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  1. RikSP


    Hahaha, oh dear. I won’t be on again until tomorrow so I’ll add you then.
  2. I take it everyone has given up then? I started a new game today and managed to get to Genishiro on the castle roof in 2 and a half hours, including defeating Lady Butterfly. He's giving me a bit of trouble, I can't seem to get my parry's right so I've turned it off to make some food and grab a coffee. Next time I'm on I'll go exploring, maybe clear Senpou Temple area and access the warp point for later on, then try Genishiro again with a bit more health.
  3. RikSP


    £4.19? It's £3.99 on PS4. Good ol M$. What's your Epic name? We can cross-play if I'm not mistaken.
  4. RikSP


    Absolute filth.
  5. RikSP


    Triple post, nice. Put a few hours into this with @Bob today and I'm really enjoying it. To quote Bob, the barrier to entry is much lower than Monster Hunter, and it's certainly more streamlined. Does that mean that it's not as deep? Yes, but that's not a bad thing as it's much more accessible. So for the MTX haven't been an issue. Materials for crafting new weapons and armour are plentiful, and I've made around 4 full sets and upgraded them all once. It has loads of MMO trimmings to it, like an open lobby where you can see other players running about, ! and ? to signify quest givers, and a lobby chat window (but to tell the truth I've mostly ignored that). It's different enough to Monster Hunter to not feel like a direct rip off. It'd be great if more people were interested in giving this a go.
  6. RikSP


    Cool, it looks like every other Terminator ever made since T2.
  7. RikSP


    Ok so I’ve looked at the store and there’s a Fortnite style ‘Hunt Pass’ that unlocks extra cosmetic bits as you level up. A battle pass costs 1000 platinum, which usually costs £7.99, so the battle pass is essentially a subscription rewards attached to it. You get the Basic Hunt pass as standard, and have to upgrade to the Elite if you want the goodies attached to it. Elite also offers more rewards, 50% more mastery experience, and bonus loot at the end of each hunt. Platinum is also used to buy things like dyes, supply booster packs, and seasonal items. The bonuses added to the Elite do seem a little penalising for those not willing to fork out £7.99 a season, but I haven’t played enough yet to see how balanced the pay/no pay system is at the moment. The other rewards just seem to be cosmetic or extra items though so it’s not too bad at the moment. I’ll see how I feel after a few hours though.
  8. This’ll go down as well as the Ouya.
  9. RikSP


    Eurogamer said: “As for its free-to-play status, Dauntless' micro-transactions have traditionally focussed on cosmetics enhancements, and there's a Fortnite-style tiered Battle Pass system too. In fact, the game's full launch will coincide with the arrival of its fifth Hunt Pass season, which features a free Basic track and a paid Elite track with additional unlockable rewards, costing around £8.” Seems standard and fair to me. I’ll probably throw a few quid at this if I play it for long enough.
  10. RikSP


    Game is out now so it’s time for a new thread! Who is playing this/interested in playing this? I just downloaded it and will be getting started soon.
  11. RikSP

    Random News

    Mario Kart Tour (the mobile game) is a MTX filled pay to win bag of shite.
  12. RikSP

    TV Shows

    Just finished Lucifer season 4. The show is trash but I absolutely love it, and I think they did a great job with the end. It’s closed enough that if it doesn’t get renewed for season 5 it’s like yep, it got a proper ending, but it’s open enough that if it does get renewed they haven’t written themselves into a corner.
  13. RikSP

    Game of Thrones

    D&D have already come out and said they ended it the way the did purely to subvert expectations so I wouldn’t be surprised if things were drastically different.
  14. RikSP


    Just seen Rocketman. It’s a fantastic musical biopic about Elton John and it’s pretty great. I’m a big fan of Elton John and Taron Egerton did a fantastic job in the roll. Also Robb Stark from Game of Thrones is in it. 8/10 Eltons
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