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  1. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    Adam Driver is weirdly handsome man; as well as fan-fic gold. A feature length video, but worth it.
  2. Spacing, @Maf. Crowd control. You have more options than you think. Throw a guy into an incoming crowd. SoR2 has a jumping attack where you stun lock enemies instead of knocking them down so you can follow up. There are legit fighting game mechanics in these games to experiment with. It's certainly not just hitting them before they hit you. That's for rubes. SoR3 has even more. That's why it rules.
  3. I am serious! I have a war with the gamers and a hill to die on.
  4. So I've been talking SoR3 a bit today. It's on my mind since I played it again today and somewhat relevant to "the discourse". And I'm lost on the hate for the music. The OST is mostly great. SoR2's music is sweet. SoR3's music is dirty: Though because of Hendo's dislike of it I suspect it won't be in a podcast 🤫
  5. It's hardly a gimmick when it's fairly essential to completing the game. SoR2 rules: it has sweet music and still looks kinda great, and it's important to the culture of gaming (for lack of a better term). Just don't try and tell me it's a better game. Pull the other one Oh, and you can be a boxing kangaroo
  6. Can't stop me speaking truth to power. I'm wondering if you play SoR3 like 2 it is a lot harder and a bit of a nightmare. You gotta use the added abilities, especially the dash and roll.
  7. DifferentClass


    I played it when it was out and seem to remember enjoying it but I can't for the life of me remember why. It'll be interesting to go back to and see what it was about it.
  8. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    I've not actually played many. I also like this:
  9. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    The KotOR games and Rogue Squadron 2 are the only ones I've really liked.
  10. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    OK, it may be an early game under the Obsidian banner but I'm sure they're founded and made up of veteran PC developers. People who made the original Fallout games, right? That's more that I was getting at. They were no spring chickens.
  11. @Maf is accurate with his assessment. It's especially child's play next to Contra Hard Core and Shinobi III. Those are two real ass video games. Oh, and I was babysitting my niece today and they have a 360 set up with the Mega Drive Collection and we played both Streets of Rage 2 & 3. Seriously, 3 really is light years ahead of 2. When the world becomes just it will be the consensus.
  12. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    Obsidian were as established as Bioware at the time, if not more so. Its only the ending that was quickly wrapped up and not given the time it needed, but the rest of the game is pretty spot on.
  13. DifferentClass


    If the motion controls are anything like Warframe, which is likely since they're both Panic Button, the controls will be awesome, and much better than other console versions. I thought about getting it myself in the sale but I decided I want it physical due to the file size. I still need to get a proper sized SD card. Even this 64g one I have is mostly full.
  14. I'm happier that they're niche games. I mean, it's obviously a niche product and definitely one for the fans of 90s era Capcom arcade games. Its obviously not for a broad appeal going by everything about it. Its a fascinating thing.
  15. Yeah, the PS5 will be more powerful than the last one. Surprise, surprise. It just came to my attention that the Street Fighter II on there is Hyper Fighting. Weird they didn't put Super Turbo on it since that's the one people play to this day.
  16. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    We're all going nowhere so I might as well have some fun dunking on RLM (or at least HitB).
  17. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    I'd do a big post explaining why it very much is true but I'm still without a properly working laptop so maybe I'll do it some other time.
  18. Beat Sabre is the only game I've seen that I'd like to play. But I still don't want my own VR. I wish arcades were still around because it's the only way I could see myself getting into VR. Just pop a few quid in for half an hour.
  19. Play Enter the Gungeon Playing the new update. There's not much in terms of areas but there are a load of new guns, items and balence changes. I've not unlocked much yet because I'm rusty and need some more time to git gud again. GRIP Played this a little. Pretty fun so far but I have a little issue with the handling. Pixel Puzzle Collection It's the Picross clone on mobile. I've been playing it loads as it is a good version and there are so many puzzles. And free! Warframe Just when I think I've had enough I get pulled back in. Want Cuphead Looking forward to finally playing this when it comes to Switch. Katana Zero With all these cool indie action games, you are spoiling us. Bin The government taking forever with my tax rebate!
  20. Aye, I'm mostly playing. I've just seen the OK finger thing as a dog whistle by racists enough to keep making that connection.
  21. Me again. They've just put another update out that is a remaster of Plains of Eidelon. The reason they did this is they learnt a lot from Fortuna and improved how it looks. It's has been on PC a month or so and looks really nice. Not Witcher 3 or anything but still really nice. I was worried about the Switch version a bit but it looks pretty good here too. I think it's just better, more natural use of textures rather than increasing fidelity and it has made quite a difference. The green helps I suppose. But there are more trees, foliage and better use of details all round. It also has some quality of life improvements such as having an outpost to get bounties instead of leaving the area to do it. And they've also put the conservation stuff from Fortuna, so you're now shooting wildlife with tranqs and removing them from the area. More good stuff from the game that just keeps giving.
  22. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    RLM have been awful the last few years since it occurred to them movies are made by businesses and have an attitude towards them I last saw around music in 6th form. Best of the Worst is still good, though.
  23. As someone who spent nearly £200 on an arcade stick alone I'm really not surprised at the price since its par for the course.
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