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    Put in a few hours on this now. My background with Respawn has been mixed. I was never much of a fan of the OG Titanfall and threw in the towel shortly after completing the 'campaign' on XBOne back in the day. I have tended to like other BR games - loving PUBG and Fortnite for awhile - but never got into Black Ops 4's somewhat bland offering late last year. I wasn't even going to give TF2 a chance but the positive reviews and the SP Campaign turned my head. Boy, am I glad they did! Because that game is fucking phenomenal, easily one of the best FPS Campaigns of the generation in my view. I didn't play much of the MP again but what I did play I liked a hell of a lot more than the OG. With this being an F2P FPS BR announced seemingly out of nowhere and with the pedigree of the developer, I didn't have anything to lose at all by just installing it and giving it a go. I've been very impressed with it so far, it's so incredibly polished and smooth compared to the likes of PUBG and seems more traditional in lots of ways than the building and somewhat more garish elements of Fortnite. The different heroes you can select along with the exclusively squad-based play means that it stands out from the rest, when you couple this with the Respawn gunplay it is definitely a recipe for success. The gunplay is a step above pretty much everything else I've played - including the Blops 4 beta - it really is phenomenal and feels incredible getting hits and kills in. For the way it feels and plays it is definitely closest to Black Ops 4 but the map for me is so much better designed and way more colourful than Blackout's dull playground. There's distinct environs here from deserts to lush greenery and industrial complexes, some of it does still feel a little too grey at times but it is still a huge step up from Blackout for me. Considering this is a F2P game and it is so incredibly fun to play I have no reservations at all recommending it. Even if you're not into the genre, give it a download and just give it a go, what have you got to lose? Pics:
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    Same as last month. Cut off date for getting into the podcast is Monday 18th Feb. If you prattle on and write a dissertation, it will get edited down.
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    Having registered with Nag's kindly donated code I notice it's possible to make in game purchases ....... in the beta.🙄
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    Played another hour,enough for me to know this isn’t for me at all. It’s not bad,I just don’t get the Battle Royale genre full stop. The rare occasions I got a gun,and actually got to use it,were fun. But that was a rare occurrence. Mostly id be picking up a pistol,only for me and my squad to be obliterated by people that actually know what they’re doing. One guy had 100 kills,and it’s barely been out a day. It’s commendable that it’s free,but it’s not my type. So I’m out.
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    I got some practice in on that DMC5 demo on NZ PSN (Edit replaced older video with my s rank run cause it looked cooler 😅) I had doubts after playing it at the Capcom London event due to how heavy and slow it feels. I still think it's heavier and slower than dmc4 but what's soothed many doubts for me now is that Nero has way more of a fun "toybox" feel when you play him. Those breakable arms are great cause they're so powerful and have funny effects on combat. It makes more sense to me now that they're power ups and not just styles like Dante. My favourite arm in the demo is punchline. It's a rocket propelled fist that juggles enemies which can be further fucked up with your sword and gun. It also has a rocket powered shyrouken, Itsuno calling back to his Street Fighter Alpha heritage 🤯 The punchlines base move uses the rocket arm to juggle enemies. It's a lot like ricoshot in DmC if you've played it but it works better here I think. Feel much better about 5 now but I am a bit bummed that it can't lock to 60 on PS4 pro. That'd make it the first DMC besides the reboot to not almost always lock to 60. The camera is still also really bad. I'm so used to shit DMC camera that it barely phases me, but it does stand out quite a lot in a 2019 action title. But then I've never played one of these games which didn't have rubbish camera. Except DmC I suppose 🤔 I think lots of people will still find this kind of DMC obtuse and unwelcoming, but this is the type of action I've missed for a long while. Will probably practice on this a lot until release.
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    I managed to play a few games of Apex late last night (technically early this morning) and have to say I thought it was excellent. I was initially dubious as I really didn't enjoy my time with PUBG, and I see Fortnite as 20 minutes of my life i'll never get back. But this seemed to step it up a notch. It's really polished, intuitive to play and the class abilities spice things up nicely. I did pretty crap the first few games, but in the last one I played with a couple of people that seemed to know what we were doing, and by pure chance we landed in the area that would eventually be the final zone. I got a kill, and a few team mate revives and we made it to the last four teams. Pretty tense stuff. Importantly, it feels like a game i've paid £40 for.
