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  1. stu


    It's the "Super-Charge" weapon for the Hunter class I think. You get 3 shots which are each one shot kills basically.
  2. blimey, very long time no see

    1. Sly Reflex

      Sly Reflex

      Nobody uses these anymore, go do a post if you want people to know you're back.

    2. illdog


      Wow man, a blast from the past indeed.

  3. stu

    Gaming Podcasts

    I think a few of you listen to us, just to let you know we have a new website and url - www.radio-ninty.com. And a new episode, with a very late E3 special....
  4. stu

    Gaming Podcasts

    I haven't whored the lo-fi, stubbornly resistant and downright brilliant (ahem) Radio Ninty around these parts for a while. So yeah, new episodes are up and kicking, this weeks is actually a good one (the Mario one might be a bit much for most people) with GTA review, DSi impressions (co-presenter Spike has one) and loads of other amazing DS games reviewed and pimped. www.radio-ninty.co.uk
  5. stu

    Mirror's Edge

    I agree with Riva there, it's frustrating at times but I think it's because it's so different, so fresh. Some of the set pieces are stunning, the visual style of the main game is wonderful and the cut scenes are great. All in all it's been a joy so far!
  6. Mwahaha, just had to beat a couple of your scores Illdog, right now I'm above you in Deadline, Evolved and Waves. So close on King too. Someone on my friends list has 134770575 on Pacifism! How? You have 36398825 and that looks pretty unassailable right now :s
  7. Stunning game, probably the most perfect sequel since Pikmin 2.
  8. stu

    Soul Bubbles

    in my efforts to convince the entire DS owning public to buy this wonderful game, here's my review... The first thing you see when you switch this game on is the best boot up screen ever. It takes the form of a disclaimer that unfortunately this game contains no cars, gangs, elves or soldiers, but everything is going to be honky dory. It instantly makes you sit up and pay attention. The game itself takes the form of a kind of puzzle game, the levels are made as perfect opportunity's for speed runs and further discovery on repeated plays. The gameplay is refreshing in that it's not overly complex but once you get your complete move set the versatility and sheer variety of what you can do couple with the ease make the game a sheer delight to play. You are in charge of a bubble, and using that bubble you have to escort souls from one end of a maze to the other. Along the way you'll meet baddies in the shape of birds and bees who are but a stylus touch away from death. Moving your bubble is simply a case of swishing the stylus in the direction you wish your little dude to blow. Throughout the levels there are many obstacles, sometimes you'll need to make your bubble bigger by drawing another one and linking the two together, sometimes deflating is the way to go and you can also just split you bubble in case you need lots of small ones. All these commands are intuitive and simple to pull off, using a combo of the d-pad and stylus and as the levels progress you slowly get more and more abilities, always providing a new way to race through a previously completed level. The graphics are beautiful, they have a hand drawn quality about them that brings to mind Yoshis Island although much more subtle. The little details in the background that swish and grow as you move through the levels are also noteworthy. The music in the game is fantastic. Full of gentle meditation chants and pan pipes all the while soothing you as you play through the devious later levels or play about in the easier early ones. There are 5 worlds of 5 levels each which will see a good deal of time taken, however, like all great games it's over far too soon. But there is the urge to replay each level to get the best grades available and just for sheer enjoyment. Soul Bubbles is in incredible game and is one of the very best on the DS, Mekensleep have done an amazing job in making this game, with its lush graphical style, wonderful score, gripping gameplay and astonishing bubble physics. Think of a cross between Lost Winds, Kirby Touch and Bubble Ghost then times that goodness by 10. If you own a DS you simply must buy this game, it's that good!
  9. stu

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Had some great fun in multiplayer last night with Hinn and Sam and someone else whom I forgot, sorry! All 4 of us getting in a helicopter, going for a fly over Liberty City then 3watching as one of us falls out of the chopper, that's the stuff this game is full of. Those special individual moments that aren't that special in a typically gamey way, but actually transcend normal games almost. Not since Mario Galaxy has a game been so deserving of it's hype, sure, there are problems here, but sod them, the fact that you are playing in the most real and alive world ever created in a game is enough for me cheers.
  10. stu

    360 Gamertags

    Nice. Would it be worth saying what games we're playing often, so we know if it's worth adding each other for certain games? I mean, I love PGR4 and will always be up for some online on that along with Evo 6 (but not the travesty that was 2008, man, talk about fucking up a great great game)
  11. stu

    The Virtual Console

    A question for Hendo - Do you still buy every VC game? If so, what's Kirby 64 like? I'm tempted by it but I just can't decide...
  12. illdog wrote: Buy! Go on. Seconded, it's one of the best gaming soundtracks I've heard. £18 for the 3cd box set here
  13. stu

    GotM March

    Well as older games are allowed in... PGR4 - Best driving game ever, at last dislodged GT4 form its mantle. No More Heroes - Stunning, original and damn addictive stuff Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Simply perfect.
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