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  1. I wonder if Ms. Marvel could actually fit the hole Spider-Man will leave. In terms of thier position on life and thier relationship to the Avengers the MCU Peter Parker and Kamala Kahn have a bit in common.
  2. Ah, yeah, that's making the bells ring. Your co-worker sounds too good for this world.
  3. I'm really interested to see where they go with it now. I don't know what Neo would be. The ending of Revelations was kinda confusing because my memory of it is kinda vague. I'm sure some kind of truce was made with the machines because the Weaving had become a kind of virus but for some reason I'm thinking Neo sacrificed himself for the truce to happen... but I'm not positive now. Man, Revelations is anime as fuck.
  4. Could they even mention his name in future films? or if they do it'll be "oh, Underoos disappeared for good".
  5. ArcSys have most of thier fighters on the Switch.
  6. I don't know if MS would do another Killer Instinct. Not sure how happy they were with it. I watched it competitively a bit and it is a well liked game in its community, and it does look fun. It would be nice if they kept it around somehow.
  7. I guess it's Adam's daughter. Looks like there is a silhouette of another character on the right in the artwork. Max or a younger version?
  8. Yeah, I don't like the flow of that sentence too. Get a grip, editors.
  9. A little humble brag, but the Warframe Twitch channel streams most of the week and do a competition where a random viewer wins some in game stuff. I just went and won the Wukong Prime Access. Now I've already got the main stuff in game (Wukong Prime himself and his weapons) but now I have the cosmetics exclusive to the pack and 4000 platinum (about £40 worth) so I've done a bunch of shopping and will be the most handsome Warframe on the field in most games. Especially with my keen eye with colours 😎
  10. To bring it back to people laughing at stuff in horror films it's also nerves sometimes. But no-one was in my screening. If someone did I'd be calling the police.
  11. I tend to always like it when fantasy is brought into a more modern world. I guess that could mean Final Fantasy VII and VIII but entries after that getting not quite as relatable, maybe XV brining it back to an extent. But a better example would be the Shin Magami Tensei games, including Persona. Anything funky and colourful too, Jet Set Radio and Splatoon being good examples. Definitely into most kinds of sci-fi from kinda believable futures to the mystical, fever dream take on Star Wars that Warframe is.
  12. Well Mixer has a much smaller user base than Twitch so while I wouldn't say it was in trouble it does have some ground to make up. As for Ninja's situation I dunno, he's not one I follow but it's not like he was plummeting on Twitch so maybe the deal has perks.
  13. I don't think Sterling does try to make things into big controversies. He just reports on the stuff that he finds bad/annoying. I guess he does so with a passion but that's no bad thing and it's never insincere so I really don't think there is a problem with his reporting. What happens after that is kinda out of his hands. He never condones personal attacks or abuse, he criticises actions. I mean what's the alternative? Be all mealy mouthed about it to try to come across "civil"? Fuck that.
  14. He may have fucked up the specifics but overall the point still stands. They added pointless DRM that does nothing but make the service side of things worse for the player. And for what end? I don't even know. As for Sterling again, I see him as a reflection of how obnoxious the AAA is. I can't fault him for shining a goofy light on what the industry does/is.
  15. Get out of here. The Destructoid podcast when Sterling, Max Scoville and Jon Holmes were the line up was some avant gard treasures. I've not come across a gaming podcast as surreal as that since.
  16. I had that DOOM 3 version on PS3 that had the classic DOOM games on it too. Can't remember for life of me if they were separate downloads or on the disc.
  17. I dunno who's left here that play this but RNGesus blessed me this morning: For the uninitiated, that sword "War" is some unicorn shit and its mine to take big whiffs of.
  18. A question for anyone who knows about Bluetooth stuff. I'd quite like to use a keyboard on Switch while undocked. Finding a dongle for it to use while docked isn't a problem, but there are USB C dongles you could use while portable but they seem to be focused around connecting wireless headphones and other audio things. Are these purposely limited or could other Bluetooth devices be connected to it?
  19. DifferentClass

    Random News II

    Yeah, I never thought of warnings in-game. It's not the kind of optics anyone wants.
  20. DifferentClass

    Random News II

    With the likes of Fifa I think they'll pay the tax because the amount they make from them still makes it worth it. Smaller games on the other hand I dunno.
  21. Ali has proved he's a safe pair of hands for this. I bet the mother fucker could ice skate uphill.
  22. Oof, the passive aggression here
  23. Ummm... I know, I've read a bit. But he hunts monsters and Blade is a vampire. When Moon Knight first appeared he was introduced as an antagonist who hunted a ware wolf who was the protagonist of the comic but then he turned on those that hired him. I'd like to see a sort of adaptation except with Blade.
  24. A while ago I remember the guy who directed Kill List and High Rise (name escapes me) was in talks in regards to Marvel Zombies or something of that ilk.
  25. Gotta say this phase isn't going in the direction I thought it would for the most part. Looks cool at this stage. I'm wondering if they're going to take the MCU out of the PG-13 bracket with Blade. Ever since they got Deadpool back I've wondered if they were going to create an R-rated slice of the MCU. Probably not but it would be cool. And Moon Knight as Blade's antagonist, please.
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