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    wii number

    right lets see if it gets noticed in here then. pm'd a few admins but never got a reply or my number updated! come on lads, get the finger out lol. can you change my wii number from 3925 9408 0031 0998 to 8208 5401 6749 2819 please. cheers lads
  2. add me and play me! i love battling online lol. my wii code has changed because i got a replacement wii cos mine did not work properly since launch day. will send the updated code when i can be arsed looking at it lol.
  3. fecking quality game so it is, me and the missus have not put it down since buying it lol.
  4. TyranT

    I got my Wii

    Pete, i dont know if i can be arsed going up to asda to swap red steel for cod3? I will have the wee man 2nite and dont fancy dragging him up there in the cold. If you can be arsed, i'll give you my day ticket lol. Will see what Jacks like when i get him in........
  5. TyranT


    last film i went to see at the cinema was dirty snachez. i have not laughed so much in a very long time. that film is fecking mental!
  6. dvd drive for pc man, thats even worse thats the last time i leave my pc on overnight when my son is staying lmao. damnit! just tried to look for other vids on youtube but the bloody hospital has blocked it! imagine blocking youtube the dirty shits! big pete, what do you think of that crap?
  7. that is soooo old man. still class though. i have a 400mb version of it somewhere. all the apex twins/chris cunningham vids are nuts! i have them all on dvd but my player is buggered cos my son put my whole star wars trilogy and 2 gamecube discs (res 0 disc one and windwaker) in it and slammed it shut bloody kids grrrrr rubber johnny website
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