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  1. Brady guide did have a world map. Loved that book!
  2. @DANGERMAN it is written in the dangerLogs.
  3. Wasn't that you avatar at ds-wiifi as well @DANGERMAN?
  4. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    Finally finished Watchmen the other day, thought it was pretty much perfect. A worthy sequel to the book, the right balance of weird, obtuse, funny and clever. Of the back of it, I've started watching The Leftovers (also written by David Lindelof of Watchmen and LOST) which I think is good (critics call it the greatest show ever TM) but is essential a bunch of miserable people having a really miserable time. Basic premise, 2% of the world's population disappear without a trace at the exact same time, and the show follows a bunch of people in rural New York State dealing with the fallout three years later. It's weird, but not really in a LOST way, and is bleak as fuck. There's also a cult of nihilists which makes me think of Big Lebowski.
  5. Ps1 launch was really strong. Wipeout, Ridge Racer, Tekken, Toshinden, Jumping Flash, Destruction Derby, DOOM in the December as well. That's are just a few that spring to mind. Wasn't the 360 launch line up ok as well? PS1 was the first and last console I've gotten (close to) at launch. I got my PS2 quite soon after launch I think. I remember Jak and Daxter being my tipping point to get one. I was a fairly early adopter of the 360 as well, the rest I've let brew for at least a year.
  6. Ashe - Machinist / Time Battlemage Pennelo - White Mage / Archer Fran - White Mage / Knight Balthier - Archer (I think)/ Black Mage Vaan - Uhulan / Bushi Basch - Foebreaker/ (can't remember) My main squad have been Pennelo, Balthier and Ashe, but I've kept swapping people in and out so they are all around the same level. Pretty much finished the licence boards for both classes for each character apart from the ones off the main board which I haven't worked out how to trigger yet.
  7. Good stuff. I've left it alone for a bit and instead exploring parts of the map I've not uncovered. Found a dungeon in the forest that seemed pretty tough (has a load of powerful traps across the enterence) and I'm now in a mist filled mountain area where the baddies are similar level to me (Level 42(ish) *slap bass solo*)
  8. @Maryokutai yeah finding the door. The next section in heaven? Seems like a bag of bullshit as well though. Went through the first few screens then had to make a break for it at the section with all the different down ramps with switches.
  9. So, I just completed the Feywood section. How was I meant to know how to do that without looking at a guide? Have I missed a plot beat somewhere or something?
  10. I've got enough stuff to play until then anyway, sounds like a plan.
  11. fix up look sharp. I'm tempted by the Switch version of this, even though I just bought the PC version, but I think I'd be more likely to play it on Switch. If it even hits the £15 sweet spot, I'll get it (not that it will ever get that low I imagine).
  12. And on the PC I picked up Kawami on humble bundle a few months ago, but haven't started it, so might try and start with 0 instead. Indivisible looked interesting from the promo clip.
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