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  1. wiivo 2.0

    Google Stadia

    How’s that pre order @Blakey?
  2. wiivo 2.0

    Astral Chain

    Famitsu review Astral Chain (Switch) – 9/10/9/9 [37/40]
  3. wiivo 2.0

    Disaster Report 4

    This looks fun(ny) Like a drama set during day of crises.
  4. Iron Man is a C word more than he is a C lister. I liked the first film but his attitude got old quick and I wished he’d just shut up and get on with it. I hope Downey Jr has some decent roles in the future and doesn’t just get cast as a Starklite.
  5. wiivo 2.0

    Astral Chain

    I think it’s more like xenoblade controls than two fully controllable characters.
  6. Yeah I’d heard it was longer than a lot of games. I have it downloaded for tonight, tomorrow, the rest of the week.
  7. I watched The Mule. It’s a nice watch about Clint Eastwood driving drugs back and forth. Nothing heart racing happens but it’s a good watch for a lazy Sunday.
  8. wiivo 2.0

    Need for Speed Heat

    This does look good from the gameplay. I’d hope the awful story cut scenes are few and far between but as far as open world racers go this looks like a good un.
  9. wiivo 2.0

    Marvel's Avengers

    Looks fun to me. The voice actors sound bored tho and it looks easy. But I guess that’s because they’re just wanting to show gameplay without a struggling super hero. Just looks like a fun place to be a hero and smash stuff up Not sure what disappointed people were expecting?
  10. wiivo 2.0

    Death Stranding

    That’s mostly what the story is and what “the game is about” than gameplay. No where did it strike me as rdr2. I hope it’s good. I think at this stage it’s easy to mock but it’s at least something different.
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