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    Vote to reinstate down voting for use of both Holibobs and Famalam?
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    I honestly was hovering over the warn button
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    Progress continues ln the motherboard I've fitted the bracket for the cooler and just ordered a ryzen 2700 as it was reduced to £166 which was too good to miss. Also added the ram although may need to pop them back out when I seat the cooler. Incidentally, I can already tell the cooler is going to be painful to fit. In the case I've added two extra 120mm fans as an intake but seated them the wrong way around so had to do them again. Also had to buy some SATA power extensions for the two SATA drives as the power cables with the PSU had L shaped cables which prevented the SSD sitting flush in the mount. Coming together nicely. Just GPU and monitor to sort now *cough* @RoboticMonk3y *cough*
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    First two box sets arrived! Millennium era set is in the post and going to order Showa Classics volume 2 later today. Unfortunately the box sets don't have The Return of Godzilla or vs Biolante in them so I have to track them down separately. Minor complaint though.
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    In most cases I find the term ‘ludonarrative dissonance’ repugnant but in this very specific case it is 100% acceptable
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