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    Website feedback

    It all appears to be working well my end. Congrats on your new forum software.
  2. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    Sweet! The best is yet to come. Don't worry about being overpowered though. You'll need every point of that hard earned HP/TP for what awaits you The next stratum has a handy farming spot right next to a town warp point. I was farming 20,000 a day from it. Its great to kit out all your party with some uber armour/weapons. I have to agree with you regarding the accomplishment factor. This game is hard but fair and I'm sad enough to say that I literally punched the air when I beat the final boss on the forest dewds stratum. I'm struggling at the minute on a level(b27f) that has taken my mapping skills right to the limit. Its pot hole/warp central.. I had to turn the bugger off for awhile coz it was getting to me. No doubt I'll be firing it up again sometime today to give it another bash. Will this torment never end..
  3. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    Centy wrote: To be honest this is the only time where i've found myself bored of playing i want to get further but i hate the amount of grinding that's going on right now. I think I know what items you may be talking about but are they defensive or offensive and if it wouldnt be too spoilerific what element? I dont really have the cash to be splurging on the wrong items right now just loaded up on armour that costs 8100 a pop :S. Give the orges the *hot oil* treatment as its the only way to finish them off quickly. Then your attacks will reap 400> point at a time. I also found out the oil only works on normal attacks not in conjuction with any other skill attacks, for example smite/silencer/true-hit. Also start the bf20 battle as early in the morning as you can that way you can take out four FOE's at a time and reload on TP before they respawn again. Obviously leave the Boss FOE to Last. Good luck!
  4. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    bf20 is a right bar steward My first attempt at exploring it ended in a severe kicking, the sort that I hadn't experienced since BF3. Those orges are hard as nails and hold the key to defeating all the FOE's on this level. My front row troops physical attacks barely did any damage to em. But I found their weakness almost by accident as my party was being cut down one by one. I had a few items in my kit bag that I'd not used before in battle. *hint* *hint* Getting past bf20 is well worth it as the next stratum's gfx are the best yet. They remind me in some odd way of the classis amiga game hired guns. Keep the faith dewd.
  5. Initial impressions seem very good but it looks like a massively involved gaming experience and I like you are still ploughing through EO (level 23ftw!). I think I'll it give some proper attention over the weekend to get to grips with the battle system.
  6. I think a "blast from the past" segment would be cool. Where each podcaster would pick a gb/gbc/gba/ds/cube/wii title that they have enjoyed and that might have been overlooked by the vast majority of gamers. Also with your show coming out weekly why not focus on the forthcoming world wide DS/Wii releases and perhaps naming online-shops(import/uk based) who are doing the best deals. To accompany that, an importers feature would be great where you go over the pit falls, benefits and best practises of buying games online. (import duty,postage costs, reliable sellers.. etc) Just some thoughts.
  7. Spike

    The new look site

    It's a great improvement. Nice clean uncluttered look and loads up a lot quicker than the last version. Very snazzy *thumbs up*.
  8. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    lv43! blimey that's grind mungus Thanks for the info, I'll check out my ronin stats and see where I'm going wrong. I think I've done something daft and probably neglected the attack skill so even if he has a decent sword it only tickles the enemies. Just took my dylan bard out on trial round the grind level that is b18f( handy water fountain comes in useful). First battle and he went up from 1-7 hahaha. Already got him to lv20 and ramping up his relaxing tune skill which gives the entire party TP. kitted him out with 32+ armour, 7+ def hat and 10+ def shield. He looks like he might just fit the bill as long as FOE's don't target him too much.
  9. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    Centy wrote: I guess I'm doing something wrong then can you enlighten me as I'm unsure as to what skills to develop for him? I've also found him a bit weak even if I kit him out with the best armour for his class. Tho he is only lv23 and some of the monsters in the 4th stratum hit hard. My other two front row chaps are hard as nails and do serious damage now with smite/silencer hitting at 300-ish if the monsters don't like physical damage. Centy wrote: Thats a good point as the one thing that is preventing me from exploring the 20lvl is the fact that I keep running out of TP. Hmm a good name for a bard... erm.. dylan... yeah that will do. Gonna knock one up now and give him a run out, definitely a back row chap though as I doubt a lute/bad singing will do much against an angry orge.
  10. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    I've just hit level 20 and it was quite a shock. I'd been warned that the level held a few surprises but wasn't prepared for what I encountered. Needless to say I'm now grinding up my subs bench too. I also need some cash as I've just unlocked some sweet armour that is 80,000-ish gold. I'm unsure about the ronin class as it seems to me only fit for FOE battles as most of the skills need a turn to warm up. No good for the normal skirmish battles, perhaps I am doing something wrong. I'm more taken with the hexer class which have some really sweet spells.
  11. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    Centy wrote: I'd keep your alchemist, you'll need him on the 4th stratum, all the monsters I've have encountered there don't like fire spells. I like your idea of having 3 magic dewds. I am toying with dropping my protector. As he really doesn't do much in the way of attacking and doesn't use his defender spell at all on this stratum. I can always bring him back for heavy weight FOE battles. Provisional line up. Landsknecht Survivalist Alchemist Medic Hexer
  12. Spike

    Etrian Odyssey

    Stick with it centy, the next few levels are cool. levels 14/16 have some new ways of transversing the labyrinth which make mapping them a bit different from what you have encountered so far. I've been leveling up my new Hexer Warlock. He's got a right bag of tricks. I decided to power up on the evil eye skill tree, which has some very fiendish spells including betrayal. This makes the monsters attack each other rather than my party! Sweet! The Suicide spell also took my fancy but I need a further 5 skill points to unlock that.
  13. That's a very professional job Ed. Looks sweet! A layman's guide would be great. I'm very cack handed when it comes to fiddling with consoles. Though I did manage to put a new hard drive in my old xbox without breaking it I didn't realise that the cube had so many parts. Lots of screws to loose or get lost in the hoover methinks.
  14. As a crusty old gamer you can always look to the past with rose tinted glasses and cherry pick the classic titles amongst the sea of farm slurry that make up the majority of most game systems libraries. For every Knightlore their are always loads of sad movie/cartoon/tv show tie-ins. Bringing in the main stream means that more edgy/niche titles are then developed. When a user base for a system reaches a critical mass then titles like SOTC can be unleashed. The average uniformed joe will continue to buy dire license product like 50cents but this is cool as that revenue feeds back to the devs/publishers. Who in turn will occasionally come with some new interesting IP. Recently I've been reading a lot of Wii backlash posts on various forums stating that it is the death of gaming. This maybe the case but aleast the devs will now have to concentrate on gameplay and not shallow graphic engine show ponies. The real monster is the DS which due its tech spec's has stripped gameplay back to its core values. All the innovation so far has come from the Japanese companies, but I'm sure after this years "e3" a few western devs namely Bioware will step up to the plate with interesting product.
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