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  1. shaolin_monkey

    GameCube games

    Thanks for the interest guys. I wish I knew what these are worth - need to do an ebay review I think. Re Powerpuff Girls: A ) they rock B )I have no shame
  2. shaolin_monkey


    I'm struggling with the Monster side of things. I don't understand the Kraken at all, and in Goliath I can't stay away from hunters long enough to evolve, so get fried pretty quick. I need to watch some guides or something.
  3. shaolin_monkey

    PSN Usernames (PS3, PS4, Vita)

    PSN is scowling_monkey Also Dave. Even some of my RL mates call me Scow or Shao these days though!
  4. shaolin_monkey

    GameCube games

  5. shaolin_monkey

    GameCube games

    Who was it who was interested on my GC games? Was it Kreiden?
  6. shaolin_monkey

    Battlefield : MFG Platoon

    Got my PS4. Got Battlefield 4. Where do I sign up?
  7. shaolin_monkey

    Bravely Default Flying Fairy

    Anyone got it? I have, and it's a cracker! Game mechanics - excellent. I love the default/defend setting allowing you to save up multiple moves. Lots of variety in classes, and eases you in. Tactical. Story - a little by the numbers, but fun characters and quite involving. Graphics - Fuck me! Best use of 3D so far if you ask me! Mindblowingly good in some places. Battle sequences are quite good, dungeon areas better, but where it totally blows my mind are the cities. It's like having your fave Mediterranean city watercolour light up in full 3D in your lap, be it a close up street shots, or a pull back of the whole vista. Recommended.
  8. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Ok, I'm around, but no-one else is. I'll start grinding and check here every now and then to see if you go online.
  9. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    I'll probably be on by 8pm if its working. If not, I'll use the time to grind stuff in Miga Woods.
  10. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    It's date night tonight, so I can't make it, sorry. She wouldn't be best pleased if the invite to my place turned out to be her watching me play MHU with my online buds all evening.
  11. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Sorry Sly - twitter is supposed to ping me an email when someone mentions me, but it didn't. Anyway, calendar item on repeat for every Monday, so should be good from here on in.
  12. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Whoops, sorry - completely forgot about our Mobday slot. Could have played too - was sat at home watching series 4 of Battlestar Galactic. Can't do Thurs, but could do Fri if anyone about? Remind via this forum, as I get email alerts if replies go on this topic.
  13. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Yeah, although standing right in front of it to fire into his mouth as he charged me with his gaping maw was a pants wetting experience. I loved how effective my crag and fire shots were on the cold plateau.
  14. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    LAGIACRUS DOWN!!! Wow, that was an epic battle. I fainted once, and it went right to the wire in terms of potions, ammo and time! I really was down to no more than a couple of minutes, but I got the bastard!!!
  15. shaolin_monkey

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Yeah - I broke the mud off him big time twice. Only got fertile mud once, unless I missed it coming off him another time. Perversely, after the sixth attempt the game gave me 4 fertile mud in one go at the end in the quest reward box! Infuriating, but at least I have complete Barroth kit now.