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    Started this last night, have probably put around 6-7 hours into it so far. I'm not going to go into too much detail as folks have already put up detailed impressions of their time with the demos. But, yeah, seeing as my expectations for this were pretty much 0 and I'd not played any of the pre-release demos, alphas etc. I have been pleasantly surprised. The graphics are what I noticed first really, it looks absolutely phenomenal. The voice acting and motion capture for all the characters just feels so incredibly lavish as well, all the performances are amazing and the motion capture just looks and sounds like one of the most realistic I've ever experienced. The hub world is reminiscent of Destiny's Tower but it feels much more Biowarey than I expected it too, it feels like much more of a real, living, breathing place than the lobby-esque workmanlike aesthetic of the Tower. Throughout the first few missions more and more areas of the Fort are introduced to you and you discover new people and places to see like a lovely plaza and bar. What has surprised me the most about the base is probably the NPC conversations though, you have multiple people to speak to after pretty much every mission you finish and talking to these different people to get to know them is a real joy, it doesn't feel like some throwaway exposition dump like in Destiny and other GaaS shooters, you do feel these folks have personalities. The 'action' part of the game I just felt like I was playing an Iron Man game really, there's not really any other way I can describe it. It felt fucking amazing to jump of of the cliff face outside the fort and just engage the thrusters for the first time. Combat itself feels way better than I expected too, although it has been very easy so far with me dying once and my shield being depleted on only 1 other occasion, all the other missions I've played have been a breeze. I have had quite a few bugs. Textures popping in some places - one time I was flying around and a whole environment was pretty much white and then spawned in around me making me crash -the helmet of your character not appearing on the cutscene that plays just before you go on a mission, a weird one where the subtitle box from previous dialogue stays on the screen and won't go away. I've also had quite a struggle getting it to run smoothly on my PC - which is surprising - I had to lookup a guide to get the settings right earlier and have actually managed to get a mostly stable 60fps with few dropped frames - before I was getting as low as 30fps in firefights. I actually haven't had the game kick me out at all though which is surprising, the servers and matchmaking side of things has seemed uber stable so far apart from the long loading times to get into a mission. So yeah. I like it and I want to play more. Apparently after 10 missions there's some kind of Wall that you have to grind to get up, but I'm not there yet so just enjoying the journey so far. It definitely feels way more Bioware than I was expecting and way more distinct thanks to the flight aspect. Lots of pics:
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    Title says it all really, I want you to post what you think is the best song ever written. There are some rules, however. 1. No negativity. You don't like a song that's been posted? Tough shit. Keep it to yourself. This is a thread for people to celebrate what they think are some of the best songs ever written in their respective genres. 2. More than one. Everyone has a list of songs that they think are the best of all time, so post more than one, fuck knows I'll be posting more than one. 3. Don't be a cunt. Basically the same as rule 1, but reinforced. You're not going to agree with everyone's taste, just as everyone isn't going to agree with your taste. This thread is a celebration of what people (for whatever reason) think are some of the best songs ever written. My hope is that together we can create a playlist that celebrates musicianship and transcends genres. So to begin...
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    I listened to the Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers LP tons as a teen but I find it so insufferable now. It probably holds up in some ways but I just can't now.
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    Girls Aloud also turned out some bangers.
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    Kula Shaker-K. I was proper into them in my indie phase as a teen. Tried listening to the album again recently. It did not last long before I had the reaction Jim describes.
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    Ha, fuck you zombos!... You can earn infinite ammo for the other Ghost Survivor scenarios by completing that using only 60 handgun bullets... fuck that noise though. On to a Claire hardcore run now. I'm not playing through with this skin but it is pretty cool they've released them for free.
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    PS4 and Xbox One release on March 12th. https://gematsu.com/2019/02/ghost-of-a-tale-for-ps4-and-xbox-one-delayed-to-march-12
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    Yeah, you can kill the person or persons that have set the bounty and that’ll zero the bounty. They should be marked on your map nearby. If you go to kill them and make a pigs ear of it, alert the whole base or village then it can make the situation worse though ? but that’s part of the fun.
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    As you're a fellow Lynch fan, stick through the jank and wallow in the Lynchian madness that will follow.
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    I spent no time with Gwent at all, I'm shit at getting my head around card games unfortunately.
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