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  1. I watched The Killer, the new David Fincher assassin "thriller". I really enjoyed this. I was a little on the fence with it after watching it, but I've been chewing it over in my head for a few days now and for me it's top 5 Fincher, really good. It feels like something that is going to produce some interesting video essays on the state of consumerism or something like that. It looked gorgeous, but it's Fincher so no great shock there. I liked the slow mundane pace, with brief moments of low key, fairly realistic action and violence. Pretty much all the narration could be put on motivational posters, which is pretty funny and I think probably deliberate. I'm going to watch it again soon, I think a second viewing my throw up some underlying stuff missed on first viewing. I also saw Wish today at the cinema with the kids. It was odd and didn't quite work. I didn't enjoy it as much as Encanto or Moana. If you're a Disney or animation nerd it's cool as it incorporates loads of early Disney animation styles and tropes, mainly like Easter Eggs, it was fun spotting them though. I didn't like the animation style, it was 3d, sort of cell shaded characters, but with the old fashioned painted backgrounds, with any animals or objects animated like original hand drawn Disney films. It was a little jarring and gave it a bit of a JRPG cut scene aesthetic. Also I missed a chunk in the middle as my youngest got scared so I had to sit outside with him, I don't think I missed much in any sense of the word though
  2. I refuse to believe you thought it was going to be that poorly received
  3. It's saying something that it has done more damage to my score than my terrible counter picks did.
  4. Well, fuck Not sure anyone of us could have predicted that one
  5. Isn't this all wrapped up now then? I think the top 3 is locked in anyway
  6. Bet you wish you had filled in that feedback survey now!
  7. I'd actually argue that what they've done with Star Wars regarding the shows has led to the best Star Wars content for some considerable time. It doesn't feel like it has been over saturated like the MCU does, and at least 75% of those shows have been good to great (Obi Wan and Book of Boba, I'm looking at you), and it generally feels like a good course correct for what they're doing with the Star Wars universe. I think a lot of that is down to Dave Filoni. With regards to MCU, I think it was also going to struggle post Endgame as it was so big and managed to land a pretty satisfying conclusion to a decade long movie saga, which is a pretty amazing feat really. That being said, I didn't expect the quality of content post Endgame to be this all over the shop. Very few of the films have been that good, most pretty average and some just bad (hello Eternals) and the TV show quality has also fluctuated wildly as well, but worst of all, just been a bit dull as well, none of it has been as good as MCU at its peak. I'm not really sure what they can do moving forward, all the multiverse stuff is pretty exhausting and reeks of them trying to integrate as many characters and IPs as possible, it doesn't have a neat through line like you got with the infinity stones. Kang could be great, but as said above, is currently over shadowed by claims against the actor (side point, they should probably just digitally bulk up the actors in post, hasn't it been speculated with a few MCU actors that they are juicing to get bulked up for roles, which comes with side effects), it's all just a bit of a mess. That being said, I'm quite looking forward to Marvel's. We just wrapped up Ms Marvel the other night and both me and my wife really enjoyed it, probably one of our favourite MCU shows. It helps that my wife is Pakistani Muslim, so all the cultural references just landed so well.
  8. if you are so inclined you can watch all three via tokuzilla dot net with english subs, 1080p for free
  9. What's the best way to watch the Shin films in the UK? Is it just dodgy downloads?
  10. @mfnick could be taking a shot for first place with his two releases. I'm still annoyed with my counter pick fuck up, but am happy with 4th overall Edit, @DisturbedSwan has some strong releases as well, just saw that. Will be a close finish
  11. Jimbo Xiii


    Is that the second book? I read all of them back when I was at uni, but they do drop off in quality IMO after the second, maybe even after the first if memory serves
  12. Yeah that was bullshit I'd agree with that
  13. I'm not sure I'd included Mario 3d all stars in that list, sure they didn't do much of anything to them, but they did at least run well and it was a nice presentation (IMO obvs)
  14. Nah man it's a meta commentary on capitalism and the state of modern gaming
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