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    Always a pleasure going through my gaming cupboard and digging a few bits out. I'm supposed to be tidying up but got distracted.
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    I last played the first one in my 20s and still enjoyed it, but I played them at launch and loved them, so knowing what to expect probably helped Either way can we not use the news thread just to shit on a game that isn't out and that none of us have even properly seen running. I'm all for healthy cynicism but a page of hot takes isn't really needed
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    Really looking forward to this now. That teaser did its job for me.
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    So I’ve put my speculation cap on. What if ‘Skywalker’ becomes the new term for pupils of the light side of the force? The start of the trailer has that line that reads ‘Every Generation Has A Legend’ while Luke gives his voice over. At the end of VIII the kids are playing in the barn telling the new legend of Luke Skywalker. The underlying theme of VIII was all about letting the past die (Jedi, Sith, all of it) so what if that’s what’s happened? No more Sith, no more Jedi, but a new light side religion rises from the ashes because of Luke’s teachings, the rise of the Skywalker.
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    I only unlocked the vanilla skills because I ain't getting rid of my humanity like some xenos scum. Most of the abilities in that tree are utilities that you will get some use out of like lugging heavy shit and upgrading wrench damage but the slow mo will make combat a lot easier so I would definitely go for that.
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    D’Vorah fatality is not one for those who don’t like creepy crawlies.
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    DmC is excellent, and yes I was too hard on the game at gtm. But I still prefer the brand of action and approach to combat encounters in the numbered entries. But I'm not here to litigate DmC all over again.
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    DmC is excellent. I feel like every post you make you are coming closer to the realisation you were wrong all along I’m playing @DANGERMAN don’t get mad
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    She was on the panel, and the pop she got from the crowd was absolutely beautiful. Nothing but love and support from everyone, so much so she started crying. It was just what she needed after all the racist scum lashing out at her. And yes, I’m just pointing at the racists here. You don’t like her character or her performance in VIII? That’s fine. You ever used that as an excuse to call her a racial slur like those scum lords on social media did? Fuck off and leave here right now. Rose will be in IX in a big way, she’s just not in the teaser.
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