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    Think, I got a bit carried away this week
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    Oh my lord... Can't actually believe it's the day.😱
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    Couple of payday purchases & then my girlfriend surprised me with Mario for a present.
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    Yeeeaaaaaassssss!!!! The hype is real. It’s just as beautiful as everyone said it is, if not more so!
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    Oops may have bought a PS4 Pro. They X may be my main console now but there’s still far too many exclusives on the PS4 I’m interested in that I felt it was worth it. Got it for a good price with some coupons, using PayPal credit and should get £80+ for mine so not all bad
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    Did a 3 mile round trip to pick up Smash in the pissing rain as we are on a day trip to Vancouver. I could get Smash anywhere but I specifically went to an EB because they had physical copies of Katamari Damacy Reroll. Got there, found a copy hidden in the corner, took it to the uninterested bitch behind the counter and they had sold out. So why are there fucking boxes on the shelf you dopey slut? Cunt of a slag. I wasn’t happy. Still, I’ll play Smash on the coach to Whistler.
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    I think someone else posted about this a few weeks ago. I was in a Poundland or Poundworld, one of them, it had a green sign. I was told they had cheap blurays, which they did but nothing I wanted. They did have Titanfall 2 there for a fiver though (and Agents of Mayhem and an old Fifa). Thought I might as well pick it up even if I'd rather play it on pc
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    Went to the Leeds retro games market today and spent a fortune. Had to stop myself buying a Neo Geo CDZ, I would have bought it if it came with an extra controller and some games. And if any of the stalls took cards Anyway, I did buy plenty of other stuff, including the thing I went for, a Mega Drive (Mega Drive 2 in this case). Managed to find a 6 button controller too. Game wise the first thing I picked up was was, I thought, an unboxed version of Strider for a couple of quid. It was actually a game called Last Battle, infamous for 2 reasons, one is that it's a rebranding of Fist of the North Star, the 2nd is that it's terrible. Still, it's worth having for the Fist of the North Star element. I did eventually manage to find a copy of Strider, I thought there'd be more there but it was the same only copy I saw. On the nostalgia front I bought Batman Returns, which I thought was a great game as a kid, Mick and Mack Global Gladiators, Mega Games 2 because it's Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, and Golden Axe. The other 2 unboxed games are Turtles Tournament Fighters, which I rated as a decent game back in the day, bit expensive at a tenner I guess. Then Wrestle War, which is probably absolutely shit, but it was such a part of my childhood it seemed worth picking up I also got Marvel Super Heroes for the Saturn, which I've never actually owned. It's a decent enough fighter when I have played it in the past. Also World Heroes Perfect which I don't think I've ever played
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    GOTY 2017 RESULTS 1st Place - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2nd Place - Super Mario Odyssey 3rd Place - Yakuza 0 Multiplayer Game of the Year 1st Place - Splatoon 2 2nd Place - Destiny 2 3rd Place - Call of Duty: WWII Best Game not from 2017 1st Place - Stardew Valley 2nd Place - Overcooked 3rd Place - Killing Floor 2 Best Indie Game of 2017 1st Place - What Remains of Edith Finch 2nd Place - Cuphead 3rd Place - Golf Story
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    Sun and Moon in me jockey draw innit: Terrible Moon dude figure and better Sun matey:
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    No introductions, I'm just hitting you hard like Jeremy Kyle with paternity results. Game of the Year Gears of War 3 / The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim A tie! Bethesda's epic cluster fuck still compels people like no other game; providing a lush fantasical world to explore, experience and go backwards flying dragon spotting in. But equally as worthy to the crown is Epic's ultimate bromance road trip. Following a gaggle of giant, throbbing, vein-y penises through a rip roaring third person shootathon. Best Mobile/Handheld Game - (smartphones, DS, PSP, 3DS, download and retail games) Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo's tired, washed-up, old mascot impresses tired, washed-up, old gamers with another... another... colourful platformer. Best Retail/Disc Game - (PC, 360, PS3, Wii - games you buy that come on discs) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Another award for the game with a dodgy hip. But y'know, dragons! Best Download-only Game - (for PC, PSN, WiiShop, XBL) Bastion The Kid sees Supergiant Games' wishy washy RPG and wonders what's wrong; wonders if a hammer can inspire some more entertainment. Best Multiplayer/Online Experience Gears of War 3 Putting your cap on backwards and hooking up with bros to shoot from behind walls is 2011's top pass time. Most Wanted Game of 2012 Mass Effect 3 Generic Sci-fi: The Game comes to a conclusion this year and forumers are excited to see the back of it. Disappointments Battlefield 3 Dice's gripping and unique singleplayer campaign and perfect multiplayer, that wasn't at all broken, fails to impress this lot. Overlooked Gems Shadows of the Damned Shinji Mikami and Suda51's collaboration that isn't Killer7 is worth hunting out apparently. Best avoid. So there we have. The bestest of the bestest for you to look at in list form. Oh, and Sam's the biggest cunt. It's official.
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    erm... white is right 😬
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    Play/Want/Bin April 2019 Me and @DANGERMAN sum up our play/want/bin selections for April 2019, with contributions from @Bigkopman, @Blakey, @DifferentClass, @Duck, @mfnick, @Nag, @radiofloyd, @retroed, @RikSP, @Sly Reflex, @ThreeFour, @Whiskey_chaser and @wiivo 2.0. Theme by @wiivo 2.0, background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    I have wanted to get one of the pro contrillers for PS4 for a while now. Would have liked the Astro but since that only seems to be available to the yankees unless I wanted to pay twice the price, this one will have to do. It feels nice and I have never liked the placement of the sticks on the standard PS4 controller so that is a plus. The shortcut buttons on the back are very easy to get used to and going back to the old controller yesterday when this ran out felt a bit weird.
