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    This guy over on Resetera keeps making GIFs of games the whole time. Here's some Dante action I am really jealous at people who can just swap between 4 weapons like that no bother. I'm still afraid to use more than two. Love this one. Royal Guard ?
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    The Missus was on fire last night, I still fucking suck it seems ?
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    So, EDF 5... What can I say that hasn't been said already? Look, if you want pointed commentary at the state of the world today, you won't fi-... Ok, you know what, you will get that here... Let me try again... If you've ever wanted to play a co-op Starship Troopers game, you're best looking somewhere el-... wait, ok that's here too... Have you ever thought about blasting a skyscraper-sized frog in the face with a shotgun? Nah, that's definitely not gonna be programmed into a gam--... fuck, ok, yeah, you can definitely do that. Basically, this is previous EDF games given a bit of a tune-up, a little bit of a rebalance and sent out into the world. You already know if that's for you or not. Personally, I've put about 8 and a half hours in with @Sly Reflex, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. It's still doing the great thing where it introduces individual elements one at a time and letting you learn how to cope with them before blending them in with the stuff you've already encountered. It's a great system and gets nowhere near enough credit. I'm having a lot of fun. especially with the shotguns. They seem OP to fuck and just cut through enemies like butter. Seriously, I had a fully-automatic shotgun the other day and I don't think I've had as much unadulterated fun for a long time. Only 8-9 hours in like I said, but it's definitely something I'd like to spend a lot more time with. Whether I learn other characters or just end up murdering my way through every difficulty with the Ranger, I'm happy.
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    I installed this last night and played the first hour or so. First impressions, it's more of the same, but with an awesome THPS-inspired punk/rock soundtrack. If you've played Trials, HD or Fusion, you know what to expect here. The layout is very weird though, as @mfnick alluded to. The world map seems like a strange decision, rather than the linear progress you made in the other games. Even something like Horizons (the phone game) would have been preferable to this. The lootbox side doesn't seem to insidious on the grand scale of things to me. I haven't seen anything I NEEEEEEED that might persuade me to purchase more lootboxes. Right now it just FEELS like something to make you feel like you're progressing, rather than just something to shill cash out of you. I've also had no issues with unlocking bikes - just managed to get my second one, but I feel like that was just a levelling up bonus. There's a couple of great new ideas there too though. You get to a point where you're offered sponsored races, and eventually sponsored mini-tournaments. This is where the multiple opponents comes into things. You never HAVE to beat opponents to get medals, until you get to these little round robin style moments, where eventually coming first is a must. They're a nice twist on the singular Trials experience. I also really like the training stuff. There are about 15 or so lessons, all unlocked as you progress through the game, each one teaching you a different skill set. The last one I did taught me effective jumping, and was a really good lesson. Not only did it break it down visually, but then it asked me to have a go, trying to get all the way up to an A+ rank, and also had an opponent doing the same thing so I could see how to perform the manoeuvre in real time. Great way to do it. It feels like a game I'll drop in and out of until it's really got its hooks in, but for now it's just good, chilled fun.
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    I really enjoyed the defence ?. Excellent work.
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    My memory may be out but it was Enzo from Bayonetta who went through my mind.
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    Woooo! Been trying to get a win this weekend and failing mostly, but just got one
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    Devilman Crybaby Absolutely brilliant limited anime series. 10 episodes, 20 minutes each, full of blood, boobs, and brutal demon slaying. Story is dark and crazy deep in places. Just watch it, it’s gebuinely brilliant.
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    Rekindling this this thread ? Started Remastered (why they didn't call it Rekindled is beyond me) on the Switch yesterday and just finished Blighttown and killed Qualag. It's nice to go back and play it now that I'm more familiar with the games as I can see a massive improvement in how I'm playing compared to how I was when I made the Let's Play series for Remastered on the PS4. During that playthrough Mark and I called people in to help with (and by help I mean carry) pretty much every boss and it felt really cheap, so I'm doing this playthrough 100% solo. No player phantoms. No AI phantoms. No jolly co-operation at all. It runs great on the Switch, even Blighttown, and the pick put/put down gameplay you get with the Switch (I'm playing in handheld only) is perfectly suited to this game. I'm soul lvl 40 something and have been putting most of my points into Endurance so I can actually roll in the armour I'm wearing, and a bit in strength so I can wield better swords. I've put about 3 points into Vitality and haven't had any issues at all. Been practising parry's and backstabs as often as possible too. It feels great to be playing this again ?
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    My girlfriend downloaded this this morning. She’s pretty good.
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    Unlock path for the characters.. This game doesn’t explain anything. I’m doing better since I swapped jump to B bit only marginally. I didn’t feel worthy of any of my online wins earlier ☹️ For the sudden death I had I didn’t known how to drop down levels and pressed down and jump at the same time ?
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