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    MFGamers Podcast - Music From Games volume 16 More game music, chosen by @Craymen Edge, @DANGERMAN, @DifferentClass, @illdog, @Jimbo Xiii, me, @Middle_Class_Hero, @retroed, @Sly Reflex, @spatular and @wiivo 2.0. Theme music arrangement by me from the original theme by @wiivo 2.0. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    And another thing. Some changes I forgot to mention which will be of interest to original players. Mods. You no longer have randomly rolled mod drops. No longer will you be carrying 30 different ACOG scopes cluttering up your inventory and stash. Nor will you be stood at the crafting station trying to roll that perfect magazine. Now we get, for example, a red dot site with a positive and negative stat and I think that's it for that type of red dot. This can be used across all appropriate weapons. All mod types have this positive/negative combo. Another change is that pre-high end gear can belong to different "brands". So if you match pieces of green or blue gear of the same brand you unlock additional perks. It's like a pre-end game build diversity that brings a bit of welcome decision making early on. Finally, I've not done the beta end game content yet but this offers an opportunity to play an end game mission with a fully maxed out character using one of the 3 specialisms.
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    Yeah, every game with Hendo I got kicked at the end. On our final game I couldn't even get back in to get my experience. I think we both had to exit the game completely to get back in to a game a couple of times It's the first weekend though, while it's not been flawless up to this point, all things considered it's launched really well
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    This might help some people on here
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    That should be dropping next Friday.
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    Yeah, Irons is still a massive shit and definitely hasn't been made in to a sympathetic figure.
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    Oh they most definitely don’t. He’s a total wanker. And a creepy one at that.
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    A good 5 or 6 of the games chosen should be reviewed within the next week or so. Will be interesting to see how everyone's points start looking.
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    He is indeed. More so than he was previously.
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    tHIs miGHt bE a GOOd spoT To FiNd SomE INGRedienTS .duck{ -webkit-animation: color-change 1s infinite; -moz-animation: color-change 1s infinite; -o-animation: color-change 1s infinite; -ms-animation: color-change 1s infinite; animation: color-change 1s infinite; } @-webkit-keyframes color-change { 0% { color: red; } 50% { color: blue; } 100% { color: red; } } @-moz-keyframes color-change { 0% { color: red; } 50% { color: blue; } 100% { color: red; } } @-ms-keyframes color-change { 0% { color: red; } 50% { color: blue; } 100% { color: red; } } @-o-keyframes color-change { 0% { color: red; } 50% { color: blue; } 100% { color: red; } } @keyframes color-change { 0% { color: red; } 50% { color: blue; } 100% { color: red; } }
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    Just wrapped up the story this Morning for the most I really enjoyed it, apart from the musical numbers in Frozen and the crass faux social Media load screens there wasn't anything I really disliked. spoilers as to things not in game contained But for the grumbling its everything you want from KH gameplay wise, combat is fun, beautiful worlds, definitely captures the feel of the old PS2 games well. And the Story had me gagging on its sickness more times than I can remember. Overall I would rate this 4.285 over 3 Paopu Fruits out of a Keyblade.
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    There was definitely something up with PSN last night,couldn’t party chat at all. Server issues were bound to happen at some point,and at the weekend with more people jumping on,it’s not surprising. It’s actually impressive that this launched so smoothly on release,that’s genuinely a rare occurrence these days.
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    Picross S (Switch) Resident Evil 2 (PS4) That’s Leon A done I believe.
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    I'm enjoying this. Despite the familiarity there's loads to do, even within the limitations of a beta. Playing with friends has helped as you really need to coordinate your play and decide when to push, flank or pull back and regroup. Enemies even on the normal level will agressively flank and get behind you. You've got to keep your wits about you or it can be easy to get caught out if you extend too far forward, especially if you don't communicate what you're doing.
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    Been playing quite a bit of this on PC over the last few days. It's good and I think you'll dig it if you played the first one. It hasn't exactly blown me away at all but the addictive gunplay, great missions and camaraderie of the first game has returned. The graphics are a notable improvement but I suspect a lot of that is because I'm playing on PC, and oh boy that sweet 60fps . Only played with randoms too but have still had some cool times, with friends it will be amazing again getting to Level cap. The biggest negative I can muster is that DC is nowhere near as interesting to explore as NYC so far and I really miss the evocative snow environs from the first game too. The beta itself seems really meaty, you get the whole first 3 zones to explore with tons of missions and I've just hit the Level cap to unlock the Endgame missions so I'll try them out tomorrow. Lots of pics:
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    Endgame mission complete. Good stuff, that.
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    Poker Face released a year earlier. Probably best Gaga doesn't know about this.
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    Hardcore run complete, I enjoyed that... Definitely brings back the vibe of the PlayStation originals knowing you will lose progress if you die, which actually happened when the Lickers decided to gangbang me outside of the coldroom. Surprised me how easily Birkin stage 3 and the Super Tyrant went down though. Decided I'm going to switch up before doing Claire's Hardcore run so I'll be going for not using any health items and not opening an item box in one run, I'd like to tie it to the 14,000 steps one but I think they'll be a lot of toing and froing due to a lack of inventory space... We'll see.
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