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  1. There is a counter mechanic with I-frames that he uses by accident a few times which stuns enemies and there is a lock button so you can move and face in one direction as you shoot for the top down bits. He just complains about the Joy-cons and reckons he'll be able to play it fine on a controller. Nah, mate. That's not the problem.
  2. Oof, thier Blaster Master Quick Look is certainly something. They maybe should have played it more before showing it because there is a pretty key mechanic Brad doesn't understand.
  3. DifferentClass

    Google Stadia

    It really doesn't have to be so doom and gloom. I don't see this as a replacement but an addition. For twitch action games, fighting games or those sort of things there is no reason to think locally running consoles are going anywhere. At the very least Nintendo are stubborn enough to survive a mostly streaming future (if it happens). And, potentially I can see this being a good thing for AAA games. I'm not saying this will happen but it fits. Big AAA games tend to have to hit that 8 - 10 hours of duration or be a bloated open world to justify a £50 price tag. I think with a AAA game designed for a streaming service in mind, since people are paying a flat fee monthly, you can make it much smaller, or episodic. Have a tight 2 - 3 just packed with cool ideas. At least thats the brightest timeline.
  4. There has been another update. Since the Switch was a little behind on the updates they have been dropping them fairly quickly so it has now caught up with the other console versions. The PC is still a little ahead but it always has been. This one is Buried Debts. It also takes place at Fortuna and it's open area. Basically, you find the large robot spider and then kill its little buddies to get coolant, and then you find fissures with lava, plug it then defend it for a bit. Plug three with the same coolent and you get an item that I don't know what it does yet, but its probably to craft something cool (probably the new frame Hyldrid which also dropped). Quite a typical mission but having no waypoints you have to know what you're looking for and communicate that to the other players. It's not something most will be able to solo as the waves of enemies contain some very strong foes. It's still fun, though, as Orb Valaris has some cool areas that make great battlefields and the fissures are situated in them. The only thing that bothers me is it is glitchy, at least the Switch version is. When the host leaves and it migrates it forgets your progress and randos rage quite pretty frequently if they die (which you will, its a pretty high level instance). It doesn't let you pick up the coolant so it also locks out the other fissures. Once we were seconds from finishing one and the host just left. Couldn't believe it. I'm not surprised because the same thing can happen on Defence in the regular modes.
  5. Had to get it. Also got the Sonic Mania DLC and some Warframe stuff.
  6. DifferentClass


    I don't wanna use one film to shit on another, but Wayne's World is more of a parody film about music and the culture around it. Where as Bill & Ted are time travel comedies with characters based on well meaning 90s teens interacting with history. They're not that similar. Both are cool in thier own ways.
  7. DifferentClass


    I've not seen either since I was a kid, but I've read a little about them relatively recently and they seem to have an earnestness to them that ages really well. I can see a new one if done right be I lighter hearted Trainspotting 2.
  8. DifferentClass


    Keeanu is a total sweat heart and loves these characters. It's been on the slate for ages but things got in the way. And he's not short of work due to the John Wick series.
  9. DifferentClass


    Not all heroes wear capes
  10. DifferentClass


    The most needed film of all time right now: Be excellent to one another.
  11. I want to be more excited about Cadence of Hyrule but I'm awful at Crypt of the Necrodancer. It's like the only rhythm game that puts me in a flap.
  12. DifferentClass

    Random News

    No! My ideas are better
  13. I just saw the Nindies video. Another boat load of cool stuff. I think I might get Blaster Master Zero 2 now. The first one is so good, more of you should play it.
  14. My uncle who works at Nintendo said Xbox is just getting Mario because they're not mature enough for Bayonetta
  15. DifferentClass

    Google Stadia

    It certainly sounds impressive if it does what they claim, especially for multilayer games. I'm interested, but I won't be fully replacing a local console for it. Hopefully they get the price reasonable.
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