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  1. Jimbo Xiii

    The Manga Thread

    I've been using the Shonen Jump app for two years now and that's been great for accessing manga (that Vis publish) and as an ereader. Costs about £1.50 a month but there is a fair old bit of free stuff as well. I'm on chapter 120ish of One Piece and still not convinced I actually like it
  2. I know a lot of people are sniffy about the S but that is a great deal.
  3. Does it need a core or bios as well as the ROMs? I looked on Vimms Layer and the ROMs on there are bin, but I'm surprised that's an issue so long as you have a cue file (if it works like PS1, which I think it might as they're both disc based and the cue is just a playlist for the "disc") If I get chance I'll do a little googling and see what I can find, but I think other people on here have done Saturn emulation as well so might be more help
  4. Thought of a couple more. Donkey Kong country 2 on the SNES. I never really liked the first one and never played much of the third, but loved the 2nd. I spent one summer holiday doing absolutely everything on it and it was proper hard as well. Crash Bandicoot which is way more popular and fondly remember than it deserves to be if I'm being honest, but at the time I didn't have a N64 and it was an okay substitute as 2.5D platformer, again pretty tough in an unfair way, wouldn't be able to do now. Plok on the SNES was alright as well, pretty unique that you used limbs as weapons and quite fun, nothing to set the world on fire though, but again I enjoyed it. In the opposite of this question, I also had Mick and Mac Global Gladiators on the Master System and fucking hated that game, looked good though.
  5. I think everyone has mentioned all the ones I like, but just a quick shout out to Alex Kidd in Miracle World, not because it is particularly good, but I played it a lot because I had few choices, and Psycho Fox which again wasn't particularly great, but I really loved at the time.
  6. @mfnick what hardware are you trying to get it running on? I've never emulated Saturn before but from what I understand it's one of the harder ones to get working well because of the funky architecture
  7. Jimbo Xiii

    The Manga Thread

    No spoilers obvs, but I thought the culmination to the arc was *chefs kiss* I really enjoyed it
  8. If you're around Birmingham you could probably borrow mine for a bit. I've used it twice in about 6 months
  9. I remember quite liking the mech suits and ships the humans had, felt like a next step up from the loader Ripley uses at the end of Aliens. But yeah it's a proper James Cameron wank-a-thon of a film. I sort of hope the new one flops but feel like it'll do some big numbers
  10. Hope they're still trying to get unobtainium in this one still
  11. I met the Escape The Dark... Designers at UK Games Expo a few years ago, they where nice dudes and the two Escape games they've developed so far are great, so this could be very good.
  12. I think I'm still in with a shot at 2nd.
  13. @DANGERMAN looks really good doesn't it. Does it have a date yet? I might do a DARK rewatch before it starts
  14. is any of this about Spiderman? Stay on topic please
  15. I think Cronenberg has had another new film out in the last few months that also covers similar ground, but isn't meant to be that good https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14549466/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_2 sounds like the same film he's been making most of his career to be honest...
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