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    Latest physical Switch purchases. I bought this case to store all my games in. It can hold 63 Switch games (I have 8 spaces left) and 4 micro SD cards. As far as cases go, it's pretty cool.
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    @therealjaxon that’s the worst post I’ve ever read here 😅 you’re pointing out pride marches has gay men being flamboyant as something negative to say about them? It’s about being whoever they want to be without prejudice but you’re saying they shouldn’t act that way if they don’t want to be targeted for comedy? Actually your opinion is depressing. I think this should be an off topic thread?
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    Play/Want/Bin May 2019 Me and @DANGERMAN sum up our play/want/bin selections for May 2019, with contributions from @Bigkopman, @Blakey @mfnick, @Nag, @one-armed dwarf, @RikSP, @Snaggletooth, @ThreeFour and @Whiskey_chaser. Theme by @wiivo 2.0, background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    Off to spend the weekend with a couple of mates, thought I’d pick up a third pad to go along with the Pro Controller and the Hori wired pad. I wondered why this was 20 quid cheaper than the official Pro pad. Turns out it’s because it’s old school battery time. Has mappable buttons on the back for whatever reason. It’s one of these if anyone’s interested. The shop also had a GameCube style pad which was tempting.
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    What’s this ugly photo? It’s Ashen, Operencia, Outer Wilds (and Journey, in grey) picked up from the Epic Store sale. The sale ends on the 13th. Figured that tenner discount on everything was too good to pass up.
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    My copy of Persona Q 2 arrived while I was away. I should put more time in to the original
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    People were never going to be happy, no matter what happened. I personally enjoyed the last two series. Sure, there are faults. Undeniably so. And people are entitled to their own opinions. But screaming out loudly “THEY RUINED GOT THIS SEASON!!!”. Nah. Fuck off with that nonsense. What were they expecting to happen? They’ll no doubt kick off yet again when the books eventually get done, and have their own ending. Some people are never happy. They get an idea of what they want to happen, and when it doesn’t, out comes the anger, and the barrage of “I’M DONE WITH THIS SHOW” posts on social media. Some people like it. Some don’t. Starting up a petition, about how angry you are about a TV show, is like pissing in the wind. You don’t like it. Tough tits. Move on.
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    I freaked out and bought Dark Souls 2 and 3 on PS4 and Borderlands and Dying Light on Xbox because they were all on sale. Think it was about £47 something for the lot I don’t have pictures for everything this is best I can do
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    Yay - a thread that lets me show off my handy work again! I made this for my kids last year, runs into a pi running retropie with Mame installed. Id highly recommend doing it - it cost around £230 in total, and the case was a pre-cut MDF kit from ebay - I just sprayed it black and designed the decal which I had printed by a guy who refurbs old arcade units, so it's on hardwearing vinyl. It was a really fun project and not as difficult as it would first seem. Can't wait for the 4th gen RPs to come out. Hopefully they can handle some of the 3D mame stuff.
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    Clustertruck. You jump on moving trucks with the intention of getting to the finish line without hitting the ground. You can buy abilities to make this easier but there's an achievement for completing the game without using them. It's hard but the last level is something else. To say it's an utter cunt is like saying Hitler was a bit of a naughty tinker. Thing is, i'd put too much practise in to not do it and finally, this morning... So there are 90 levels. Levels 1 to 89 took me 8 hours. Level 90 alone took me 17 hours. 17 fucking hours. And for what? That diamond rare achievement tune? Totally fucking worth it.
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    Picked up another Dualshock 4 so I can play with the Missus
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    Please, let us not comic book another thread.
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    The Lego Speed Champions is indeed ace. The biggest change is that huge challenge board you are given and with each successful challenge completed you’re awarded with a certain amount of Lego blocks. Reaching certain amount of blocks adds stuff to your Lego house as you slowly build this huge place with a swimming pool, football pitch etc. The challenges themselves are completing races, PR stunts, doing tricks in certain cars and it adds a little something to the gameplay that I’m going to miss in future updates and versions to be honest, it adds an X factor to the game that I didn’t know I wanted. Theres also quite a lot to do, there are tons of events and tons of collectibles, there is a set of collectibles that only appear at night. And as @mfnick said, it looks amazing somehow. Such fun. Such fun.
