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    People don't love buying card packs, they love the fleeting feeling of getting a good card pack. They are chasing the dragon and those videos you mention are heavily monetised so they are not just doing them for the joy of chasing a lootboxes high. They are just creating a feedback loop geared towards making people who are bad at money spend more money and in the process make the Utuber money Like nobody loved buying a sticker pack full of spares. We did it because we were marks and wanted to get something good but too stupid and poor at self discipline to recognise the game being played on us. And same with FUT. Sure, the "battle" is "lost" or whatever but let's not pretend that people adore it or whatever. It's about chasing that dragon. The shiny charizard Although Pokemon TCG was actually pretty cool.
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    I seriously don't think people love MTX. That's like saying you love paying overdue tax or something I dont really buy all the ideas that every game is crippled in some way, every system compromised to upsell MTX. But some definitely are, like MGSV:Phantom Pain. One major reason I gave Survive a wide berth (besides boring survival mechanics) is how TPP got patched to become worse and to decline your resources if you weren't deeply invested in its FOB system. It took so long to buy a base in that game and you got heavily penalised for neglecting it. But not at release. They just made it worse over time, tightening the screws. I got my copy a full 5 days early or so and the economy was not so harsh until they turned all the systems on. I got all the way to chapter two before the game actually came out so the drop in quality was hilariously steep when it kicked in I don't know if it's come up ITT but with something like DMC it's a bit different I reckon. Cause it's not an RPG and the input requirements for an expensive skill are harder to learn than the time it (usually) takes to purchase it. However the part of that game where you can spend MTX to kill bosses is laughable and really has no place on a game like that. I do think the skill buying controversy is overblown in comparison to that
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    You're not powerless. Stop buying their fucking shite. BAM! Capitalism baby. Don't like it? Don't stand for their shit.
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    There are businesses that don't indulge in this ridulous greed and its fine to point out when a Publisher is making cuts across it's workforce yet gives bonuses to the execs. Some of us just have higher standards.
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    The thing is,cosmetic lootboxes are far worse than micro transactions. People like extra skins and stuff. I get that. Have I paid for micro transactions now and then? Yeah. Particularly in Dead By Daylight,I’ve got numerous costumes for my Survivors and Killers. However,the difference between lootboxes,and microtransactons, is that loot boxes are completely random. You literally have no idea what you’re unlocking. So if you want a specific piece? Then you’re fucked. Keep spunking money on lootboxes,and there’s a slim chance you MIGHT get what you want. Most likely you won’t, so off you go again. Hence it being compared to gambling. Overwatch is notorious for this. Made worse,because you can still unlock items you’ve already unlocked. Making the odds of getting something you actually want,even lower. As for Battlefront selling “really well”, I find that debatable. It definitely didn’t sell as well as it should have,considering the license. And made EA’s apology statement (“We know Battlefront 1 was dodgy,2 will make up for that) seem laughable. I just don’t understand why anyone would be happy with paying for Lootboxes for cosmetic items,when the odds of getting what you want are deliberately low,to entice you to keep buying more. Wanting cosmetics, I can understand. Paying for them via rng lootboxes? Nope. Makes utterly no sense. And as for “anti-Activision” rhetoric,that they have most definitely brought upon themselves,through years of treating their customers like utter shit. Case in point,Modern Warfare Remastered. In anyone else’s hands, this would have been a no-brainer. Activision decided to turn it into “how much can we milk out of our fanbase?”. From locking it behind Special Editions of Infinite Warfare. To filling it with micro transactions. To carving out maps,utterly ignoring the whole point of Remasters,to include all the original content,to charging more for them than they originally cost back in the day. Activison does not give a single solitary fuck about us. All they want is money. All the money. Because whatever they make,is never enough to make those bastards happy. COD earns them millions,but they bitch and moan because it hasn’t made them enough millions. Absolute pricks.
