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  1. smallofbooty


    Oh the bastards. Why can't they leave stuff alone. This used to be on TV in 70s in the summer holidays when you got something like 2 or 3 hours daytime telly (summer holidays only), and that was it then until Jackanory, John Craven's Newsround and Blue Peter before dinner. I loved them and the theme tune. It was mad, and goofy and utterly not British. Just some guys in shit costumes lurching about. I won't be having my memories fucked with as they scrape the barrel on this one.
  2. Fair enough. We clocked so many hours together it's all a blur now 😂 Anyway the offer is there if you want to join us.
  3. @Nag I think this game has a lot of good similarities to the first but enough difference, improvement and added variety that (in theory) you should be enjoying it. Perhaps jump in with @Bob and me? See if the co-op play brings a different dynamic. If it still leaves you feeling cold, at least you've got your answer. If I recall you played a lot of D1 in a group and that may be the difference for you this time round? Just a suggestion.
  4. Hey @Bob happy to jump in with you. I'll be eating tea time-ish but the rest of my time is your's.
  5. smallofbooty

    TV Shows

    Fake meltdown! You couldn't make this shit up. Oh, but they just have ...
  6. Simon that is a massive fib. I deliberately avoided doing any spoilers on you and told other people not to give stuff away in party chat. Bob I am eating and drinking unwisely but will join you at a cosmically fortuitous opportunity.
  7. Sorry forgot to mention that. I don't want to do spoilers so you'll have to remain intrigued.
  8. They'll stay for now. But who knows what the future may hold (well I do obviously).
  9. Ignore season 1 pass. Doesn't give you anything valuable that you can't unlock in game. Otherwise it's just early access to stuff you'll do anyway. Apart from weapon mod blueprints there's little to nothing you need to craft until end game. So break down stuff like advised by Sly then sell everything else for credits. You will need materials at end game for recalibrating and you'll run out very quickly, so this is when you'll really be breaking down everything you don't need. Having banked credits early doors will pay dividends. The only other bit of materials/credits you'll need is at certain stages you'll need to upgrade the crafting bench itself - from green to blue to purple to gold. I think this occurs at level 20 and 29 but can't quite remember.
  10. smallofbooty


    Yes, I'm not an idiot. I was referring to @Whiskey_chaser s comment about how he experienced it on PS4 a number of year's ago and how the experience on PS4 is different today. There are no longer PS4 frame rate issues.
  11. Come near my female end game toughie and she'll slap your dick swinging tank top back into the post apocalyptic stone age. X
  12. smallofbooty


    It zips along fine on PS4 nowadays.
  13. I can help out some but I currently don't have any characters under level 12. Might need to join you as you approach this point. You can match make, etc. too.
  14. smallofbooty


    You're obviously not playing it right ...
  15. smallofbooty


    You've got to work harder to impress me. No time for bland.
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