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    PSA - The Lego expansion is fucking brilliant! They’ve mixed the styles perfectly, it’s amazing to behold and the island has been brilliantly designed with lots of little play areas, variety and road design which leads to good race tracks. Fortune island still has my favourite section where it snakes up the island but the variety here is excellent. Plus look at it, these screenshots don’t do it justice BTW, the details looks even better on a good TV. For example the head and tail lights, you can see the individual rings and details in game which don’t come across In screens. I almost forgot how good the sound is too. As a car geek as well as some of you know and a huge part of that is the sound for me. No other games capture this as well as Forza From what I’ve played, especially on a good home theatre set up. I’ve used the Audi Quattro, Agera R, Alfa 8c and Ferrari F40 a lot so far in this and the Audi and 8 C in particular gave me the “Fizz”. Forza 7 is a league ahead on sound still but this is close.
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    Put a beard on the guy on the left and he could definitely enter me once this arsehole issue is sorted out.
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    Been on the live chat with Dreamhost this afternoon. They are saying the slow down is because they have been doing work on the shared server we are hosted on. Apparently they have stopped now, so we should be back up to speed. I will say, loading this page just took far too long, so I may need to contact them again. If we can keep an eye on it over the weekend, try and update this post if it is slow, or if you get any 404 or 504 errors screen grab them and post them here (again, if possible).
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    For me the biggest issue is Thrones is a show that has always excelled at character development and world building, partially because that is what the books (for better and worse) focus on, with some grand spectical used fairly sparsely throughout a season, coupled with for the first few seasons you didn't know which characters where going to live and die so there was some genuine tension to the show. For me, beginning with season 6 and getting progressively worse, it's gone from character development to character types (ie good and evil, loyal and deciver etc) and too many fan favourite character have plot armour or just keep coming back because we like them (Bron I'm looking at you). It's also shifted to too much grand spectical that comes at the expense of good story telling, sure it's exciting at the time, but it rings a bit hallow. That all being said, I've still really enjoyed it and it was satisfying seeing big events in this season that have been hinted at for years now. For me the last episode was the worst of the season and perhaps the worst episode of GoT, I'm not angry about it but a bit disappointed. It just wasn't very interesting, and didn't really sit well with the basic principles of how the show has worked throughout its entire run. For a show that had me literally on the edge of my seat shouting at the TV, it's a shame to see it go out with a whimper.
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    I've seen literally about 100 memes on the finale already but I'm disproportionately entertained by this one in particular:
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    This is quite cool. It's a spiritual sequel to Symphony of the Night, probably not officially but it feels immediately familiar aesthetically and aurally. I know the Metroidvania market has been saturated but this is Koji Igarashi man, this is what he does. I've chucked about 2 hours in so far, i've beaten two bosses and found a few warp points, shit is starting to open up. Like SotN, you equip armour and weapons which can be bought or found. Unlike SotN, your character Miriam changes her appearence to reflect what she's wearing. When you kill enemies thay can randomly drop shards which can be used to attack, to interact with objects for progress or passively like a power increase or summink. Miriam moves a little ploddishly, her jumps are long and she hangs in the air but she can move around before she hits the floor. I've been mostly using big two handed weapons and they have a slight delay before they swing which is fine once you get used to it. And the more you play the more you get used to how she moves, it feels good to me now. Otherwise it's Castlevania business as usual, piss-arsing around a massive map, looking for abilities, praying for save rooms and kicking ass.
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    So, I just started this up. I’m actually surprised Konami got off their arse to put this together. They’ve been absolute morons for years, and done literally nothing with their numerous IPs. All they did last year was Metal Gear Survive, which I don’t even need to comment on. So I genuinely wasn’t expecting them to bother with a collection like this. Contra is getting one later in the year, and I bloody love Contra, so will naturally check that out. Anyways. How does this hold up? Pretty good, really. The first game in the series i ever played was 4, due to never owning a NES back in the day. It remains one of my favourite games of all time, from the gameplay to the gorgeous soundtrack. I didn’t think we’d see this anywhere other than a Nintendo console. But I’m very glad to be replaying it. As it’s just as brilliant now, as it was then. I never played the Megadrive version, again due to not owning one at the time. So I’m looking forward to giving that a shot, as it’s generally held in high regard. As for the rest? You’ve got all 3 of the NES games, which I will get though after 4 and Bloodlines. Two gameboy games, which don’t look especially great, but I’ll play them for completions sake. And Kid Dracula, which I have no idea if it’s any good or not. As is par for the course in these kind of collections, you can quick save your game at any time. Though on the PS4 version, you access the save menu by pressing the Share button. Which of course either takes a screenshot, or video, depending on your setting. And there’s no way of changing that to say, the Options button, or touchpad. It’s weird. Maybe they’ll sort it out in a future update perhaps. There’s no way to change button configuration either. You also get access to various promotional material/ concept art of all the games, which is a nice touch.