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    Ordered this from CEX online yesterday and they came today. Honestly if you are willing to roll the dice on your games being covered in shit, cum and cabdury's chocolate, can't fault CEX online. New Dominion Tank Police was something I was reminded of watching Devilman recently so thought I may as well get round to watching it after 20 years. If anyone has Earthfall on PS4, give me a shout.
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    I went to the London Gaming Market yesterday and picked these up.
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    Time to put this new thumb stick through its paces, thanks to @mfnick.
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    £2.95 from The Game Collection
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    Set up 1 - Main Living Room. 4k tv, One X, Pro and Switch Set up 2 - Spare room, Xbox One OG, 360, Pi and PS3 & Most importantly a wheel setup Both got surround sound setups because I fucking love that shit. Adds so much to programmes, films and games IMO. Only budget setups but wipe the floor with even really expensive soundbars in my experience (bought 1 and heard a couple others). Definitely the way to go if you have the space and patience to set them up. Yes I’m very lucky and have a understanding partner. She doesn’t let me play on them as much as I’d like though. Can’t have it all I guess.
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    The Giant Bomb watchers on here might recognise this, it's a fighting game called Asuka 120% Burning Fest Limited. I only heard of it a couple of years ago when I was watching a video about Saturn fighting games, it looks like a good forgotten fighter
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    Met up with a friend yesterday and got a belated Christmas present of Blazblue Tag Battle for the Switch Yakuza Kiwami 2 is on sale on psn too, not as cheap as I'd like but I had almost £20 in credit still. Its got to be the last thing I buy for a few weeks (although I've got something on the way)
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    Last of the year: And from the PS sale:
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    Christmas presentfor the kids or for myself? Decisions, decisions.
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    MFGamers Podcast - Play/Want/Bin November 2018 Me and @DANGERMAN sum up our play/want/bin selections for November 2018, with contributions from @bellow, @Blakey, @DifferentClass, @illdog, @mfnick, @Nabby9, @Nag, @radiofloyd @RikSP, @Sly Reflex and @ThreeFour. Theme by @wiivo 2.0, background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    After a shitty last couple of weeks and a fucking horrific weekend, I feel like some retail therapy is in order. First up, just Axiom Verge on Switch for £4.92 with discount points included. Edited to add part 2 so nobody can accuse me of fishing for rep. Got this in the PSN Halloween sale, £25 for Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 GOTY. I was saying to Sly online last week that I'd probably never play them, but even if I spend around 10-15 hours on each one and then decide I'm not a fan, I'll still have got my money's worth. Also, at that price it's a fucking bargain. (Apologies for the grainy image. It's a crop of a screenshot that I took in the PS Store, uploaded to Facebook then saved to my phone. Technology!)
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    MFGamers Podcast - Play/Want/Bin October 2018 @Sly Reflex and me sum up our play/want/bin selections for October 2018, with contributions from @Blakey, @DANGERMAN, @DifferentClass, @hinn888, @Nag, @radiofloydand @wiivo 2.0. Theme by @wiivo 2.0, background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    RDR2 and the new issue of Famitsu with a 40 page retrospective on Level-5.
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    Me getting in there with the big purchases as well.
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    GameCube Anthology backed on Kickstarter Code of Princess EX from Amazon.com Okami from Amazon.jp
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    I need to stop spending money on nonsense The case, cover, and instructions are all a bit fucked. Not tested the game yet, but I kind of loved Fatal Fury on the Mega Drive simply because it was the fighting game I had, despite it being more than a little slow
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    ...what else is there to do when you have a 4k tv and your kid broke the disc drive on your old one?
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    My PS4 Pro turned up, it was listed as 'like new' and sure enough it's brand new in its box, just that the box is torn at the bottom No impressions yet, I'm transferring my data over. Shame I haven't got the time to try out some of the patched games, maybe I'll get a bit of time over the weekend
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    I'll put this here becasue it is game related and it is a purchase. I got my first video game tattoo, in homage to my favorite past time and fittingly to my favorite series: That's Leon Belmont from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2 for ref). I haven't put it up on social meadia or owt, I just thought i'd show you guys.
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    Play/Want/Bin March 2019 @Jimbo Xiii and @DANGERMAN sum up their play/want/bin selections for March 2019, with contributions from @AndyKurosaki, @Blakey, @Bob, @DifferentClass, @illdog, me, @mfnick, @Nag, @one-armed dwarf, @radiofloyd, @Sly Reflex, @Snaggletooth and @Whiskey_chaser. Theme by @wiivo 2.0, background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    I really should be finishing some of my existing games before buying new ones, but:
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    Picked up Final Fantasy IX & Undertale on the Switch this morning. Also downloaded Tetris 99 to see what that is all about.
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    My monthly video game allowance goes on these this month: It was a hard choice because a lot of my wish list is on sale at the moment.
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    Top 10 - Episode 5 @ThreeFour joins me to talk about his 10 favourite games. There was a lot, and I mean A LOT of destiny talk but I had to trim 😄 We do rattle on about quite a lot of other stuff though Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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