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  1. I remember that, it's a really addicitive and immersive strategy shooter IIRC
  2. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    I quite enjoyed both trailers, although the second one is better and I have no real investment in Resi as a franchise. It already looks better than all of the films.
  3. I find Avatar strange in that it's the biggest grossing film of all time and no one really cares about it. Image the next film will break the top 5 biggest grossing as well. I guess with the first one it was the first proper 3d feature length film that came out, so that probably helped. @Nag you might like it, it has similar beats to Aliens, although much more colourful and teen friendly and the marines are the baddies and not the goodies. Also it is shit as well.
  4. This isn't really answering the question, but also seems like the best place to put it as I've not really played enough to comment in the thread, but I started Guardians of the Galaxy the other night and that feels like the most "next-gen" game I've played so far on my S. It looks pretty impressive for the most part, especially the animations of the characters. It is still a bit uncanny valley/dead behind the eyes, but it's getting closer. Not sure about the game as a whole yet, but it certainly looks impressive
  5. Same, going to the Tuesday preview as well, which pushed Dr Strange 2 back by a week for me. I saw The Northman the other week and it was excellent, really visceral and grubby but also a bit oddly filmed as well (in keeping with Eggers other two films from what I understand, I haven't actually seen them yet) that really lent into the Norse myth/reality thing they where going for.
  6. I had a good time with Yokus Island express so that's worth grabbing if you've never played it and you like low stakes pinball based platform games.
  7. Jimbo Xiii

    Sonic News

    Well I will never buy another SEGA console again off the back of this.
  8. Thats handy, I nearly bought Assassins Creed Oranges the other week. Pays to be indecisive
  9. Fair enough. Edge gonna edge
  10. Didn't dead island lose a lot of good will because of the misleading teaser trailer that pitched it as a totally different game?
  11. My wife says that to me a lot...
  12. I also saw Sonic 2, I thought it was both a bit shit and also okay. I preferred the first one as having a random blue hedgehog placed in a normal world fish out of water thing worked quite well and was probably much better than it really should have been (plus my oldest son loves it, so it's been on heavy repeat in our house) whereas 2 seemed to lean into the game references much more which was cool, but also it's total nonsense but not necessarily in a good way. I did think during the first third that it might actually be terrible but it does pull it back by the end.
  13. That was why I remembered this
  14. I'd that on game pass? I was looking for a golf game but could only find the shit Rory one from about 5 years ago EDIT ahh, it's a 2k game now
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