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  1. GotY 2020 is going F2P
  2. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I think people attach identity to shit they feel like is theirs. Which happens with mainstream stuff, but also way more with cult stuff. It’s like oh this is the #1 game because it’s the thing I’ve played and you, you just don’t know so it’s me, it’s mine and it’s awesome 🙄 All I remember when you were talking about Drakenguard 3 was someone gets raped or something. I just remember it being like oooh how edgy it must be good
  3. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    The only way I can imagine people like Deadly Premonition is in the same way people like The Room. Which fine, I get it. But when I’ve seen it on top 10 lists, or someone saying it’s their fav game of the generation, or just get in to ‘oh the game is amazing because’ it’s like get to fuck. I think the irony takes over and they buy in to the joke. Liking it because it’s funny to like it, fine. When people start championing it it’s like calm down, cunt. You see it a lot (probably everywhere) but especially in video games. When people think they’re on the ground floor of some cult thing so they start elevating it to heights and overrating the game way beyond it deserves. Earthbound is another one (Although EB is excellent, but not the way some people talk about it) Psychonauts 2 is the most recent one. That game is decent, but when people are like, oh it’s GotY because the writing you’re whole arguments fucked put it back in the 7/10 column where it belongs Deadly Premonition is the prime example. But also the one that drives me the most mad because it’s utter dog shit. You want to like it because it’s utter dog shit, sure, but don’t try tell me it’s a good game. I don’t know what the reviews are but if it’s above 20% it’s overrated.
  4. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    One of the most overrated games I’ve ever seen is Deadly Premonition. I get why people like it ironically. I get why people like it in spite of itself. It’s quirky, it’s dark, it’s different. But it’s also absolute dog shit. Then I feel like it propelled forward and people forgot it was a internet joke and are like “This game is good because it’s like the TV show” Too desperate for that outsider/hipster/internet cred that game is hyped up garbage
  5. Maf

    Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Finished this today. Loved the game this time. Have to finish up some post game and catch the legendary and then maybe I'll buy the DLC. Not sure. It's hard to say why I liked this so much more than the first time I played it. I still think Dynamaxing is dumb and never did it once in the game - although I'll admit visually it makes for some cool boss battles. The world map is still extremely small and straight forward with not that much interesting to explore - except I didn't realise just how many different Pokemon they pack in to each route. That made the searching for Pokemon really fun. I changed up my play style on this playthrough treating it more like Acreus and caught everything I saw. So embracing the collecting aspect and how many cool and new Pokemon there were to collect at every turn improved the exploring. Usually I dislike the superhero story they have in Pokemon games, this one is dumb as well. But I think because the characters in this game are fun and likeable + the world ending stuff not taking up too much of the game I kind of enjoyed it. In fact, add on again a couple of some amazing cutscenes and set pieces this game has. I really enjoyed this side of the game that I usually don't like. It's weirdly relatable too as in it's about environment sustainability and a well meaning, but ultimately mad, futurist tycoon. I wouldn't say it's ripped from the headlines or has meaningful commentary on today but you can see it a little bit. I liked it before, but the football stadium and crowd aspect I loved this time. The stadiums, the music, the vibe, the cheers. Pokemon in essence has always been the story of a sports legend and all this stuff really brings that to life. I hope they find more ways of bringing this element back in the future. Mentioned it just now but some of the music in this game is brilliant. I dunno. I'm not taking back any smack I talked about the game before, the problems are still there. But I think approaching it with a different playstyle, the negatives didn't get in my way as much, and the positives hitting a lot harder. I can't lie to you. This game was amazing.
  6. 15/05/22 - Pokemon Sword (Switch) - Amazing
  7. I thought my electric meter was being eaten really quick so after I topped it up today I ran a reasonable test tonight to see how much the video games were costing and the PC eats up 70p of electric per hour and the XSX eats up 40p per hour 😬 So for every 10 hours of video games it’s costing me an extra £7 or £4 I’ve never tested it before, and obviously prices were going up but I was surprised how much electric I lost in one evening. Not much to be done about it, I guess, but man. That’s expensive.
  8. Got this on Switch this week. I have a only a bit of Mega Man experience with 9, 10 and 2 (in that order) and never really understood what differentiates regular MM from X. Played it for about an hour. Still don’t really get it. The types of enemies, traps, difficulty, and solutions seem the same to regular MM. The levels seem much shorter. Is fun, though. It’s on Switch so can’t see the whole fight but man I’m saying Dark Souls is for babies don’t think so you can go @ my ass. I can’t tell if the rocks are set or RNG but either way this took like 15 tries and every 2-3 tries you have to do the whole level again. Tried the water level as well but didn’t like it. Kind of boring.
  9. Neil Gaiman and Jonathan Hickman doing something Spider-Man? 😲
  10. Nice. I never played this before so will be cool to finally try
  11. Maf

    Mass Effect 3

    Aside from Shadow Broker which reveals an interesting part of the world, I think all the DLC is fine but not necessary at all. Even the extra characters are not that good. The base games are good on their own. Good that you’re enjoying ME, though. Gotta play Dragon Age Origins after. Has all the same things that makes these games good but with more D+D shit and bigger consequences to choices.
  12. Maf

    Mass Effect 3

    Why did you not like Mass Effect before, I can’t remember
  13. That’s what I was like with it before. I’d play it only when a major exclusive would come out and anytime else it’s a push. I had to push myself to play it.
  14. Somewhere in this thread I made a post about how disappointing I find the Switch. Basically the short version is it’s barebones, doesn’t have personality like other Nintendo machines and it’s exclusives are largely subpar. But ever since October my opinion has changed dramatically. It’s a combination of 3 things. First reevaluation of the games. I now think Mario Odyssey and Pokemon SS are really fantastic games. I don’t take back anything I said about them but I just feel differently about it. Then backed up by some fantastic new games with Metroid, Arceus and I think there’s something else that I’m forgetting. Lastly the OLED. It isn’t like the OLED transforms the games. It’s still a Switch with Switch graphics. But I think maybe graphics to me are not as important as presentation. Now Switch games have this sweet spot where not on a small, flat LCD but not blown up for all the warts to see on a 65” screen it’s found the right place to be. OLED is bright, sharp, small A last bonus reason is playing games in handheld I’ve discovered Switch’s cool factor. Especially with the white Joy Cons and such. Looks cool, feels cool. It is developing personality after all So much that I blew upwards of £70 on games on it this week. Because now I just love playing it. I’m still not going to call it the best Nintendo console. It’s no GameCube, N64, or Wii U (Fuck you, I’m saying it) but it’s not at the bottom of the pile for me anymore. I might say it’s their best handheld I’m now officially a Switch fan. Loving the console at the minute
  15. My 3DS is out,but I just don’t want to go back to the platform. Maybe I will just for this. Not a fan of dungeon crawlers but love Persona and the music
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