but using your Archwing is still the quickest way to get around. It also has it's own, new set of bounties which are actually pretty good but there aren't as many of them as there could be especially since increasing your standing with the dudes you're helping. You can only level up your standing getting a particular drop and while it is quite common you need a lot of it and requires some grinding. It comes with a new Frame to get but again, you need a lot of materials, some of which are hard to get. And there is a dude where you can build customisable secondary weapons and a dude who will build you a personal MOA, a robot companion. There is mining and fishing again, but with a different mini-game and you also get a tranq rifle to do hunting for conservation so no needlessly slaying animals like on Cetus. So there is quite a lot of stuff, i just wish there were more varieties of bounties. I still haven't done much Quills stuff on Cetus so there is still loads for me to do.