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  1. I’d like no light, speaker or motion control so it lasts more than 3 seconds. Also I remember putting a cd into my PS4 and then being shocked bugger all happened. More shocking is @DANGERMAN thinking it took a different laser.
  2. wiivo 2.0


    I stopped watching at SPOILERS but it seemed on point from what I’ve read.
  3. It’s enough to have the Joker thread fellas. Put all your eggs into one basket.
  4. wiivo 2.0


    I can’t wait to see this personally 🥰 Might have to wait until on demand though. It sounds as though Gotham looks like Rotherham 😅
  5. wiivo 2.0


    Using a Gary Glitter song in Joker seems like an odd decision. An odd decision
  6. I just saw the new Child’s Play and to my surprise it’s actually really good. Lots of fun, great references and humour, good deaths, well written and the story and update perfect for 2019.
  7. Don’t make me cancel my pre order.
  8. “Let’s have the guns overheat” 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Agreed. Xbox 1 with cam was a massive failure and mistake.
  10. Isn’t there cameras on fridges? I can’t think of anything else a camera isn’t on an appliance and sold separately because of vibration. As for sound you’re assuming it would have a mic. In my mind that’s in the controller and/or headset.
  11. I think I’ll wait until my mom insists in having it on one Christmas.
  12. Sounds like it suffers from ‘that difficult second album’ syndrome.
  13. It wouldn’t be hard to have a camera (which would be of higher quality than before) to be part of the console and not be effected by its fans. In my mind it’s of high quality for vr gaming. It could even be detachable. I’m not saying it’s a good idea tho cus it’s not. It raises the price of the console for the 95% of people that wouldn’t ever use it.
  14. That’s a 6/10 game no one would pay £45 for on release never mind now.
  15. Do most do that? I tried once with the PS4 and it almost lifted off and shot through the window.
  16. They will do. For vr. No brainier.
  17. This place gets better and better.
  18. wiivo 2.0

    Random News II

    That’s not even that much money for them. Especially Sony.
  19. Charts every month for years disagree
  20. Charts every month for years disagree.
  21. GLASSES! (remember that?)
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