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    This a definitely more fun and interesting than that snore fest Agents of Mayhem! MGSU - never played - but just looked completely devoid of any caharacter or redeeming features at all. Just looked completely boring. This is dated but at least great fun and different to others games out there. So many other open world games out there take themselves so seriously and put lots of rules in place to stop you basically being able to enjoy yourself, this games just goes fuck it! And let’s you enjoy running about jumping over bulldogs blowing shit up! No way is it worth full price but neither was the first IMO. At budget and on gamepass though. Brilliant! As for Crackdown 2, I’ve always felt the same @wiivo 2.0. It was a fun game and don’t understand how people call it shit when praising the first. It’s basically the same game. It didn’t hold my attention simply due to it being so close to the first in release, using the same basic map and those zombie enemies were shit. Not a bad game though. Had 12 years since the first game this time though so I’m more than ready for more of the same but looking bigger and better.
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    I know fuck all about the intricacies of music but I do know I could probably listen to this on repeat for the rest of my life... Pearl Jam : Black Eddie is a a god.
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    I’ve be put in a few hours tonight. I’m loving it so far Surprised by all the negativity, I’ve been finding it to be loads of fun. Collecting the orbs is as compelling as ever, levelling up my character is mega satisfying and grants lots of cool and enjoyable abilities, the weapons are ridiculously powerful and laugh out loud fun to use. The island seems to have a decent amount of variety to it as well. I’m loving blowing shit up, bit the most details looking game but it manages to shove loads of stuff into the screen while holding a rock solid frame rate. Even when everything is blowing up, with orbs and people flying everywhere. The way the orbs magnetise to you no matter how far away they are never loses its appeal and feel good factor either. It’s like areally good superhero game. And there’s not anything else really like it out. Just big, dumb fun and lets you be mega powerful which I always enjoy. And I love blowing big shit up like this. So yea, big thumbs up from me. If you like the original Crackdown definitely give it a go. And since it’s on gamepass which is essential if you have a Xbox there’s no reason not to.
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    So the first hour or so I was a little disappointed. The starting area is dull. But after that I was having a blast. I think I’m 4 hours in (I lost track of time). By then I was blowing up one thing while eyeing up the next thing to explode and spotting a secret orb not to forget about when I have a moment. For the most part I’ve been using a flame beam thing and it’s really been wrecking every fool I’ve come across. A1FDA11E-6A80-432C-8361-9BF8FCE6F36A.mp4 I just did a boss fight at a quarry which was huge amounts of fun. It’s so refreshing to have such a big battle and not be restricted to an arena and I can see everyone completing these and many other situations entirely differently. 09A9C6D1-3E8A-4A96-8A70-4EE7ECD74B4A.mp4
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    Its good. I don’t have a problem with the controls and the shooting works out ok if you have something in the circle. I had my mech knocked out and now I’m running around on foot not knowing how to revive it though. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 481A11B8-81F0-488C-801D-F8AB5548DAB8.mp4
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    You can invert it. It’s the dead aim option if I remember correctly, in controls. Got one to invert vehicle turret controls too.
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    Me neither, I was just really drunk and thought I did...
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    I wouldn't have had you down as a Pearl Jam fan, but yeah it's got to be up there
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    Crackdown 2 wasn’t a bad game,it was just literally more of the same. It felt more like an expansion than a proper sequel,even to the point of using the exact same map. The fun of the original was still there,it just brought absolutely nothing new to the table. If I had an Xbox,I’d certainly give 3 a go. Though why they got Terry Crews in,yet barely used his voice at all is anyone’s guess.
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    I think @Blakey regrets investing his life savings in Konami stocks. Back on topic, the first crackdown was one of my favourite early 360 games. I remember playing some co-op with @illdog and him destroying the boss I was trying to get to before I could even get there.
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    Metal Gear Survive is utter gash. Konami have absolutely no respect for the fans,and came out with a game that was a total insult to the brand. Oh,and charged £10 for an additional save file. Fuck that game. It deserved to crash and burn. Even if it was free on Plus,I wouldn’t play that shit.