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  1. I thought this was the worst Juggernaut(bitch)?
  2. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    of course, totally forgot about this, but it was a fantastic ending and makes a second watch more interesting as well, which is pretty much the perfect ending.
  3. Yep, I thought it was brilliant
  4. The door opening doing effect in DOOM, which also pops up in loads of films as well.
  5. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    A recent one that springs to mind that was good is The Good Place. I never minded the end to Battlestar Galactica, but that last series was very uneven, same with LOST, I didn't think it was a bad ending (although was a bit of a middle finger to fans). The Leftovers was also good and had a satisfying, albeit strange ending.
  6. I'm fully up to date with OPM and once I got there it felt very anticlimactic. I still like it, but I think I need to pop it back in the oven for a few years. The story is snails pace
  7. @Maf i may be wrong on this, but someone will confirm. If you're getting an Nvidia card (which the 3080 is) then you want gsync.
  8. @Maryokutaiare english language cinema releases over in Germany dubbed, subbed or can you choose between them? I'd always go subs over dubs. The english dub of Dark was particually bad (which of course you all watched as it is one of the best tv shows of the last 10 years)
  9. I watch everything with subtitles now, have done for a about a year or so now. My hearing is shit and getting worse, plus the sound balance on stuff like Netflix is all over the shop.
  10. You should have read the thread
  11. @Maf please do keep asking questions on here as well, we've got a pretty good wealth of people on here who know alot about this stuff. I'm absolutely not saying don't get one, I think you'd get great value out of it, and if you have the money then why not? Just make sure you're sure is what I'm saying, I think. Hope I didn't sound like I was trying to talk you out of it. On the plus side, with this build you rule out the problem of buying a pc and immediately looking at what to upgrade on it for at least 2 years.
  12. I don't want to be a bit of a killjoy (but I am going to be, maybe a bit patronising as well, but I don't mean it like that) but you should probably do a bit more research into how this stuff works as well dude. It's a lot of money to drop on something. I'm still a pretty new PC gamer myself, but I have worked in IT for ever and I've found it a pretty steep learning curve in getting everything to play nice together (albeit I did build my machine myself so a lot of what I learnt was around that). 90% of the time pc gaming feels about as straight forward as console gaming, but when stuff goes wrong, or doesn't work as you expect, it does take time and patience to sort it out. I would hang fire if I where you, make sure you're happy with it, I'd feel bad if 6 - 12 months down the line you've got something that you hate or are frustrated with.
  13. We've been watching Only Murders in the Building on D+ over the last week or so, it's really good. Steve Martin and Martin Short on great form, in fact everyone in it is really good. It's funny, but also a decent who done it thriller as well. Worth a watch.
  14. @one-armed dwarf they have a 1000w gold certified one for £60 ish more, so I'd bump it up to that, especially if you're adding additional capture cards. I assume if they're building it for you, either everything fits or they'll let you know if it does t and change the case?
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