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    I put 7 hours into this yesterday and I'm absolutely loving it. It's the first Etrian Odyssey game I've ever played so I didn't really know what to expect going in apart from tough as nails dungeon crawling, and to be fair that's exactly what I got. The story sees you exploring a new, previously unexplored land that holds many secrets. You land in the newly established town of Maginia which acts as your main hub and contains an Inn to rest and save your game, a shop to sell items and by equipment, a bar to undertake quests for the residents of Maginia, the Explorers Guild where you register party members and organise your party, and Expedition HQ where you receive main story missions. So far I've been tasked with doing a couple small practise quests for the towns folk, and the big boss of the expedition has tasked me with mapping unexplored labyrinths. I'm keeping the story vague because of spoilers. Your guild can hold 60 members, with 5 members making up your party, and there are 19 classes to choose from. Each class specialises in frontline or backline offense/defense/support/healing/etc so there's a lot of freedom to create a party that fits your play style, with enough room to change things around if your current party doesn't quite cut it. My current party is made up of a Hero (frontline oddense/defense), Medic (backline healer), Ronin (frontline offense+), Zodiac (backline elemental offense), and Harbinger (flex ailment specialist) so it's a pretty well rounded party and I'm not finding myself struggling yet which is really nice. I've only ever played two first person dungeon crawlers like this before (Demon Gaze II and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux) so I'm still pretty new to the genre, but it turns out I quite like it. I love drawing my map on the bottom screen as I explore, it reminds me of old console RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun on the Mega Drive. I have vivid memories of playing it with my my Dad as we were surrounded by sheets of graph paper covered in hand drawn maps. There is an option to switch on automatic mapping if you want to, but that kinda defeats the point in my opinion. Combat is tough, but fair, and levelling up is slow. Every time a character levels up they receive a skill point which can be used to unlock and upgrade a variety of skills. There are three different tiers of skills - novice, veteran, and master - and certain skills will only be unlocked when other skills have been levelled up a few times. Again, this adds a level of customisation to the characters as you can focus on making your most used or most useful skills stronger and more deadly. Fights are your standard turn based RPG affair - attack with a weapon or a skill, skills cost points to use which have to be replenished with items, sleep, or recovery points found in the labyrinths, hit enemies with everything you have until you find weaknesses and then hit them with status ailments and everything they're weak against until they're dead. The first time you fight a new enemy is tense as you need to figure out what puts them down quickly before they kill you, and they hit you real hard in this - at the start of the game my Ronin kept being killed in one hit. Levelling up and new equipment makes a lot of difference in this, so I've found myself exploring a labyrinth until I'm out of TP (this games name for magic points), returning to town, selling any items and materials I found, sleeping, then returning to the labyrinth to do it again until I have enough money to buy the best available gear and fight the boss. It's very grindy, but in a slow and methodical way that's actually really addictive. I've found that the difficulty of the enemies, the slow, methodical exploration, and having never played an Etrian Odyssey game before so having no idea what to expect really accentuates the feeling of the unknown that the story focussing on, which is making for a genuinely brilliant experience so far.
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    I didn’t find it addictive at all,i find that extremely annoying. Too often I’d be killed before I’d even found a weapon. That doesn’t feel tense to me,that feels unfair. Several times I’d be in an area where there were no weapons at all,and by the time i found a pistol and a handful of bullets,a squad rocked up with machine guns/shotguns and sniper rifles and tore me apart. That didn’t make me think “oh well,better luck next time”. It left me feeling “oh fuck off”. It’s a genre you have to stick at to even stand a chance. And with so many other games I’d rather be playing,I’ve seen enough. Plenty of people like it. And I certainly wouldn’t call it a bad game. Respawn have clearly put a lot of effort into it,and I’ve no doubt it will do well for itself. I just don’t enjoy the BR genre,and never will.