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    I seem to remember @illdog posting about playing this, but I can't find the thread where it is. I'm a big fan of the original Megadrive game and this is basically that game but looking a bit better with added enemies and friends, online multiplayer and stuff. I don't think it's a sequel, seems more of a reboot of the first game. Anyway, it's a rouge-like if you haven't played it before and it is '90's as fuck. The music has always been great with extra funky basslines, and this one is no different. I was a bit concerned when they announced it that it would end up being shit, but a few hours of play on it so far and it's been fantastic. I'm not sure what people new to it would make of it, but for fans of the original, it's great. Level 0 is still there, so they didn't fuck that up.
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    This. I didn’t mention the block challenge system but it’s a excellent addition and like you say it’s adding something I didn’t know it was missing. This is the first time I’ve felt like I wanted to complete all the speed traps for example because of these. Makes it more compelling to play and there’s a decent variety to the challenges. Gives you a good excuse to use different cars too as they’re sometimes car and class specific. @spatular What was the wheel issue? This is quite arcadey so I don’t use my wheel on it I save that for Motorsport, Project Cars and Dirt Rally. I’ll give it a go and report back if you let me know what you want checking? BTW, anyone wants to add me it’s MF Nick on Xbox. Always like more names on leaderboard and I’m always up for a game on it. Haven’t got a headset yet though. Should do soon.
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    The idea that LGBT folk and other minorities hold this much power over game companies is hilarious. If they did there'd be more of them working at them.
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    I mean, those two fellas do look cool as fuck.
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    FWIW, CD Project fired the idiotic social media person last year. He tried to claim he didn't know the offensive context of the memes he was sharing, which at the minimum makes him bad at his job, but he was clearly one of those dickhead "Gamer" people. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-12-05-troubling-gog-tweets-a-fired-cd-projekt-employee-and-the-spectre-of-gamergate
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    The game itself isn't really grabbing my attention unfortunately. I think it might be the idea of the whole city being playable rather than following 1-2 character's stories, but this really got me intrigued... https://www.gameinformer.com/preview/2019/06/12/i-did-something-terrible-in-watch-dogs-legion I was gonna quote it, but feel like this is one to discover for yourself.
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    I couldn’t find a thread for this so if there is please merge as appropriate After half a dozen game overs I finally beat the Block Man level and this game is really good. I’m a bit mixed on the modern take on it. For reference I got in with MM9 and MM10 so even though I’m not an old school fan 8-bit-ish Mega Man is what I know and like. And even though the game looks really nice and sounds really great, it didn’t quite scratch that itch in the same way as those other games did. The music is a big part of why I like this series and even though it is good in this game, it’s definitely not quite as catchy or, maybe a odd term to use when describing Mega Man. When you play these games well and you decimate the enemies, and you slip through the cracks in the obstacles and the really energetic and fiery music is playing in the background it really makes me feel like a damn superhero. This is not to say the music is bad, I quite liked it, but it didn’t have that same kick or creativity to it as MM9 or MM10. And as much as I really like the way the game looks and the fresh modern style sitting through that opening cutscene was the hardest thing in the game so far. Holy shit. However the gameplay seems all there for me and I really, really enjoyed what I played so far of it. Even if I had forgotten what it’s like to learn a Mega Man level. Painful. Fun. But a lot of just getting slaughtered very quickly and then being like “What the fuck just happened?” and then it happens a second time and you start to see the gaps in it, bit more death, bit more trying and the execution fits in and then you blow whatever the challenge was away like it was nothing and it’s awesome. The gear shift system, hmm. Undecided. At first I thought it would be there to make the game easier, but instead it’s more like an extension of abilities rather than a panic mode button. Even if you can slow down time for a few seconds, when you’re on 1-hit left, the boss is coming for you and you still don’t really know how to beat it then it didn’t seem to matter. That’s why instead of something that makes the game easier for new players, it more feels like a super ability to be used by advanced players instead. Which is fine by me because the times I used it, even if not very helpful still felt like I was cheating and would prefer not to use if it possible. Anyway, here’s me beating the Block Man stage for the first time.
