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  1. Yeah, if I don't want to play something then I don't. Never pushed my way through something I wasn't up for. Even games I didn't like too much I guess I'm kinda glad I did so then I know what I don't like for sure and can use that going forward.
  2. This is getting tough. I just play ranked matches and basically as you move up it starts removing progress when you lose so I'm not moving from rank D3 very fast. My deck is too broad I think and maybe I need to focus on fewer strategies, but then "what if" enters my brain and I can’t decide what to do. It's annoying as I'm pretty decisive in where to put my skills in RPGs but here I'm all over the shop.
  3. Give it a whirl, maf It's basically competitive turn based RPG with really cool properties on your moves. This is my first time playing and I'm currently rocking a 1/1 win ratio. Its easy enough to pick up as long as you've played a game with weird maths in it.
  4. DifferentClass


    I started playing this today and my day is just gone. Fuck. It's a digital card game in the vein of Hearthstone except the cards are made up of Capcom characters so that was enough to draw me in despite meaning to try one of these out for a while. I guess I just needed my interests tickled more by stuff I think is cool and not fairies and rogues or whatever. Since I'm new to this I dunno how it compares to others but I'm having a lot of fun. I picked Albert Wesker as my character and I'm enjoying being evil. The kinds of cards he has are about powering up defeated cards and turning the last stretch of the game on its head. I guess he might be a necromancer archetype. Sometimes I can't do it, especially against Ryu users who's decks are more about just getting in and doing damage and I can't get set up. But when I do, it feels pretty good. Towards the end of my session I did use what I'd accumulated to buy a load of card packs and I got some good ones but now I'm trying to build my own deck rather than the one you're given. The arts pretty nice. It does have that look that a lot of these games have but still somehow works and all the characters do seem to fit this theme, despite different origins.
  5. I reported this to the police
  6. Digital Extremes had their convention last night and showed a bunch of new stuff coming. The main thing being the new major expansion. They did a live play through of it: It looks really damn cool. They also teased a rework of the start of the game which they've mentioned a few times, introducing the story better and they have an intention of tutorialising the systems better. I hope it brings more people in because Warframe is an excellent take on the action rpg with both parts of that genre having a depth you just don't see very much.
  7. If I were to post some My Bloody Valentine it would be Soon.
  8. Yeah, I guess a lot of us are at the age where 90s is where its at. I certainly listen to a bit of music from other eras and enjoy new music when I bother to look into it but if a gun was put to my head I'd also say 90s. The music I put anything I hear now whether past or present is judged against my favourites from that era.
  9. DifferentClass

    Virtua Racing

    The original versions probably wouldn't hold up too well but this port is practically a remaster.
  10. DifferentClass

    Virtua Racing

    The handling in it is more advanced than I was expecting so that was a nice surprise. Seems like getting good enough times to finish the races is gonna take some real control. I got it as a historic curiosity but I'm enjoying it. It does look great, even those wierd humanoids which I guess are meant to be people have a charm to them. I've only done the first race so far. Nearly finished the second but some idiot drove infront of me and made me crash so I lost. I do think I may be being a bit too conservative around the corners as well.
  11. Mine was fine. I don't usually like races because I don't like following multiple screens but I actually enjoyed that SMB3 one
  12. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    No, I've only completed one run. The ability you get for beating the end boss once is all you need.
  13. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    All I'll say is when you beat the last boss you got a new ability. I got to the new area last time I played but my run fell apart at the end and I died to some new enemies that are absolute jerks.
  14. Anyone using "devs are lazy" as a talking point for something they don't like in a game can get in the sea. There are loads of reasons a game might not meet certain standards and 99% of the time it's not lazyness.
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