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  1. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    No thx the conversation from you would be a single word or you’d bring print outs of memes from 5 years ago and then someone would come in and pat you on the back. Oh I watched all of Dont Forget The Driver in one sitting. It’s great. You probably have to be a Toby fan though. If you enjoyed Detectorists you can’t go wrong.
  2. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    If it’s ok by @Nag I saw the first 5 episodes of Barry season 1. It’s good. I’m not in love with it but it’s worth a look.
  3. wiivo 2.0


    Agreed but he said it was a lol a minute. The same person that defended Predator and Venom. Just seems a bit hypocritical. @Nag if you can’t reply with more than a meme, video or single word the don’t reply at all thanks.
  4. wiivo 2.0

    World War Z

    65% Id wait until it’s £20 in July.
  5. wiivo 2.0


    At which parts? There’s a lot of oddities here that you loled at parts of Godzilla yet cream over absolute generic crap shite that you make out the critics don’t know the will of the people about.
  6. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    Its not like that. 😒 But I recommend watching the first episode. That’s the funniest. After that they take it seriously like most haunted.
  7. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    Why not? Found a great show. Don’t Forget the Driver on iPlayer. Poignant. Toby Jones.
  8. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    People be all about that dragon show. Meanwhile I’m here watching
  9. wiivo 2.0

    Days Gone

    Put it away @Blakey you’ll get arrested.
  10. wiivo 2.0


    I have that on my list. I imagine it’s like All Is Lost but with snow. I have prime again for free, again. Crikey, it’s still a bit shit isn’t it. But I recommend the documentary series Lorena.
  11. How come? I was one of few that liked the first.
  12. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    I’ll re word it. You can’t say a cartoon with a character in it is better than the character that’s in it. Coronation Street > Deirdre Barlow > Dot Cotton
  13. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    Toxic Crusaders IS Avenger. 👀
  14. wiivo 2.0

    TV Shows

    Not all is well in DC Universe's rapidly growing... well, universe. Hollywood Reporter sources say Warner Bros. Television (part of the service's parent WarnerMedia) has cut its initial order for Swamp Thing from 13 episodes to 10 after running into "creative differences" with DC. It would still debut on May 31st -- DC has provided a teaser, shown below -- but the season wouldn't be as sprawling as originally planned. Both DC Universe and Warner Bros. have declined to comment on the apparent leak. Hopefully it’s fun like AvED and not serious. Toxic Avenger > Swamp Thing
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