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  1. DifferentClass

    Tetris Effect

    I've been surprised at how demanding this version of Tetris is. I was under the impression this was the chill one. I can't seem to manage the last section of the Journey Mode at the moment so I've been doing the other stuff. I tried a bit last night to get a decent time on the Sprint Mode where you have to break 40 lines as quick as possible. I can't crack less than 2:30 and that only gets you a C rank so there must be a much quicker way to Tetris I don't know about.
  2. I've been trying to get into Beck's last album for a while. It's okay? But I dunno why I'm trying so hard with it. The video is great for the single off it. It stars Alison Bree bringing the energy and Edgar Wright directs:
  3. I've had SFV's soundtrack on my Spotify recently and I've just realised how great Zeku's theme is. He's a new character and I'd not really used him or fought against him much so I didn't really come across it. It rules:
  4. DifferentClass

    Random News

    I think it's just there is a precedent for this sort of thing in games and they didn't do the due diligence. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago Division 2 had some homophobic art in the game they removed post release? The article could have been written in a way that was more 'am I hearing this right?' But its all good now. Joker isn't cancelled.
  5. DifferentClass

    Random News

    It does sound a lot like it to be fair. I don't think I can even make out what it's meant to be.
  6. Recent one are Monster Hunter World where I had over 300 hours, and also had that amount on Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball Fighterz. I have 405 on Enter the Gungeon. ... I have 935 on Warframe... I'd probably still be on DBFZ if I had PS+ but my skill level on SFV dropped a bit after a break so eased off it. I got all I wanted from MHW. EtG and Warframe I'm still playing.
  7. My Superman game would be something along the lines of Star Fox and there is objectives along the route like saving people from burning buildings, cats from trees or whatever then at the end you get to a villain and the combat shifts to something more close combat. At the end of the level you get ranked like in Hitman Blood Money with a newspaper that spins towards the screen and is written out in a way that shows how good of a hero you are. I'd keep it simple.
  8. DifferentClass

    Star Wars

    Adam Driver is weirdly handsome man; as well as fan-fic gold. A feature length video, but worth it.
  9. Spacing, @Maf. Crowd control. You have more options than you think. Throw a guy into an incoming crowd. SoR2 has a jumping attack where you stun lock enemies instead of knocking them down so you can follow up. There are legit fighting game mechanics in these games to experiment with. It's certainly not just hitting them before they hit you. That's for rubes. SoR3 has even more. That's why it rules.
  10. I am serious! I have a war with the gamers and a hill to die on.
  11. So I've been talking SoR3 a bit today. It's on my mind since I played it again today and somewhat relevant to "the discourse". And I'm lost on the hate for the music. The OST is mostly great. SoR2's music is sweet. SoR3's music is dirty: Though because of Hendo's dislike of it I suspect it won't be in a podcast 🤫
  12. It's hardly a gimmick when it's fairly essential to completing the game. SoR2 rules: it has sweet music and still looks kinda great, and it's important to the culture of gaming (for lack of a better term). Just don't try and tell me it's a better game. Pull the other one Oh, and you can be a boxing kangaroo
  13. Can't stop me speaking truth to power. I'm wondering if you play SoR3 like 2 it is a lot harder and a bit of a nightmare. You gotta use the added abilities, especially the dash and roll.
  14. DifferentClass


    I played it when it was out and seem to remember enjoying it but I can't for the life of me remember why. It'll be interesting to go back to and see what it was about it.
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