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    Apex Legends

    Played this for 7 hours yesterday. Not done that kind of time with a game in over a decade. Best Battle Royale game i have played by some margin (and i love PUBG) Actually tempted to throw some real money at it just to say thanks. I have no love for skins whatsoever in any game but feel they deserve something. My main gripe is the frames per second. Im playing on XB1X and even though its hardly noticeable, it doesnt feel like a solid 60 in intense firefights. Would be good to team up with some of you guys as i spent that entire time playing with pain in the arse randoms. GTAG is: RYAN WHITELAW.
  2. Why the hell can i not see it? lol Edit - Ah i see why now.....read the description. Its not available on vita.
  3. Click download on whatever store front you want it from. Use the search function. So, like any other game;)
  4. The second game is nowhere to be found. Seriously. Not on the webstore or the actual vita psn store. I m currently playing Persona 4 Golden after many outlets claim its the best game on the system. An hour in im thinking "what the fuck is this shite?"
  5. Thanks, im looking into RPG's and no clue where to start, so much Japanese stuff. I will need to check when i get home. The first thing i checked for was the RESI games. And only seen Nemesis. Been reading peoples views online and so many games are missing from the store.
  6. FIrst 3 Resi games are not there. Only Nemisis. (and Maybe directors cut) i was disappointed by the amount of PS1 classics tbh
  7. I managed to pick up an OLED PS vita on Saturday for £50 with a game. Its in good condition and i was looking into getting a handheld for my commute and holiday (If you all are wondering,I had a switch, returned it a week later as it was ergonomically a mess for me and i await a revision for my big hands) I quite fancied a few different experiences i couldnt get elsewhere and it seemed a good place to start and the catalogue interested me than the 3DS. Just wondering what games you guys recommend? I was hoping to pick up a few cheap bargains but games are very pricey tbh. And the memory cards, fucking hell they are expensive. I have filled a 8gb one with 3 games. Also, if any of you are selling then let meknow So far i have picked up: Need for Speed Most Wanted Virtua Tennis EDF 2 Superbeat Xonic Killzone Merceneries Tearaway Persona 4 Golden Vegas Party Virtues Last Reward Super Stardust Lumines


    So Bioware have stated they will get Anthem to run at 60fps eventually on XB1X. Theres no way im buying it now. I will get the Division 2 and put at least 100 hours into that and get Anthem a few months down the line once they fix the inevitable problems it has at launch. I played the Alpha (and thought it was shite) and played the last beta and it was as average as it gets. Just felt dull but i know theres gonna be things i like. But i cant buy this right now if they have said it can get to 60fps.
  9. I cancelled my pre-order but now im tempted to go out and buy it. Im not really bothered about the story, i just want some decent gameplay and disney stuff. I will make up my own story in my insane mind.
  10. Iv pre-ordered the game as got it for £30 but have never played a KH game before (and not played a JRPG in many years). Am i fucked story wise? Im guessing/hoping they will ease in new players.
  11. Right now for me its RDR 2 BF V Forza Horizon 4 Spiderman Unlikely to change. Got a few games i would like to play this year but my time is limited.
  12. I would be up for contributing. Many here know me already. Im a fountain of ......pish.
  13. Oh neat, didnt know there was a podcast. I remember wanting to do a GTM podcast but it fell through.

    Battlefield V

    I have a PS4. Selling it though as i never use it. Have a few people i still play with (on xbox) though and a lot of the old crowd play other games (Siege, PUBG) so i dont buy cross platform on PS4 when ihave a shiny new X

    Battlefield V

    I was on the fence with this. In my 10 hour trial i was left thinking "This is my least favourite BF game ever" I still ended up buying the deluxe version on CD Keys for £47 ha! I think once i start playing with decent squads and actually have some teamplay going then i will enjoy it like previous games. That reminds me, i think there are a few people here from the glory BC2 days from the BXB and Games Tm crowd, do you fancy squading up or making a group for xbox? A lot of people i used to play with have moved on.
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