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  1. I thought you could choose between the classic isometric camera or free-control camera? In local co-op at least it has to be isometric, right?
  2. £40 in Sainsburys and Argos
  3. I'll give these a play and follow you as a creator tonight! I only got this last night and spent most of my time so far making my first level (KYM-RJP-J2G for anyone interested), so I'm going to properly get into the story levels later as they do seem good and inventive, as you say. Over on GRcade there is a webpage/tool for sharing levels, if you're interested: grcade.co.uk/mariomakers/
  4. Tried to pre-order in store on Saturday in GAME, but after initially saying "yeah that should be fine" they were out of stock too :(
  5. Missed it again :( Did preorder the amiibo though from the Nintendo Store. In my frustration I just ordered the Japanese edition with artbook from Play Asia too, as that was available...
  6. I missed it again ;-; I would pay more than £25 for those extras not gonna lie. I /really/ want that art book!
  7. OrangeRKN

    My Friend Pedro

    Got this last night, it's great. Definitely one for replaying to chase rankings. I'm also definitely bad at the game, but I still feel like I'm good at it, so that's good design!
  8. Please stop remaking PS1 games with massively long load times Who cares about background visuals just make it load quickly!
  9. Deciding between PS4 and Switch myself, but think I'll have to go with PS4 just because I'm used to it being on PS! I will miss the portability of playing CTR that I had on the PSP and Vita though
  10. Actually I think if someone plays the game for the first time with the DLC it makes for a worse experience (because of the DLC quests clogging things up and the hero's path feature lessening the player's own exploration) :P ...definitely better performance though!
  11. They improved the performance with updates. Kokiri forest was the worst, but in general it ran fine on Switch from release in my experience.
  12. Oh yeah I have The Last Story one. That soundtrack Didn't realise Mario Kart 8 had a special edition. It's just a statue of a blue shell... Any advice on where to keep an eye out for the Link's Awakening one then?
  13. Have there actually been that many first party collector's editions? I'm trying to think of what I've got in the past and mostly it's just been the game with some bonus stuff thrown in from the Nintendo store, like Splatoon 2 with a t-shirt. BOTW had a collector's edition but afaik even Mario Odyssey didn't. Most of what I can find in a search is just game + amiibo or controller. Most recently as an actual Nintendo special edition I think for me would have been Star Fox Zero, because that came with Star Fox Guard, and that was pretty easy to come by. With Zelda specifically it'd be... Skyward Sword? I think the wii motion+ bundle of that is more common than the game alone But yes basically... I need to make sure I get this as Link's Awakening is my favourite game!
  14. Didn't realise the collector's edition had gone up for sale D: I was sort of assuming I'd just be able to order it way closer to release...
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