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  1. smallofbooty

    Destiny 2

    Some of the original and earlier D2 expansions and armour /weapon systems were really weak. They'd dumbed down stuff so pretty much the only difference in items was cosmetic. The good news is you've come in on the back of the new armour /weapon random roles and RNG systems which makes grinding and levelling for the perfect roll worthwhile. However some of the original/older stuff, pre-updates, might drop in it's old format and ultimately most of it will be pretty useless. It's still a sublime FPS action game. And the Forsaken and Shadowkeep updates have been excellent and brought some much needed variety, depth and activities. They brought me back after I'd pretty much abandoned D2 - and I love Destiny. I suppose if you're looking for things to focus on then it's what you enjoy and particularly what will level you up. Getting your weekly powerful gear drops is important as these are the only things which will increase your power beyond 900 once you hit the power soft cap.
  2. smallofbooty

    Destiny 2

    Sorry, I'm strictly PS4 so couldn't say.
  3. smallofbooty

    Destiny 2

    It's now got cross save I believe.
  4. It's suggestion is that it's for live streaming, in which case I assume the streamer will need to have the console strategically placed to capture their gurning face. Everyone else will probably tuck their console away in the least annoying place possible. That said the article also warns that everything in it might be untrue. Rumours, eh?
  5. smallofbooty

    Random News II

    End of the day they're taking handouts not designed for them and simultaneously avoiding paying massive amounts of tax which should be paying for our health services, transport, police, etc. So fuck them for using their power and wealth for gaming the system and a government that lets them get away with it and take advantage of it.
  6. smallofbooty

    Random News II

    Revealed: global video games giants avoiding millions in UK tax https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/oct/02/revealed-global-video-games-giants-avoiding-millions-in-uk-tax-sony-sega?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  7. smallofbooty

    Destiny 2

    It might feel very different. There are apparently a lot of balancing changes and nerfs, which might have gone a bit too far by some accounts. We'll have to see. Plus there are new armour systems bring introduced more akin to D1 (which should be good).
  8. smallofbooty

    Destiny 2

    I think all the gear and characters will be auto leveled to max power so there's a level playing field. As for Shadowkeep that's on you.... I've bought it but depends on your enthusiasm for Destiny at this point
  9. smallofbooty

    TV Shows

    Ta, I'd been waiting to see it based on the book. I think the BBC might have shown the first episode on YouTube of all things but I've never come across the series as a whole. The book maintains that underlying supernatural threat throughout while often the real "horror" is the situation and behaviour of the sailors trapped in the ice. I remember one chapter where a crew member is in effect chased across the ship's rigging (in reality a small distance) by some sort of threat or presence and it was as tense as fuck.
  10. smallofbooty

    TV Shows

    What are you watching it on? I'd heard it had been made into a TV how based on the book of the same name by Dan Simmons (which is well worth a read).
  11. smallofbooty

    TV Shows

    She's a fucking moron. Ruth? Did they even change her name.
  12. smallofbooty

    TV Shows

    They've not ditched the love story, just made it stupid and meaningless. While in the comics it's the central core of everything else they do. In the show they could almost get by without there being a need for Tulip, her character is so pointless.
  13. smallofbooty

    TV Shows

    Preacher was a travesty. I get and don't mind that TV changes the story and takes liberties, but the core characters were totally at odds with those in the comic books. Their behaviour, attitudes and plain dumbness was just jarring. At heart the love story with Tulip which is a backbone of the story was missing. We just got an idiot feisty female hot head and an idiot hot headed Preacher. The comics have angry violent lead characters but they've also got loyalty, betrayal, love and belief. The TV show just feels flat and empty despite some nice touches. I gave up.
  14. smallofbooty

    Random News II

    Grand Theft Auto maker has paid no UK corporation tax in 10 years – report https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/29/grand-theft-auto-maker-uk-corporation-tax-rockstar-north-games?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  15. That's the fundamental shit film feature that they changed the utterly core premise upon which the book's zombies were based. They could have changed the locales, the characters, the events but they changed the zombies and therefore the global story. So the film bears no real relationship to the book. As for Max Brooks who knows? Once you sell the rights you no longer have control or any say over the unfolding disaster.
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