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  1. I think even @OCH will get that reference.
  2. I feel like there is a funny Ron Howard voice over opportunity here, but I can't think of it. I'm just finishing up Russian Doll, it's great. Depending on how meta it goes, I might start it again from the top to spot stuff missed on first viewing.
  3. I'm quite embarrassed to say I've listened to a lot of Guns N Roses this morning. For some reason You Could Be Mine was rattling around in my head so I've been listening to the Greatest Hits. I think my foot drumming is getting on people's nerves at work..
  4. I'm enjoying the Smash Brothers sound track at the moment. All the songs sound amazing with the orchestration.
  5. Beat me to it. I think it was originally about Yakuza 2 though.
  6. Please don't.
  7. It's a good trailer, enough new stuff but still no idea how it'll all pan out. I assume there is a fairly significant time jump at the start judging by the things they say about moving on. New suits are cool and very quantum.
  8. I'm really enjoying this, it's the most I've played a switch game in 5 days since Mario Odyssey, think I've put about 8 hours in so far at least. I'm staying firmly in classic mode, and I don't think I'll move, I like having to try each character and there is enough variation each time. I'm pretty rubbish at it, less button mashing than when I started but still not using any skill as such, I do wish it had a better training mode that taught you then mechanics. For some reason I seem to do well with the Pokémon characters. But, yeah it's a really great package.
  9. Jimbo Xiii


    I bought a Denki Groove album when I was in Japan 12 years ago. It's good.
  10. Jimbo Xiii


    The first one is all over the shop. It's like they realised that a Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool half way through shooting and tried to make it funny. The oddest part is they talk about being in Coventry when it's clearly London.
  11. Jimbo Xiii


    Hope @Blakey is prepared to have his tits blown off. Doesn't look too bad now to be fair.
  12. I imagine all the companies who are too big to sustain have a topic thread on their next button must be thrilled with all the bloody bugs in this release.. /s
  13. Time to put this new thumb stick through its paces, thanks to @mfnick.
  14. Jimbo Xiii

    Shenmue 3

    @Blakey dude. I hope for your bank balance it isn't terrible.
  15. I thought they had confirmed the Black Widow film was happening? I hope they do, I like Black Widow and she's taken a back seat for a while now. I pretty much agree with everything @Maf said.
  16. That is pretty poor. There are a few bugs I've noticed. It's been terribly implemented.
  17. Spoilers about Captain Marvel's powers and the end of the movie, and Endgame speculation.
  18. @wiivo 2.0 is it worth watching for someone (well, me) who hasn't bothered with F1 since the late nineties? I love a good doc and the behind the scenes stuff with F1 is generally more interesting than the races...
  19. Yeah a lot of people on the MCU Reddit are pretty Luke warm about her as well. I thought she seemed to be having fun with it. She's a great actress so I can see other films getting more out of her.
  20. Just seen Captain Marvel. I really enjoyed it. It isn't the best MCU film, but it's fun. Brie Larson is excellent, and it was nice seeing Samuel L Jackson having a bigger role in an MCU film again. As a film it's a bit by the numbers. The plot is good enough, it clips along at a good pace but pretty forgettable, the characters make it though. I don't think anyone gives a bad performance. I hope it breaks out the same way Wonder Woman and Black Panther did, as it is probably a better film than both of those.
  21. That is a lot better. I think it's the human body thing. If it's a human body, it seems like he should have some clothes on.
  22. Yeah, sorry i probably should have said is it practical to play handheld?
  23. @mfnick maybe.. his does it play single player handheld?
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