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    Haven't posted on this thread for a while... Controller was bought by the girlfriend to play games over the weekend, the rest is from the last few weeks.
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    I am weak. But man, Hotline Miami is the best.
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    When you forget about an order you've placed online months ago... Also in frame - a picture by my kid.
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    I got too hype for October and and Xbox has a sale
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    Doom (1993) on PS4. Don’t need an excuse to replay one of the best games ever made.
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    I'm not going to post this in the comic book thread because y'know. I was back at my parents this weekend and randomly the Killer 7 comic book I bought, and lost, over a decade ago was under a pile of nitting and baby stuff that was dumped on the bed
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    This looks fun(ny) Like a drama set during day of crises.
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    Preacher was a travesty. I get and don't mind that TV changes the story and takes liberties, but the core characters were totally at odds with those in the comic books. Their behaviour, attitudes and plain dumbness was just jarring. At heart the love story with Tulip which is a backbone of the story was missing. We just got an idiot feisty female hot head and an idiot hot headed Preacher. The comics have angry violent lead characters but they've also got loyalty, betrayal, love and belief. The TV show just feels flat and empty despite some nice touches. I gave up.
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    @AndyKurosaki Picture rather than just box art please 🙂
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    That vinyl cover pulls my devil trigger 🍆
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    My dude what percentage of your posts are about looking at things online and not buying them? I'm sure they dwarf my posts about dmc at this stage (no pun intended)
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    seems to be working ok, which is a good sign I guess! If I was doing it again I’d have gone for a lighter case.
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    It was an Xbox exclusive.
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    So twice in the past week I’ve come across “Made bot study thing, now bot produced this”. I don’t know if this is a real thing or an online joke but regardless it’s still been really funny. According to Twitter the following was created after a bot watched 800 hours of Batman movies The Alfred landing heads up bit really made me laugh
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    The likenesses of the characters make it feel like a porn parody
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    I don't know if MS would do another Killer Instinct. Not sure how happy they were with it. I watched it competitively a bit and it is a well liked game in its community, and it does look fun. It would be nice if they kept it around somehow.
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    @mfnick I'm kind of with you on Wargroove. I played a decent amount thinking I was only a level or so from it getting good, or enjoyable at least, and it never did. I think I said map size and how often you're fighting blind or being ambushed put me off, but it is hard to place what exactly is wrong with it
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    I've skirted around the south edge of the mysterious island. I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. There's a couple of small quests on the west that I need to tidy up, and there was a fight in a cave I ran away from I've since found out you're supposed to lose. After that I'm going to head back east to the paladins or whoever they were and the cemetery, ideally to help that kids mum I fucked up pepper I'm not going to respec, for the most part I'm happy with everyone. Fane is my ranged and so can't replenish shield, but I've started to get skills with other people that can help him with that. Generally I just stand him in poison at the start of the fight and hope no one sets it on fire. Ifran (my main) is still rocking the tyrant set. He's not felt underpowered in battle but I've got better gear (not a full set yet annoyingly), so I'll be replacing that soon
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    Asif no one else bought it you lazy set of scoundrels. I got this recently for £16 in the sale. I’m glad I got it in the sale, and I don’t mean that as a dig, I just don’t think it’s a massive step up from 4. If you skipped 4 then I can see why you’d think so though and the price would be more justified. So 5 is 4 with quality of life improvements. That doesn’t make for the most interesting impression read but it’s the truth and if there’s one thing people know about me it’s that I only say the truth. The flow though so far seems to be a step up. In 4 you felt pushed to do missions that ended up being smash tv every time. I don’t like that. Enemy onslaughts isn’t fun. In 5 you seem to be in control of the order of what you want to do and when more. I’m sure there’s the onslaught missions but I think the terrain might make it an easier pill to swallow.
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    One of these times I was at an airfield and was just indefinitely holding off wave after wave of hitsquads thanks to my guns for hire. Must have held out a good 10 minutes before finally I accepted they would never stop spawning, so I made a run for a plane. Got hit as I took off, so blacked out as I was already climbing high into the sky. Somehow they must have recovered my sleeping body from the wreckage of the crashed plane, miraculously unhurt!
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    This cannot continue.
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    GLOW S3 is excellent.
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    How does a person become such a Moira god? And yoink, my POTG thank you.
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    Outta sight sounds and none of that weak shit is how I live my life.
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    Yup. With all the talk of this series lately and both games being on GP I was thinking of playing one of them but then I watched some on YT and I was like oh that’s right, I fucking hated this.
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    Played it for an hour, walked around the monastery talking to the house leaders and each student. I love it so far. The anime cutscenes are beautiful and the music has been very good. A very enjoyable first hour.
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    Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero the next free games on the Epic store. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-08-your-next-free-games-on-the-epic-store-are-hyper-light-drifter-and-mutant-year-zero Hyper Light Drifter is excellent. I’ll be picking up Mutant Year Zero.
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    Yeah exactly that & I've ended up using Hulk all the time for exactly the same reason. I have found the game more difficult against mobs of standard enemies than against the bosses, especially the grenade guys & snipers, which is just wrong.
