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    Play - The Division 2 It took me a while to get into the flow of the game with so much to acknowledge and the new changes but really loving it right now. Co-op is great as well as solo and will aim to get to the end game stuff soon and will go for the Platinum too. Nioh A bit brutal for my skill and tastes but loving it still and the atmosphere is great. I doubt think I'm ready for Sekiro yet but if i get anywhere with this game i may have another crack at Bloodborne. I wimped out of that one. Want - Borderlands 3 Huge fan of the games and cannot wait to get stuck into this come the latter end off the year. Looks like the previous ones so fairly confident Gearbox will deliver. Will pick up the Borderlands remaster when the price drops. Playstation Pro Got the 4K TV so just need this to get the full benefits but wary of imminent PS5 announcements. Bin - Deafness I've been half deaf since birth due to my ear bones fused together but have been advised that technology had moved forward enough to try out a hearing aid on Monday for 6 months. If that doesn't work then I may have the Bone Anchor Heading Aid fitted to my skull... not sure how I feel about that apart from looking like a shit Universal Soldier.
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    That all seems fine for a sniper build. Although i would say if you are going to set intelligence to 1, you may as well take luck to 5 and get the idiot savant perk because it is hilarious. I always do a playthrough with a strength 10, intelligence 1 character in Fallout and idiot savant was a lot of fun throughout 4.
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    I've fixed the thread title My want at the minute, I've come off a couple of big games, and finished my side/diversion game at the same time, so now I'm a bit stuck for something to play. I could do with something grabbing me
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    Here's one for you Tranformers loving cunts.
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    Apparently so. Characters will have multiple fatalities of course. But still, it seems weird how they’ve shown so much of the game already. Ah well.
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    Surprise seems to be a dirty word in this era. Be that any media platform, the idea of the unexpected seems to have fallen from favour.
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    I went to my first Hospitality night last night. Fuuuuck so good. Fred V and Metrik were playing. Easily of one the best gigs i've been too.
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    I bought the GOTY edition on XB1X and have been having a blast all over again. I've gone with Siren this time and think I've made the correct decision. She's a lot fun to play as and I like how fast she can move around the map. I played to level 12 last night and didn't want to stop. They've added the mini-map from Borderlands 2 and it's made such an improvement. Menus are ripped out of BL2 as well, and there are Golden Keys (I received 75 for having played the Handsome Collection). It looks the part in 4K 60fps, although I have had some screen tearing which I've not experienced since the 360 days. Hopefully it can be fixed because that's not an ideal thing to have in a remaster of a ten year old game on the world's most powerful games console. But yeah, 25 quid well spent and Borderlands 3 is currently my most anticipated game of 2019. I forgot how good these games feel to play, and how much I enjoy the gameplay loop.
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    Surprised this never made it to 2 pages. I had half an hour before work to play something, so thought I’d check out the opening again. Yup, still great! Especially love the ‘50’s sitcom bit before setting up the premise of the game.
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    V took some getting used to,but I like him. It’s fun legging it around,reading poetry to charge up DT,then calling Nightmare and wrecking the place. DMC didn’t help soothe the fanboy rage with the “not in a million years” joke when a white wig ends up on his head early in the game. But at it’s core,it was an enjoyable game. Pity that Ninja Theory didn’t get the chance to develop their take on it further.
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    I'm the God of Oar... @Maf
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    it would pretty much just be 5 minutes of post credit scenes for most of them
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    I got this today Literally collects the first 7 issues of Jim Lee drawing X-Men. The version of the team I actually give a fuck about
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    Watched half of Love, Death & Robots tonight. It's an anthology series created by Tim Miller and David Fincher, episodes are between 5 and 20 minutes and could quite easily have just been called Boobs, Gore & Robots. There are a couple of fantastic stories in it so far that I would have loved to see as full movies, a couple weird art house acid trips, one in particular that was created by the visual consultant for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse had some of the most incredible animation I've seen. Most of the more 'realistic' looking shorts looked like something Square was doing in the late 90's/early 2000's and weren't my favourites. Also there are two stories revolving around cats which makes it an instant 10/10 from me. Looking forward to checking out the rest.
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