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    Got the cunts!
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    I found an option in the back end to turn on. I'll leave it on for a few days, would be interested to see if anyone notices any difference and if it's better or worse.
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    Alita: Battle Angel Ok, I'll preface this by saying I've never heard of this series before. Had no idea it was a Manga series prior either (which immediately answered my question as to why her face looks like that). This was a strange film. The fights looked nice and the world looks pretty cool too. Although I didn't entirely understand the "game" being played. There is something about it however, that makes me not want to sing its praises though. Something was amiss. Christopher Waltz was great and most of the cast were strong, other than Jennifer Connolly, who I thought was wooden as a board. I thought they were going to go into several different directions than the film eventually did. There were moments of set-up that were seemingly discarded and so served no real point. I imagine these points are picked up on in subsequent volumes of the original Manga. In a solo film however, they just wasted time. 6/10 Oh and @wiivo 2.0 One of the trailers was for Captive State. I am intrigued!
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    that piece is basically the Reddit quote that started this thread, it's got as much critical evidence in it as the documentary. I didn't post it, but I saw a video yesterday of Jackson buying the wedding ring with the kid, he got pulled by mall security because he was in disguise and looked shifty, it made local news. They also do put the change of heart in context in the documentary, it doesn't mean it's true obviously but as the writer/blogger says he hasn't watched it at the time of writing, it's not something they ignore I will say though, credit to him for not fucking the kid with AIDS @shinymcshine that might read like I'm having a go at you there, I'm not
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    Truly fucking awesome feeling first time....
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    Yeah you need to link settlements with supply routes, once you've done that they will all share an inventory. It's possible for supply routes to break if the person assigned to them dies, but it's pretty unlikely! I just gave them all shotguns and mining helmets (I liked them all being visible from their light). In crafting mode when you highlight a resident it will show you a symbol to what they are assigned. It will also highlight the exact resource that are assigned to, but that requires them being in view, obviously. You select them then the resource you want to assign/unassign. It can be fiddly, but if you build a bell that can help. When you ring it all the settlers will stop what they are doing and gather at the bell, so you can more easily reassign them. I absolutely loved the settlement building, best part of 4 by far!
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    The best thing about ODST is how the city reacted when you were near a collectable. Setting car alarms off, raising and lowering parking bollards, making billboards glitch out etc was a clever way of going about it.
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    ODST was the best one IMO. Didn’t think much to any of the others.
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    Ornstein and Smough is legit one of the best boss fights of all time.
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    DMD is a blast so far. Gets me kind of emotional playing a game in 2019 which has this difficulty scaling magic. Where everything changes not just because it's harder but because you are doing things you couldn't do before to keep up with it. Reaching for this ultra instinct state. That was the thing which really disappointed me with GoW 2018. Its harder modes ruined the game with their terrible damage scaling (enemies were tanks, Kratos was mush) and the combat systems tho good weren't built for multiple difficulties. I say that even though I love that game. But it just isn't this game right here, the one I really wanted. Where the learning never stops. Endless action. With bad camera angles. Didn't think much of this fight on normal and SoS, but on DMD it's great fun. Post game nero spoilers.
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    Spoilered most of those images, @OCH - loads of images, especially large ones can really chug the forum a bit. We try and stick to 3 visible images, any more hidden behind a spoiler tag.
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    I wouldn’t say I love Red Dead 2 at all. For all the praise the story deserves,the actual gameplay was a fucking chore. The only way to fix that,would be to tell Rockstar that realism does not translate to fun gameplay. And that their wanked-out control scheme needs updating. Anyway,I’d go with God Of War,and improve it by putting a more varied amount of enemies and bosses in. For the most part,GOW was great. But the constant reskinned enemies and bosses really let the side down. And had me thinking “the previous games were better”.
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    If this is shit I will be broken.
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