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    Nintendo News

    I don’t disagree with that, it’s just how people (certain gamers anyway) handle that disappointment I find bemusing. @Jimbo Xiii They always play the big titles known about and out soon, but I honestly can’t think of one game announcement happening during a THL.
  2. mmmark

    Nintendo News

    I don’t think there’s ever been a big release announced during treehouse live? I’m surprised by the reaction a children’s game based on a children’s cartoon is getting. All those games way forward make that everyone enjoys, as soon as they’re involved in something different people be like “fck you guys I deserve the game I’d imagined you were making!”
  3. I think if you’re going to put that much effort into something you can create yourself a thread. If you’re just going to make snide comments then you’ll have people wonder why they bothered and won’t in the future. Nice one @Maf As crazy of a read that was I appreciated it. I’ve never really been interested in the timeline. Thought the gametrailers explanation of it was fun at the time(line) but I generally go into each one as tho it’s the first (a few notable exceptions!)
  4. mmmark

    Nintendo News

    I didn’t read that properly did I
  5. mmmark

    Nintendo News

    I assume it’s shantae gameboy colour?
  6. You can’t compare a linear game aaa graphics to an open world one.
  7. I just watched a review for outward. I thought it looked alright but maybe a bit too involved for me despite the reviewer calling it simple. I’d probably give it a go for a fiver but at £14 (psn) on sale it’s a bit much for a game I might bin off after an hour. It looks like the kind of game that’d do well on switch but if they can’t get it running very well on PS4 then it’s probably not worth trying to port I guess. What I watched fwiw:
  8. Oh man. I can’t wait to hear the music of dkc as much as play the game.
  9. Oh nice. I liked these games back in the day. They were a bit daft but were forza horizon before forza horizon. Plus gambling and owning a house.
  10. Animal Crossing - 10/10 Maneater - 8/10 Took 18hrs. A mostly fun 18hrs.
  11. mmmark

    Fairy Tail

    Those two trailers are the same you pervert. My favourite part is when the two girls in barely any clothing and are 1/3 tits say “I’ll cry later”. This game really takes female characters to new depths.
  12. Thread title is a little on the nose 😅
  13. Has anyone seen paranormal pornstars on amazon yet or is it still only me?
  14. mmmark

    Pokemon Unite

    So you bother to post trailers to games of a genre you don’t like and call it garbage without even saying you don’t like that kind of game 🤷🏻‍♂️ The weather is nice outside.
  15. mmmark

    Pokemon Unite

    Looks ok? I think there’s enough Pokémon games now including one to play while brushing your teeth to find one that you like and not call this one garbage and be disappointed by the 10 seconds of gameplay on show. In an unprecedented turn of reactionary comments maybe wait until it’s released/played until deciding what you think?
  16. mmmark

    Dirt 5

    I could be wrong but I could have sworn Rally 2.0 asked if you wanted an arcade or sim experience.
  17. mmmark

    Dirt 5

    They split Rally off into its own set of games.
  18. mmmark

    Mixer Closing

    That’s sad. Wish them the best. Sounds like they have a decent head on their shoulders and will land on their feet.
  19. Probably 6hr campaign and mostly a multiplayer game.
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