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  1. onewild


    Us - That sound track, that leading performace should be up for awards but won't be because it's only April and it's a horror film but my word. Shame it was a cinema experience ruined by the guy who decided that his drink wasn't finished despite him slurping just ice for like 40 mins, then he talked, cracked out his phone a few times. Seriosuly why?
  2. I watched that the other day, I liked the bit where that one flat earther decided all the rest were working for the CIA. As for the main guy, he came across as harmless enough and quite nice really. Just completely insane when it comes to believing that the world is flat.
  3. onewild

    Apex Legends

    I have this both on pc and xbox, because you know it's free and all. Origin user name is Onewild - although looks like most of you are ps4 users. Onewild99 on xbox
  4. onewild

    2019 Expenditure

    I already own more games than I could ever finish this year, I should really really try and not buy anything as much as possible. Least till I have ticked a few of them off the list.
  5. Have you guys played Perfect Dark or Golden Eye recently? on an N64 control pad? jesus it's almost unplayable, FPS on consoles have come a long way since then.
  6. *Looks at the 162 hours played on steam* it's Slay the Spire.
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