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    @OCH for me it's disappointing in nearly everything it tries to do. I do think the standout thing though is how unsatisfying the combat is, it feels hollow & there is no real weight to your attacks or special moves. There's not enough variation between character classes to make you want vary who you play with or experiment with team make ups. The progression system is pretty one dimensional with your special moves just getting more powerful but so do the normal enemies so it doesn't really feel that you have made any progress. The ISO-8 stuff again makes a bit of difference but nothing worth experimenting with during the campaign, I heard this makes more of a difference during the Infinity Tails but its not fun or deep enough to want to go through these. The story is pretty much throw away rehash of the Thanos/Infinity Stone arch & introduces new characters as you go but I don't really want to use them as I've got used to my team & been levelling them up. Basically if I want to play this sort of game I'll play Diablo III as it does everything better, deeper & feels much more satisfying & fun to play.
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    The good thing is that if your card does drop below 60 a bit, the freesync should mean you don't really notice
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    I know the feeling. To be honest, I shouldn't really be wasting my money on stuff, as I need to be getting back on my own two feet again, actually finishing my driving lessons etc I've distracted myself with baubles for the last couple years instead of real life stuff. I really should prioritise real life a bit more than I have, of late. I have this friend, absolutely Transformers mad, in particular G1. I think he would probably die for this collection and constantly adds to it, often in spite of rent and bills. He's seen the stuff I have on display and he is shocked that I have no real attachment to any of it. Everything from my statues to books to anime, manga, comics etc If the mood took me, I would sell it all tomorrow and not give it too much thought. That pic was MP-44, by the way, for those who don't know. Masterpiece Optimus Prime (version 3.0) RRP £320+ Back on topic, Volume 2 of JoJo's Diamond is Unbreakable has just arrived. More on that later...
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    If only I had that amount of disposable income... it's not the lack of want to, it's the lack of funds.
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    Really enjoyed The Boys. I kind of wish it had gone darker though, there's violence but beyond that it only skims the surface on a lot of stuff. I get it, it's a TV show but it ended up feeling a bit tame
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    If you describe an abusive relationship that made you feel trapped as "it was a miserable experience to say the least" then you're not really painting the darkest of pictures. That's how I would describe an overcrowded concert hall with bad smell, not something as serious as this. And seeing this is the only thing I've read from her I'm obviously not automatically going to assume it must have been worse than she was making it sound like. I wasn't there of course but neither were you so maybe keep yourself in check next time before jumping at my throat.
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    This has been confirmed for the Switch. Presumably its not going to run well but its cool thats its happening, the Switch hasn't got a lot of this type of game
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    Grand Theft Auto maker has paid no UK corporation tax in 10 years – report https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/29/grand-theft-auto-maker-uk-corporation-tax-rockstar-north-games?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
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    Started watching The Boys. Absolutely loved the comics (Garth Ennis is a bloody, twisted genius). First episode is off to a good start. Will see how it goes. Having Simon Pegg involved was a nice touch, considering how Hughie in the comics is literally based off his appearance.
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    I dropped a couple of levels: 4XL-9DP-DYF Thats one’s a proper asshole, particularly the start. 419-FK6-PVG That ones just some crazy bullshit.
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    I find him a bit irritating ("triple AAAAAA", his videos in general are becoming very very samey) but he's generally right on these issues, or at least I agree with him. At least he's willing to admit he's fucked up here to be fair to him
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    Reports on Twitter that the XBLA versions have disappeared and cannot be re-installed. This is yet another reason digital/streaming is such a bad idea...
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    Finally got round to BumbleBee...🐝😢🤗
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    I've been back to this over the last few evenings, I needed to play the dlc that came with the season pass so I've decided to new game plus it in its entirety. Looking back I think releasing so close to Spider-Man really hurt this game for me as I'm enjoying myself a lot with the game now... Maybe that has something to do with getting my head round the fact that it's quite different from Rise. Haven't hit any of the new stuff yet, still very early game... And it still blows my socks off with how good it looks.
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    you can play single player but you'll have an AI partner all the way through. So far (I'll start an impressions thread if I play more tonight) the 2nd girl hasn't been a huge amount of use when you'd expect her to mirror your movements, but it's still very early
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    Over the hump with Stormblood now. I think the first half of the expansion is just super poorly paced with lots of different factions getting introduced all the time. By level 65 it gets back into gear. Ended up buying a summoner level boost to try the job out. It's got a really busy rotation and you have to manage a lot of resources to keep DPS up, as well as a pet. It's much more technical than Black Mage, way less waiting for cool downs and cast time. Also bought the Shadowbringers expansion. Hype is really high for this so I'm excited for a return to form.
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    Thor Ragnarok is one of the very best films in the MCU. It would easily go in my Top 5.
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    So I've been following this YouTuber for a while and I'm just gonna share. Dunno if anyone else here likes video essays but I love them, and Lindsay Ellis is the queen of them. I think the best thing she has done is a three part series on Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. It makes it like a feature length documentary on the behind the scenes goings on that shines some light on why it wasn't The Lord of the Rings. First part here: Her stuff is mostly literature and Film based (but I did hear she got numerous offers from videogame sites but this was during the height of GamerGate and she was like "ha, nope!"(and looking in her back catalogue shows she's not an outsider to the scene)). But her channel is just packed with amazing insights into nerd culture. Like there is this great video on the Megan Fox's character in the first Transformers movie: It's just I saw her most recent video tonight and remembered that maybe someone else would like to deep dive into stuff the reflects this dumb world we live in: Sometimes it can get kinda heavy but stick with it since it is idiot proof by the end. I mean I understood it. But yeah, shout out to Lindsay Ellis. Top tier YouTubing, here.
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    The side quests were a big part of Nier for me. They feed in to the themes of the game really well. Some better than others admittedly, but the lost couple, the silent robots, Jean Paul, they're important to the game
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