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  1. Fair enough, that makes sense. I think I've only watched one before for Animal Crossing so not really in the best position to say what they do in them.
  2. Yeah perhaps, they always seem to be for bigger 1 titles though don't they? Isn't this getting attention, as it was announced as a mysterious new game, only to be a licenced cartoon game. It would be like a paw patrol game getting the same treatment. To be honest, I'm indifferent about the whole thing, but I can get when people are a bit confused by it though.
  3. Someone on Reddit pointed out that Reggie is now on the board at Spin Masters, the studio behind Bakugan (as well as Paw Patrol and others) and now this is getting announced via a Treehouse Live, something normally reserved for big releases.
  4. I've got nothing to add, but I feel like we can do something with Gannon cannon.
  5. Jimbo Xiii

    Far Cry 6

    I hope you get to off someone with a box cutter.
  6. Went back to this yesterday for the first time in a while. I was two thirds of the way though climbing The Pharos when I stopped, which gave me some issues on one of the puzzles as it involved remembering a choice I had made on an earlier floor around 3 months ago. I'm pretty OP at this point, to the point where the series of boss battles once you reach the top of the tower required no interaction from myself. I just left the Switch on my desk whilst I was working and the whole thing played out itself, until I was back at the port. I might actually watch these bits back on youtube as I missed all the plot dump it did. I'm not sure if I should just go and finish the game off now, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too taxing for my crew, or spend more time on the side stuff.
  7. I'm not sure Sony could afford a controlling stake in Epic could they? Between games and the engine being used in other games, film and TV, they must be pretty well off. EDIT Apparently, EPIC are worth an estimated $17 billion and Sony are worth just under $80 billion.
  8. I wasn't sure about Umbrella Academy when we started it but ended up really enjoying it. I could go another series. Also, you all need to be watching Dark, itissofuckinggood
  9. you should probably start an impressions thread about it
  10. DKC2 was my jam, spent a summer 100%ing it (using a guide, as it was an absolute mother fucker)
  11. So, this guy has basically hacked the sound chip in a mega drive and used it to build an analogue synth, it's pretty awesome. Possibly less video gamey, and more music tech, but the sounds he is making are all being processed by the mega drive. At first I thought the guy was a bit of a wanker, but he grew on me by the second video. Part 1 Part 2
  12. Just to add, after giving it some thought. We will treat this as a trial to see if and how it works. If it becomes a mess and is hard to follow, then we will go back to a thread per game. Ideally, if you are going to make regular posts about a game (even if you are the only one updating) try and make a thread (we haven't got a cap on threads afterall) otherwise it messes with the search function of the site. If this leads to lazy posting, then we will change back as well.
  13. Yeah go for it, if it turns into something that could warrent its on thread, we can always split it off.
  14. Jimbo Xiii

    F1 2020

    I imagine it'll be a humble choice at some point
  15. We've been watching a lot of Dark on Netflix over the last few evenings. It is amazing, we've just started season 2 and if it can keep going as well as it has so far, I can legitimately see it being one of my favourite shows of all time. It's German, but a (pretty poor) English dub is available as well, but stick to the subs if you can. It is hard to describe without giving anything away, imagine a much more gritty very serious version of LOST or Stranger Things but so much better than both of shows. It looks amazing, the cinematography is stunning. The acting is great, the script is really good, the story is pretty mind bending, has a lot of twists and turns. It is very character dense, but I think that is a good thing. If anything watch the first two episodes as that is when it lays out a lot of the broader ideas of the show, but stick with it as it is so so good.
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