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    MFGamers Podcast - E3 2019 Join @DANGERMAN and me for the time travelling E3 special. Contributions from @illdog, @Jimbo Xiii, @Maf, @Maryokutai, @Nag, @one-armed dwarf and @radiofloyd. Theme music by Mark. Produced by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    The first 30 hours are just Jessie crushing on Cloud while he acts all aloof and shit. Then she dies and Cloud doesnt notice.
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    Firstly, patience, I'm trying to split the bigger threads out. Secondly, yeah. And I'm sure they'll be a thread just on the new machine too.
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    They all load quite quickly for me regardless of size. But that might be only ever using mobile. Delete mcu thread, see if it makes a difference? 🙈
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    Am I the only one who thinks video game music rules? Come on, people. Since I have Tetris Effect's OST in my history I keep getting Child of Eden's in my recommendations so you can have it too: I did think about posting a shorter version but, personally, I'm a sucker for long form tunes. Someone else better put something in this thread before I just start filling it with music from SoR3.
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    I care so little about Kingdom Hearts I didn’t even see it there and I looked at everything.
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    Just watched Godzilla vs Destoroyah and it was rad! This was the first Japanese Godzilla movie I've ever seen. How can something be so cheesy but so awesome at the same time!? Jr is the cutest lil monster and I was internally screaming "No! Leave him alone!" during his fight and was genuinely heartbroken when... Well... You know. Also found myself surprisingly heartbroken at the end for Godzilla. Big G knew he was gonna die and just wanted to see his baby boy again. I thought they were gonna do the "And then they save Godzilla and everything is ok" but nope, he just fuckin melts. This movie left me feeling real sad, but it's given me a basis on where to start watching the Godzilla movies - the Heisei period. 7 movies cant be that difficult to track down... Can they?
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    I agree. I pre-order games I'm looking forward to; hyped for. I don't care whether it's manufactured or not; it is what it is. Though I do believe I'm savvy enough to see through a lot of shit and know to my own standards and if I'm making the right decision for me. I often think that the anti-hype movement is for people who haven't figured out what they actually like and keep falling for buying shitty games. I don't put myself in that group. I know what I like and I'm okay maybe making the wrong decision without making a stink, blaming everyone else. That's why I pre-order when I want something. I refuse to stop just because a load of gamers with no taste get burnt.
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    Looking Forward to this one.
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    For people watching Chernobyl, here is a gallery filled with interesting stuff about the incident https://m.imgur.com/a/TwY6q Here is one of the divers receiving a medal for bravery thirty years later (man with walking stick) Here's a man removing graphite fragments with a shovel. They had to use men because the machines they tried to use got destroyed by the radiation
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    Indeed. Godzilla has Moves, after all...
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    Memes V : The Lannisters Strike Back
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    Petitions can just fuck right off. It’s all the time now. “I hate the new Star Wars. Remake it NOW.” “I hate Game Of Thrones, remake it NOW!”. Those idiots need to shut the fuck up. Their petty, entitled whining will achieve absolutely nothing. It’s done. Finished.It won’t get remade. End of story. Don’t like it? Wait for the books to get finished, if they ever do. There’s people in this world with genuine problems. Yet they’re throwing their toys out the pram, just because they’re not happy. Absolute bunch of cunts.
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    Why wait for the day it comes out or after when you can order at your own convenience? There is no reason not to pre-order if you're getting the game anyway. For situations where you have to pay before you get it then yeah, I get the argument against pre-ordering, but how its currently done I just don't see a good argument against it. There isn't one.
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    Comes out earlier this year, was 2 years in development and features last years F2 season (free update to 2019 to come later) as well as a wealth of classic cars. 2010 Red Bull RB6 2009 Brawn BGP 001 2008 McLaren MP4 –23 2007 Ferrari F2007 2006 Renault R26 2004 Ferrari F2004 2003 Williams FW25 1998 McLaren MP4-13 1996 Williams FW18 1992 Williams FW14 1991 McLaren MP4 / 6 1988 McLaren MP4 / 4 1982 McLaren MP4 / 1B 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 1978 Lotus 79 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 1976 McLaren M23D 1972 Lotus 72D F1 2019 Legends Edition 1990 Ferrari F1-90 1990 McLaren MP4 / 5B 2010 Ferrari F10 2010 McLaren MP4-25 F1 2019 Anniversary Edition 2010 Ferrari F10 2010 McLaren MP4-25
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