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  1. wiivo 2.0

    Google Stadia

    This isn’t the future of gaming. This is a tried and tested method that’s been improved and will become an option as to how to play with additional subscription costs. The first third of the presentation was cringe. I was out when they put so much emphasis on “influences” and made out like you’d watch someone else play a game and press a link yourself and jump in instantly totally skipping the screen that will display the pricing. What they’ve announced is another method to play a select few third party titles that you may or may not have to pay for a second time if already owned by a method that holds no water if you are already invested into any console.
  2. At least I have a Brawn 😥
  3. Happy Queer Eye day. Also a maddie mccann doc is out.
  4. wiivo 2.0

    Battlefield V

    I'm in this looks great. Might be my one BR game I get on with. Now to see how much BFV is..
  5. wiivo 2.0


    Aladdin does looks oddly fun now. Like the fun adventure movies you’d get in the 80s but mixed with mama mia cheese balls.
  6. wiivo 2.0


    There’s something ironic happening here 🤔
  7. wiivo 2.0


    As well you should be. You might not like it but I only wish to persuade people to watch a variety of films and not only those that spend the most on advertising. Although I respectfully accept the cost of a cinema ticket can be daunting and a safe purchase be the obvious choice.
  8. Ta I’ll check it out sometime.
  9. Is mcc on gamepass and is Halo 2 a thing you can play online?
  10. wiivo 2.0


    That's all kinds of wrong @DANGERMAN, and the sequel was announced last may. I haven't watched it yet because Reynolds comedy became old fast and he risks never been cast in any serious film ever again.
  11. Google console launch exclusive.
  12. wiivo 2.0

    Days Gone

    This whole video is #accidentalpartridge
  13. wiivo 2.0

    Shenmue 3

    You'll buy 5 copies even if its crap just to support them?
  14. That's what I do. Work and listen to podcasts or yeah soundtracks, playlists etc. Ssssshhhhh
  15. I've watched After Life too. It's good but at times it feels like an eye rolling vanity project.
  16. wiivo 2.0

    Shenmue 3

    Just cancel and wait for reviews. I haven’t seen anything particularly impressive yet. The latest trailer is like something that should have been released a year ago not 5 months before release.
  17. wiivo 2.0

    Google Stadia

    I did wonder why it was being revealed by repsup100 😅
  18. One Punch Man is back in April in Japan. 🤜 💀
  19. wiivo 2.0

    Devil May Cry 5

    No I wasn’t ☹️ But ok your opinion. If in future you could pm me instead so I can apologise cus that’s not what the intention was and I can edit my own post. Otherwise now we’re just adding to dmc thread none dmc news. Sorry @RikSP will spoiler it. Didn’t think.
  20. wiivo 2.0

    Google Stadia

    Looks like something designed to play android games and only comfortable if you yourself are an android.
  21. wiivo 2.0

    Michael Jackson

    So the alternative of them lying is that he was just a fully grown adult that liked to sleep with children. Yeah I’m sure that’s the truth. 🤣 It could be they milked his coat tales AND was abused. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.
  22. wiivo 2.0

    Michael Jackson

    He tried. Check out Louis, Martin & Michael.
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