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  1. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    New free content for the game: Rise of the Giant. I've done a run and got some new blueprints and seen a new area but didn't know how to do it, though I imagine you need a new ability as I can't see how it's possible as is. They seem to have changed a few visuals and item placements. Early days yet so I don't have a lot to say about it at the moment. This is more of a reminder.
  2. It did review really badly, but it's just something I'd like to see for myself. It's probably really bad, no doubt.
  3. Dino Crisis 3. Honestly, I'd be fascinated to go back to that just to try and unpack it.
  4. Because if they're gonna rework it like this I don't think they want people missing them. I mean, they could easily be planning to work them more into the plot.
  5. Can't mention it if I haven't played it.
  6. Well everyone had a 360 so I don't see why not. On the OG Ninja Gaiden and its sequel on the 360 are still up there as some of my favourite action games. I know Sigma varients came to Sony but they aren't quite the same. There was also a pretty perfect port of Outrun 2 (does an arcade port count? it had 'only on Xbox' on the cover, anyway). Bungie's Halo games are all fantastic. Gears 2 is still a favourite of mine. Lost Odyssey is the nearest thing to a more modern take on classic Final Fantasy and nails it. There's probably loads more. I know everyone thinks of Halo/Gears when it comes to Xbox excusives but there is definitely more unusual stuff tucked away, especially on the OG. Did anyone play Crazy Taxi 3?
  7. And Magic Breath
  8. I think there have been a few character videos for this but this dude caught my attention. I think there is a beta coming soon so I'm looking forward to seeing how it actually plays. It's Arc Sys so it'll very likely be good but I'm wondering what this game's hook will be. Looks bloody gorgeous, anyway.
  9. DifferentClass


    Moviejoy dot com
  10. DifferentClass


    Just watched Stan & Ollie, the Laurel & Hardy biopic. Its kinda sad but not in the obvious way but I can't say for sure if it's intentional. Showbiz is weird.
  11. Am I getting trolled? I feel attacked
  12. Gyllenhaal for Joker
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