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  1. Grabbed Yoku's Island Express (Switch download version) as it's on an "almost normal price against other platforms for a change" sale. It seemed to be right platform too (in the sense that I'd rather play this while travelling). I've ordered a bunch more LEGO games (Ninjago, Incredibles and Jurassic World - all PS4) for the eldest, so I can play more stuff with her. I won't see them until later in Spring though when I visit the olds. I do have some yellow Joy-Cons inbound though.
  2. LEGO: The LEGO Movie - PS4 Pro Platinum. As hardcore as it gets...closing in on Undercover too
  3. The game automatically popped loads of these achievements upon me booting after the update....hadn't even got close to some of them. Similar happened once in FH3 where it pretty much threw the whole of one update's achievements at me for no apparent reason.
  4. Rapidmollusc

    Comfort gaming

    I had to kick that habit...went cold turkey and managed to stay away since my son arrived (some 14 months ago). Forza Horizon 4 (and 3 if my GamePass is out) has filled that hole though...I seem to be doing a lot of milling around in Lego City Undercover though right now
  5. Rapidmollusc

    Comfort gaming

    Pokemon Shuffle on the loo...
  6. Might have ordered a 2nd Switch 🤣 (there is no might)...managed to get a Smash Bros console without the game for about £40 less than with it...figured I can always buy a hard copy of the game with that at a later stage if needed. The dilemma now is whether to keep the Neon or not
  7. That sounds fair. I felt somewhat disappointed with Hellblade...I think I was expecting more red flowing hair and it to be more interesting to listen to. I'll post some pics later (maybe) but I added a new external 4tb hardrive to my Xbox (a lurid green Seagate thing...but was cheaper than the non-Xbox branded black one) as the old one died (to be fair it was pretty dead when it was first attached due to a dropping incident!). I also picked up the S-Charge bundle (external battery with stand, screen protectors and case) for the Switch I don't have...so given that I have a couple of games and memory card as well I've just decided to reserve a neon one without any games (circa 240 quid here). I had the option of the Pokemon one but didn't think it was worth the difference in price, circa 320 quid (Smash Bros is also the same price now here, which looks amazing but I care not for the game). The Diablo version is a little cheaper than these two but still a 50-60 quid premium over the vanilla neon version (again for a game I don't particularly want or case that I would use). I'm assuming the revised version will also appear later in the year, so will be cheaper to dump on the kids too I guess. edit...also got a Pro Controller awaiting collection too
  8. I picked up Shenmue 1 & 2 on PS4 for a tenner in Smyths during my trip back to the UK at the weekend (along with a lot of free Lego bricks). I didn't overly want it as I have the DC versions but is more convenient to play and cheap. I'll probably get a Steam version when it is about £2. There were a few things I'd forgotten about buying awaiting me (along with HoriPad mentioned in my previous post) like another PS4 headset (500m edition), XB1 Charge & Play kit and the Animal Crossing nonsense (which I'm sure was fine for a few quid)
  9. After my promise of no further purchases...behold... Bought a(nother) new 3DS XL (hard to see at the top as it's dark blue) for about 75 quid (virtually unused), with 5 out the 6 games pictured. Toys r Us finally went here, so snagged Lego Avengers on XB1, Batman 3 (without a case) on Wii U and Pokemon Moon (3 copies...the two not in picture are fan editions) On top of that, some digital stuff as follows DiRT Rally VR - PS4 Assetto Corsa Ultimate - PS4 Titanfall 2: Ultimate Ed - XB1 Forza Horizon 4 VIP - XB1 I also had my remainining Wii points to use up at the end of Jan, so took Jett Rocket Super Turrican Bubble Bobble Plus I also bought the daughter a mini HoriPad for her birthday next month (no pic as it's in England waiting for me). Pretty sure I've forgotten at least 1 thing 😕
  10. Moss - PS VR Finally got around to doing the last level/boss thing. Not particularly challenging (although the no dying run through could be annoying) and relatively brief but fantastic all the same. I hope the 2nd chapter sees the light of day.
  11. Mine is Jodhopper (Xbox and Steam too), but I think that is all my sig and have most of you from days gone by
  12. haha, I knew you'd pipe up with my broken protocol here...I have the little one with me, so will try and do better next time (or maybe even update this post!)...or did you mean pics of the DriveHub?
  13. Yep, same story with a PS4 too. I have a DriveHub, so works on both formats. Basically it tricks the machine into thinking it is a G29/G920
  14. Playing Horizon 4 with a wheel is big balls sadly (same with 3 for that matter!).
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