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  1. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    There is a demo up for Just Shapes & Beats now and I'd seriously recommend some people try it, especially those into Tetris Effect. It's not a similar game but just one that does a really good job of creating that synesthesia experience. It's been out a little while I think. I'd have got it but I'm a poor boy. And play until the boss. I'd be surprised if it doesn't sell anyone on it.
  2. DifferentClass

    Gaming disappointments.

    Assassin's Creed was a big one for me, too. The silver lining of it though is it made me become much better at reading between the lines during a games' run up to release and being properly mindful of my own tastes so I don't get disappointed by games anymore, or at least I rarely do. I think Fallout 4 has been the only one since AC.
  3. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    I saw that on the eShop today. Not heard anything from Twisted Pixel since that bike game on the XO. I'm also surprised they aren't planning to do both games but Ms. is a better game. Loved it on the 360 and will likely get it when I can. Totally could go through that game.
  4. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    There is a big update due soon. It's there on the PC beta version right now but it's expected to drop on consoles I imagine whenever certification is done. Here's a video that goes through it: I didn't know the game had level scaling until now. It explains why I'm getting owned by the last boss all the time because I do try to maximise my power every run. It all sounds pretty good, anyway. Should make earlier runs easier but later, Boss Cell ones harder if they get the balance right.
  5. DifferentClass

    Post when you complete a game '18

    07/04/2018 - Monster Hunter World (PS4) 30/04/2018 - God of War (PS4) 27/08/2018 - Enter the Gungeon (Switch) 13/11/2018 - Hollow Knight (Switch) Truly amazing game and arguably the best in the genre. A really massive and quality game for the asking price, too.
  6. DifferentClass


    Looks better than it has any right to be. Your move Sonic.
  7. DifferentClass

    Game of the Year 2018

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that a film at a festival is finished and a demo at E3 is a small, vertical slice of a work in progress. Maybe I'm being biased. If we just have what is strictly released in 2018 then I have barely any games at all to choose from. I don't have many as it is.
  8. DifferentClass

    Hollow Knight

    So since Majora's Mask annoyed me I decided to put this back on. I didn't know why I stopped until I started it up and fought the boss I was stuck on. But I did it, after swearing and calling the boss a cheat and stuff I progressed a bit further. I do feel like I'm wandering around quite aimlessly, checking the bits of the map that have doorways that I haven't explored. I do feel a bit underpowered, though. It isn't just because I suck, I do feel some enemies are taking a ridiculous amount of punishment before going down. The most common obstacle I have is these streams of black smoke I can't pass, so I guess I gotta wander some more.
  9. DifferentClass

    The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    GOD DAMN THIS SERIES AND ITS UNRELIABLE AUTO-JUMP!! I threw a strop on this. Did a long, awkward part of a sort-of-dungeon but fell down and have to make my way round again because the boy decided not to jump at a totally doable jump. I think I remember this part of the game, The Stone Temple and it's surrounding areas. I wasn't a fan.
  10. DifferentClass

    Game of the Year 2018

    The problem with being strict is it locks out a vote for people who didn't have the ability to play it on its original release due to system constraints. And with the Switch release of Hollow Knight for example I think it got talked about and played more then, too. As staggered releases are a common thing due to smaller studios not having the budget for all format releases I think it's fair to accommodate that more. And as for film some get festival releases a year before a general release and are often still considered for awards for the year of thier general release.
  11. DifferentClass

    Game of the Year 2018

    GotY 1: Monster Hunter World 2: God of War 3: Dragon Ball FighterZ 4: Dead Cells 5: Hollow Knight 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: Multiplayer 1: Monster Hunter World 2: Dragon Ball FighterZ 3: Paladins 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: Not From 2018 1: Enter the Gungeon
  12. DifferentClass

    The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    Quiet thread. So I started this on a whim on 3DS thinking it'll possibly be one of those I drop off soon after but I've been playing it like a man possessed. Must have run my battery down to empty like three times. I think I've been hit by two things. There are quality of life improvements that I don't remember the original N64 version having. There are more save points and I don't think the schedule you can fill out was as robust as it is in this version so sidequests are easier to follow. I've seen so much cool stuff I definitely didn't do on the original, although I do have big gaps in my memory because I didn't remember the whole entire first dungeon. Anyway, I'm in this game's water temple now and enjoying it a lot more than I did originally. I think I was forcing my way through it then.
  13. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, apps are good. I use the YouTube one on PS4 a lot since I like watching the better produced things on my TV so I don't think I'll change my habit and use the Switch one, especially since it seems to be identical to the PS4 one.
  14. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    Breath easy, the YouTube app is on the Switch now. Gotta search for it but now you all can watch your favourite racist on the Switch.
  15. DifferentClass


    He's in Eye in the Sky not playing Jesse.