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  1. How much influence does ResetEra even have? I don't mean that in a snarky way particually. Do they have any sway in anything? I thought they were a forum much like ourselves (but bigger I guess?)
  2. This level was a prick and I think that is down to the controls
  3. this might be a me problem and not a forum problem, but people that are using an actual computer, do you get your browser spellcheck options in the text box when you're typing? I use grammarly because I'm dyslexic as fuck and I noticed the other day that it is no longer checking what I type, but only on this site.
  4. I'm going to put you both on time out unless your behaviour improves.
  5. In the marvel thread I quoted two people in one post and got a 500 error, so I wondered if it was that, but that seems to work fine as well. I've upgraded our PHP version to see if that helps.
  6. test test test Yeah I knew what you meant. I'd like to see them bring across some of the Netflix characters and actors though. Apart from Iron Fist, he can fuck off.
  7. I think Wind Waker and Links Awakening might be the only ones I've finished. I put about 100 or so hours into BotW and love it, but never went and beat Gandolf (that was a brain fart but I'm keeping it). BotW would probably be my fa vourite, @one-armed dwarf did a good job of explaining why. I never really spent much time with OoT, but did watch a friend complete it back in the day. I think I got about 90% of the way through Link to the Past but never actually beat it. I find the Zelda franchise odd in that if you asked me I would say I like them, but if I think about it, I'm actually p
  8. First ps5 only game that isn't a remake or full price DLC?
  9. we should try and do something together. Walkabout Mini Golf is my favorite game I've played so far, I love it
  10. Jimbo Xiii


    I've read Masters of Doom and I would highly recomend it.
  11. I was just finishing up world.4 this afternoon, but struggling to find the stamp in bowsers castle, apart from that 100% so far.
  12. yeah, that looks good. Glad you can play it motion controls as well, my son will love that.
  13. I remember playing the Beneath demo on the Amiga back in the mid nineties and being blown away by how good it looked.
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