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  1. Just had a small moment that made me go “wow that’s cool”. There’s a tree in the Heartlands I’ve passed several times, it’s the ones with loads of bottles hanging from it. This time I happened to trigger eagle eye and noticed yellow indicator on one of the bottles. I shot it down and it contained a gold nugget! Just found that a really nice detail.
  2. soundwave5150 on psn. I also have a switch but probably won’t bother figuring out my add code until I have Smash . . . also if you have Destiny or Destiny 2 . . . 1v1 me! 😎
  3. soundwave5150


    So close to lvl 30, just need one more piece of raid gear. Got the boots fully levelled but then got the boots another two times on sunday night! What are the chances?? Hopefully get gauntlets or chest-piece next as I prefer my exotic helmet to the chest of alpha lupi exotic chest.
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