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    I saw this and thought it was funny.
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    I started this one today. Beat the first world and onto the second. Early impressions is combat has a nice "swimming" movement to it albeit it is very floaty like the spinoff games. Worlds are massive and some of it almost feels like an anime/Disney take on (old) God of War games. Music is great, as usual. Hoping to hear some old tunes return (hopefully Hollow Bastion). I started it on Proud mode cause I figure if I've played three of these games back to back and can't handle its hard mode at this stage well then I'm really just hopeless. So far it's not very difficult but it is a reasonable challenge. It makes it so it isn't just a mash X fest. It is very heavy on cutscene interruptions in the early hours however and it gets sort of annoying, it's a bit Metal Gear at times. WRT spoilers I'm going to defer to riksp or someone else as to the best approach. I'm thinking anything that was in a trailer is fair game for an open screenshot because this is a very pretty game with lots of shiny stuff that's fun to show off. Or maybe all screenshots could be put in spoiler text it's all the same. No HDR in this game, interestingly.
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    I seem to remember a few people playing this, apologies if I've missed a thread, I can't see one Persona Q came out a few years ago, back when people other than me played the 3ds. It's the teams from either Persona 3 or 4 set in Etrian Odyssey gameplay. It's a dungeon crawler with turn based combat based around formations. You have 5 people in your party and they have to be lined up along the front and back rows, so 3 at the front 2 at the back. The people at the back should have range, the people at the front more hardy. I expected it to have more concessions to Persona than it has but apart from the ability to call in a 2nd Persona its almost identical to an Etrian Odyssey game. So far, and I've only just started the 2nd floor, its a bit less forgiving in terms of health recovery than I expected, but also easier than a real Etrian Odyssey, so a bit of an odd mix. I'm not sure how much I like it. It's certainly worse than the 2 Etrian Odyssey Untold games I've played, they're outstanding though, and the mainline Persona games I've played. Teddy and his quips can fuck off, that much I'm sure of
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    I'm sure it doesn't need saying, although it does, this is without their bullshit DRM (probably a hangover from it). Shows exactly why it was such bullshit
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    I will come back to this and probably do a hardcore playthrough. But I just want to say between the double whammy of this RE comeback and some of the best RPG action-ing I've ever seen in KH that 2019 is some crazy shit 🤯 I've basically forgotten that DMC is out soon, it's been so good.
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    Technically mine's been a novelty brick a few months after I got it.
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    Money stops being a problem at a point, and almost every boss has a bench near it you can save at - they're just sometimes hidden away a little or require coming in from a different direction. If you don't want to go all the way back to collect your money, you can try If you're worried about losing a lot of money when you die you should also As for the platforming I thought it handled well, if not the focus of the game, but I know a fair number of people have a problem with the weapon knockback. If that's the case
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    Ended up getting there.
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    Just beginning to enjoy it and make my piece with all the stupid platforming flaws and i came across this boss with no warning that was stupidly hard to kill and the last place id just so happened to save was in a totally different world and I am not fucking going all the way back there, had 1200 money as well. The sooner dark souls mechanics fuck the fuck off the better
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    Not sure how I feel about this yet. 8 hours in and something just feels ‘off’ but I can’t put my finger on it. Im not a fan of the visuals outside of the Pixar/Disney CGI levels because Unreal Engine is trash and makes everything look like wet plastic. Combat is fun, fluid, and responsive for the most part but I’m getting tired of the form changes and attractions and the new keyblades are comically big. I’m enjoying it, but it’s not the game I’ve been imagining in my head for 13 years so I’m trying to adjust. I think it’s going to be one of those games I have to play through again to really ‘get it’, like listening to a bands new album or something so I’m gonna hold off on any real thoughts for now. The Toy Story level was fucking aces though.
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    I need to play more of this, I only picked it up late last year and played for a good few hours, but it was basically a series of lessons on how not to play the game. It's definitely tough and unforgiving and you can screw yourself over on builds, so now I'm more familiar with the game I want to start over. It doesn't help that I haven't played the previous games from the devs, but its clear there is a very good RPG here along with the jank.
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    Just did Ada’s bit last night, was the only misstep in the game so far in my opinion. It’s not that I hated it (it wasn’t around long enough for that), I just could’ve done without it.
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    If it’s any indication my final playtime was 47 hours.
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    I thought it was going to be your wife asking you to come to bed.
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    This game continues to blow me away. I've been dipping into the missions, but mostly I've just been kicking my heels and exploring the world. I'm part of the way through chapter 3 and I'm finding the story interesting enough. Nice to find out a little bit more of Dutch (and John) I've been getting most of my meeting people going about their lives (and petting every dog I meet) it's fascinating how densely packed the world is. I've spent some time fishing in a lake. I've spent some time trailing wildlife. I've taken my horse (Mr. Trousers) all the way to the top of the mountains, and all the way into some horrible deep cave in the back end of nowhere that was full of bits of people... While playing last night, I was out walking in the woods, watching the sun go down. As the light was making long fingers through the trees, a fog started to roll into the forest. I usually find that there's something of interest in the middle of unmarked areas of the map, so I carried on walking. I heard what sounded like whispering. The sound in the game is phenomenal, and playing with headphones adds to the immersion. I turned up the volume to try and work out what the noise was, and where it was coming from. Definitely sounded like whispering... and then. nice and loud "what's that awful noise?" I dropped my controller in shock. It sounded like it was coming from someone stood right next to me. I turned the Xbox off. scared the shit out of me. fuck knows who it was, but I'm not going back there at night again! lol
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    Sounds like the game series... Lol.
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