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    Thing is, we can do something about it,and not buying into microtransction shit does work. Shadow Of War was crippled by lootbox bullshit,making a mockery of the Nemesis system,the series’ major selling point. It didn’t sell nearly as well as the previous game,and eventually they stripped them out completely. Battlefront 2 is an even better example. That game was utterly ruined by lootboxes,and a ridiculous level of grind. People said “you can fuck off”. To the extent that Disney stepped in,and gave EA a massive,well deserved bollocking. ”I can’t change it” is the wrong attitude to have,because we can. And change is most definitely coming. Several countries consider lootboxes to be flat-out gambling,and thus illegal in their country. Which has wanker companies like 2K draft up statements advising their fans to petition their local government to say “I love paying for that RNG shit,please make them legal”. And now with regulations on the horizon,change is incoming. They’ve took the absolute piss with lootboxes for years,and they won’t be getting away with it forever. Despite people like David Jaffe jumping publicly to their defence, with “its censoring our art!”. Will it stop micro transactions? No. Will it stop ridiculously over-priced Season Passes? No. But it will eventually impact lootboxes. And that’s going to be hilarious. Fuck lootboxes. And fuck Activision. Morally corrupt,greedy twats.
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    So, finished this. Liked it a lot. In a world where the word “epic” is thrown around rather a lot, it was nice that the final battle was actually errrrrrrrm...... epic.
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    One question for the demo delvers - Does it say “RESIDENT EEEEEVIL” in a spooky voice when you press start? As far as I’m concerned, Resident Evil 7 was a complete failure due to this exclusion. I don’t want RE2 Remake going the same way.
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    No, it's not just business. What happening here is far from business; it's a symptom of a fucked up economy. And it's this exceptence of what is nothing but greed is why it still goes on. This is why we might just have to bring the guillotine back.
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    Segata Sanshiro stood in the way of a missile after the Saturn
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    It's annoying because of how Blizzard have been told to tighten up their shit. I mean $15m is fuck all in the grand scheme of things when ti comes to investing in games because they're expensive to make, but that cash could have been spent giving workers that actually turn out the things making the profit a nice bonus.
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    I’m always shocked by how people are willing to just shrug their shoulders at shitty behaviour but because “it’s business”. Sure it’s business and it’s what a lot do, doesn’t mean we should just let it without expressing how shit it is and asking for change? Nothing would ever change for the better if everybody just shrugged there shoulders at things being shit. Nobody needs to or should be earning that amount of money. It’s just not necessary at all. And it’s this ongoing chasing of greed for ever increasing millions - billions for the same stuff which is ruining a lot of good things in this world and pushing prices higher and higher and ruining the original visions. This goes for movies, cars, games, music, sport etc. Every hobby or interest I have just seems to be getting more and more infected by the business side. And the business side is becoming more and more obvious in my interests. It’s infuriating.
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    Business does a business thing regular for any large business.
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    The opening of the Bloody Baron quest was quite notable for me, and demonstrates some of the flexibility and nuances within the game that you might not be aware of (there are no spoilers in what I'm going to say). In my playthrough I'd earlier run into some of the Baron's guards at a crossroads, and without really knowing at the time who they were or what consequence it might have, I gave them a bit of a kicking for being generally rude to me. However, later on when I turned up at the Baron's door, I was sent away, since news of my exploits had reached them, and they weren't best pleased, so I had no direct access into the Baron's estate, and had to find an alternative way inside. Only through my wife playing the game, and asking what the heck I'd done to get turned away, as she'd been welcomed inside, did I realise the subtle branching nature caused by my earlier actions.
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    @OCH I wouldn't disagree about GotG2, I will about Ragnarok though. I think they'd painted Thor's character into a corner personality wise between the two avengers films and the two Thor movies. Ragnarok was a complete tonal 180, but I don't think that was a bad thing. Perhaps it helped that I'm a big fan of the directors other works and the humorous appeals to me, but I loved it. Like @RikSP says, I think they found the nuance with Thor in IW, but over all I think it's improved his character dramatically.
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