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    *note to self. Equip my flashbang on bosses. 😅 Sucks he took it with him. Funny tho. To me 🤣
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    I don't actually use the infiknife as a self defense item unless it's a last gasp situation, as said in a previous post, you can lose the thing... I stuck it in Birkin, beat him and he fell over the railing taking the knife with him.🙄 I've also had zombies fall in a certain way with the normal knives that you can't retrieve them, I'd sooner take the hit to be honest. To be fair though, it's getting to the point where I'm not taking hits off normal enemies, it's the bosses that kick my head in.
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    So too do grenades. Tbh with the amount of things that can save you having something always there makes little difference if you don't get chomped 😎 been trying to perfect the old bait n sweep round on these Zombos. They're a bit more 'sticky' when it comes to grabbing you. The original they were dumb and slow as owt 😅 Nope. No leaving stuff for scenario B peeps either. When you look back quite a bit is different. Which is testament to how good this remake is in feeling familiar yet new. Top stuff.
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    I did note the knife envy, It reminded me of... Weird they omitted the Bowgun. That was always the default "shotgun" for the female characters and it was a pretty effective Zombie killer for the early game. Tut, tut, tut @Nag Tofu is the ultimate achievement in RE 2. You know that...
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    No, no Bowgun in this one @OCH... and Tofu can bollocks put bluntly, there's no way I'm attempting that with just a knife it's not worth the stress.... Now if there was an achievement tied to to it things may have been different.😉 Look at @one-armed dwarf... He has knife envy.😂😂
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    I hated it on Mario All Stars 'back in the day' as I found it odd and confusing. I think time has been kind on it though. Gaming Historian has a good video about the making of it.
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    Knife is for wimps 😡
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    kind of agree with @mfnick I played some with Sam and his mate, I didn't not enjoy it but I'm not itching to go back. That's not to say I think it's bad, it's not, it seems like a good one of these and the characters all seem different. Had we remembered to use our specials I can see how, particularly once you learn the game, they'll bring a few layers of depth to things. Like Sam was using the tracker guy to check to see if there was anyone around, it kind of worked for us, I used my smoke during one encounter and that worked, if we'd have been able to pair those two together it could have been killer, it's all the other skills that we didn't really make the most of. Which I guess is my suggestion. PUBG has that loading area where you can try a few things out, this has the tutorial area but that's not that useful, beyond that it drops you in and leaves you blind. You won't know what your gun does until you fire it and memorise it (I'm pretty sure I died because Sam was testing his gun and it brought people down on us 😄 ), you won't know how best to use your skills, you won't know what items do, you won't know that you can change your fire type or how to do that. Playing with people that know a bit about the game helps, being able to play on your own to learn without consequence would also help Building wise and the way you scamper up walls reminds me of Titanfall 2, beyond that it reminded me of my time with Destiny and how that was fine, but I was only really playing because other people were. I'd probably be up for playing it again, but I don't see this as being a new @DANGERMAN genre
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    so those hi-vis protesters will toss salad but they won't eat a vegan sausage roll. Make up your minds racists!
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    I borrowed titanfall 2 and I’m fine with that because I’m in a low paying job.
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    there was a OG forummer here called Centy who I think was the first person I knew to get on the Etrian Odyssey games, they always sounded a bit too hardcore for me at the time (may well have been). I ended up getting Etrian Odyssey Untold to review, a remake of the 1st DS game with an added story and set characters (you could play it more old school and build your own team if you wanted). My experience was the same as yours, I was initially a bit brutalised, then it clicks and it's brilliant. Not overly complicated, simple enough weakness/strength mechanic, and learning how to build a flow throughout your team, which happens more as you get deeper in to the skill tree They're great games. I'm most of the way through 2 of them and have started Persona Q so I'll probably skip this, but I'll probably pick up the next one on whatever new platform it ends up on (presumably Switch and PS4). I will say that the gameplay loop of inching your way through a floor does start to wear a little thin, but that's rpgs I guess. Last time I went back to it I was still really enjoying it, and was able to take out most of the FOEs in the game
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    I think I and DC read that interview in entirely different ways. They make games without any intention to side one way or the other. With no political motivation or narrative. Not that their opinion falls strongly in one camp but are made to stay quiet.
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