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    Dunno, I didn't watch the video.
  2. Jimbo Xiii

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Nope. Thanks for the positive feedback folks. It was my first time editing anything like this in about 14 years. I ran a bit to close to the deadline so didn't get chance to do a full listen before publishing, which meant at the start there are a few clunking edits that got missed. Me and Ben actually talked for about three and a half hours (of which we recorded for nearly 2) so quite a bit got trimmed. Hopefully next month should be a bit smoother.
  3. Jimbo Xiii

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Congratulations on your Atari retro gaming purchase.
  4. Jimbo Xiii

    Gaming Shout Thread

    The SN30 is also very good, best d pad around I think. I'm tempted to pick up one of those dongles or something similar so I can use my wired 360 pad as well.
  5. Jimbo Xiii

    Kingdom Hearts III

    No review needs to be that long and full of utter gibberish. Maybe it's ironic.
  6. Jimbo Xiii


    @DANGERMAN Kahalu, surely?
  7. Jimbo Xiii

    Resident Evil 2

    I feel like this is the scale that should be applied to all horror games.
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    Website feedback

    I think I pasted the text in twice.
  9. Jimbo Xiii

    Website feedback

    This is pasted directly in, keeping the formatting, clicking on "paste as plain text instead" removes the formatting, like below:
  10. Jimbo Xiii

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Play/Want/Bin January 2019 Join me and @DANGERMAN as we sum up our play/want/bin selections for January 2019, with contributions from @bellow, @Blakey, @DifferentClass, @mfnick, @Nag, @radiofloyd, @AndyKurosaki, @Whiskey_chaser, @Snaggletoothand @Middle_Class_Hero. Theme by @wiivo 2.0, background music by @Hendo and production by @Jimbo Xiii. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
  11. Jimbo Xiii

    Gaming Industry Sales Figures and Charts

    Really? Mario's always sell well don't they?
  12. Jimbo Xiii

    Website feedback

    Depends on the browser. I don't think Firefox does that. Regardless of browser or platform, when you paste on contents, you should see the option to remove formatting that DC mentioned.
  13. Jimbo Xiii


    One of this week's podcast hosts didn't even know what it was.. 😳
  14. Jimbo Xiii

    [PC] Fallout 76 £7.75

    There are rumours it's about to go FTP. Apperently physical stock is being taken off the shelves.
  15. Jimbo Xiii


    What if I can't be arsed to click either? I might try and watch all the best pictures noms this year, maybe best animation and doc as well.
  16. Jimbo Xiii

    Game of the Year 2018

    @Blakey good work dude. Nicely presented as well.
  17. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    I need to go back to Hanibal. It does get pretty obtuse, but is good and looks amazing.
  18. Jimbo Xiii

    Cool Video Game Shit

    Also, Kong might now become an icon of trans movement, which is cool
  19. Jimbo Xiii

    Picross (All Versions)

    That should work then you should be able to pick out some of the three on the next column along as well.
  20. Jimbo Xiii

    Picross (All Versions)

    I'll give it a look now, not sure if I've done that one yet.
  21. Jimbo Xiii


    I think where the first one did an excellent job at hinting towards this complex underworld with all its own rules and lore, the second one didn't do as good a job on expanding on that. Good to see Neo and Morpheus back together though.
  22. Jimbo Xiii

    The JRPG Thread

    The lack of world map was the final straw for me at the time, I also didn't most of e characters or the story. The battle system and sphere Grid system where good though. I took one of the characters of in the wrong direction on his which made the game harder.
  23. Jimbo Xiii

    The JRPG Thread

    Well, they lost it and most people kinda hate it. I quite liked it personally, but I don't think there is enough demand for them to do a ground up rebuild.
  24. Jimbo Xiii

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

  25. Jimbo Xiii

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I was pretty sure we had a thread for the Marvel films but I can’t find it. Anyway I think we probably should as there are a fuck load of them. In on the run up to Infinity War, I’m attempting to re-watch the current MCU films, but in time line (ish) order starting with Captain America: The First Avenger. I’m not sure I’ve seen the first Captain America since it came out, I remembered it being a bit shit to be honest, but it’s actually pretty good. The art design is particularly good and the action holds up well. It introduces a lot of elements that run through the rest of the MCU films. The link below explains the custom order that I’m following.