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  1. Jimbo Xiii

    Your Top 10 Games

    Well, they lost it and most people kinda hate it. I quite liked it personally, but I don't think there is enough demand for them to do a ground up rebuild.
  2. Jimbo Xiii

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

  3. Jimbo Xiii


    Yeah I could watch the first one all day. I need to watch the second one again. I've seen it once and was a little underwhelmed. Excited for a third though.
  4. Jimbo Xiii

    Phone Games & Apps

    Yeah, no. I'm good thanks. I'd forgotten how angry Disc Driving makes me.
  5. Jimbo Xiii

    Onimusha : Warlords

    Wasn't that one of the major criticisms at the time? I've got a vague recollection of that.
  6. Jimbo Xiii

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    FYI I've dropped the resi chatter from PWB in to here, not because it was an issue, but I'm trying to keep that thread as pwb for podcast purposes.
  7. Jimbo Xiii

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Chatter points towards Hydroman and possibly "The Elementals" (first time I've heard of them tbh). Apperently a number plate on something is ASM221 which is issue 221 of Amazing Spiderman where Hydroman first appears. Fucking nerds. They've got plenty of time to give the CG a polish yet, I've never had much issue with seeing faces (although I'm more aware of it now you've pointed it out). I thought the trailer was fine, but I worry it is going to go too big. I liked homecoming because it was pretty low key and not chock full of big spectacular world ending events. This looks like it'll end in a big world ending punch em up. I'm ok with that I guess but I'd rather it be a bit smaller still (if that makes any sense).
  8. Jimbo Xiii

    Onimusha : Warlords

    Dude, come on.
  9. Jimbo Xiii

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Is this before or after Infinity Way / End Game in the time line?
  10. Jimbo Xiii

    The Activision thread

  11. Jimbo Xiii

    The Activision thread

    What does FUT stand for?
  12. Jimbo Xiii

    The Activision thread

    He did what Nintendoesn't
  13. Jimbo Xiii


    That does look pretty good. For most of trailer I thought John Malkovich was Mike from Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul and was thinking that guy can only play one character.
  14. Jimbo Xiii

    Nintendo Switch

    I think I'll pick up 9 and 12 at some point. I never managed to finish 9 despite getting to the final disc. (got trapped in a dungeon and couldn't fight my way back out plus only one save version..) and never played 12 past the first hour as it was clearly a game that needed to be on PS3 not PS2. Part of me want to try 10 again. I hated it when it was released, but maybe time has been kind on it.