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  1. It's more the fact that it happened, not that it looks bad that I find funny.
  2. Didn't get away with not paying his taxes though did he.
  3. I had to double check the CGEye thing and holy shit... 🤣🤣🤣 https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/wesley-snipes-cgi-eyes-blade-trinity_n_5b8693f4e4b0511db3d36723
  4. Each to their own I guess.
  5. But Moon Knight isn't a villain. Or a vampire.
  6. RikSP

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Probably have the longest history with the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  7. If Merhershala Ali is Blade does that mean John Bernthal can be Wolverine too please??
  8. Linkin Park It's two years to the day since singer Chester Bennington took his life, and I am day drunk and listening to his voice. Musician deaths never really bothered me. I mean, they bummed me out, sure. But Chester's was different. I remember the news sinking in and I just broke down. I was literally sobbing in my girlfriends arms (how mental is that?) And I had no idea why. It took a few days of thinking but it hit me. All these musicians that have died before were from the generation before. I was brought up on them. But Chester was the first from MY generation. At least the first I cared about. I was introduced to Linkin Park because of my Dad. His friend was the city's premiere rock DJ so got all the promo CD's and had people telling him who the up and comers he should be pushing were/weren't, and Linkin Park were firmly in the PUSH category. I had CD's, stickers, posters, all of it (I was essentially street team, I just didn't know it), and it took my school mates about 6 months to catch up. Linkin Park were always 'my' band. They've always been special to me. I was suicidal throughout my teens for reasons I won't go into, and have battled depression for as long as I can remember, and Chester's lyrics gave me strength when I needed it, although every song he wrote was a cry for help. I'm 34 now and still love this band with every fibre of my being. Scary how powerful an effect music can have on you. Anyway, I'm listening to Linkin Park and having a cry, remembering all the times Chester's words stopped me killing myself. Depression is a killer, and for some reason it's still taboo to talk openly about it. May as well break the taboo here amongst friends. x
  9. RikSP

    The Comic Book Thread

    I've spent £60 on Moon Knight books this week and I do not regret it at all.
  10. RikSP

    Netflix recommendations

    I don't see how me not liking Cavill is "pinning" anything but in the name of fairness I'll try again. I think Cavill looks rubbish. His hair and wig are crap so the costume designers and wardrobe did a bad job. He's also too big so his trainer did a bad job. He's too wooden so the director did a bad job, and he's not a good actor in my opinion so his acting coach and drama teachers did a bad job, and and I dont think he's right for the role so the casting director did a bad job.
  11. RikSP

    Netflix recommendations

    Looks great overall, but Cavill looks rubbish.
  12. Playing it 4 player. It's a bit rubbish. The camera actually breaks the game completely.
  13. Ordered from Base a few days ago. Just got an email to say they don't have stock and I have to wait. Just what I wanted to see on release day 😒 Won't be ordering from them again.
  14. Been on a Switch spending spree this week. God Eater 3 is a review code so technically didn't buy it, and I backed the Legrand Leagacy kickstarter a couple years ago but never got round to playing it. I actually own it on PC because of kickstarter, but it was on sale so picked it up on Switch. DragonFangZ is a pretty cool Rouge Like with some of the worst localisation I've seen in a game, I'm sure it was done in Google translate. Phantasy Star is Phantasy Star.
  15. RikSP

    God Eater 3

    Anyone have/picking this up? I've just got it on Switch to review and need people to play online with 😅
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