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  1. Watching Infinity War again tonight ready to see Endgame again tomorrow afternoon.
  2. I’m still processing it to be honest.
  3. Look at this shit! https://nichegamer.com/2019/04/24/man-beats-sekiro-shadows-die-twice-using-only-donkey-kong-bongos/?fbclid=IwAR2sHG-ie-vKKlQVTxfju_lCv7sx7WR2fNZepoqOMzCbaqD6r_me6qGf_Rw
  4. I’m 7 minutes away from not drinking anything else tonight just to make sure I don’t need to piss during the movie.
  5. RikSP


    Yeah no worries @DANGERMAN
  6. RikSP


    Watched John Wick 2 yesterday. Hadn’t seen it for years, forgotten how good it is. Can’t wait for Chapter 3.
  7. Oh snap it's out now!? Fantastic! As soon as I've signed my new job contract and know I have a pay day in the near future I'll be picking this up!
  8. Had a fuckin awful session on this today, wasn’t with it at all. Couldn’t time my parrys properly and kept dying for dumb reasons.
  9. Patch notes for Ver. 1.03 have been released https://www.sekiro.jp/news_detail_190422_01.html Target Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Release Timing April 23rd, 2019 10:00 JST April 23rd, 2019 03:00 CEST April 22nd, 2019 18:00 PDT Release Notes Improvements to Strategic Approaches Adjusted the efficiency and Spirit Emblem cost of the following to encourage usage and diversity of approach: Prosthetic Tools: "Lazulite Sacred Flame," "Loaded Axe" series, "Sparking Axe," "Lazulite Axe" Combat Arts: "Ashina Cross," "Dragon Flash," "One Mind," "Floating Passage," "Spiral Cloud Passage," "Mortal Draw," "Empowered Mortal Draw" Items: "Spiritfall" series Reduced the Posture damage dealt by the first hit of the Combat Arts "Senpou Leaping Kicks" and "High Monk" as it was causing more damage than intended in certain cases. Posture damage dealt in the latter-half of the combo has been increased. Increased the Poison build-up dealt by the Prosthetic Tool "Sabimaru" against enemies that were intended to be weak against it. Increased the drop rate of "Divine Confetti" for Fencers in Ashina Castle. Adjusted loading screen tips and tutorial text, as well as adding new text. Other Fixes Slightly reduced Posture and Vitality of Blazing Bull in order to improve game pacing and balance time in combat. Lowered the price of information sold by Anayama the Peddler. The Chained Ogre inside Ashina Castle is now Red Eyed. Fixed a bug where "Gokan's Sugar" and "Gokan's Spiritfall" were not mitigating player Posture damage taken while guarding or deflecting enemy attacks. Fixed a bug where system crashes could cause save data to become corrupted on PC. Fixed a bug where certain enemies would sometimes stop attacking the player. Fixed a bug where certain actions could not be performed after reconfiguring the controls. Fixed certain bugs that were allowing the player to access unexpected areas, which could result in becoming unable to obtain items or make further progress. Fixed cases of certain text being displayed incorrectly. Improved stability. Improved performance. Other various bug fixes. After applying the update, the version notation in the bottom-right of the title screen will display as follows: App Ver. 1.03 We hope you continue to enjoy Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice.
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    You mean Polar. It's not bad (well, it is, but...) it's based on a Dark Horse comic, like Lucky Number Slevin meets some other movie I'm too drunk to remember. Matt Lucas is in it too, he shouldn't be in movies. I enjoyed it for what it was, and then it turned into a gritty Nolan reboot of Mindhorn and I couldn't take it seriously anymore. Vanessa Hudgens is surprisingly fantastic in it though. Also Knoxville has maybe 2 minutes of screen time, total.
  11. 3 -4 hours into the channel's playthrough and we've just beaten the Blazing Bull. I have a feeling this playthrough is going to be a little quicker than the first 😅
  12. RikSP

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I think Sly's a cunt.
  13. To be honest mate I was exactly the same when I started playing it, go back a few pages and you’ll see I fucking hated the game. I was not having a good time at all and was frustrated to almost tears several times so I totally get you. I stuck with it (mostly because I couldn’t afford to not play a game I just spent £50 on AND because I have a FromSoft dedicated YouTube channel) and by the end I fell in love with it. I’m playing through it again and now I completely understand how it wants me to play I’m having a blast, it’s an absolute masterpiece. I really hope it clicks for you guys soon and you start having fun with it, it’d be a real shame if you didn’t.
  14. RikSP

    The Hot Topic

    I've always wanted a game based on Supernatural. Story could play out like a road trip with each mission taking place in a different small town. It'd be part detective game, part action game. You have to look over the crime scene, explore the town, talk to key residents, etc, figure out what you're fighting by looking at the clues you've gathered then pick a weapon load out to fight it. Then you go hunting. Each mission would play out a little differently to stop the formula getting stale, so say it's a mission where a ghost is killing people, the ghost could attack you during your investigation, so equip a shotgun with rock salt shells or an iron bar and you can fend it off. Then when you find out who the ghost is find their remains and destroy them with salt and fire. A shapeshifter mission would play out a little different. You'd have to check security camera footage to see someones eyes shine, then work backward from who you see on the camera, but make sure you have a silver blade equipped. Depending on how you treat the towns could change how they treat you and how willing they are to help you too. I guess it'd be like Alan Wake meets The Witcher.
  15. RikSP

    Random News

    My favourite part of this story is the article they wrote after apologising for writing the first article. Slow news days are the best. https://www.kotaku.co.uk/2019/04/19/we-screwed-up-with-that-persona-lyric
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    Venom’s a bit crap but I’d say it’s worth the £1.99 rental fee. I’d happily pay that much to watch it if I hadn’t seen it at the cinema. It’s just dumb enough to be fun, and that’s all I wanted it to be really.
  17. RikSP

    The Most Played

    World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV were both way over 100 for MMO reasons. Monster Hunter 4, 4U, and Generations were several hundred hours each. I miss playing those games. Persona 4: Golden and Persona 5 took over 100 hours each for a regular playthrough and I loved every minute of both of them (I can’t wait for Persona 5:R). Then there’s Halo 3 and Battlefield Bad Company, I must have put 100’s of hours into each of them. They’re probably the best online times I ever had.
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