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  1. Did you offload these in the end? I'll gladly take the middle 3 if not
  2. Rapidmollusc

    Shenmue 3

    Has Xbox been confirmed now then? It's certainly only PS4 or PC via Kickstarter
  3. LEGO City Undercover - PS4 Pro Platinum. GTA kids edition completed, with almost no interaction from my daughter.
  4. LEGO: The LEGO Movie - PS4 Pro Platinum. As hardcore as it gets...closing in on Undercover too
  5. The game automatically popped loads of these achievements upon me booting after the update....hadn't even got close to some of them. Similar happened once in FH3 where it pretty much threw the whole of one update's achievements at me for no apparent reason.
  6. Rapidmollusc

    Comfort gaming

    I had to kick that habit...went cold turkey and managed to stay away since my son arrived (some 14 months ago). Forza Horizon 4 (and 3 if my GamePass is out) has filled that hole though...I seem to be doing a lot of milling around in Lego City Undercover though right now
  7. Rapidmollusc

    Comfort gaming

    Pokemon Shuffle on the loo...
  8. Moss - PS VR Finally got around to doing the last level/boss thing. Not particularly challenging (although the no dying run through could be annoying) and relatively brief but fantastic all the same. I hope the 2nd chapter sees the light of day.
  9. Mine is Jodhopper (Xbox and Steam too), but I think that is all my sig and have most of you from days gone by
  10. Playing Horizon 4 with a wheel is big balls sadly (same with 3 for that matter!).
  11. Rapidmollusc


    I can't say I agree fully with this (at least the underwhelming part)...I was positively whelmed This was for several reasons I think. I only had modest expectations on the duration of the game and bought it in the sale (I wouldn't have been happy paying full whack for sure). It was also techinally an Xmas gift, which my wife researched as the game to buy me (which is very rare, she hasn't done that since the PS3 days!). I'd also looked at the trophy list, so guessed this was only a first instalment (of which we may never see a second!). I've certainly got more mileage than the 3-4 hour-ish run time as I've been actively chasing those trophies (which I rarely can be bothered with)...not sure if I can face the no death playthrough though. Oh...and Astro Bot. I'd already played the demo before Xmas and knew this would blow it away, so I made sure I didn't start that fully until I'd played Moss first!
  12. I barely started in 2018 but game time has started to make itself available finally, so I have just wrapped up both Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy. I’m a boss battle away from finishing Metroid: Samus Returns as well
  13. Bought this blind to reviews on Friday (well, got the company to pay for this and add a 2nd controller, along with FIFA 19, to the game office roster of one game). Seemed a relatively safe bet anyway (and the first game i’ve bought on release day since I don’t know when). Plays well, kind of the same as ever, graphics are a little rough at times (mainly cut scenes). I thought I remembered lots of moves for Taki...seems some have been remapped these days!!
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