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  1. smallofbooty

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

    If you kill a bounty hunter does that zero the bounty or does it just trigger yet more of them? I need to avoid making the situation worse!
  2. smallofbooty

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

    Ah, thanks. Might pay him off in the short term. They're just spoiling the immersion because they appear in the most impossible fashion. I wouldn't mind if they were a fair challenge at the right moment.
  3. smallofbooty

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

    I've started this on the back of AC Origins. First impressions are that the character models seemed better in Origins and that the story won't match up. Origins has a beautiful set of characters with real story, motivations and sadness. The relationship and sacrifice between Bayek and his wife was one of the best portrayals in a video game now I think about it. Not sure Odyssey will live up to it, but we'll see. Also not sure whether Odyssey can compete with the pure variety of Egypt. That sounds a bit negative but I am enjoying it. My only genuine gripe which is why I've paused in frustration, is the fucking bounty hunter. I'm not quite powerful enough to kill him yet and he's cropping up everywhere. I'm in a mission, he appears. I'm in a cut scene with an NPC he's waiting when I exit the conversation, just rocked in from nowhere. It's really stupid, intrusive and game breaking. At least with the Phylakes in Egypt you could decide tactically how, when and where you'd confront them and it was genuinely satisfying taking them all out. But if these pricks keep interfering in my game play then my game's spoiled.
  4. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    Final comments. Me and @Duck did the end game mission and it feels so much different with the full on gear. However it was hard (thanks to a 3 man squad and the random team mate spending most his time needing reviving). @Duck was rightly saying we need to push forward but I never felt confident to do so because we were constantly getting flanked and being assaulted by drones and fucking robots. Enemies were going prone and shooting (which is new), and my god, take out the yellow bar medics or that guy you just killed is going to get revived and come back for another go at you. It reminds me that this is an RPG looter shooter with a cover dynamic so you have to use it and you absolutely have to be tactical. Going toe to toe like the random squad mate or overextending without communicating gets you (and your team mates) dead. Unlike my other main games Destiny or Warframe, there's no scything through multitudes of enemies like a power space ninja. You're really quite vulnerable and it's a very different, sometimes cautious and planned play style. Teams will have to strategise on the hoof and communicate their intentions. It's slower. There's no killing flow. That won't be for everyone. That said I liked it. It's got definite improvements on Div 1. Feels like a better inhabited and lovely looking world. Side missions are much more engaging too. The weapons are all different in their own right and I enjoyed using pretty much all of them, apart from double bloody barrelled shotguns.
  5. smallofbooty


    Ready Player One - moderately entertaining.
  6. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    And another thing. Some changes I forgot to mention which will be of interest to original players. Mods. You no longer have randomly rolled mod drops. No longer will you be carrying 30 different ACOG scopes cluttering up your inventory and stash. Nor will you be stood at the crafting station trying to roll that perfect magazine. Now we get, for example, a red dot site with a positive and negative stat and I think that's it for that type of red dot. This can be used across all appropriate weapons. All mod types have this positive/negative combo. Another change is that pre-high end gear can belong to different "brands". So if you match pieces of green or blue gear of the same brand you unlock additional perks. It's like a pre-end game build diversity that brings a bit of welcome decision making early on. Finally, I've not done the beta end game content yet but this offers an opportunity to play an end game mission with a fully maxed out character using one of the 3 specialisms.
  7. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    I'm enjoying this. Despite the familiarity there's loads to do, even within the limitations of a beta. Playing with friends has helped as you really need to coordinate your play and decide when to push, flank or pull back and regroup. Enemies even on the normal level will agressively flank and get behind you. You've got to keep your wits about you or it can be easy to get caught out if you extend too far forward, especially if you don't communicate what you're doing.
  8. smallofbooty

    Netflix recommendations

    Yes! That too.
  9. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    That's @Sly Reflex not bothering then. Already had that conversation 😀
  10. smallofbooty

    Netflix recommendations

    Now finished Russian Doll. Absolute joy of a show. Smart as a whip, razor sharp and deeply cynical but uplifting comedy. New York attitude and some great fully fleshed characters. All wrapped up in 8 thirty minute episodes. Watch it.
  11. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    Yeah. Certainly enough for a punt. The original D1 base game was great. It feels like that. It was the absence of any decent end game and lack of balance that screwed it ultimately. Hopefully they've learned and refined enough to get the end game right this time (and won't pull a Destiny 2 on us).
  12. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    I've now pre-ordered. As I'm using Nag's kindly donated code, anyone like mine for the private beta? PM me if yes
  13. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    Pro with a 4K ultra HD HDR telly
  14. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    I've seen a wild deer up an alley. Hyenas are actually a gang of bad humans. Rats are still rats, and not a gang. The seeker mine and turret are back and useable, however there are limits to the unlock trees, so no flamethrower on the turret in the beta version for example. They also seem harder to place/aim, unless that's a function of their low level. You can further improve a tree once unlocked by spending points into it. No pulse in the beta. Skill points are also back but currently seem to be broad quality of life improvements as opposed to focussing on a particular play style. You can play with the drone, although again, the (possibly) best option isn't available in the beta. So I'm using a medic version which will buff you or your team mates. We have the return of echoes. Guns feel balanced and varied enough with differing characteristics and clout. Grenades still feel a bit sketchy. It's nice launching your tech situationally as previously. Still nothing that won't be intimately familiar to those who've been here before. Very pretty (in a post apocalyptic way) and well detailed as you'd expect. Smooth. Probably best running beta/demo we've had for a while. I'm not sure why I'm collecting random teddy bears...
  15. smallofbooty

    The Division 2.

    So, very initial observations. It's exactly like the Division 1 core game. There's a lot of trash not hidden by snow and it rains instead of blizzards. There seem to be no dogs, but there are cats. There are audio logs once more. I got kicked once, and had to join a queue 😂 but at least it wasn't an ironic hand clapping queue. The game generally seems very stable and easy to join. It looks good but I'm not sure whether it's a major graphical improvement. You can play ranks 1 through to 7 and there appear to be three zones unlocked along with a couple of DZs and some other bits. The outpost concept is interesting. By supporting an outpost you get to receive side missions and enhance it, adding extra features (revealed in an Assassin's Creed eagle view sort of fashion). It also unlocks experts who then relocate to the White House unlocking additional skills and perks in your main base. So up to now. It's nice. It's solid. But no surprises or departures from a tried and tested path. Of course the end game sub classes, gear sets, etc. will be the real proof of the pudding.